Reconciliatory noises emerging from Venezuela's business organizations
PROVEA: Venezuela has procedures to process fraud complaints
Vice President welcomes OAS/Carter Center audit of 150 voting centers
Opposition deputy says Sucre Mayor sent gunmen … DISIP arrest s two
Bishops call on CNE to clarify doubts expressed by vast sectors of society
Venezuelan State news agency VENPRES' news round-up — August 18, 2004
Bolivarian trade unions join PDVSA collective bargaining talks
Toni Solo: After the Venezuela Referendum
Douglass Parr: Latin tempers are much hotter than those of our forefathers
Sunday's victory gives Chavez Frias catalyzing energy to carry out reform initiatives
Global Exchange Medea Benjamin: Why Hugo Chavez won a landslide victory…
Friends of real democracy must be cautious and look to their own defense
Smartmatic president Antonio Mugica: Electoral technology worked perfectly.
Second audit of paper ballots to be conducted due to opposition's concerns.
General Prosecutor's Office to be asked to define case against Carlos Ortega
Foreign Affairs (MRE) Minister Perez highlights reducing poverty as a challenge
Venezuelan Daze

VENEZUELA Opposition Refuses to Participate in Audit (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
18 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's opposition, which lost in its bid to recall
President Hugo Chavez, refused to take part in an audit of the results,
saying the…

VENEZUELA Opposition Leaders Boycott Audit
ABC News – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela Aug. 18, 2004 ˜ Opposition leaders refused to participate
in an audit of Venezuela's failed recall referendum…

OPPOSITION Leaders Refuse To Participate In Audit Of Venezuela's…
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) _ Opposition leaders refused Wednesday to participate
in an audit of a referendum that failed to oust Venezuelan President Hugo

VENEZUELA re-examines referendum
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Caracas, Venezuela, Aug. 18 (UPI) — Venezuelan authorities conducted an
audit Wednesday to determine whether a referendum vote…

VENEZUELA agrees to poll audit
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Venezuelan election officials have agreed to conduct a sample audit of
the results of a recall referendum won by President Hugo Chavez in an
attempt to…

Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Now that President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela has won a popular referendum,
the question remains: What does the ''Bolivarian Revolution'' stand for?

VENEZUELA'S Chavez faces political gulfs
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… His relationship with the United States, which gets 13 percent of its
oil imports from Venezuela, remains a question mark, however.…

VENEZUELA'S opposition faces daunting task
eTaiwan News – Taipei,Taiwan
Venezuela's opposition will have a tough time recovering after failing
to oust President Hugo Chavez in a recall vote, a setback that quickly

DISAPPOINTING win in Venezuela
Orlando Sentinel (subscription) – Orlando,FL,USA
… the opposition needs to learn from its mistakes and look ahead to its
next constitutional opportunity to oust Mr. Chavez in Venezuela's 2006
presidential vote.

MORE leaders hail Venezuela's recall referendum
Xinhua – China
18 (Xinhuanet) — More leaders of various countries and international organizations
lauded Venezuela's recall referendum on Tuesday, and some sent…

VENEZUELA to audit ballot results
swissinfo – Switzerland
By Patrick Markey. referendum to clear up opposition charges President
Hugo Chavez won the recall vote by fraud. government of manipulating…

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Supported by Ten Latin Countries
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Strengthened by his victory in a recall referendum, Venezuela‚s President
Hugo Chavez has set his sights on centralising power, including exerting

FOES Press Audit of Venezuela Recall Vote
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By JUAN FORERO. ARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 17 – Venezuela's opposition movement,
crushed by its failure to oust President Hugo Chávez…

ANNAN hails peaceful conduct of referendum in Venezuela
Xinhua – China
17 (Xinhuanet) — United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan hailed on
Tuesday the peaceful conduct of Venezuela's recent recall referendum on
President Hugo…

YUKOS woes flare up again, offsetting Venezuela vote
CBS MarketWatch – USA
… “While the opposition in Venezuela claims that the election was fixed
… Given that, the “markets realize that the crisis in Venezuela is not
resolved,” he said.…

WASHINGTON says 'people have spoken' in Venezuela, Chavez…
CJAD – Canada
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Strengthened by his victory in a recall referendum,
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez set his sights Tuesday on centralizing

VENEZUELA Studies Purchase of Shell's Argentine Units (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
17 (Bloomberg) — Petroleos de Venezuela SA, South America's largest oil
producer, is studying the purchase of Royal Dutch/Shell Group's chain
of Argentine…

