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19-24 June 2005

Crystallex: Venezuelan Las Cristinas reserves would jump 10% at US$400/oz
By: Reporters
However, if this projected gold price was raised to US$400/oz, then proven and probable reserves would increase to 387Mt grading 1.1g/t gold for 13.9Moz. “At a gold price of US$400/oz, the gold reserve increases by about 10%,” Thomas said.
Despite New York Times headlines, Venezuela has “impeccable track record”
By: Reporters
Bruce did not rule out further acquisitions around Venezuela, but pointed out that Las Cristinas will increase the company’s production size six-to seven-fold when it achieves base production of 20,000 tonnes per day.
Opposition knows it’ll take generations to reduce corruption they created!
By: Oscar Heck
The ranting and the raving coming from many opposition people is not based on logic … it is based on their personal hatred of Chavez.
79 police officers dismissed from Carabobo State police force
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Carabobo State security secretary, Genis Vargas is believed to have delivered the final report to State Governor Carlos Acosta Carlez yesterday causing the sudden and drastic announcement.
55 slabs of cocaine disappear from police safe room … inside job feared
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The drugs had been seized on July 12, 2004 in San Juan de las Galdonas by the CICPC Anti-Drugs Division and sent to Carupano CICPC HQ first and later transferred to the State HQ in Cumana.
Venezuelan Tourist Minister wants a review of domestic airline tariffs
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
“Someone flying from Carupano to Caracas has to pay the double of what it costs from Caracas to Miami … or paying from San Antonio de Tachira to Maracaibo the double of the flight from Caracas to Bogota.”
CNE attacks opposition for harassing OAS audit center experts
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Capel experts auditing Venezuela’s electoral registry have complained about the attacks and Rodriguez quips that if the experts do not reply to opposition sectors about what the latter consider an audit, then they are insulted and labeled “fences.”
Venezuelan Tourism Ministry launches new credit card “Venecard‰
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Castro Soteldo mentioned that “Venecard‰ is a payment instrument with a dual system which includes a magnetic band and a chip designed by the Tourism Ministry in alliance with the Industrial Bank of Venezuela and Banfoandes, although the goal is to e
Venezuela: Alfonso “Chico‰ Carrasquel Order to be created
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“Chico‰ began his professional baseball career in 1946 with Cerveceria Caracas, later moving on to play with Leones del Caracas. He also played with Pampero, Oriente, Orientales, Magallanes and Tigres de Aragua.
Chinese Economic Commission delegation praises CADIVI‚s work
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
The meeting counted with the participation of CADIVI‚s President, Mary Espinoza de Robles, who was in charge of explaining CADIVI‚s most recent achievements to Chinese investors.
Italians demand their government to request Posada Carriles‚ extradition
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
A demonstration is being planned for this Saturday in front of the American embassy in Rome, where he will set his position on requesting Posada Carriles‚ extradition to Venezuela and to protest the United States‚ hostility against Cuba.
Latin American Parliament President Ney Lopes arrives in Cuba
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“I hope this visit will help strengthen ties between the Parlatino and the Popular Power National Assembly, with the goal of seeking Latin American integration,‰ said Lopes to Prensa Latina, after arriving at the Jose Marti International Airport.
Venezuelan President and Caribbean leaders to debate on Petrocaribe
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Guyanan President Bharrat Jagdeo will be there, as well as by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Keith Mitchel and the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning.
Oh Venezuela
By: Oscar Heck
I was reminiscing about beautiful Venezuela and about Venezuelan culture and the Venezuelan people … and all the Venezuelan things which touch my heart … in comparison with the “western” and “northern” things which break my heart.
Indian Ambassador highlights advances in Venezuelan-Indian relations
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Ambassador Bhojwani announced that both countries‚ embassies are finishing up details for the establishment of a bi-national mixed commission, which will have the participation of Indian Foreign Affairs Minister Rao Inderjit Singh.
Venezuela, Brazil and Argentinean Presidents prepare new summit date
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
The Presidential meeting including Brazilian President Lula Da Silva, Argentinean President Nestor Kirchner and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will focus on ways to strengthen a central axis for South American integration.

