Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 911 at the Sofia Imber MACCSI
Media blackout of Fahrenheit 911 in Venezuela — Part II: The E-mails.
Rafael Ventura-Rosa: The provisions of Venezuelaís Constitution put into play
Todd Broussard: Venezuela does have the right to have relations with Cuba
Chris Herz: Not just the USA … a real crisis of political and social legitimacy
Chacon: Bolivia referendum results are a triumph against neoliberalism
MinCI Minister Jesse Chacon calls Bush's call for transparency cynical
CNE notes that the majority of news broadcasts violate CNE rules
Opposition CNE directors complain about low number of voters abroad
DISIP officers suspended in probe into loss of 120 kilos of seized cocaine
Fishing and Aquiculture (Inapesca) halts industrial fishing in Gulf of Venezuela
National Guard (GN) dismantles alleged white slaver ring in Central West
Robert D. Daily: Refreshing to see a country standing up to the Bush cartel
Vince Bemowski: US soldiers in Iraq are victims of revenge and hatred
Lewis Petit: We need to educate the people in Venezuela to get to the next level
Banco del Pueblo director Julio Cesar Barilla Arauco has been shot dead

RAFAEL Ventura-Rosa: The provisions of Venezuela‚s Constitution…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… to contrast the situations of two such political leaders; one, our
very own George Walker Bush, the other, the duly-elected President of
Venezuela, Hugo Rafael…

AUGUST 15: Showdown in Venezuela – Caracas,Venezuela
Next month‚s referendum in Venezuela ˆset for August 15 ˆis shaping
up as a decisive moment in the recent history of Latin America, and also
as a test…

CAN a former guerrilla lead Venezuela's – Venezuela
When Ali Rodriguez was one of Venezuela's communist guerrillas in the 1960s
and '70s, his chief duty ostensibly was making bombs.…

VENEZUELA Says Voter Ranks Swell to 13.9 Million for Recall
Bloomberg – USA
July 21 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's National Electoral Council said the
country added nearly 900,000 new voters who are eligible to cast ballots
in the Aug.…

VENEZUELA Officials Question Bush‚s Remarks on Referendum, Cite… – Caracas,Venezuela
On Monday, after meeting with Chilean President Ricardo Lagos at the White
House, Bush demanded that the recall referendum in Venezuela “be conducted
in an…

SPAIN confident of Venezuela's referendum
Xinhua – China
… Xinhuanet) — Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said
Tuesday that his government is confident thatthe upcoming referendum in
Venezuela will be…

VENEZUELA: The Media‚s Force vs. The People‚s Force – Caracas,Venezuela
… On the other hand, the behavior of the media could be explained by
the desperation of Venezuela‚s and the world‚s elite when faced with
the truth in numbers…


VENEZUELA Rejects Bush's Referendum Comment
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Venezuela's government has angrily responded to President Bush's call for
transparency in next month's recall referendum on Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez.…

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Backers Turn to Lottery for Campaign Funding
Bloomberg – USA
July 20 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelans backing President Hugo Chavez said they
will start selling lottery tickets Saturday to raise funds to beat back
a recall…

ANNAN adviser heading to Venezuela ahead of referendum
UN News Centre
20 July 2004 ˆ United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special
Adviser on Latin America Issues is heading today to Venezuela to follow
first-hand the…

ANNAN adviser heading to Venezuela ahead of referendum
UN News Centre
20 July 2004 ˆ United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special
Adviser on Latin America Issues is heading today to Venezuela to follow
first-hand the…
Foreign Minister Jesus Arnaldo Perez to George W. Bush: Watch and learn
how its done … in Venezuela, its the candidate with the most votes who wins…
Elio Cequea: Do you REALLY think the referendum will be the peaceful resolution?
Oliver L. Campbell: What has happened to PDVSA's 2002 Annual Report?
Cofavic says witness to police murder squad killing escaped assassination
AD gung-ho about capacity to monitor voter preferences on recall day
More than 800,000 Colombians living in Venezuela's Zulia-Falcon region
President Bush demands honest and open referendum but not in the USA
El Nuevo Herald: Chavez' extravagant lifestyle influenced by Islamic faith
Prosecutors pursue Llaguno Bridge gunmen who shot in self-defense
Distortions in the Venezuelan media vs. the the people's perception of the truth

69 Brazilian Intellectuals and Artists Declare Support for… – Caracas,Venezuela
… The declaration is just one more in a series of solidarity projects
for the Venezuelan president and the people of Venezuela that have taken
place in Brazil.…

SAIC to recoup some losses in Venezuela deal
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
What began as a promising joint venture in Venezuela for SAIC has turned
into an international imbroglio for the San Diego engineering and research