Opposition Sumate claims electronic switch of final results to favor government
Chavez Frias says Plaza Francia killers will be punished whoever they are
Mendoza seeks support from OAS General Secretary for new referendum
President Chavez Frias urges opposition to admit defeat and get on with it
Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela's Referendum should be a wake-up call for USA
Roman Catholic Bishops call for acceptance of recall vote but cry fraud
Analyst Garrido calls referendum win an institutional solution to the conflict
An irrational bunch of dishonest, whisky-drinking sifrinos and aprovechadores
Charles Hardy: What's happening in Venezuela? Ask Charlie…
The new society that Chavez is leading, can and must build this new society
Hahnemann Coll: It's deja vu all over again as SI says NO to NO!
Venezuelans have made a point to the world of what democracy is really all about!
Rafael Ventura-Rosa: Dawn of a new day … or is it “Back to the future?”
David Sheegog: The future is being written in Venezuela as we speak
The bitter fruits of fraud … they drink the hemlock of tyranny and dictatorship
Dan Chavez: Does President Chavez have any relatives in Guanajuato, Mexico?
Einnoc Lebrac: Viva Venezuela mi patria querida! Let's build a future together
Congratulations to President Chavez … this is a great win for democracy
Supriyo Chatterjee: In India people wish we had someone like Chavez Frias
Ted More: I have never seen the reason to be overly critical of Chavez
Helmar Rudolph: Something is still not right in the Venezuelan system
Fran Farrar: Mud in the face to the opposition media manipulators!
Chavez Frias is Venezuela's Franklin D. Roosevelt to bring a New Deal

A Lesson From Venezuela – Africa
… But there's a lot we Zambians can learn from what is happening in Venezuela.
The … Fund. Venezuela is the richest Latin American country.…

MARK Weisbrot: Venezuela's Referendum should be a wake-up call for…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… another look at their scorecards. The result has implications not only
for Venezuela, but for the entire region. First, it shows that…

CHARLES Hardy: What's happening in Venezuela? Ask Charlie…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Since then I have repeated that evaluation based on my totally “un-scientific‰
random interviews with people throughout Venezuela.…

US acknowledges Venezuela results
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
17 (UPI) — The US State Department acknowledged “preliminary results”
of the Venezuela referendum, adding it still had “some concerns about
some voting issues…

VENEZUELA'S longest day: Sunday, August 15 2004
Sydney Indymedia – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… It's 9:00 pm. I'm exhausted, and I imagine the thousands of people
still waiting in line all across Venezuela to vote can't be feeling too
much more spry.…

CUBA welcomes referendum results in Venezuela
Viet Nam News Agency – Hanoi,Vietnam
… a statement, highlighting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's victory
in his August 15 recall referendum and showing solidarity with Venezuela's
President and…

CHINA respects Venezuela's referendum results
Xinhua – China
17 (Xinhuanet) — China on Tuesday expressed its respect for Venezuela's
referendum result and said it was glad for the smooth operation of the

VENEZUELA Referendum Fears Push Oil Prices to Record High
CRM Buyer – USA
Venezuela's oil output, exports and revenue were slashed in December 2002-January
2003 because of a failed strike at state oil company PDVSA to force Chávez

OIL prices decline further on positive news from Venezuela, Russia
New Ratings – USA
… YORK, August 17 (New Ratings) ˆ Crude oil prices declined further
today, following the news of a reduction in supply disruption risks in
Venezuela and Russia…

VENEZUELA Votes by Large Margin to Retain Chávez
Wilmington Morning Star – Wilmington,NC,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 16 – Venezuelans voted overwhelmingly to keep
President Hugo Chávez in power, electoral authorities and…

OIL steady as concern about Venezuela, Russia supply lessens
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
Oil fell from a record yesterday after the referendum result eased concern
of oil-export disruptions from the fourth-largest supplier to the US Russia's

THANKS to 'voice of God,' Venezuela's Chavez survives
The Globe and Mail – Canada
… The President's opponents accuse him of authoritarianism, weakening
Venezuela's democracy and antagonizing Washington and other allies with
his fiery rhetoric.…

OIL Slips Below $46 on Venezuela, Russia
Reuters – USA
LONDON (Reuters) – Oil prices eased on Tuesday as fears of supply disruptions
in Venezuela and Russia receded following a convincing referendum victory

IN two stories about Venezuela Aug. 11 and 12, The Herald…
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
In two stories about Venezuela Aug. 11 and 12, The Herald incorrectly
reported the dates of a nationwide strike against President Hugo Chávez.