Venezuela Closes Automakers’ Sales Offices
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela’s tax office closed the sales and administrative offices of three foreign automakers, including General Motors, Thursday for …

Media Denounces Counterrevolutionary Plot Against Venezuela
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
… extremist groups of Cuban origin and Venezuelans residents in Miami to campaign against President Hugo Chavez has been the reaction to Venezuela”s demands to …
Former US Senator Advises Bush to Extradite Carriles to Venezuela
Periódico 26 – Las Tunas,Cuba
Havana, June 23 (AIN)- Prominent US Democrat Bob Graham has advised President Bush to extradite terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela or face discredit …

CARIBBEAN leaders to visit Venezuela
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Several Caribbean leaders will visit Venezuela next
week for negotiations on an agreement to receive cheaper oil from the
South American …

FORMER US Senator Advises Bush to Extradite Carriles to Venezuela
Periódico 26 – Las Tunas,Cuba
Havana, June 23 (AIN)- Prominent US Democrat Bob Graham has advised President
Bush to extradite terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela or face
discredit …

Carlos Herrera: Try and put the pieces of this conspiratorial jigsaw together…
By: Carlos Herrera
There are too many events taking place simultaneously, and coincidentally, to be dealt with in a separate manner, without the corresponding interconnection of said events being systemically analyzed.
President Hugo Chavez creates Venezuelan Petrochemical Corporation
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Chavez assured that Venezuela is the first oil reservoir in the world, and the first gas reservoir in the region, mentioning that the Venezuelan government is planning on building an 8,000-kilometer oil pipeline that will run from the Orinoco River a
Venezuela‚s participation at the UN becomes more relevant with reforms
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Venezuelan UN Ambassador Fermin Toro Jimenez believes that Venezuela‚s participation in the UN General Assembly has acquired much more relevance in the framework of Security Council reform efforts.
Former AN president: AN does not violate Internal Debate rules
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
The former AN president mentioned that such attitude from the opposition in the middle of a parliamentary session forced AN President Nicolas Maduro to close the debate, in view that there were no more speakers left on the speaker‚s list.
HR NGOs urge AN to pass anti-torture law and tackle 10 years of impunity
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Venezuelan human rights group Red de Apoyo por la Justicia y la Paz, accompanied by a group of families who have suffered summary executions and torture, gathered in downtown Caracas at the corner of San Francisco to demand government action.
CNE buys more touch screen and fingerprint verification machines
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The CNE will sign an agreement with Gogent Systems Company, which sold it 16,000 finger-print checking machines for the recall referendum vote last year.
New DISIP broom asks chiefs to hand in resignation in restructure sweep
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The new Venezuelan Political & Security (DISIP) Police chief, Army Colonel Henry Rafael Silva has asked department chiefs to resign from their posts to facilitate the internal restructure process.
INTI president Eliecer Otaiza in Intensive Care Unit after motorcycle accident
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“It was an accident, we are giving this information in order to quiet down the wave of rumors surrounding this incident since this morning. We want to categorically deny these claims and give accurate information regarding the accident,” he said duri
The new rules of the game will, of course, be unacceptable to Wall Street
By: Alfredo Bremont
Its the main reason why Venezuela’s Chavez Frias government has been at odds with the United States’ government ever since it began to unilaterally change the rules in their favor.
Dictator for life … Presidents and their administrations are fair game
By: Fred Cederholm
On Tuesday, June 28, ABC starts airing the epic six-hour summer drama series, Empire, which begins with Julius Caesar‚s return from his military campaigns of empire building to become ancient Rome‚s first emperor — a dictator for life.
Greedy cultureless zombies need their daily fix of blood and viscera
By: Andrew McKillop
There is no equivalent term for the dumbing down of individual and collective memory, transforming and making it Tunnel Memory, but that is certainly what we have today in the disaggregating and anomic ‘late consumer societies.’
Exxon Mobil says arbitration an option in Venezuela tax dispute
Education gets huge boost in Venezuela
People’s Weekly World – USA
… these words almost 30 years ago, in his preface to Jonathan Kozol’s book “Children of the Revolution,” he could have been writing about Venezuela today. …

Central Bank reform law OK’d in Venezuela
BusinessWeek – USA
… “I think it is silly … to have 30 billion dollars, when Venezuela would be well-backed with 20 billion in international reserves.”. …
Venezuela Challenges US on Terrorist Posada
Periódico 26 – Las Tunas,Cuba
Venezuela remains steadfast in her determination to be the spot in this hemisphere where terrorist Luis Posada Carriles will finally be brought to justice. …

