06/03/04 Tenet Says He Couldn't Tell, Dubya Was Wrong … Condy Wasn't Sure, Powell Says No Misleading … Dick Cheney is Still in Secret Locations … Rummy Just Found Out…

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That is what we are being told as we approach the 2004 election cycle and the interval leading up to it.

As Bush's popularity slips amid concerns over American casualties in Iraq, the Billions in USD of military occupations, no WMD and a weak economy dawning … Americans in general are or at least a good 60% are starting to really question the `path to war' with misrepresentations and deceptions of facts that had been known for some time as general falsehoods and cooked up intelligence in Britain. These thoughts were generally recognized and echoed by the former chief UN weapons inspectors, Mr. Blix before the war in Iraq even started. The fact is that the U.S. had no new intelligence – nor did Britain about resumption of WMD programs in Iraq before the President launched the campaign to invade and occupy a sovereign nation.

All or most intelligence was derived from programs started in the 1980s – through 1991 and then successfully destroyed by UNSCOM (the UN weapons destruction teams) mostly by 1994 according to the UN and post the first Gulf War in 1991 up through 1998, when President Clinton and Tony Blair launched `Operation Desert Fox' against the Iraqi regime in late 1998. In fact the famous plagiarized British dossier served as the backbone of the Bush and Blair game to twist former facts and fiction into a `Suprareality of Impending Doom' – playing on the fears of the public over 9/11 and their need to act on old promises and strategies for the `New Middleast' of neo-cons like Wolfowitz, Pearle and Rumsfeld. It is clear now that this is fiasco of proportions we do not even comprehend – even the slew of retiring American generals have testified before Congress this past several months indicating that we may be there fighting for stability in creating pro-American regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan for another 5-10 years and with an additional tens of thousands of U.S. and allied troops – sounds like Vietnam to me.

Now let us make this clear … the President's main inner circle of advisors and cabinet level officials never new anything about the fact that most WMD intelligence was falsified and old information was the main `meat and potatoes' of those reports, and the secret information that they derived from the British could not be handed over to Mr. Blix and his teams before the Iraqi nation was doomed to attack and occupation by foreign powers? Factually what we did was no different then when the French and British invaded the Suez Canal in a secret plan to depose Nasser with the Israelis – who then seized the canal and parts of the Egyptian Sinai … the excuse – rights of passage through the Suez Canal.

Bush and Blair have used WMD intelligence as the excuse this time, but we are finding out everyday the WMD assertions were false – and no one told the President – correct – he knew nothing, Cheney was not told about Former Ambassador Wilson's findings … this after several unprecedented visits to the CIA, nor was Collin Powell, Condy Rice and Don Rumsfeld … and what about Karl Rove or Andy Card. The Niger inquiry by former Ambassador Joe Wilson over Iraqi nuclear procurement was at the behest of Dick Cheney and was put in motion by the CIA Director Tenet – and no one knew about it a year before the `war plans' were enacted? The entire inner circle of the White House was unaware?

Most Americans are of the mind that the Bush Administration `intentionally exaggerated its evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.' There has been widespread dereliction of duty … and not just on the nuclear side … how about the non-appearance of 1.4 tons of VX nerve agent, 20,000 chemical capable artillery shells, 25,000 liters of anthrax, 12-20 Scud missiles, mobile biological warfare laboratories and chemical and biological weapons `deployable within 45 minutes', all of which Iraq was alleged to have had and with which Powell used as his ammo at his UN haranguing. That is significant – it tells the Congress that a bi-partisan full-scale investigation by both House and the Senate is needed immediately not a Presidential appointed commission with results due out by March 2005 – well after the November 2004 election. It is imperative and should be demanded by the majority of citizens in this country interested in the truth – not old facts and falsehoods which created non-credible authorizations for `War Powers' from the Congress in the Fall of 2002. This is a blatant attack and misuse of the U.S. Constitution … as Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Robert Byrd have suggested by the White House and are impeachable offenses.

The use of the `War Powers Act' and the erosion of `Balance of Powers' between the Executive and the Legislative – Republicans, Democrats … Centrists and Independents must now join together in the Congress to investigate this erroneous breach or manipulated mechanisms of Executive power and grab back their `true constitutional oversight powers' and put this White House on notice that it will not be tolerated and criminal actions will demand a just consequence in the `Eyes of the American Republic' … the outgoing White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said in July 2003 that the President is ready to move on, as no one takes the blame and the deeds are swept under the rugs.

Well what Mr. Fleischer, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney do not and did not seem to understand is that America will not move on until the truth is known and the lies and manipulations of the American Constitution by extreme ideologues are thoroughly challenged and shown that usurpation of the `American Will, Blood and Resources' won't be tolerated by any President … Republican or Democrat! ñ By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire   

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