Is this the kind of journalism we want to uphold as an ideal at UCAB?
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
The Venezuelan media has decomposed and become a rotten organism of manipulation, distortion and brainwashing that has cost the mental stability of my fellow Venezuelans and the political stability of my country.
Venezuelan Army mounts massive manhunt for badlands bushwackers
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
enezuela's Armed Force (FAN) has responded to last Friday's attack on an Apure State border village by irregulars from Colombia, which resulted in the death of 7 persons. The Minister has guaranteed that the attack will not remain unpunished.
Kidnappers want US$15 million for release of Ugueth Urbina's mother
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
e latest hypothesis that Venezuela's Police Detective Branch is handling is that the kidnap is connected to drug-dealing connections of one of Ugueth's brothers. A police spokesman has admitted that the lead is being investigated thoroughly.
Zulia State gears up for October election campaign with 168 candidates
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
umbent State Governor Manuel Rosales says his re-election campaign strategy is to tell Zulians about how he will continue to make changes without being “obscene and wasteful” … direct contact with voters will be the method.
General Secretary of_union party ready to outlaw Lt. Col. (ret.) Arias Cardenas
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
n's policy is to fight for unity of the opposition … “our policy is to attain maximum unity possible … when Francisco opted to run as candidate to Zulia State Governorship, we made it plain to the country what our position was.”
Law of Social Responsibility in Radio & TV is an obligation to Venezuelans
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
ding to Ameliach, the privately-owned print & broadcast media carelessly plays with the honor, respect and private life of people as much as they want … that has to be controlled, and they have to be responsible.
Chavez Frias: It is necessary to shake the world towards moral change
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
ing Letters of Credential from 12 Ambassadors at the Sala Ayacucho in Miraflores, President Hugo Chavez Frias has stated that inequality has grown throughout the planet, and that's why it is necessary to shake the world to achieve changes … a
Onidex: False to claim that guerrilla members have been nationalized
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
We are
handling the exact numbers of those people naturalized in Venezuela, and we have no specific data of that nature.
Cabinet Meeting: Education and Social Missions to be institutionalized
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
During a
Cabinet Meeting led by President Hugo Chavez Frias, the Venezuelan government reaffirmed that education and social missions represent the backbone of the Bolivarian Revolution … and that its why they must be institutionalized.
The private media's militant attitude increases violence in the country
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“The priv
ate media's militant attitude increases the level of aggression among the Venezuelan people,” says Minister of Communication & Information Andres Izarra, explaining that the unbalanced position has deepened the polarization of the media.
Final Carter Center report reiterates transparency of August 15 RR results.
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
In the rep
ort, the Carter Center shows that the audit carried out after the recall referendum abided by the rules to guarantee transparency and reiterates its conviction that the results were compatible with previous electoral tendencies.
Six Venezuelans dead; ambushed by irregulars on the Colombian border
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Three soldi
ers were killed … Lieutenant Carlos Perez Fernandez, a National Guard, PDVSA engineer Maria Laura Carrasco and another unidentified civilian. There are also several gunshot wounded who have been hospitalized at the San Cristobal Hospital
VENEZUELA blames “paramilitaries” for border ambush
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
CARACAS, Venezuela, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Venezuela blamed drug-trafficking paramilitary fighters Saturday for a jungle ambush which killed six Venezuelan…

VENEZUELANS slain near Colombia
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Caracas, Venezuela, Sep. 18 (UPI … ransom. Relations between Colombian and Venezuela have been tense during recent years. Colombia's…
GUNMEN kill woman, 6 troops in Venezuela – MI,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Gunmen killed a Venezuelan oil engineer and six soldiers near the border with Colombia in an attack that officials suspected was…
SEVEN Die in Ambush on Venezuela-Colombia Border
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Six Venezuelan soldiers and an oil engineer were killed when an armed group attacked a military patrol and state oil company…

Dr. Ali Rodriguez Araque: Secure oil supply … the Venezuelan example
By: Reporters
The OPEC reference basket in July and August this year set new records across-the-board. On a monthly basis, the July average rose to an unprecedented level of US$36.29 per barrel. The basket has never been above $34 per barrel since October 1990.