Assassination Clues in Venezuela Point to Colombia
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Clues on opposition groups attempting to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez increasingly point to Colombia, although …
Venezuela Rejects Spain’s Extradition Request for Guatemalan Ex …
Voice of America – USA
By VOA News. The Venezuelan Supreme Court has rejected a Spanish request for the extradition of a former Guatemalan military ruler …


ASSASSINATION Clues in Venezuela Point to Colombia
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Clues on opposition groups attempting to
assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez increasingly point to Colombia,
although …

VENEZUELA’S Interior Minister Chacon says he has evidence of … – Worth,IL,USA Jonah Gindin writes: Interior & Justice (MIJ) Minister
Jesse Chacon says foes of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez have been
plotting his …
Aragua murder squad almost kills 4th family member under IAHRC protection
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
In May 2005, the Inter American Human Rights Court (IAHRC) ordered the Venezuelan government to set up protection measures for the Barrios family after 4 members had been summarily killed.
107 Lara State police officers dismissed … 42 on the waiting list
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
In 2004, the Ombudsman’s Office in Lara received 81 complaints against the police, 11 of which proved positive. This year, Rodriguez Figuera states, dismissals are across the board from officers to top level officials.
INTI’s Otaiza learning from mistakes and gaining experience in land reforms
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) has revoked an agrarian title on one of the plots and Otaiza has confirmed INTI’s compliance with the order, while maintaining the land as an estate and idle.
Former Bolivian President sends Venezuela’s Chavez Frias nasty letter
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Quiroga, who only lasted one year in the presidency (221-2002), accuses Chavez Frias of provoking internal protests by supporting Coca growers leader, Evo Morales and financing the latter’s presidential aspirations.
MVR and PPT rejects Sumate invitation as anti-CNE and presumptuous
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Movimiento Quinta Republica (MVR) and Patria Para Todos (PPT) leaders admit that they have received a letter from Sumate inviting them to hear its analysis on the organization of the July 7 elections to municipal and parish councils.
Lope Mendoza finally lets go of Venezuelan Conindustria presidency
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Mendoza argues against the government’s labor policy of work immovability, price and exchange rate controls, massive imports of food and the threat of an anti-employer Labor Law reform and illegal exchange rate bills.
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA): “We are not saying we will sell CITGO!”
By: David Coleman
Wire services are quoting Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) vice president for production & exploration Luis Vierma as saying that PDVSA is producing 87,000 barrels of crude oil less than the average output level targeted for the end of this year.
The Scotsman: Britain’s Vesteys may lose vast Venezuela cattle ranch
By: Reporters
The National Lands Institute said in a statement that the 66,700-acre ranch in the south-western state of Apure was not being adequately used, and that documents did not prove legal ownership by Agropecuaria Flora, the local affiliate of the British
Illegal gold mining operations ravaging Venezuela’s sensitive ecology
By: Reporters
This picture cavalcade gives a brief synopsis of the incredible amount of damage being done to Venezuela’s sensitive rain forest environment in the pursuit of illegal gold mining operations.
Crystallex reports grade results from Las Cristinas 2005 infill drill program
By: David Coleman
Toronto-based Crystallex International Corporation (KRY) has just reported assay results from a follow up infill drilling program at Las Cristinas in southeastern Venezuela which comprises 5,551 meters in 14 holes that was initiated in January 2005.
Exxon’s CEO considers arbitration in Venezuela royalty dispute
By: David Coleman
Meanwhile, news just out could imply that Exxon has missed the boat since Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) has just announced significant new oil reserves after drilling three new oil wells in the western Lake Maracaibo region.
OilOnline: Chevron finds significant natural gas discovery
By: Reporters
Chevron Corporation’s Venezuela affiliate has announced a significant natural gas discovery at the offshore Macuira 1X exploration well, advancing the company’s plans to evaluate Venezuela’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
Venezuela pushes Mercosur summit toward stronger integration
By: Venezuelanalysis
The summit addressed numerous ideas and proposal on how to make Mercosur more effective. Though Venezuela is only an associate member, Chavez arrived at the summit in Asuncion bearing plans covering a variety of themes from oil to education.
Mercosur to create US$100 million per year fund for poor regions
By: Reporters
Brazil will be paying 70% of the fund’s resources, and Argentina 27%. The bloc’s two smaller and poorer members, Paraguay and Uruguay, will be the main beneficiaries of the fund, receiving 36% and 24% of the funds, respectively.
Oil & Gas Journal: Venezuela gas find boosts Chevron LNG plans
By: Reporters
The Macuira 1X exploration well — Chevron’s first on Plataforma Deltana Block 3 — encountered six gas intervals with total gross thickness of 140 m. It tested 51 MMscfd with restriction from two of the intervals, reported parent Chevron Corp.
Chavez Frias prioritizes cooperation over competition at Mercosur Summit
By: Sarah Wagner
Chavez’ proposal rejected commercial integration as the base for linking Latin American countries, advocating that commerce and competition must take a backseat to cooperation and complementation.
Venezuela‚s Interior Minister Chacon says he has evidence of assassination plot
By: Johan Gindin
At a press conference on Monday, Chacon told reporters that Venezuelan security officials had obtained photographs and video footage documenting the meetings, though he would not go into further detail regarding the content of the material, or the so
For Venezuela’s poor, music opens doors; Classical program transforms lives
By: Reporters
Bearing scars on his face from knife attacks during a childhood on the streets, he now knows Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Mahler pieces by heart, and long ago cut ties with the criminal gang that raised him.

