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(TMPress International – New York – February 12, 2004) – The Big Bush Lie on WMD º It's Clinton’s Fault … Says Top GOP Leaders … Rep. Porter J. Goss, (R-Fla.) has stated he recollected a 1998 speech in which then-President Clinton warned that something must be done about Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. Well Clinton did … it was called `Operation Desert Fox’ … and it was widely criticized by many Republican leaders at the time as a way for then President Clinton to side-track the attention on his personal dilemmas of infidelity, which the Republicans tried to impeach him for. However, Congressman Goss went further with his `tag-your-it’ accusation at a Capitol Hill press conference and followed with, `unfortunately, he did not complete that task before his term expired. Dave Zweifel, the editor of 'The Capital Times’ in Madison, Wisconsin has recently wrote on this attempt by the `Dubya’ folks to blame everyone except themselves … many Democrats and pre-war experts see this as an ominous sign of how Republicans leaders in the House and the Senate may try to quell criticism of prewar intelligence in Iraq … by directly blaming the Clinton administration, taking a Bush-Cheney lie and transferring it backward in time.

As Zweifel points to … David Kay’s testimony before Congress on his WMD gave the White House a green-light on shifting the blame strategy, but also Zweifel summarizes a very interesting fact, just in case the nation gets sucked into any belief of non-incrimination … by citing an article last fall, by acclaimed journalist Seymour Hersh of the `New Yorker.’ Hersh investigated and wrote how Cheney and Rumsfeld set up an independent intelligence unit in the Pentagon way before the `march to war’ started … it was not reporting to the main DIA areas – it would serve as a place where the `right kind of intelligence reports’ were to be passed onto the White House and the President. Hersh quoted Kenneth Pollack, a former National Security Council expert on Iraq, as saying what the Bush people did was to `dismantle the existing filtering process that for 50 years has been preventing the policy-makers from getting bad information.’ `They created stovepipes to get the information they wanted directly to the top leadership.í This was unprecedented and did not exist under the Clinton Administration … so Rep. Porter Goss and his GOP leaders better start with Cheney, Rumsfeld and Co., as it examines intelligence on where we went wrong on Iraqi WMD.

Over the last two-weeks since his `private meeting’ with Bush … David Kay appears on air still defending the gap or `how it came to be scenario’ of why we are in Iraq … seemingly backtracking on his volcanic Congressional testimony. Why is that? Bush sought `War Powers’ based on what he and his officials depicted to Congress. If it is supposed, that manipulation of information was used … then it’s time for someone to start mentioning `High Crimes and Misdemeanors.’ Pollack said in the Hersh article, `they always had information to back up their public claims, but it was often very bad information,’ and Hersh, like Dave Zweifel states wrote on this little `bomb-shell’ last Oct. 27 … nearly four months before David Kay made his confessions, in defense of his so-called `innocent’ president. Just on `Larry King Live’ this week as a guest … Kay, when asked by Larry what he plans to do now … Kay responded, `to keep himself employable’ … what better way to do it then have a nice way to defend WMD claims and still say no WMD existed … `we were all wrong’ … Kay did not do that on Larry’s show, that’s for sure!

Most international arms inspectors would state, yes the Iraqis were hard to deal had Chemical arms prior to 1991 … but that most WMD had been destroyed by UNSCOM from 1991-98 … but since the `Dubya’ White House has such a hard time stepping up to the plate on its guilt and assertions – which brought this country to war on compartmentalized, falsified and doctored data at the `little fuzzy’ sub-departments at the DIA, that don’t report to the DIA.

Find out the people in that unit and put them under oath with Hans Blix, Scott Ritter and other UN inspectors from 1991-98 and maybe the GOP folks will not be so quick to defend these `White House’ cronies much longer … John McCain will probably go along with that! 

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