MAYOR Capriles Radonsky faces trial in Caracas
Granma International – La Habana,Cuba
… months, firstly due to the failed coup d‚état and then for breaches
of contract on the part of the state company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA),
which were…

VENEZUELA : A difficult path ahead
Monday Morning – Beirut,Lebanon
… answering questions at his first press conference after the referendum
result was announced (in front of a portrait of Simon Bolivar, hero of
Venezuela‚s war…

E-VOTE Rigging in Venezuela?
Wired News – USA
It's a question that still surrounds last week's presidential recall election
in Venezuela — despite the fact that electronic voting machines used
in the…,2645,64687,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

DELAYING Venezuela‚s local elections opposed
Viet Nam News Agency – Hanoi,Vietnam
… William Lara, a parliamentarian of the Fifth Republic Movement which
supports President Hugo Chavez, opposed a proposal of postponing Venezuela‚s

`GOD save Venezuela from the Carter Center'
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… 15 in Venezuela. … God save Venezuela from the Chávez regime and
the troubled democracies around the world from the zealous watch of the
Carter Center.

THE crude truth about oil prices
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Driven by an oil-thirsty world, falling reserves, problems in Russia and
Venezuela, and fear in the Middle East, the price of oil may stay high
for a while.…

JIMMY Carter Defends Venezuela Election Result in Letter to WSJ
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) — Former US President Jimmy Carter said an election
that defeated an effort to recall Venezuela President Hugo Chavez was
``free and fair…

SURGING oil prices to squeeze US profit margins
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
… $50 ($75.34) a barrel, driven up by unabated demand from China and
India, and fear of supply shortages from fighting in Iraq and political
tension in Venezuela…

THE Trouble with Oil
The Weekly Standard (subscription) – Washington,DC,USA
… Consider three of the world's largest producers, sitting on some 40
percent of the world's reserves: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

VENEZUELA'S Press Faces Harsher Future After Chávez Win
Editor & Publisher (subscription) – New York,NY,USA
Many fear the president will follow his referendum victory with repression,
not reconciliation. Plus, in Pan-Am Highway: a state-owned paper fires
its editor.…

INVESTOR sues Venezuela for payment on overdue notes
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
COLUMBUS, Ohio – A small investment group sued the Republic of Venezuela
and its finance minister on Monday for a more than $100 million payment
on 23-year-old…

CARTER in Venezuela
Workers World – USA
What's an old imperialist like Jimmy Carter doing validating the results
of the referendum in Venezuela—results that show the large majority of
the Venezuelan…

SURGING oil prices to squeeze US profit margins – New Zealand
… NZ75.34) a barrel, driven up by unabated demand from China and India,
and fear of supply shortages from fighting in Iraq and political tension
in Venezuela.…,2106,3012878a6026,00.html

OPPONENTS say President Chavez Frias is incapable of uniting…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Political opponents of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias say he is
incapable of uniting Venezuela … their statement comes…

Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
… that allows the people to throw him out and then risked this very outcome
in the first recall referendum in the history of Venezuela, writes Eduardo


BEYOND Populism: Venezuela and the International Left – Caracas,Venezuela
All over the world, the international Left ˜ including the global social
justice movement ˜ is peering sceptically at Venezuela, unsure of what
to make of…

CHAVEZ'S Venezuela: A Fighting Chance for an Egalitarian Society?
Common Dreams – USA
… But if democracy means to be by, for, and of the people, then Hugo
Chavez might want to take a turn as US president when he has cleaned up

PRESIDENT Chavez Calls for National Dialogue in Venezuela – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Aug. 23, 2004˜With President Hugo Chavez's victory secured
in the referendum vote, Chavez promised reconciliation with…

CHAVEZ Cannot Unite Divided Venezuela, Foes Say
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – President Hugo Chavez is incapable of uniting
Venezuela, his opponents said Monday after the left-wing leader announced
he would…

VENEZUELA Recall Update
Tech Central Station – USA
… Venezuela 's opposition has, to date, satisfied the most important
rule of skeptical inquiry; they have provided verifiable claims.…

VOA: Controversy in Venezuela over oil revenue. – Venezuela
… program. But, as VOA's Greg Flakus reports from Caracas, some experts
think Venezuela's oil sector could face some long-term problems.…