UNION Venezuela accepts National Elections Council (CNE) RR…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Union Venezuela is a non-profit organization made up by mostly university
students which concern is the betterment and peaceful recuperation of
our nation, the…

VENEZUELA: Chavez victory backed by Carter
Ireland Online – Dublin,Ireland
… Venezuela has the largest oil reserves outside the Middle East, is
the world‚s fifth-largest oil exporter and provides almost 15% of US
oil imports.…

OIL prices pull back from record highs after Venezuela vote
The Malaysia Star – Malaysia
SINGAPORE (AP) – Crude oil prices eased off record highs Tuesday after
Venezuela's president triumphed in a poll that could have unseated him
and hit supply…

VENEZUELA vote helps ease price of oil
Providence Journal (subscription) – Providence,RI,USA
WASHINGTON — Oil prices slipped yesterday after the president of Venezuela
survived a recall referendum, although fears of potential supply interruptions

VENEZUELA keeps Chavez at helm
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela ˜ President Hugo Chavez claimed victory on Monday
in a hotly contested recall election as international observers dismissed

OIL Prices Fall After Recall in Venezuela
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
Oil prices slipped yesterday after the president of Venezuela survived
a recall referendum, though fears of potential supply interruptions in
other parts of…

VENEZUELA: High oil prices boost Chavez ahead of recall referendum
Monday Morning – Beirut,Lebanon
… oil prices have given Hugo Chavez a strong boost just as he faces a
referendum to determine whether he should step down as president of Venezuela,
the world…

VENEZUELA reaffirms Chávez as president
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… But Chávez has said that Venezuela will continue to provide the United
States with the 1.5 million barrels of crude oil that it receives from
this country…

CHAVEZ Win In Venezuela Does Not End Violence, Controversy
Turkish Press – Turkey
… English. “We are obliged to say that the results of (Venezuela's) National
Electoral Commission and our count agree,” Gaviria said.…

OIL Prices Ease as Venezuela Recall Fails
NewsFactor Network – Woodland Hills,CA,United States
… In spite of the politicization of the energy sector in Venezuela, traders
hoped for a Chavez victory in the recall election in hopes of preventing
violence and…

Jimmy Carter corroborates President Hugo Chavez Frias as clear winner in RR
Dana Garrett: Venezuela has emerged as a shining example to the world
Carter Center and OAS results compatible with National Electoral Council (CNE)
Al Emid: Chavez Frias RR win brings hard economic realities into focus
Greg Palast: Why Venezuela has voted again for their 'negro e indio' President
Elio Cequea: So, Mr. Bush, do we have a “solution” or not?
Coordinadora Democratica (CD) claims electoral fraud; refuses to accept results
Carter and international observers at the CNE to confirm Chavez victory
CNE president Carrasquero: Chavez Frias wins the RR with 58.2%
Referendum Results: an official announcement expected within the hour…
Vanessa Marcano: August 15, 2004, will forever shine in world history
Dear People of Venezuela

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Claims Victory in Recall Vote
NPR (audio) – USA
… Hear NPR's Renee Montagne and NPR's Martin Kaste. Venezuela's President
Hugo Chavez appears to have survived a referendum that sought to oust

CRUDE Oil Falls on Expectations of Normal Exports by Venezuela
Bloomberg – USA
Prices rose 6 percent last week on concern the vote would cause violence
in Venezuela, the fourth-biggest oil supplier to the US The country's
oil minister…

VENEZUELA'S President Survives Recall Vote
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: NPR's Alex Chadwick talks with Miami Herald reporter Nancy
San Martin about Sunday's recall vote in Venezuela. President…

THREE Demonstrators Shot By Chavez Supporters In Venezuela
Turkish Press – Turkey
CARACAS, Aug 16 (AFP) – At least three people were wounded by gunshots
Monday after supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez opened fire
on opposition…

VENEZUELA'S President Hugo Chavez wins referendum
Financial – Bangladesh
CARACAS, Aug 16 (AFP): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won a referendum
on his mandate, with over 58 per cent of the vote, electoral authorities

WHAT next for Venezuela after the referendum?
BBC News – London,England,UK
Preliminary results released by Venezuela's top electoral officer suggest
President Hugo Chavez appears to have won a referendum on his leadership.