VENEZUELA Expands Food Security Program to Provide Free Food to… – Caracas,Venezuela
… by an oil economy in which oil revenues reached only a small minority
while the majority suffered from poverty, the government of Venezuela
under initiated a…

VENEZUELA’S Human Development Index – Caracas,Venezuela
… mainstream media, as responses to the United Nations Development Program‚s
2004 Human Development Report seemed unsure of whether Venezuela‚s development

BUSH Calls for Transparency in Venezuela Recall
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Bush on Monday urged transparency in an
August recall referendum against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and
backed calls…

SUCCESSFUL Rehearsal of Venezuela Recall Referendum Gives Glimpse… – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela. … Chavez has used evidence of US financing for Venezuela
opposition groups to say that the recall is a battle between him and Bush.

President will not stop broadcasting campaign against George W.Bush
Cardenas re-launches plea for presidential pardons and pacification
Opposition slams the government's street children eradication plan

After 314 anchorings, El Palito harbormaster claims clean sheet this year
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias snubs Bush 2; will visit communist China in October for talks on supplying crude oil to China's booming economy
Venezuela to increase oil production with US$37 billion investment
Zeul Grecia: I am very disgusted with Vanessa Marcano's commentary…
To rubber stamp a thoroughly anti-democratic and dictatorial agenda
Crisanto Silva Aguilera: Venezuela's role within MERCOSUR
National Elections Council (CNE) vice president satisfied with voting machines
You don't share his opinions. That's OK. It's the beauty of democracy!

CRISANTO Silva Aguilera: Venezuela's role within MERCOSUR
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Crisanto Silva Aguilera writes: Venezuela has been an associate member
of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) since July 8, 2004.…

THE Measure of Democracy: assessing Venezuela∑ – Venezuela
I had a chat about Venezuela’s situation with someone last Friday. Interestingly,
based on the recent assessment of Human Rights…

VENEZUELA Tests New Voting Machines for Recall
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… must be held within 30 days. Opponents accuse him of trying to model
Venezuela after communist-led Cuba. Mr. Chavez says he is working…

DEMOCRATIC Coordinator (CD) will win Venezuela's presidential…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… I turn on the television, and I hear the good news saying that Venezuela
has joined Mercosur, that the sale of new cars has increased, as well
as the sale of…


SHOWING of the disgrace of trash made by Michael Moore in…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
It is so amazing how many people have a opinion on the Venezuela situation
and what really kills me … they don't live there … … Venezuela is

COLOMINA'S Nicaragua spin: poorest of the poor will turn against…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Villalobos' forecast for the outcome of Venezuela's recall referendum
on August 15 is based on the Nicaragua experience when the Sandinistas
lost sure elections…

OPPOSITION remarks against Chavez Frias TV link-ups could backfire
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela's opposition grouped in Coordinadora Democratica (CD) alliance
have been urging the National Elections Council (CNE) to do something
about President…

AS far as Colombian president Uribe is concerned, August 15 has…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
El Universal's Alfredo Rojas reports: Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel
says that Colombian president Alvaro Uribe has set a public agenda with
his Venezuelan…

VENEZUELA gears up for recall rehearsal run in 4,000 voting…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela's National Elections (CNE) Council director, Jorge Rodriguez
says everything is ready for today's' recall referendum dress rehearsal,
adding that…

VENEZUELAN referendum heats up.
MercoPress – Uruguay
The possibility that more polling stations will be set up in Venezuela
because of large numbers of new voters became a new source of dispute
between President…

BRIEFS: The Americas
Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
EL TABLAZO – The leaders of Venezuela and Colombia agreed to launch regional
energy projects and emphasized their commitment to stopping Colombia's
civil war…

VENEZUELAN voter registration causes tension
Bradenton Herald – Bradenton,FL,USA
… 15 recall vote to decide the fate of Venezuela's embattled president.
… Last month, Venezuela's National Election Council approved a recall

FOR a More Engaged Society in Venezuela – Caracas,Venezuela
In this politically boiling Venezuela, it is not easy to talk about social
responsibility. Maybe due to this, it is even more urgent…

VENEZUELA Will Create a State Telecommunications Company – Caracas,Venezuela
… that the new state-run company will provide voice and data telephone
services using fiber-optic cable to private and public companies operating
in Venezuela .…

FOR a More Engaged Society in Venezuela – Caracas,Venezuela
In this politically boiling Venezuela, it is not easy to talk about social
responsibility. Maybe due to this, it is even more urgent…

VENEZUELA Will Create a State Telecommunications Company – Caracas,Venezuela
… that the new state-run company will provide voice and data telephone
services using fiber-optic cable to private and public companies operating
in Venezuela .…