CUSTOMERS come last on oil nations' political agenda
The Times (subscription) – London,England,UK
… time. Consider three of the largest producers, sitting on some 40%
of the world‚s reserves: Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.…,,13129-1229115,00.html

SURGING oil prices foreshadow crisis
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
… Instability in major oil-producing countries such as Iraq, Russia and
Venezuela has sent crude prices surging by 30 per cent since late June
and almost 60 per…

POOR pace of investment pumps up oil
Business Report – Johannesburg,South Africa
… spare global production capacity rapidly dwindling, traders fearful
of disruptions to supplies from producers such as Iraq, Russia and Venezuela
have chased…

ALC Noticias 22 Aug 2004 Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Columbia
Worldwide Faith News (press release) – USA
polemic between Evangelicals BRAZIL: Investigation about how the press


CHAVEZ Vows to Move Forward in Venezuela
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez vowed to plow forward with
his so-called “revolution for the poor” Sunday despite refusals by Venezuela's,0,6825517.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

PETROLEOS de Venezuela's 2004 Investments Lag, Universal Says
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) — Petroleos de Venezuela SA, the state oil company,
has spent just one-third of its 2004 investment budget of $4.5 billion,
El Universal…

PRICE of petrol to soar as traders get jittery
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… All it takes is for someone to fire a rifle in Iraq or sneeze in Venezuela
then everybody thinks jeeze, we'd better whack another dollar onto the
cost of crude…

MOVE to calm oil fears
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… has the world's second-largest reserves of oil – fears of terrorist
attacks in the broader Middle East and potential supply disruptions in
Russia and Venezuela…,5478,10534798%255E462,00.html

FRANZ JT Lee: Venezuela's opposition coupsters and CNN, BBC, DPA…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… of Los Andes (ULA) professor Franz JT Lee writes: We thank David Sheegog
for his kind comments on my article about Revolution in Venezuela in particular,

VENEZUELA: Chavez triumphs over US-backed opposition
Green Left – Australia
Venezuela's poor met the news of Hugo Chavez‚s referendum victory with
joy. … “We have real democracy in Venezuela, participatory and proactive.‰.

DAVID Christopher: Venezuela's Chavez is tapping the true…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Vancouver (Canada) based David Christopher writes: For both supporters
and opponents of Venezuela‚s President Hugo Chavez, this was the Big

IGNORING reality in Venezuela
Charleston Post Courier (subscription) – Charleston,SC,USA
… “Venezuela cannot continue in conflict.”. … The opposition must come
up with sound programs that offer Venezuela's underclass a better life.

VENEZUELA: Why Chavez won
Green Left – Australia
Hugo Chavez's victory will have repercussions beyond the borders of Venezuela.
It is a triumph of the poor against the rich and…

WHAT next for Venezuela's Chavez?
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – (KRT) – After last Sunday's sweeping victory in a
recall referendum, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has more power than

VENEZUELA'S Chávez win confirmed, but doubt persists
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela ˜ A two-day audit aimed at investigating allegations
of fraud in last Sunday's presidential recall referendum confirmed President

WORLD View: Sad Hints of a Bloody Future
Newsweek – New York,NY,USA
Aug. 30 issue – I grew up in Venezuela and, although I now live in Washington,
DC, returned to Caracas for the referendum to recall President Hugo Chavez.

VENEZUELAN Vote Offers Some Lessons
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
I was pleased to read Andrew Reding's article on Venezuela (”US Should
Form a Marshall Plan for Latin America,” Commentary, Aug.…,1,1776616.story?coll=la-news-comment-letters

OIL and gas reserves could bolster region's economies
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… Americas. The heavy oil deposits in Venezuela, Canada and Peru represent
a critical component in an Americas' energy strategy. These…

CHáVEZ now can consolidate power
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… observers are wondering what Hugo Chávez will do next to consolidate
the 'Bolivarian revolution' that he boldly launched in 1998 on behalf
of Venezuela's poor…


THE enemy of my enemy
Jamaica Observer – Jamaica
… And thereafter, whenever I lived in Trinidad, I would gaze across the
narrow straits at Venezuela – as visible from Port-of-Spain as the Blue
Mountains are…

'MIRACLE needed to cool frenzied oil market'
Sify – Delhi,India
… side, notably concerns about Russian oil production prompted by uncertainty
over the future of Yukos, and possible political upheavals in Venezuela
following a…