Coordinadora Democratica says YES to regional elections
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
arquez surprisingly states that the alleged fraud committed by the government on August 15 has been proved and is a political instrument that a democratic people uses to dessemble an illegitimate power.
Oscar Heck: Venezuela must be doing something right, right?
By: Oscar Heck
don‚t know what “international reserves” mean, but whatever it means it seems to be very positive … especially when in the same article it is mentioned that Venezuela has an outstanding international debt of (only) about $22 billion!
Francisco Arias Cardenas challenges moaners inside his union party
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
sident Chavez Frias has following among the poor … “when are we going to direct our attention to that sector? … recognizing the good things the government is doing for the people and criticizing the negative things.”
Venezuelan economy in strong position according to any performance indicator
By: Reporters
Venezuelan economy is in a strong position according to practically any indicator used to measure its performance … this explains why bond prices have held up so well over the past month despite a very conflictive political situation.
Chief Justice Ivan Rincon Urdaneta inaugurates Maracaibo Mara Tower tribunal
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
The T
SJ president says Magistrate Luis Martinez will present a paper for discussion on the nullity plea lodged by the Coordinadora Democratica (CD) against the results of the recall referendum and promises a speedy resolution.
Chavez Frias: It is incumbent on us to review and reform the 1999 Constitution
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
n Affairs Ministers from Brazil and Venezuela, Celso Amorin and Jesus Arnaldo Perez respectively, as well as Brazilian Minister of Industry & Commerce, Luiz Fernando and MPC Minister Wilmar Castro Soteldo were present at the event.
Venezuela is first country to send humanitarian aid to the people of Grenada
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
e and medical supplies including antibiotics, blankets, mattresses and bug-screens, as well as 500 zinc sheets and 6 mobile electrical plants, since electrical power has been completely cut off in the island since Hurricane Ivan hit.
IRS/Seniat presents Tax Plan for the textile and manufacturing sectors
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
This inf
ormation was given by the National Customs Superintendent of the National Integrated Customs & Tax Administration Service, Rigoberto Fernandez Tabuada, who presides over the anti-contraband sub-commission of the textile and shoe industry.
New OAS Secretary General will remain close and impartial in Latin America
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“Will be
close and impartial with all the countries in Latin America,” says of the National Assembly (AN) Foreign Affairs Commission president and MVR candidate to the Anzoategui state governorship, Tarek William Saab.
National Assembly to discuss Social laws during period of ordinary sessions
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“These are
very important laws and we must make an effort with the help of all the parliamentary groups represented in the parliament, so these laws will be approved during this period of sessions.”
Chris Herz: ..and the winner is George W. Bush
By: Chris Herz
Unfortunately, this does not mean that the US regime will be force to close its doors … many agencies simply ignore Congress and pretty much run their finances without too much respect for Congressional mandates.
OSCAR Heck: Venezuela must be doing something right, right?
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Wow! Incredible! I was just reading an article about Venezuela and I almost fell off my chair!…
JENNIFER McCoy: What really happened in Venezuela? – Venezuela
Venezuela's election agency declared that Mr Chávez won the referendum by 59% to 41%. How can we assess these competing claims?…
VENEZUELA to Buy 50 Russian Mig-29 Fighters
MOSNEWS – Russia
Venezuela plans to acquire 50 of Russia’s most advanced warplanes, the UPI news agency reported citing US, European and Latin American military intelligence…
VENEZUELA is first country to send humanitarian aid to the people…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venpres (Irving Guanipa Ojeda): Venezuela is the first country to send humanitarian aid to the people of Grenada after Hurricane Ivan's devastating path…,20040917007
PRESIDENTIAL administration denies Ukraine sold arms to Cuba and…
Interfax – Kiev,Ukraine
Kyiv, September 17 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ukrainian presidential administration has denied reports that Ukraine shipped arms to Cuba and Venezuela.…
VENEZUELA and Brazil Strengthen Relations – Caracas,Venezuela
… in the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at the 5th Brazil-Venezuela Business Conference between…
SPANISH Tank Sale Called Off, but Colombia-Venezuela Tension… – Redwood City,CA,United States
… This week, however, a new snag emerged in bilateral relations, with the announcement that Venezuela is planning to tender out oil and gas exploration blocks…

Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) Ali Rodriguez Araque speaks of lessons learned during the oil strike-sabotage
By: Reporters
We can have different opinions regarding the terms of negotiation. It is absolutely clear that we have to overcome the colonialism of the past and recognize the right that oil exporting countries have to manage their natural resources.