For Venezuela’s poor, music opens doors
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… One of nearly 400,000 children who have passed through Venezuela’s state-funded classical music program since it was founded 30 years ago, Acosta says he owes …

VENEZUELA’S petroleum output below OPEC-set target
Xinhua – Beijing,China
CARACAS, June 21 (Xinhuanet) — Venezuela produces 3.33 million barrels
per day (bpd), 87,000 bdp less than the target set by the Organization
of Petroleum …

VENEZUELA Congress Begins Debate on Intl Reserves Law (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
June 21 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela’s congress began debating legislation
today that would allow President Hugo Chavez to spend some of the central
bank’s …

NEW oil reserves found in Venezuela
BusinessWeek – USA
JUN. 21 3:15 PM ET Venezuela’s state oil company has found significant
new oil reserves after drilling three new oil wells, a company executive
said Tuesday. …

THE Not So Odd Couple: Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and Cuba’s …
Harold Doan and Associates (press release) – Rocklin,CA,USA
In late 2004, President Hugo Chávez nearly doubled Venezuela’s daily oil
barrel deliveries to Cuba and Havana doubled the number of healthcare
professionals …

CHAVEZ Frias: Venezuela has 54% of South America’s energy supplies – Worth,IL,USA
… Venezuelan President Chavez Frias has welcomed the decisions saying
Venezuela has 54% of South America’s energy supplies and together with
those of Bolivia …