BROKEN Toilet Foils Gun-Smuggling Plot
Tampa Tribune – Tampa,FL,USA
Five defendants pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of firearms sales
and exports to Venezuela, where prosecutors say the weapons were to be
sold to left…

VENEZUELA'S Bolivarian Government continues propelling rebirth of…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… and because of this, those who supported him and helped plan the Alternative
Bolivarian Agenda, were looking for a way out of the maze that Venezuela
was in…

VENEZUELA'S GDP reported a 13.6% growth during second trimester
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venpres: Preliminary estimates for Gross Domestic Product report a 13.6%
growth in the second trimester of the current year, compared with the
same period of…

CHAVEZ foes threaten Venezuela election boycott
Daily Times – Pakistan
CARACAS: Venezuela‚s opposition threatened on Friday to boycott regional
elections following President Hugo Chavez‚s referendum win, which they
say was…

AUDIT confirms Chavez win in Venezuela
ABC Online – Australia
An audit of Venezuela's recall referendum has confirmed that President
Hugo Chavez won fairly and found no evidence to support fraud charges,
observers and…

BEYOND Populism: Venezuela and the International Left
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
All over the world, the international Left — including the global social
justice movement — is peering sceptically at Venezuela, unsure of what
to make of…

VENEZUELA Awaits Result of Presidential Recall Vote Audit
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… Venezuela's opposition refused to participate in the audit, on the
grounds it would not answer complaints that voting machines were programmed
to limit the…

BY Defeating Recall, Chavez Inspires Left
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – By handily defeating a referendum aimed at ousting
him, President Hugo Chavez has broadened his mandate and inspired left-leaning

US polling firm embroiled in Venezuela controversy
eTaiwan News – Taipei,Taiwan
… Critics of the exit poll by Penn, Schoen & Berland have questioned
how it was conducted because the firm worked with a US-funded Venezuela
group that the…

CHáVEZ‚ victory in Venezuela
El Diario New York – NY,USA
The victory of President Hugo Chávez should give Venezuela a break from
a tumultuous political life. It will be difficult, but…

INTERNATIONAL Press Coverage Begins to Change Its Tune on… – Caracas,Venezuela
… referendum on his mandate as Venezuelan President, there has been a
manifest change in the attitude of the mainstream media towards Venezuela‚s

VENEZUELA'S Economy Continues to Surge
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By BLOOMBERG NEWS. enezuela's economy grew more than 10 percent for a second
straight quarter in the April-to-June period as President…

WHAT part of 'no' can't you understand?
Jamaica Observer – Jamaica
When Hugo Chávez won his way through the ballot box to become president
of Venezuela in 1998, the two old-line parties and the allied social and

VENEZUELA awaits outcome of referendum audit
Channel News Asia – Singapore
CARACAS : Venezuelans awaited the outcome of a sample audit of the referendum
that confirmed the mandate of President Hugo Chavez and that was endorsed

VENEZUELA 2nd-Qtr GDP Grows 13.6% on Govt Spending (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
20 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's economy grew more than 10 percent for a second
straight quarter in the April-to-June period as President Hugo Chavez
tapped into…

GUILLEN among Venezuela's finest – USA
… the city where he was born, peers and Andres Reiner, the Astros scout
who helped turn him into an all-around player at Houston's baseball academy
in Venezuela.…

CHAVEZ foes threaten Venezuela election boycott
CNN International – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) — Venezuela's opposition threatened on Friday
to boycott regional elections following President Hugo Chavez's referendum

VENEZUELAN Minister Nixes OPEC Increase
Forbes – USA
Venezuela's foreign minister said Friday that OPEC wouldn't raise oil output
because the cartel already is producing at its ceiling of 26 million barrels

OFFICIAL Rejects OPEC Oil Output Increase
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Venezuela's foreign minister said Friday that
OPEC wouldn't raise oil output because the cartel already is producing
at its limit of…

VENEZUELA audit 'confirms' result
BBC News – London,England,UK
Venezuela's electoral authorities say preliminary results of an audit of
the vote on President Hugo Chavez's rule show there was no fraud.…

SCHOLAR Points Out Violence and Corruption in Venezuela's Election… – West Palm Beach,FL,USA
… His report “The Price of Dissent in Venezuela – Hugo Chavez's thugs
celebrate their 'victory' by shooting my mother,” described the reaction
of bands of…