CRUDE Oil Declines From Record After Chavez Wins Venezuela Vote
Bloomberg – USA
… Oil had risen earlier to records on concern supplies might be interrupted
in Venezuela, the fourth-largest exporter to the US, because of violence

VENEZUELA: Globalization to the passage of winners
Infoshop News – USA
… In a Caribbean country called Venezuela, the coherence between which
it says and what it becomes surpasses the revelations of Ripley.…

CARTER Endorses Chavez Win in Venezuela – USA
Former President Jimmy Carter, who helped monitor Venezuela's recall referendum,
endorsed on Monday returns showing that that President Hugo Chavez won
the vote…

CRUDE prices cool after Venezuela vote
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
16 (UPI) — New York crude prices sagged Monday as Venezuela remained calm
following the weekend vote that kept President Hugo Chavez in office.

VENEZUELA'S Opposition Resorts to Phony Exit Polls
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
… Due to Súmate's infamy as an arm of Venezuela's opposition umbrella
group the Democratic Coordinador, Machado noted that volunteers stationed
in Chavista…

CRUDE climbs even as Venezuela´s Chavez wins recall – Barcelona,Spain
|USA|UTI OIL| |||| 2004-08-16 15:25:14 Crude climbs even as Venezuela's
Chavez wins recall SAN FRANCISCO (AFX) — Crude futures…

Venezuela's President Chavez Survives Recall Vote Rejected by Opponents
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez survived a referendum to recall him Sunday as voters turned out in record numbers. Opposition leaders have rejected the result as a fraud. We go to Caracas to get a report from the streets and we speak with Pacifica journalist Mario Murillo in Columbia about the wider impact of the vote on the region.


BREAKING: Chavez Appears Victorious in Venezuela

VENEZUELA mounts mass vote on Chavez
United Press International – USA
By Carmen Gentile. CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. … His admirers praise him
for sweeping social programs that bring doctors and educators to Venezuela's

OIL nears US$47 over uncertainty in Venezuela, unrest in Iraq – Canada
… to a new high of $46.91 US per barrel Monday following uncertainty
over continuing unrest in Iraq and President Hugo Chavez's rule in Venezuela,
the world's…

OIL – Brent continues to fall on Venezuela promise to maintain oil… – Barcelona,Spain
… Laughlin. But regardless of Chavez's victory, “It is in Venezuela's
interest to produce oil. … Venezuela currently produces 2.6 mln bpd.

VENEZUELA'S poll hours extended as Chávez's future is decided
Santa Fe New Mexican – Santa Fe,NM,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Millions of Venezuelans eager to cast ballots on
whether to recall President Hugo Chávez flooded polling stations across
this polarized…

VENEZUELA'S President Easily Wins Recall Vote
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… The sheer number of voters in Sunday‚s referendum ˆ believed to
be a record for any election in Venezuela ˆ along with problems with

VENEZUELA Vote Sees Oil Prices Dip
Scotland on Sunday – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Oil prices pulled back from today‚s record highs amid early indications
that Venezuela‚s President Hugo Chavez had survived a key referendum.

VENEZUELA: Mass voting turnout
News24 (subscription) – South Africa
Caracas – Voters in polarised Venezuela turned out in huge numbers and
waited in line for hours on Sunday in a referendum on the mandate of leftist

VENEZUELA Election Sees Large Turnout – Orlando,FL,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's historic presidential recall vote has
begun — at the sound of a bugle call. Hours before dawn…

CHAVEZ to win Venezuela vote
RTE Interactive – Ireland
Voting continued in Venezuela early this morning as many voters had been
unable to cast their ballots by last night's midnight closing time (5am
Irish time).…

LINES long at polls in Venezuela
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela ˜ Plagued by long lines and some confusion, millions
of Venezuelans went to the polls yesterday to decide whether populist
President Hugo…

ANALYSTS see hard times for Venezuela regardless of recall's…
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – (KRT) – Venezuelans hoped to end a long and grinding
political crisis Sunday with a historic recall referendum on President
Hugo Chavez…

CRUDE Oil Rises to Record Amid Venezuela Supply Concerns
Bloomberg – USA
16 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil futures in New York rose to a record on concern
violence may spread in Venezuela, the fourth-largest exporter to the US,
as the…

SHIPPERS: Venezuela Oil Unfazed by Poll
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Oil exports by Venezuela have not been disturbed
by the referendum on the rule of President Hugo Chavez, shipping sources

LONG lines slow vote in Venezuela
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
CARACAS Democracy and patience were tested in Venezuela on Sunday as millions
of people waited hours under a blazing sun to vote on whether or not to

CARTER says voting lines in Venezuela unprecedentedly long
Xinhua – China
… Xinhuanet) — Former US president Jimmy Carter said Sunday, after visiting
several electoral centers, that the voting lines in Venezuela are unprecedentedly