CD hierarchy lays down pre-conditions to participate in regional elections
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
t is highly unlikely that the opposition will reject the regional elections, without losing further sympathy abroad and at home. The CNE will probably call Solorzano and whoever she is representing's bluff.
Opposition CD legal adviser lodges recall results nullity plea at CNE and TSJ
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
lsa Solorzano confirms that she has asked the CNE to determine President Chavez Frias' current juridical condition because “if there is a doubt that his mandate was revoked on August 15, there must be legal decision.”
Brazilian President Ignacio Lula da Silva says backs Chavez Frias 100%
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
a calls on Brazilian business persons to invest in Venezuela without fear. “I was criticized two years ago when I called Chavez Frias a friend … now I say to you, have no fear in investing in Venezuela.”
Chavez Frias reaffirms Simon Bolivar's dream of continental integration
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
rtador Simon Bolivar's project was to integrate South American peoples … “there cannot be any real liberation unless it is political liberation, social, technological, economic and even military integration.”
Police rescue hostage in Miranda but it's not Ugueth Urbina's mother
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
e living in Ocumare del Tuy first thought that the massive police presence in neighboring Santa Lucia area signaled the end of the kidnap saga of big leaguer, Ugueth Urbina's mother, who has been missing for 2 weeks.
Venezuelan government camp electoral tactics: canvassing and lottery lists
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
William Lara says rather than concentrate on rallies and marches, the thrust of the campaign, which worked well in the recall referendum campaign, will be one-to-one contact between candidates and voters.
Chavez Frias says illegal US Iraq War responsible for high oil prices
By: David Coleman
tion, stoked by international political instability is responsible rather than low supplies on world markets and Chavez Frias has warned that the price of a barrel of oil could go as high as US$100 if the Middle East conflict continues.
Venezuela to draft multilateral agreement to fast-track PetroCaribe initiative
By: David Coleman
ibe is intended to improve on arrangements where several Caribbean countries already have arrangements through the San Jose Pact and Caracas Energy Accord to get oil from Venezuela at well below world market prices.
Franz J. T. Lee — Venezuela: What is the trouble with Capitalism?
By: Franz J. T. Lee
Some dire
ctly blame Bush, others prefer to attack the “4th Empire.” Marxists explain the economic exploitative essence of higher forms of capitalism, “neocolonialism,” “neo-capitalism,” “neo-liberalism,” “late capitalism” and “corporate capitalism.”
Oscar Heck: How would they have reacted if they knew they were to die next day
By: Oscar Heck
If Enrique
Mendoza knew that he would die tomorrow, would he be screaming and yelling and telling lies like he does … or would he quietly go home and spend the rest of his time with his children?
Elio Cequea: 99% probability that there are Venezuelans 100% dissociated
By: Elio Cequea
As time goe
s on, this term seems to be losing its implicit derogative connotation and is becoming the best way to explicitly describe the opposition. The dissociation has affected all levels, intellectual, academic and economic.
