Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Dear Colleague: The Project on Defense Alternatives has just added one thousand full-text links to its public access Internet Library pages. These links lead to online documents, reports, and articles published in 2005 by more than 200 official and NGO sources. Our libraries include:

>> Terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security:
>> Defense Strategy Review:
>> Chinese Military Power:
>> Revolution in Military Affairs:
>> Occupation Distress:
>> War Report (Iraq & Afghanistan):

The sites also contain more than 4,000 document links from pervious updates. I hope you find them useful for research, reference, and teaching.  If so, please share the URLs with others.

>> Also see: PDA publications index:
>> And: PDA Military, War, & Peace Bookmarks:

Sincerely, Carl Conetta
Project on Defense Alternatives
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