MODEST Approval For Chávez In Venezuela
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
(CPOD) Jul. 31, 2004 ˆ Hugo Chávez holds a moderate approval rating
in Venezuela, according to a poll by Evans/McDonough Company, Inc.…

FOR new soap, it's 'All my Chávez'
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Venezuela's newest TV soap, broadcast weekly by the government-owned station,
tells President Hugo Chávez's side of the story. BY FRANCES ROBLES.…

VENEZUELA alleges groups plotted attacks
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Authorities accused radical groups in separate anti-government
plots Friday – planning to use explosives to disrupt an upcoming…

THREE new Polls Show Venezuela's Chavez Winning Recall by up to 25… – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela. July 30 (Venezuelanalsysis … no opinion. Hugo Chavez
has been the President of Venezuela for almost five years. According…

DISIP director Miguel Rodriguez reveals details of paramilitary investigation
Ernesto J. Navarro: 20 jeeps lost down the dark hole of political memory
Trade union bosses will cut petroleum supply to USA if Yes wins by fraud
Chavez' government has boosted voter rolls by an astounding 1.5 million
Caracas awash with red banners, flags and graffiti urging citizens to vote NO!
The Washington Post editorial: A Venezuelan Monitor
US resources available to support Carmona proved too little for success
Al Jazeera: President Hugo Chavez expects to keep the presidency
CAP's ex-wife applauds rejection of proposal for Chavez Frias' violent overthrow
Chavez government opens soup kitchens for Venezuela's critically poor
Earle Herrera: In defense of 'Dictator for a Day' Pedro Carmona Estanga
Vanessa Ventures/MINCA abandons all legal actions on Las Cristinas gold mine
Miami Herald 3-ring circus attempts to clarify Venezuelan referendum process
Washington Times editorial: Back to Venezuela's future
Venezuela's Revolution: politics, government and state belong to the masses

VENEZUELA probe of group worries US
Big News – Australia
The US State Department said Friday it was concerned at the alleged investigation
of a civil society group by the Venezuelan government.…

VENEZUELA'S Revolution: politics, government and state belong to…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Hands off Venezuela campaign activist Heiko Khoo writes: Caracas is a place
where people have woken up. Revolution is part of everyday vocabulary

CHAVEZ government opens soup kitchens for Venezuela's critically…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Chavez supporters have been telling Venezuela's poor that if he loses
the referendum, the social programs begun under his administration will

Miami ex-pats reject CNE's demand for proof of residence in the USA
CNE director admits dismissing 18,000 selected voting table members
San Antonio Oni-Dex office under investigation for paramilitary connection
CNE argues and disagrees over capacity to comply with election timetables
Defense Minister Carcia Carneiro says 2 tonnes of C4 explosives recovered
Chris Herz: Venezolanos and Lt. Colonel Chavez Frias, are you listening?
Oscar Heck: – and this is why President Hugo Chavez is gaining in popularity!
Only future for ex-President Carlos Andres Perez is in Venezuelan soil
MIJ to release details at news conference on Colombian paramilitaries
Venezuelan Ambassador‚s response to US criticism re: Sumate
US Congressmen lobby for Sumate in letter to Chavez
Communications Minister reveals Sumate-CANTV elections fraud plot
Carabobo State Governor says Vice President is armed groups controller
Sumate's Corina Machado blows hole in AD's voter migration claim
CANTV president dismisses infiltration rumors as pre-electoral jitters
John Sanchez: The wind of change in Venezuela is in the air
Hands Off Venezuela Campaign — Week of Solidarity in London August 9-15
Rainbow's End
Two Wrongs

BUSINESS Round in Margarita, Venezuela Promises to Quadruple Trade… – Caracas,Venezuela
Unexpected prospects surged in Argentina around the Mega-Business Round
in Margarita Island, Venezuela. The event was sponsored…

JOHN Sanchez: The wind of change in Venezuela is in the air
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela guest commentarist, student John Sanchez writes: The wind
of change in Venezuela is in the air, but not without the polluted smells
of CAP and…


CHAVEZ effort boosts Venezuela's voter rolls
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… Venezuela's voter rolls swelled from 12.5 million in April to about
14 million, an increase of some 12 percent, National Electoral Council
member Sobella…

CHáVEZ Presidency Looks Safe In Venezuela
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
28, 2004 ˆ Hugo Chávez might emerge unscathed from next month‚s extraordinary
presidential referendum in Venezuela, according to a poll by Evans/McDonough