CHAVEZ Frias says illegal US Iraq War responsible for high oil…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Speaking in Manaus (Brazil), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has advised that world oil markets are oversupplied and that it is not any fault of the…
VENEZUELA to draft multilateral agreement to fast-track…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Caribbean energy ministers have authorized Venezuela to draft a multilateral agreement to fast-track the implementation of the PetroCaribe, described as the…
UKRAINE arms Cuba and Venezuela
Jane's (subscription) – Coulsdon,Surrey,United Kingdom
… This year's figures for military exports will be heavily boosted by the establishment of two new markets namely Cuba and Venezuela.…
VENEZUELAN State news agency VENPRES' round-up — September 15…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Venpres (Carlota Delgado/Armando Nunez).- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, has assured that the foundations are set to…
VENEZUELA says oil prices could hit $100 a barrel
The Malaysia Star – Malaysia
… “It could take the price of a barrel to US$100. I hope it doesn't.''. High oil prices have been a boon for Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil producer.…
VENEZUELA and Brazil talk trade
Big News – Australia
Chavez and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva talked about ways to strength bilateral trade ties and discussed Venezuela's admittance in July to the…
RUSSIAN companies could invest in Venezuela to consolidate…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venpres (Doris Carvajal): The Russian Ambassador to Venezuela, Alexei Ermakov believes that important investments by Russian companies could be established…
VENEZUELA makes serious advances in protecting electronic…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Ocando points out the importance of security and protection of electronic information, which, in his judgment, are new issues in Venezuela that have begun to…

VENEZUELA Congress May Approve Constitution Change (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
15 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's Congress may propose changes to the constitution next year that would allow President Hugo Chavez to stay in office indefinitely…
AUGUST 15: A Historic Vote for Venezuela, Latin America, and the… – Caracas,Venezuela
Venezuela’s presidential recall referendum was one of Latin America’s most historic electoral events of the past twenty five years.…
CARIBBEAN countries urge Venezuela to fast-track PetroCaribe…
Oil & Gas Journal
15 — Venezuela has been mandated by several Caribbean countries to draft a multilateral agreement to fast-track the implementation of the PetroCaribe…
VENEZUELA`S MiGs 29 Fulcrums – Venezuela
Venezuela plans to acquire 50 of Russia's most advanced warplanes, according to US, European and Latin American military intelligence officials who are…
HEALTH-VENEZUELA: 'I Bet and Won for 21 Days Straight – then Lost…
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
Jorge is a member of Gamblers Anonymous (GA), a 12-step programme that reached Venezuela three years ago, in which compulsive gamblers use group therapy to get…

VENEZUELA denies negligence in human trafficking
Xinhua – China
CARACAS, Sept. 14 (Xinhuanet) — Venezuela on Tuesday rejected an accusation made by the United States over alleged negligence in tackling human trafficking.…
VENEZUELA on Santana's mind
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
… Father Greg Schaffer is pastor of Jesucristo Resucitado in San Felix, Venezuela. … “He's not from there, but he feels like he's from Venezuela.…
HELP Venezuela Break Down Social Apartheid – Caracas,Venezuela
… The refusal to accept the result of the referendum is nothing more than a refusal of that other Venezuela , the Venezuela of people who live in marginalised…

VENEZUELA Criticizes US Plans to Oppose Financial Aid to Caracas
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Venezuela says it is “disappointed” in President Bush's plan to oppose financial aid to Caracas over its alleged failure to fight the trafficking of women and…
VENEZUELA Report-Back Oil Workers, the Grassroots and the historic…
Black Information Link – UK
… While British MPs resort to medieval legislation to try to impeach the prime minister for misleading the country into war, the people of Venezuela have an…
VENEZUELA Minister Opposes Increase in OPEC Production Quotas
Bloomberg – USA
Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela, OPEC's third-largest oil producer, said the group shouldn't raise its output targets at this week's meeting in Vienna.…
PROBE complaints over Chávez vote, OAS urges
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
The outgoing chief of the Organization of the American States urged Venezuela to investigate fraud claims in the referendum on President Hugo Chávez.…
LULA, Chávez to meet in Brazil
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… da Silva and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will discuss ways to deepen economic ties between the countries at a meeting Wednesday, Venezuela's Ministry of…
PROTESTERS blast Rep. Holt's remarks on Venezuela
Princeton Packet – Princeton,NJ,USA
… Holt) to retract (his statements) and be more concerned about what's going on in Venezuela,” said Emilio Buitrago, who moved to Pennsylvania from Venezuela…
Charles Hardy: Johnnie Walker, Venezuela needs you too!
By: Charles Hardy
I was shocked, as I walked toward the immigration counters, and saw a huge Johnnie Walker advertisement hanging from the ceiling. It was similar to the ones that had been spread around the city. But this was government property!
Venezuela should throw USAID and its domestic operatives out of the country
By: Bob Chapman
The economy grew 23% in the first half of the year from the same period last year, which contracted 9% in 2002 and 7.6% in 2003. Oil exports rose 32% in the second quarter from the same period in 2003 to US$7.9 billion.
Charles Hardy: CAP another Saddam Hussein? Chavez another George Bush?