VENEZUELA oil sector 'to benefit from poll'
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
CARACAS: The president of Venezuela's state-run oil company said yesterday
the country's oil industry will enter a new period of stability and growth

CONCERN about supply disruptions likely to increase futures
Xinhua – China
… oil futures will probably rise this week, after setting records in
10 of the past 11 trading days, on concern shipments from Iraq, Russia
and Venezuela may be…

BUSH, Chavez and Venezuelan Politics
NPR (audio) – USA
… With President Bush he had said what''s being debated is whether Venezuela
continues as a sovereign nation. To take a closer look…

CAN the Carter Center Observe Venezuela‚s Referendum Impartially… – Caracas,Venezuela
In view of the fact that both national and international opinion of Venezuela's
political conflict is highly polarized, the Carter Center's evaluation
of the…

Gustavo Borges: Electoral fraud attempt fails in Caracas
Clandestine sources email allegedly preliminary results to the international media
Already there is a sense of electricity, of triumph in the air as crowds vote
Venezuelan State news agency VENPRES' news round-up — August 13, 2004
Oscar Heck: I wonder what they would vote today ∑ if they were still alive?
INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER: Widening margin of victory for Chavez Frias
What exactly is at stake in Venezuela‚s presidential recall referendum today?
Charles Hardy: Waiting!
Katherine Lahey: Venezuela‚s Democracy is an example for the world to follow RR Bulletin at 6.22 am.: The early bird catches the worm…
Francisco Arias Cardenas may give vote to the government in today's recall
National Elections Council (CNE) solves 24,476 cases of relocated voters
Domingo Alberto Rangel: Recall will not usher in peace nor reconciliation
Franz J. T. Lee: Now the corporate fox is guarding our electoral democratic chickens
Independent NGOs welcome healthy diversity of Venezuelan society
National Elections Council president calls on all Venezuelans to vote in peace
International observation of today's Presidential referendum is unprecedented.
Jimmy Carter expects recall referendum to be “impartial and transparent”
CNE Jorge Rodriguez: 96.05% of electoral tables have been set up
AN deputy Elvis Amoroso: “Ortega is a bitter memory for Venezuelans”
More than 350 military officers will keep custody of CNE during referendum.
August 15 — Today will live in History

VENEZUELA Extends Polling Hours for Chavez Referendum (Update3)
Bloomberg - USA
15 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela extended polling hours for a referendum on
whether to recall President Hugo Chavez after voters waited in line more
than six hours ...

TURNOUT High in Venezuela Referendum
Moscow Times – Moscow,Russia
CARACAS, Venezuela — The opposition's long and bitter campaign to oust
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez finally came down to a recall referendum
Sunday, with…

REFERENDUM in Venezuela is proof of democracy
Granma International – La Habana,Cuba
… August 15, García maintained the referendum also reveals how “the
versions spread throughout the world that there is a dictatorship in Venezuela
are false.…

WEEKAHEAD-EMERGING debt investors watch Venezuela
Reuters – USA
NEW YORK, Aug 15 (Reuters) – Regardless of the outcome of Venezuela's recall
referendum, the country's bonds are expected to remain in demand as investors

VENEZUELA Voters Turn Out in Huge Numbers
ABC News – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela Aug. … It was the first time in Venezuela's history
that a referendum on cutting short a president's term in office has been

VENEZUELA Election Agency Extends Voting Hours on High Turnout
Bloomberg – USA
15 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's National Election Council, which is overseeing
today's recall vote on President Hugo Chavez, extended voting hours because
of …

OIL Price Reaching New Heights
Moscow Times – Moscow,Russia
… Worries about possible unrest in oil producer Venezuela during Sunday's
referendum on the rule of President Hugo Chavez helped fuel Friday's gains,

HUGE turnout for Venezuelan recall vote
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… stations were evident across the country, a sign that voters want to
end a three-year old crisis that has bitterly polarized Venezuela's population,

FOCUS: Venezuela's Referendum and the Nation's Poor

POLARIZED Venezuela votes on the mandate of its controversial…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… Deeply divided along social and political lines, Venezuela has been
sporadically rocked by deadly violence, pitting hardcore Chavez supporters
against his foes…

VENEZUELA holds referendum on president
Salon (subscription) – USA
Aug. 15, 2004 | CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The opposition's long and bitter
campaign to oust Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez finally came down to
a recall…