TRUTH and Denial in Venezuela
AlterNet – USA
The Amazon may be South America's longest river, but denial, to borrow
the old gag, is today the longest river in Venezuela. On…

VENEZUELA still on edge over referendum
Big News – Australia
International observers auditing ballot boxes from Venezuela's presidential
referendum said Friday they would likely announce their findings later
in the day.…

CARTER Center Says Venezuela Audit Results Due Later Today
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) — The Carter Center and the Organization of American
States will probably release this afternoon the results…

VENEZUELA Expects Economy to Grow 3-5% Next Year, Ministry Says
Bloomberg – USA
20 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela expects its economy to grow for a second year
in 2005 as political tension eases after President Hugo Chavez survived
a vote to…

National Elections Council (CNE) says President Chavez Frias won fair and square
DISIP agents seize C-4 plastic explosive in Venezuelan opposition stronghold
Ted Nordhaus: Now it is time for North Americans to look beyond the hysteria
Mainstream USA reporting focused on the opposition and forgot those affected
World's deciders will have to react to oil moving in the $50-60 barrel range
Venezuela will push higher oil prices at OPEC Vienna meeting next month
Those who fired guns in Plaza Altamira were not government supporters.
Smartmatic Mugica: Fraud cannot be committed with our vote technology
15% of all machines audited … no anomalies have been found in RR vote
Opposition Coordinadora Democratica (CD) : The audit is a new fraud
CNE vice president Zamora does not acknowledge this Thursday's audit.
Three suspects of Monday's shoot-out in Altamira have been arrested.
Chacon: “Opposition must assume its defeat and prepare for regional elections”
I say it is time to take off the gloves … and put them out of business permanently!
Teodoro Petkoff: The opposition's attitude is incomprehensible
International organizations estimate economic growth to be as much as 10%
Anybody who calls George Bush a pendejo in public is okay by me…
Market satisfaction with Venezuela's Presidential recall referendum outcome

REVIEW finds no cyber fraud in Venezuela vote
Houston Chronicle - Houston,TX,USA
CARACAS, VENEZUELA - International observers overseeing an audit of Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez's victory in this week's recall referendum concluded

VENEZUELA dispute shows e-voting hazards for US, critics say
Austin American Statesman (subscription) - Austin,TX,USA
WASHINGTON -- The disputed presidential recall referendum in Venezuela
offers ominous lessons about the use of electronic voting machines in
US elections this ...

VENEZUELA recall fuels e-voting debate
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
WASHINGTON ˜ The disputed presidential recall referendum in Venezuela
offers ominous lessons about the use of electronic voting machines in
US elections this…

US Firm Defends Venezuela Exit Poll
ABC News – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela Aug. 19, 2004 ˜ A US pollster whose firm wrongly predicted
President Hugo Chavez would lose a recall referendum…

US Poll Firm in Hot Water in Venezuela
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – A US pollster whose firm wrongly predicted President
Hugo Chavez would lose a recall referendum on Thursday defended the exit
poll, which…

IRAQ turmoil pushes oil near $49
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
… Singapore. Analysts and traders also remained concerned about developments
and a possible cut in supply from Russia and Venezuela.…

MANAGEMENT of Venezuelan Oil Revenue Stirs Controversy
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… social-spending program. But, some experts think Venezuela's oil sector
could face some long-term problems. Markets worldwide reacted…

VENEZUELA Starts Recall Audit as Opposition Boycotts (Update3)
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela began auditing returns from Sunday's recall
vote won by President Hugo Chavez, as the country's opposition refused
to join…

US firm embroiled in Venezuela referendum controversy defends its…
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela ˆ A US pollster whose firm wrongly predicted President
Hugo Chavez would lose a recall referendum on Thursday defended the exit