By: Charles Hardy
I think a little bit of insanity is important in keeping a balanced perspective in life. It is also necessary for survival. I would go totally nuts if I were willing to accept reality as it is, or at least as many people say it is.
USA continues double discourse as funds continue flow to the opposition
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Responding to the USA's accusation that Venezuela is not combating people-trafficking enough, Izarra insists that the trafficking of women and children is not an exclusive problem of Venezuela and involves Colombia, Peru and Brazil as well.
Opposition soups up fraud campaign with street actions to show real majority
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
“The organized opposition is not prepared to let go of the August 15 page or to tear out the October 31 (regional elections) page … no quarter will be given and we will attack on all fronts to ensure respect for the electors' will.”
TSJ to request General Prosecutor's Office to investigate Napoleon Bravo
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Bravo had posed the question “What is the Supreme Court good for? What is that mockery good for? Why don‚t they put a brothel or something there … it would provide jobs for the large amount of “suck-sucks‰ that could be regenerated there.”
Media Minister Izarra refutes opposition's fraud campaign as baseless
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
“Tulio Alvarez and Ricardo Hausmann's arguments are based on supposed manipulations of statistics, the electoral register and their own prejudices because they have left out the inclusion of the excluded.”
Linda Loaiza Lopez: I will refute each and every one of the offenses against me
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
At the beginning of the third hearing in the trial of Luis Carrera Almoina charged with assault against Linda Loaiza Lopez, the alleged victim claimed that she would refute each and every one of the offenses against her morals.
MARNR Minister Ana Elisa Osorio says duckweed down 75% on Lake Maracaibo
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
According to the Ministry, the percentages of duckweed on the lake “do not correspond to people‚s perceptions … given that it is a phenomenon that moves a lot, and, of course, it is not the same as we have seen sometimes along the shore.‰
Venezuelan telecom CANTV disavows opposition leader Tulio Alvarez claims
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
CANTV has responded in details to the charges stating that “the transmissions were normal‰ and that as such, “CANTV has fully complied with all its assigned responsibilities during the Presidential Referendum.‰
ChevronTexaco to give free surgery to children with facial malformations
By: Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
ChevronTexaco is sponsoring the free reconstructive surgery program for children born with hare lip (leporine), dented palate and other facial malformations in Cumana, in eastern Sucre State.
Fred Cederholm: Significance of US/Venezuela oil connection is worthy of note
By: Fred Cederholm
Of the 21 largest known/producing oil fields on the planet; 4 are in the Americas (Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and Alaska), 3 are in former Soviet Union Republics, and 14 are in the Middle East.
Center for Public Opinion & Democracy: In Venezuela, Kerry would beat Bush
By: Reporters
Venezuelan adults would choose John Kerry in the 2004 United States presidential election, according to a poll by GlobeScan and Sigma Dos for the Program on International Policy Attitudes. 48% of respondents would like the Democratic nominee to win.
Andrew McKillop: Oil demand growth outlook 2004-2005 …The Price Factor
By: Andrew Mckillop
World oil demand growth is likely running at 2.15-2.65 Mbd for mid-2004/mid-2005. In annual percent terms this gives about 2.7%-3.3% on a current demand rate (September 2004) of around 82.3 Mbd.
Franz J. T. Lee: World energy crisis … the Venezuelan context
By: Franz J. T. Lee
Do we really have a “World Energy Crisis”? Is there a global, historical connection between this “crisis” and the dramatic social events in Venezuela? And why is Latin America a revolutionary time-bomb?
Elio Cequea: Proactive with regards to terrorism or just reacting to it?
By: Elio Cequea
I do not necessarily agree with that, but if President Bush really would have wanted to be as bold and decisive as he says he is, it would have been cheaper for him to pay US$200 million to a killer to put a bullet in Saddam‚s head.
Associated Press (AP): George W. Bush orders sanctions against Venezuela
By: Reporters
The action means the United States will not support US$250 million in Venezuelan loan requests expected to come before international lending institutions during the next fiscal year, a State Department official said.
What could be wrong to help people to live better with school and medical help?
By: Mariposa
Very good your newspaper in English. What a chance for the people to understand what President Chavez is doing for democracy and social security in Venezuelan, like in Belgium.