VENEZUELA'S opposition adopts kinder, gentler recall campaign…
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
Of late, President Hugo Chavez has filled stadiums across Venezuela to
swear in thousands of new citizens, issue them national ID cards — and
urge them to…


CARTER Center OKs Venezuela's Elections Observation Rules – Caracas,Venezuela
… with our plans and our work methods.‰ The Carter Center delegation,
whose number has not yet been specified, is scheduled to arrive in Venezuela
on August 11…

VENEZUELA: Tried and tested
Straits Times – Singapore
Previous technical glitches, however, led to a two-month postponement of
the election day, which otherwise proceeded smoothly. Undiscouraged…,4386,261857,00.html

VENEZUELA Opposition to Use Jobs, Crime in Bid to Oust Chavez
Bloomberg – USA
July 16 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's opposition opened a monthlong campaign
period leading up to an Aug. 15 referendum to recall President…

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Increases Broadcasts in July, Nacional Says
Bloomberg – USA
July 16 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez television airtime
has soared in July as the former paratrooper faces a recall vote on Aug.

Headlines for Friday, July 16, 2004 (Caracas time)
Armed groups associated with PDVSA's Madail attack petroleum workers
FEDECAMARAS presents two visions of Venezuela … both US-funded
US Senator Allen's bullying can only be regarded as a destabilizing element
For the love of peace and democracy, don't steal our oil as you did in Iraq
AI UA 226/04: VENEZUELA: Police persecuting family of man killed by police's Charles Hardy on CFUV 101.9 FM this Monday 7/19
Charles Hardy: Welcome to Venezuela … Mary, Joseph and Jesus too
James Feltus: You have no idea how many up here are rooting for Venezuela
UN says sending election observers to the US intrudes on sovereignty
Carter Center's Jennifer McCoy: Presidential broadcasts will be monitored
PDVSA: Dispute with OPIC will not in any way affect investment in Venezuela
Chris Herz: Christian Conservatives in Venezuela and elsewhere?
April 11 coup victim's to file documents with the International Criminal Court
Oscar Heck: Venezuela does not need US-style culture and values
Domingo Alberto Rangel: Chavez Frias neither dictator nor revolutionary
Caracas (Libertador) Mayor's Office advances on its city maintenance plan>
Chavez and Uribe affirm there are no ulterior motives behind purchase of tanks
Hang In There, Mr. Prez

CARTER will observe Venezuela's recall vote
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela ˜ Former President Jimmy Carter will arrive in Venezuela
on Aug. 11 to oversee preparations for a vote on President Hugo Chavez's

VENEZUELA: Decision Won't Curb Investment
Forbes – USA
A US insurer's decision to compensate a California company for assets confiscated
by Venezuela won't jeopardize foreign investment in the oil sector, the

VENEZUELA Signs $100 Million Gas Pipeline Deal with Colombia – Caracas,Venezuela
… s president Alvaro Uribe yesterday to build a 177 km long natural gas
pipeline from Colombia‚s northeastern Guarija state to Venezuela‚s
westerly Lake…

JIMMY Carter to arrive in Venezuela on Aug. 11 to observe recall…
Access North Georgia – Gainesville,GA,USA
Former President Jimmy Carter will arrive in Venezuela on Aug. 11 to oversee
preparations for a vote on President Hugo Chavez's rule.…

PERUVIAN player Pizarro receives surgery in Munich
Xinhua – China
… captain of his national team, Thursday successfully underwent surgery
to repair a fracture in his skull he suffered during the match against
Venezuela in the…

VIVANCO Wants Foreign Money in Venezuela Campaign
Narco News – Mexico
… deeper down the slippery slope of anti-democracy lobbying now with
his claim that foreign government funding of partisan electoral groups
in Venezuela is okey…

Elio Cequea responds to US Senator George Allen's serious allegations
US Senator George Allen from Virginia tells VHeadline's Elio Cequea he is deeply worried over the relationship that Chavez has with regional terrorist groups
Colombian President Uribeís position on tank purchase is a smokescreen
Captain (ret.) Michael O'Brien back in news over traffic tiff with former comrade
Private banking system ready to attend much neglected non-status sector
Chris Herz: A United States Empire in disarray…
Chavez and Uribe agree on construction of La Guajira gas pipeline link
Oscar Heck: So what does the world have to say about Venezuela?
UN 2004 report says Venezuela has increased its human development index
Colombian-Venezuelan multi-pipeline will give oil access to the Asian market
NACLA Terry Gibbs: Democracy's crisis of legitimacy in Latin America
Paramilitaries case fugitive Roberto Alonso confirmed to be in Venezuela
National Elections Council invites international observe for RR process's Oscar Heck guest on Toronto CIUT 89.5 FM NEWSPEAK
Andrew McKillop on book publishing visit to California as Peak Oil scenario looms
Eleazar Diaz Rangel: Success and failure of the public opinion surveys
Water privatization provokes backlash in demanding water democracy
One Moment
Would You Trade?