Venezuelan Referendum Comes to Montreal: Opposition violence on the street
Every vote had a voice, and the majority was heard loud and clear … as it should be
Manuel Quintero: Evangelicals left on opposite sides in Venezuelan referendum
The Providence Journal: Reason to be skeptical about Venezuela's referendum
Rich Venezuelans will resort to violence if they think they can achieve their aims
Canadian observer disputes claims of vote fraud in Venezuela referendum
Toronto Star editorial: Venezuelan elite's repudiation of democracy
The Panama News: La Prensa botches the Venezuela referendum
New York lawyer Eva Golinger: 15A Testimonial from Ground Zero Caracas
Had the opposition turned up at Miraflores the day after the referendum…
Chavez Frias: the mutant son of an alien; opposition afraid he'll eat them alive?
Chris Herz: Lies and calumny, sickness and health
VENEZUELA: Why did Chavez win?
Sobella Mejías and Ezequiel Zamora said to have acted as CNE snipers
Costa Rica revokes fugitive CTV leader Carlos Ortega's political asylum
Constitutional attorney Carlos Escarra: Venezuela requires State cleansing
Australia: Hands Off Venezuela Campaign pickets US Consulate in Sydney

AUDITING of votes in referendum starts in Venezuela
Xinhua – China
CARACAS, Aug. 19 (Xinhuanet) — Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE),
the Carter Center (CC) and the Organization of American…

FOCUS: U.S. Polling Firm In Hot Water over False Venezuela Results

CANADIAN observer disputes claims of vote fraud in Venezuela… – Canada
TORONTO (CP) – Anti-democratic fanatics will continue to insist Venezuela's
presidential recall vote was fraudulent even though there's no evidence
to back the…

UPDATE 11: Crude Oil Prices Climb Above $48 a Barrel
Forbes – USA
… putting upward pressure on global oil prices at a time of strong demand
in China and the United States and supply concerns in Russia, Venezuela
and other…

THE Panama News: La Prensa botches the Venezuela referendum
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
The lede paragraph went “Figures from the Venezuela opposition Democratic
Coordinator were indicating last night that, after more than 16 hours
of continuous…

OIL reaches new highs
The Globe and Mail – Canada
… Analysts and traders also remained concerned over developments and
a possible cut in supply from Russia and Venezuela, both major crude exporters.

VENEZUELA as divided as ever on Chavez despite referendum
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
Caracas, Venezuela — As she stood in an eight-hour line that inched along
under a blazing sun to cast her vote in Sunday's recall referendum on
President Hugo…

VENEZUELA opposition refuses to admit defeat
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… “We want peace in Venezuela, we want to live as brothers. . . . We
want dialogue,” she continued. “I will go wherever, whenever to talk with

HELP for poor sways voters in Venezuela
St. Petersburg Times – St. Petersburg,FL,USA
… CARACAS, Venezuela – When grocery store owner Amilcar Sanchez stood
in line to cast his vote in a referendum Sunday against President Hugo
Chavez, he came to a…

US Poll Firm in Hot Water in Venezuela
ABC News - USA
CARACAS, Venezuela Aug. 19, 2004 &Mac247; A US firm's exit poll that said President
Hugo Chavez would lose a recall referendum has landed ...

Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
… And the president continues to enjoy support among Venezuela's poor,
though he managed during his tenure to increase the poverty rate even
as rising oil prices…

VENEZUELA pushing for higher oil prices.
MercoPress – Uruguay
With the oil market breaking records day after day, (almost 47 US dollars
this Wednesday) Venezuela is sponsoring taking the current OPEC price
band from 22/28…

CARTER defends Venezuela referendum
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
… Gaviria, the head of the OAS, have been working for two years to find
a solution to the often bloody political crisis that has gripped Venezuela,
the world's…

OPPOSITION Rejects Audit Plan in Venezuela Recall Dispute
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By JUAN FORERO. ARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 18 – After demanding an audit of
voting results upon failing to oust President Hugo Chávez…

VENEZUELA Opposition Refuses Recall Audit
ABC News – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela Aug. … The president of Venezuela's largest business
association, Fedecamaras, also urged reconciliation between Chavez backers
and opponents.…

Yahoo News – USA
… real “Bolivarian Revolution,” which sometimes seems as if some deep-frozen
Cold War has been defrosted and reborn in the tropics of Venezuela, where
posters of…

RECONCILIATORY noises emerging from Venezuela's business…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… “the government must show that it is ready to dialog and recognize
the other Venezuela … we cannot continue dividing and creating parallel

PROVEA: Venezuela has procedures to process fraud complaints
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela's leading human rights group PROVEA views the recall referendum
as highly positive for Venezuelan democracy and extends it support to
the National…

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