Axis of Logic: US government tries to break the backs of the Venezuelan people
By: Les Blough
Attempts at a CIA-led coup against Hugo Chavez failed in April, 2002, when the Venezuelan people hit the streets en masse, demanding their right to the President they have now thrice elected. An attempt to assassinate him failed.
Beach-front Macuto Sheraton marina survived worst of Hurricane Ivan
By: Reporters
Although there has been substantial damage (below), the beach-front Macuto Sheraton Hotel marina survived the worst of the side-effects of Hurricane Ivan as it passed its devastating way through the southern Caribbean.
Venezuelan athlete Darryn Mijares wants the Best of British coaching in the UK
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Mijares (23) has not neglected sports and has been pursuing two objectives: to shake off an injury that forced him to abandon the decathlon and to get the best of British in athletics.
CHARLES Hardy: Johnnie Walker, Venezuela needs you too!
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… and January 2003, when Venezuelan businessmen locked out their workers and when the well-paid executives and employees of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) went…
VENEZUELA should throw USAID and its domestic operatives out of…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
In the Latin America section of this weekend's edition of THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER, editor Bob Chapman writes: Venezuela’s foreign debt rating has been…
FRED Cederholm: Significance of US/Venezuela oil connection is…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Of the 21 largest known/producing oil fields on the planet; 4 are in the Americas (Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and Alaska), 3 are in former Soviet Union …<>
CENTER for Public Opinion & Democracy: In Venezuela, Kerry would…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… In a June op-ed piece for the Miami Herald, Kerry criticized the Bush administration’s policies on Venezuela, which “welcomed a new government installed by…

CENTER for Public Opinion & Democracy: In Venezuela, Kerry would…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… In a June op-ed piece for the Miami Herald, Kerry criticized the Bush administration’s policies on Venezuela, which “welcomed a new government installed by…
VENEZUELA objects to US sanctions
Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City,UT,United States
CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela's information minister on Saturday criticized a US plan to withdraw support for $250 million in loan requests by his country…
VENEZUELA Reacts to US Sanctions for Alleged Trafficking of Women… – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Sep 11 ( According to Venezuela's Communication and Information Minister Andres Izarra, the US government's decision to…
VENEZUELA Objects to American Sanctions
Forbes – USA
Venezuela's information minister on Saturday criticized a US plan to withdraw support for $250 million in loan requests by his country because of its alleged…

VENEZUELA'S Opposition Submits Fraud Report – Caracas,Venezuela
… s main recommendations is for the opposition to take Smartmatic, the voting machine manufacturer, and Verizon, the main shareholder in Venezuela's telephone…

VENEZUELAN opposition challenges results of referendum
Xinhua – China
… The opposition coalition of Venezuela, known as the Democratic Coalition, has refused to accept Chavez's victory in the referendum, claiming irregularities.…
VENEZUELAN State news agency VENPRES' news round-up — September 9…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venpres (Alba Rengifo/Armando Nunez).- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, has reiterated a call to the national business…
IN Venezuela, Kerry Would Beat Bush
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
… In a June op-ed piece for the Miami Herald, Kerry criticized the Bush administration's policies on Venezuela, which “welcomed a new government installed by…
CITIZENS of Venezuela Enjoy More Democracy Than Citizens of…
The Progress Report – USA
Venezuela held a national referendum last month in which the incumbent president, Hugo Chavez, defeated an attempt by the opposition to oust him from office.…
VENEZUELA needs to reconsider – Venezuela
The 150 countries including Venezuela that endorsed the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice [ICJ] declaring as illegal the construction of…
CHAVEZ Wins in Venezuela — Again
Emediawire (press release) – USA
Venezuela ’s divisive leader is stronger than ever after his impressive win in the August recall referendum. Latin American Law…
OIL output in Venezuela falls short of OPEC quotas
Xinhua – China
9 (Xinhuanet) — Oil output in Venezuela falls short of quota set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), according to a report by the…
CHAVEZ foes seek probe into Venezuela vote
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
CARACAS – Venezuela's opposition asked the Organisation of American States on Thursday to investigate its charges that President Hugo Chavez committed “massive…

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