VENEZUELA‚S Electoral Council Appoints Swedish Media Watch Dog – Caracas,Venezuela
… According to Ury, a fiercely partisan media, as most observers agree
is the case in Venezuela, contributes to heightening the conflictivity
of all parties in…

VENEZUELA Predicts $46B in 2004 Oil Sales
Forbes – USA
At current market prices, Venezuela's state oil monopoly will earn more
than $US46 billion this year in total revenue, company president Ali Rodriguez

VENEZUELA Invites Streisand, Mandela to Observe Recall Vote
Bloomberg – USA
July 15 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan election authorities invited 24 international
celebrities, including Barbra Streisand and Nelson Mandela, to observe
a recall…

UN 2004 report says Venezuela has increased its human development…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Spanish EFE News Agency reports: Despite the climate of political instability
that prevailed in 2002, Venezuela has managed to improve its human development

PARAMILITARIES case fugitive Roberto Alonso confirmed to be in…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… medios de comunicación social han informado en reiteradas ocasiones
que Alonso, quien es cubano de nacimiento pero nacionalizado en Venezuela,
se encuentra…

VENEZUELA, Colombia Focus on Security
Forbes – USA
The leaders of Venezuela and Colombia agreed to launch regional energy
projects and emphasized their commitment to stopping Colombia's civil
war from spilling…

VENEZUELA supports oil supply increase.
MercoPress – Uruguay
Venezuela supports the 500,000 barrels per day increase OPEC promised to
establish next month in an attempt to stabilize the volatile market.…

COLOMBIA, Venezuela Agree To Build Regional Natural Gas Pipeline
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
The two leaders met Wednesday at the Tablazo oil refinery in northwestern
Venezuela. They said the gas pipeline will initially run from Colombia
to Venezuela.…

VENEZUELA Rejects US Ruling on Alleged PDVSA Expropriation of… – Caracas,Venezuela
… government. Venezuela is the world's fifth-largest oil exporter and
its state owned company PDVSA provides about 14% of US oil imports.…


VENEZUELA sees OPEC increasing output at Vienna meeting next week – Canada
EL TABLAZO, Venezuela (AP) – OPEC is expected to approve a planned oil
production hike to trim high market prices when ministers meet in Vienna
next week, the…
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) president Ali Rodriguez Araque says the United States Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) has based its decision on false claims of expropriation
US SAIC's relationship with the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council
Unfortunate that OPIC allows political pressures to influence commercial dispute
CD roadmap architect says wasting time to attacking Consensus Pais plan
August 15 referendum should be a warning against abuses and manipulations
Venezuelan media watchdog to ensure adherence to electoral game rules
International Energy Agency is playing the game of transnational interests
Former Argentine president proposes creating United States of South America
Opposition: Reevaluate the social missions, and rehire fired PDVSA thugs
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) repurchasing US$2.4 billion debt bonds
Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe Velaz arrives to discuss economic integration
Conindustria president says Venezuela has nothing to seek in Mercosur

VENEZUELA, Caribbean to discuss oil deals
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela and 14 Caribbean countries will meet in
August to discuss the creation of a new company which will sell oil at
cheaper prices…>

VENEZUELA'S Rafael Ramirez: International Energy Agency playing…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela has accused the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA)
of attempting to damage its reputation as a reliable oil supplier within

VENEZUELA Says IAEA Is Hurting Reputation
Forbes – USA
OPEC member Venezuela accused the Paris-based International Energy Agency
of damaging its reputation as a reliable oil supplier by questioning Venezuela's

ANDEAN Presidents Support Venezuela's Proposal for Humanitarian… – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, July 13, 2004˜All five presidents of the Community of Andean
Nations (CAN), including Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru,
signed The…

VENEZUELA Rejects Agency's Oil Figures
Forbes – USA
Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil exporter, insisted Tuesday it
is producing 3.1 million barrels of crude a day and rejected lower figures
released by…

US House panel chides Venezuela's Chavez on probe
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
… We also feel compelled to comment on the insinuation by some that the
NED is conspiring to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Venezuela.

WISHFUL Polling:Systemic Bias and Manipulation in Venezuela‚s… – Venezuela
With Venezuela‚s campaign to recall or reaffirm Hugo Chávez‚ Presidential
mandate heating up, opinion polls are coming out on what seems like a
daily basis…

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