Talk about a lack of transparency … and about criminal activity!
By: Arthur Shaw
The “criminal activity” is treason, corruption of public officials and, for private individuals, the felony of accepting money from a foreign national in connection with a Venezuelan election.
The not so odd couple: Venezuela‚s Hugo Chavez and Cuba‚s Fidel Castro
By: Hampden Macbeth
In 2000, the two leaders signed an accord in which Chavez agreed to provide Cuba with 53,000 barrels of oil a day at preferential prices from his country‚s extensive oil stock. In exchange, Castro pledged to supply Venezuela with 20,000 medical profe
Swaying the world toward a more equitable and humanistic form of society
By: Oscar Heck
When we were growing up, in North America, many of us were taught that Latinos were “lazy” and/or “thieves” … much in the same way that we were taught native indians were “savages” and/or “drunks.”
CNE’s Jorge Rodriguez elected to Andean Electoral Council board
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
During the CEA meeting, Venezuela presented a proposal on mechanisms of horizontal technical cooperation, which was accepted because members thought it would help to make electoral processes more transparent and trustworthy.
INTI to convert 6 idle farms into endogenous development projects
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
According to an INTI communique, La Vergarena, allegedly Venezuela’s most extensive landed estate at 187,328 hectares, has been declared idle and the supposed owners have a legal lapse of 60 days to appeal the decision.
Carmona named in assassination meetings with Colombian paramilitaries
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Chacon has reiterated the government’s commitment to work with the USA in the war on terrorism and narcotics control but states that it will not work with the CIA because it has brought down South American governments.
Chavez Frias: Venezuela has 54% of South America’s energy supplies
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Venezuelan President Chavez Frias has welcomed the decisions saying Venezuela has 54% of South America’s energy supplies and together with those of Bolivia, Peru and Brazil can supply gas in the region for more than a century.
Oliver L. Campbell: Let us hope the US SEC will find no evidence of corruption
By: Oliver L. Campbell
A problem would only arise if any payments were made for lobbying which solely benefited the Venezuelan government and not CITGO … but this may be hard to prove.
Venezuela says can work with FBI, DEA but not CIA
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela is ready to work with US law enforcement agencies to fight terrorism and drug-trafficking but not with the CIA …
Venezuela Natural Gas Discovery in Plataforma Deltana Boosts …
Yahoo News (press release) – USA
SAN RAMON, Calif., June 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Chevron Corporation’s (NYSE: CVX – News) Venezuela affiliate today announced a significant natural gas …
Posada proceedings won’t be in Florida
Miami Herald – FL,USA
… battle. Several Latin American and Caribbean governments are demanding his deportation and retrial as a terrorist in Venezuela. …
Venezuela Pushes Mercosur Summit Toward Stronger Integration – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, June 20, 2005—Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez told his South American colleagues not to be afraid of the “necessary revolution …
Venezuela co-opted on to ILO Administration Council … defeat for … – Worth,IL,USA
In what is emerging as a complete defeat for the opposition Venezuelan Confederation of Trade Unions (CTV), Venezuela has been co-opted on to the International …

Suspension off Venezuela slows unitization
Oil & Gas Journal – Houston,TX,USA
PORT OF SPAIN, June 20 — The decision by Statoil ASA to suspend drilling on Block 4 off Venezuela will slow moves to unitize the block with BP Trinidad & …

Venezuela co-opted on to ILO Council … defeat for CTV’s Cova and Ortega
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Venezuelan Deputy Labor Minister, Ricardo Dorado calls the news an important show of support from world governments in recognition of Venezuela’s advances in the field of union liberty and collective negotiation.
Garcia Carneiro defends government handling of GN Bolivar rebels
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Sources indicate that the conflict began with the arrival of a new Army commander in Puerto Ordaz, determined as a true Bolivarian to stop widespread corruption in a zone characterized by illegal mining, smuggling and narco-trafficking.
Miguel Salazar: deep differences between Army chiefs over PDVSA
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Salazar claims that Baduel distrusts people doing business in PDVSA and that Garcia Carneiro is linked with a powerful sector inside the government that has “found a generous vein in the oil industry.”
Chavez promises to meet Mercosur short and medium term energy needs
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
President Chavez Frias has made the biggest media impact among the presidents attending, as he broke protocol and greeted surprised pharmacy employees asking them questions about medicines they dispense.
IDEX Online: Venezuela cracking down on illegal diamond, gold mining
By: Reporters
Representatives of the miners said that while the troopers often destroyed the camps and equipment of small diggers, the larger illegal mining operations were allowed to continue unhindered, leading to suspicions that bribes were paid.
A lesson politicians and communications ministers should not underestimate
By: Alfredo Bremont
Political alliances and the active participation of the common peoples of South America … and now Europe … is an indication that the Bolivarian revolution is no longer confined to a single nation or continent but is spreading towards different ho
Disgust for Bush and respect for Chavez have both risen significantly
By: Arthur Shaw
In the August 15 (2004) recall referendum on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the democracy-loving and heroic Venezuelan people expressed their everlasting and justified disgust for the Bush regime and for its Venezuelan quislings.
G.W. Bush is not in charge of Venezuela … and maybe not even the USA
By: Mike Malvestuto
G. W. Bush was convicted of a drunk driving back in the early 80s, so why is he president … someone who’s irresponsible actions could have killed someone’s child … but he’s the president of the USA.
Kansai Mining Corporation: Primary source of diamonds found in Venezuela
By: Roy S. Carson
A company press release states: This comprised treating the top meter of the first trench from surface, to bed down the operating characteristics of the 3-component plant, namely the scrubber section, the dense media unit and the X-Ray section.
President Chavez Frias proposes creation of South American energy ring
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
After arriving in Asuncion, Paraguay, to attend the XXVIII Southern Cone Economic Zone (Mercosur) Presidential Summit, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez offered a quick press conference, where he announced the proposal of creating a South American ene