VENEZUELA Solidarity Week – August 9th-15th, London
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
In Venezuela any elected official can be removed mid-term by a simple referendum
majority. This extremely democratic constitutional…

THE Greening of Venezuela – Caracas,Venezuela
… strikes and demonstrations, and a possible recall referendum, you could
be forgiven for thinking that nothing constructive is being done in Venezuela
and that…

VENEZUELA'S political soap causes a stir
Reuters – London,England,UK
Venezuela's state television channel, the broadcast cheerleader of President
Hugo Chavez, is airing a new soap opera that producers say better reflects

US Caracas embassy in Venezuela threatens pro-Chavez Christian…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… and the Christian Center for the Nations report: The Christian Center
for the Nations (CCN) denounces pressure from the US embassy in Venezuela
to reverse…

RECALL Worries Venezuela's Opposition
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela's opposition worries that a recall referendum
on President Hugo Chavez will, in the least, be made more difficult by
new voter…

OIL dips but eyes recovery to $42 ahead of US data – Barcelona,Catalunya,Spain
… Doubts about whether OPEC could continue to fill the global supply
void were further stoked by member-nation Venezuela whose oil minister
said on Tuesday the…

POLL shows Chavez to win recall referendum in Venezuela
Xinhua – China
… Holding, a branch of state-run oil company PDVSA, was conducted on
July 16-22 among 2,000 people in 18 out of the 24 states that form Venezuela,
with anerror…

NEW Poll Finds that Venezuela's Chavez Would Win Recall by up to… – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, July 27 ( A new poll of Venezuelan
voters finds that, if the election were held today, the recall referendum

POLITICAL Actors In Venezuela Accept Talk Offer (press release) – New Zealand
Diego Cordovez, the Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Latin America,
met Mr. Annan yesterday to discuss his mission last week to Venezuela
to follow first…

Opposition terrorist leader Roberto Alonso prepares to flee to Spain
RCTV asks Supreme Tribunal to annul equal time publicity rules for referendum
National Guard (GN) arrest 51 alleged illegals and possible people-traffickers
Opposition AD leader accuses CNE of sponsoring mass voter migration
Venezuelan Security (DISIP) police find large cache of explosives in Cagua
CNE presents cleansed electoral roll … 60,000 deceased found
Violence is a distinct possibility after recall referendum but by which side?
Carter is a poisonous snake in the grass … weasel words about democracy
Patria Para Todos (PPT) calls for Ex-Prez Carlos Andres Perez‚ extradition
Norwegian Ambassador denies conversation with Capriles Radonski
President Hugo Chavez Frias: The strength of the revolution lies in culture
The US media will carefully avoid much exposure of this on TV or radio

OIL deal with Venezuela on cards
Jamaica Gleaner – Jamaica
… that Jamaica is one of several regional nations that will benefit from
a recently proposed initiative spearheaded by South American oil giant

VENEZUELA: So This is What Self-Determination Looks Like – Caracas,Venezuela
… Right now, it's an instrument of the Venezuelan government.”. Pdvsa
is Petroleos de Venezuela, that country's state-run oil company.…

VENEZUELA Sees Oil Sales Near $46 Bln; Output Falls (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
July 26 (Bloomberg) — Petroleos de Venezuela SA, the state- owned oil
company, said sales this year probably will be little changed from last
year as oil…

CNE president Carrasquero denies existence of parallel electoral registry
US citizens' mis-information, arrogance sorely portrays us around the globe
Henrique Salas Romer: primaries as best way to select presidential candidate
Opposition security expert expects short-term but controllable violence
CD launches unitary Agreement for Social Justice & Democratic Peace
Sunday August 1: invitation to sign a Pact of Governance at 8,000 tables
Chavez Frias rejects 'crackpot' Carlos Andres Perez' calls for violence
Cuba's Caracas Embassy responds to opposition disinformation campaign
CORRUPTION: When a government's faults fall upon a “little Chinese man”

VENEZUELA Opposition Agrees to Choose 1 Candidate for President
Bloomberg – USA
July 26 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's largest opposition parties agreed to
hold a primary to choose one presidential candidate to run in a new election

SUBJECT: Oil, Venezuela's lifeblood, is now its social currency…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
I recently read an article from the New York Times entitled, “ Oil, Venezuela's
Lifeblood, Is Now Its Social Currency, Too.” I am commenting it because
I found…