OIL rise is temporary: OPEC
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… rose above $US46 a barrel on the weekend, may fall to $US30 a barrel
next year as concerns about supply disruptions in Iraq, Russia and Venezuela
ease and the…

VENEZUELA Boosts Security for Vote on Chavez Recall (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
15 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's army stationed 118,000 soldiers to guard
polling stations, and the state oil company doubled security at its installations

VENEZUELA Votes in Chavez Recall Referendum
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… Mr. Chavez' attempts to reform Venezuela's economy have won him strong
backing from the country's impoverished majority. Critics…

CRUDE OIL PRICES: Record highs rousing global alarm
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
… rose above $46.50 a barrel in New York, the highest since the contracts
began trading in 1983, amid speculation that problems in Venezuela could

MARKETS slip on oil prices
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
WORLD oil prices tore to record highs at the weekend as a hurricane thundered
near oil platforms, oil-rich Venezuela faced a strike risk and fighting
raged in…,5478,10453637%255E462,00.html

VENEZUELA Opposition Holds Recall Vote
Guardian – UK
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – The opposition's long and bitter campaign to
oust Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez finally came down to a recall referendum

VOTERS judge Chávez today
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
President Hugo Chávez, adored by many of Venezuela's poor and despised
by many of its better-off, faces a recall vote today. BY STEVEN DUDLEY.

CRITICAL Stakes in Venezuela's Election
Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA
It is surprising that the media –- left media included -– has been relatively
silent regarding Venezuela‚s upcoming presidential recall referendum.

HIGH stakes today in Venezuela
Charleston Post Courier (subscription) – Charleston,SC,USA
… The Economist of London reports that Venezuela suffers from 16 percent
unemployment and that the purchasing power of incomes has fallen to 1950s

REFERENDUM Cannot Heal a Wounded Venezuela
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… Service. WASHINGTON ˜ For several years, Venezuela has been a dangerously
divided nation on the brink of political chaos. Supporters…,1,7901448.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

VENEZUELA to Decide Today Whether to Keep Chavez
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… CARACAS, Venezuela ˜ In a vote that may bring fresh confrontation
instead of closure, Venezuelans decide today whether to recall President
Hugo Chavez two…,1,956870.story?coll=la-headlines-world

VENEZUELA to vote in historic poll on Chavez rule
China Daily – Beijing,China
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pauses while talking to the press at the
Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela, August 14, 2004.…

VENEZUELA heads to the polls – Australia
… Deeply divided along social and political lines, Venezuela has been
sporadically rocked by deadly violence, pitting hardcore Chavez supporters
against his foes…,4057,10451792%255E1702,00.html

PRESIDENT'S fate is on the line in Venezuela
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
CARACAS — Partisans on both sides are calling it the most polarized and
important election in Venezuela's history, a presidential recall referendum
today that…

HOUSTON is home to many workers leaving Venezuela
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… as she served a bowl of cream of pumpkin soup for a Venezuelan expatriate
at the restaurant that advertises itself as “a little corner of Venezuela
in Houston…

VENEZUELA Boosts Security at Polls, Oil Fields for Chavez Vote
Bloomberg – USA
15 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's army stationed 118,000 soldiers to guard
polling stations, and the state oil company doubled security at its installations

OIL gushes to new highs as demand strains producers
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
… oil prices soared to record highs Friday as hot world demand strained
producers, sharpening an array of threats from a possible strike in Venezuela
to Iraqi…

VENEZUELA boss sees gains on eve of vote
San Antonio Express (subscription) – San Antonio,TX,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela ˜ Voter turnout was expected to top 80 percent in
today's momentous recall election on president Hugo Chávez.…

VENEZUELA remains uneasy as election arrives
Corvallis Gazette Times – Corvallis,OR,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — In a vote that might bring fresh confrontation instead
of closure, Venezuelans decide today whether to recall President Hugo
Chavez two…

VENEZUELA Leader: I Can Keep Oil Flowing
Forbes – USA
President Hugo Chavez said Saturday that Venezuela's oil supply would remain
steady if he defeats a recall vote. Venezuela's current…

THE Observer Profile: Hugo Chávez
Guardian – UK
Few Latin American leaders can say boo to George W Bush. But as the US's
biggest oil exporter, Venezuela's president is one. That…,6903,1283397,00.html

OIL prices hit new highs
Straits Times – Singapore
NEW YORK – World oil prices have shot to record highs, driven by fears
of disruptions in oil deliveries stemming from a possible strike in Venezuela
and Iraqi…,4386,267166,00.html

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