VENEZUELA’S PDVSA in US$431 million fuel oil deal with China’s … – Worth,IL,USA
… is reporting that under a contract worth about US$431 million (based
on Friday’s average closing price of $39.44 a barrel) Petroleos de Venezuela
(PDVSA) has …

MIJ Jesse Chacon: Venezuela’s intelligence service to be … – Worth,IL,USA Sarah Wagner and Gregory Wilpert write: President
Hugo Chavez ordered the reorganization of Venezuela’s national secret
police, the DISIP …

VENEZUELA completes requirements to achieve Associate State status … – Worth,IL,USA
… reports: During the XXVIII Southern Cone Economic Zone (Mercosur) Presidential
Summit taking place in Asuncion, Paraguay on June 19 and 20, Venezuela
will be …

ATTORNEY Eva Golinger to speak on US intervention against … – Worth,IL,USA
… She is also author of “ The Chavez Code: Cracking US Intervention in
Venezuela” (Ocean Press, 2005), a groundbreaking book which contains documentary
evidence …

Venezuelan military confirms plot to assassinate President Hugo Chavez
By: Reporters
Venezuelan authorities have ruled the involvement of active military in the assassination plot, which is attributed to individuals residing abroad, mainly ex military linked to the failed coup of 2002 and internal opposition groups.
PJ candidate en route to Brussels to lobby EU on alleged HR abuses
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Although the EU is aware of Venezuela’s current institutional weakness in the Judiciary and crime prevention, Borges will attempt to convince Europeans that he can do a better job than the current administration to eliminate corruption.
Children of the Native Spirits awakening … they are being led by Chavez
By: Oscar Heck
Just as Guacaipuro led his people against the Spaniards at the onset of the disease in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is leading The people against the pale-skins at the peak of the disease.
Mark Weisbrot: Respect democratic elections
By: Mark Weisbrot
Trapped inside past quitting time were thousands of employees including several Cabinet-level ministers. A few police stood by calmly, not interfering. This went on for hours. There were no injuries or arrests.
Attorney Eva Golinger to speak on US intervention against Venezuela
By: Reporters
Golinger will speak at the program “Destabilization, Disinformation, and Libraries,” sponsored by the Social Responsibilities Round Table of ALA and by the Progressive Librarians Guild.
Bush mafia would like to murder Chavez; their savagery know no limits
By: Clif Ross
The Bush mafia would like to murder Chavez just as they’re drooling to steal Iran and slaughter all the Iranians. Their savagery, greed and power lust know no limits. But it won’t be so easy to end this process that has begun here in Venezuela.
Chavez Frias makes no secret of his Afro-American Indian bloodlines
By: Kenneth T. Tellis
Citizens of Latin American countries commonly refer to themselves in the manner of their countries. For example, in Brazil they call themselves Brazilians, in Argentina they call themselves Argentineans, in Peru they are Peruvians, and so on.
60 CICPC detectives in Sucre get the boot over Bolivar case
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The drastic decision taken by the CICPC disciplinary council has been reached after it investigated retired General Commissioner, Alexis Bolivar, accused on being implicated in a kidnap attempt on a Polar Beer executive in Cumana last January.
Chavez Frias in Paraguay to secure Venezuelan entry into Mercosur
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister for Latin America, Eustoquio Contreras says technical experts will study mechanisms at the summit to incorporate Andean Community of Nations (CAN) countries into Mercosur.
GN units in Bolivar to be revamped after Army and GN High Command talks
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
It has been learned that 100 FAL assault rifles confiscated by the Army will be returned to the GN National Command HQ in Caracas this week and 189 new GN soldiers will be drafted into Bolivar state.
Navy (Armada) moves Eastern Naval Zone to Isla de Margarita
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The transfer comes after a strategic analysis undertaken by the Navy and in line with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez national 10-point strategic policy plan launched at the beginning of the year.
LA Times: Venezuela out to give Latin Americans a better picture of their world
By: Reporters
About whether Telesur’s news broadcasts will be a mere mouthpiece for Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, the biggest Latin boogeyman of US foreign policy this side of Havana.
Better we wait to invent the brain pill before field-testing libertarianism
By: Paul Volgyesi
Today, people think that the way it was from WWII to the late Œ70s is the “normal‰ way of things, while in fact, it‚s was a historical aberration, probably due mainly to the needs a labor intensive industrial society had of educated people.
Why must Venezuela’s resource development be left to US predators?
By: Chris Herz
A commercial and political environment which will not tolerate dissent in the mass media from the imperial party line: We have the absolute and God-given right to dictate to other nations what they will do — even how they will live.
I still believe that the time is now and that Venezuela is the place…
By: James Feltus
Against all odds, and because the plane had plenty of fuel onboard, giving Mr. Chavez enough time to learn at least the rudiments of flying, the tower was able to talk him down. The plane landed, and all onboard thanked him.
Southern Cone Economic Zone Council fund to start with $100 million
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
On Monday, June 20, the Mercosur Summit will be officially kicked off, beginning in the morning with an assembly of several Economy Ministers and Central Bank presidents from the different Mercosur members.
Venezuela’s PDVSA in US$431 million fuel oil deal with China’s PetroChina
By: David Coleman
Venezuela has repeatedly said that it wants to diversify its customer base but currently sends about two-thirds of its oil exports (1.5 million barrels of oil a day) to the United States.
Rodriguez Araque: Mercosur helps South American Community of Nations
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“That is why Venezuela insists on the Social Charter of the Americas, given that economic development must be seen from a humane point of view,‰ Rodriguez Araque stated.
South American parliamentarians support Posada Carriles‚ extradition
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Maduro said that, although the issue was not being discussed formally, parliamentary members from different South American nations exchanged their views and opinions on the extradition of terrorist Posada Carriles.
Venezuela completes requirements for Associate State status in Mercosur
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
The presidential summit will be preceded by the Common Market Council, a branch of the organization integrated by the Foreign Affair and Trade ministers from both Associate and Member countries of Mercosur.
MIJ Jesse Chacon: Venezuela‚s intelligence service to be restructured
By: Sarah Wagner and Gregory Wilpert
Chacon said that the DISIP has been “profoundly‰ analyzed since 2001 because the DISIP has been taking over roles, such as investigating organized crime and street patrols, that are far removed from its actual duties.
Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) approves US$196 million cement plant
By: Reporters
Construction will consist of three phases … the first phase, which officials expect to be completed in 18 months, will include the construction of a clinker mill, a 6,500t-capacity silo and an area to bag the cement.
Venezuela Bauxilum alumina output unaffected by Pijiguaos accident
By: Reporters
“Bauxite production will be delayed at Los Pijiguaos, but alumina production will remain unaffected since the company has bauxite in stock,” a spokesperson for Bauxilum, a subsidiary of state heavy industry holding company CVG, told BNamericas.