VENECONOMY: Venezuela`s race against time – Venezuela
… the CNE delegated the sending out of the invitations to the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, and the Yellow House, as it is sometimes called in
Venezuela, is not…

VENEZUELA to propose raising OPEC price range
Xinhua – China
CARACAS, July 26 (Xinhuanet) — Venezuela will propose an increase in the
oil price range set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC) at…


GOVT to send poll monitors to Venezuela
Daily Yomiuri – Tokyo,Japan
The government will send two Spanish-speaking election monitors to Venezuela
to observe the recall referendum against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez,

CHRIS Herz: Venezuela's number two leader, Vice President Jose…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela commentarist Chris Herz writes: Venezuela's number two leader,
Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel … like other Bolivarian officials

PHILIP Stinard: Homophobia and foul play in Venezuela's shady…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela's Philip Stinard writes:I recently came across an interesting
blog critiquing a political cartoon appearing on the website
for being…

ARGENTINA’S president Kirchner: We admire the recovery of…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
El Universal’s Alfredo Rojas reports: Argentine president Nestor Kirchner,
on a state visit to Venezuela, avoided talking about improved bilateral

DANCING to the same tune?
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… It has made worse the situation in Venezuela; it's made worse the situation
in Argentina and Brazil. … Q: You showed a lot of interest in Venezuela.

THE best part of the Caribbean – Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
Off the coast of Venezuela are some of the most beautiful and remote islands
in all the Caribbean. … The park is considered one of the jewels of

NEW Works: Creation & Presentation Grant Recipient Announced.
PR Web (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
… Simon's “Venezuelan Project” is composed of an ensemble of gifted
musicians, brought together to explore the marriage between jazz and Venezuela's

CHáVEZ effort boosts voter rolls
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Venezuela has enrolled some 1.5 million new voters in recent months, mostly
in areas where President Hugo Chávez, who is facing an Aug.…

INDIGENOUS People of Latin America Declare Support for Venezuela's… – Caracas,Venezuela
… 24, 2004—Today, the Second Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples
and Nationalities closed with a declaration of support for the people
of Venezuela and Cuba…


JUDICIAL independence at risk in Venezuela
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
When Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez faced a coup d'état in April, 2002,
advocates of democracy in Venezuela and abroad roundly condemned the assault
on the…

MAN denies role in Venezuela attacks
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… Colina also said he feared being returned to Venezuela because he likely
would be tortured or even killed because several fellow military and civilian

VENEZUELA, Argentina seek to boost trade tenfold – New Delhi,India
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela and Argentina hope to boost
bilateral trade tenfold by signing energy and financial pacts Friday.

NO Spanish Tanks to Colombia
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… yesterday confirmed that a deal to sell battle tanks to Colombia has
been cancelled amid concern that it could spark an arms race with neighbouring

VENEZUELA would never be a US colony: Chavez
Xinhua – China
“We are determined to remain free and we won't ever be a US colony,” Chavez
said at the welcoming ceremony in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela's oil-producing

CHáVEZ taps Venezuela's petroleum windfall
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
CARACAS Seventeen months after a calamitous anti-government strike crippled
oil production, Venezuela's state oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela,
has made…

OAS head positive on Venezuela referendum
Big News – Australia
The secretary-general of the Organization of American States said Friday
he was confident Venezuela's August referendum would unfold smoothly.

Mike Malvestuto: The majority rules in a democracy … not the upper crust
Classic fear mongering: Referendum will be suspended if 1,000 machines fail
Vice President denounces theft of rifles in Yagua and explosives in Puerto Cabello
Alfredo Bremont: It's what follows that matters … not the actual referendum
The Venezuelan government is caraotas negras for the Bush administration
Smartmatic guarantees security against attempted fraud in the referendum
Uribe cajoles Bolivia and Venezuela to negotiate “Free Trade” with the US
Chavez government relaunches National Housing Plan throughout Venezuela
Spanish ex-president Aznar paid a Washington lobby $2 million for his Congressional Gold Medal
Exchange rate control chief forecasts lowering of risk-rating to 400-points
Venezuelan government could lower VAT by 1% or 2% next year
Argentineans pleased with 1,396 fast dating trade exchange sessions
Venezuelans were waiting for someone who gives a damn about them