PETROLEOS de Venezuela to Sell Fuel Oil to PetroChina for Year
Bloomberg – USA
June 18 (Bloomberg) — Petroleos de Venezuela SA, South America’s No. 1
oil company, agreed to sell fuel oil for a year to China’s …

AFL-CIO Foreign Policy in Venezuela
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
… I am pleased beyond words to have been invited to participate here
by leaders of the Union Nacional de Trabajadores de Venezuela (UNT) (Venezuelas’
National …

PLOYS behind Posada Case Spotlighted
Periódico 26 – Las Tunas,Cuba
Havana, June 18 (RHC)- The defense lawyer of fugitive Luis Posada Carriles
claims Venezuela has no jurisdiction to judge his client because the plane
bombing …
LA Times: Venezuela out to give Latin Americans a better picture … – Worth,IL,USA
… In Venezuela, television news sources include the government-run, pro-Chavez Canal 8, and 10-year-old Globovision … Venezuela’s only all-news channel … …
Why must Venezuela’s resource development be left to US predators? – Worth,IL,USA
… American corporations. Why cannot PDVSA help to show Venezuela’s own neighbors how to build a national energy corporation? Why cannot …
Debate focuses on escape
Miami Herald – FL,USA
… Miami-based lawyer, Eduardo Soto, is seeking political asylum for his client, and says the 77-year-old former CIA operative was acquitted twice in Venezuela. …

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