UN adviser urges dialogue, not polarization, for Venezuela's…
UN News Centre
23 July 2004 ˆ A United Nations adviser today urged Venezuela's political
actors to move away from the polarization that has prevailed in the period

MIKE Malvestuto: The majority rules in a democracy … not the…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… read the posting by Lewis Petit and as I believe I'ma free thinking
person then I'd like to answer him, as I've stated before that if Venezuela
is attacked……

ALFREDO Bremont: It's what follows that matters … not the actual…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
It is more accurate to say that the UN should monitor the US government
and prevent any external interference in Venezuela's referendum.…

VENEZUELA: How To Read Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four Critically…
CMAQ – Québec,Canada
Certainly, all over Venezuela, at this moment can de witnessed revolutionary
fire among the youth as never before, all over Bolivarian patrollers are

VENEZUELA'S exchange rate control chief forecasts lowering of risk…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… exchange rate control. Currently the risk-country rating given Venezuela
by international bodies stands at 545 points … “it's a…

URIBE cajoles Bolivia and Venezuela to negotiate “Free Trade‰…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
DPA reports: Colombian President Alvaro Urive invited Bolivia and Venezuela
to join the negotiations that Colombian, Ecuador, and Peru are undertaking
to sign…

COUNTRY hungers for effective leadership
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
BY CLAUDIO OSORIO. Opponents of President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela hope
that an affirmative recall vote scheduled for Aug. 15 will…

ARBITRATION sought in fight for seized cash
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Petróleos de Venezuela called for international arbitration to settle
a dispute that led the US government to rule the state oil company improperly
seized the…

Anti-Chavez Frias Globovision says “What revolution?” WILL be televised
National Elections Council tells Carter Center to correct actions to avoid bias
Plaza Altamira killer sentenced to 29 years … trial awaits fugitive accomplices
Isla de Aves-Bird Island's new module asserts Venezuelan sovereignty
Recall voting in Miami will be manual but how many voters are in Florida?
Venezuela forecasts $1 billion trade exchange with Argentina by 2006
What right does Bush have to criticize when he won fraudulent elections?
In the midst of a sea of very right-wing pseudo-evangelistic garbage
Lewis Petit: The Venezuelan government should not play “chicken” with the US
Mike Malvestuto: Why are you people are so embarrassed by the use of USA
Venezuela may suspend USA oil shipments says Energy Minister Ramirez
Karl B. Koth: The Christian Right‚s Crusade and US Foreign Policy
Venezuelan security services: opposition will use radicals to generate violence
The United States prohibits international observers for its November elections
Foreign Minister Perez says US interference has strengthened Venezuela
Non-status Banmujer to issue more small business credits to poor women
Hysterical claims that they are murderers, torturers and probably eat babies etc
Does Not “Compute”

NEXT Dominican leader eyes economic uplift
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… Monetary Fund to unlock about $125 million in frozen loans that could
be disbursed before the end of the year, and getting Venezuela — which
supplies up to 75…

VENEZUELA: Changing the World by Taking Power – Caracas,Venezuela
… presentation of a statement of solidarity from numerous Brazilian intellectuals
(see: Brazilian Intellectuals and Artists Declare Support for Venezuela's

VENEZUELA Election Agency Attacks Carter Center, Nacional Says
Bloomberg – USA
July 22 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's National Electoral Council, charged
with holding next month's referendum on President Hugo Chavez, criticized
the Carter…

Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… month. Venezuela‚s ongoing political turmoil has slowed foreign investment
and has had a significant impact on its economy. It…

VENEZUELA rips ruling against its oil company in SAIC's favor
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
… The Venezuelan ambassador and officials of the government-owned Petroleos
de Venezuela SA said they would seek to have the dispute arbitrated by

PERSONALITIES will monitor Venezuela‚s referendum.
MercoPress – Uruguay
Former presidents and rulers, artists, Nobel Prize winners, bishops and
even actors have been invited as observers for the recall referendum of

THE Unites States prohibits international observers for its…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
The Ministry of Communications & Information reports: Radio Nacional de
Venezuela recently ran an article with the headline “US prohibits international

VENEZUELA may suspend oil shipments to US
Xinhua – China
… The impasse between Venezuela and the United States began late last
February after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused his US counterpart
George W. Bush…

VENEZUELA denounces decision for SAIC in contract dispute
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
WASHINGTON ˆ Officials of the Venezuela government and its oil company
Wednesday vigorously denounced a US agency's decision on a contract dispute
in favor…

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