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May 10-13 2005

Chavez and Company
FrontPage – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… His most recent provocation, among many others, was charging the few American military officers still in Venezuela with espionage, threatening them with arrest …
Venezuela lifts ruling against transactions
Bradenton Herald – Bradenton,FL,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – A Venezuelan court on Friday reversed a decision to halt stock and bond transactions that are frequently used to obtain dollars by …
Carlos Herrera: Plugging the dike of foreign exchange flight in Venezuela
By: Carlos Herrera
At the same time, the law makers have made provision for the government to still be able to issue debt paper in US dollars in order to keep the wheels of the economy turning. A wise move, in my opinion.
Washington, D.C.:Venezuela requests preventive arrest of Luis Posada Carriles
By: Arelis Paiva
The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela formally requested the preventive arrest with the purpose of extradition of Venezuelan citizen Luis Clemente Posada Carriles, Identity Card No. V-5.304.609, who is allegedly in the United States.
Arthur Shaw: What kind of critter is a “presidential intercession?”
By: Arthur Shaw
It seems that all that Bosch has is a high-level string-pulling which doesn’t immune him from prosecution of any thing he did wrong before the “presidential intercession.”
GN seizes 21,000 liters of drug processing chemicals in Carabobo
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The GN says it will continue its operation to uncover laboratories in the central part of Venezuela, which has become the assembly point for transhipment abroad via the ports of Puerto Cabello and La Guaira.
Kidnapped parents of Carrero Nacar returned to family safe but shaken
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
As in the case of Venezuelan US big leaguer baseball player, Ugueth Urbina whose mother was held ransom for three months, Carrero Nacar has revealed that international anti-kidnap experts also took part in find and rescue operations.
MVR Mayor Bernal rejects Capriles Radonski’s Libertador proposal
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
“The new Municipal Public Power Law allows for the setting up of Parishes to de-concentrate power and give direction to communal associations.” Bernal supports the idea of creating closer-knit political units, such as parishes throughout Venezuela.
Venezuelan court suspends parallel market dollar operations
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The official dollar rate stands at 1/2,150, while the average ADR rate is around 1/2,600. Analysts suggest that the weird court decision will not be the end of the story, as more details emerge about why the court came to such a decision.
PPT backtracks on unconditional support for State Governor Manuitt
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Tensions simmering since the recall referendum campaign (2003-2004) reached danger pitch last week when PPT issued an advert in national newspapers giving unconditional support to PPT State Governor of Guarico.
Historical process will give President Hugo Chavez Frias’ new Venezuelan socialism concrete form
By: Joel Pozarnik
President Hugo Chavez has recently admitted that if he once had been attracted by the British concept of the “Third Way‰ as an alternative between socialism and capitalism, he now believes that “only socialism can be a substitute to capitalism.‰
Americans demand that President G.W. Bush should arrest Posada Carriles
By: Armando Núñez
Family members of several victims of the Cubana bombing, academics, and leaders of social and religious organizations in the United States will demand that president George W. Bush should arrest terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.
Cultural Diplomatic Bag: Venezuelan heritage travels throughout the world
By: Nestor Sanchez
Cultural material will be distributed through the Venezuelan diplomatic and cultural missions abroad (80 embassies and 39 consulates) thus consolidating two goals; the promotion and spreading of the Venezuelan cultural production.
Venezuela‚s Supreme Court says case against Capriles Randonski reopened
By: Jonah Gindin
The Supreme Court ruling has overturned the lower court’s decision, however. Capriles will not be imprisoned during the trial, but he must present himself to authorities on a weekly basis, and refrain from discussing the case in public.
Jesse Chacon: We expect a positive response on extradition request
By: Armando Núñez
“Luis Posada Carriles‚ extradition request is being translated at the moment ∑we hope to send it over the next few days and obtain a positive response from the United States.‰
What the CIA could learn from Venezuela: The Luis Posada Carriles Case
By: Eva Golinger
The stir raised by the recent news of a political asylum petition submitted by one Luis Posada Carriles, Cuban by nationality and wanted international terrorist, has placed the Bush Administration in a conundrum.
Does Venezuela have to go down a road that has proven an utter failure
By: John Thompson
Do you not recall or perhaps you were unaware that when the glorious Cuban revolution began in 1958, the government stole all foreign investment without compensation … i.e. in the case of the US alone this equaled US $60 billion.
Hands Off Venezuela at the FBU (Fire Brigades union) conference 2005
By: Cort Greene
Hands Off Venezuela supporters went up to sunny Southport (Merseyside, UK) to raise awareness of Venezuela‚s Bolivarian Revolution among members of one of the most militant unions in the TUC.
Venezuela’s State-Owned Oil Company Opens an Office in Cuba
Voice of America – USA
… As VOA’s Greg Flakus reports from Caracas, this is part of an overall Chavez strategy to distance Venezuela from its traditional ally, the United States, and …
Cuba & Venezuela declare ‘Year of Bolivarian Alternative’
Workers World – USA
… the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to every country in Central and South America and the Caribbean—except socialist Cuba and, now, Venezuela. …

History turns against Venezuela’s “Inspector Basil”
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
CARACAS, Venezuela, May 12 (Reuters) – Three decades ago, colleagues in Venezuela’s counterintelligence services called him “Inspector Basil,” a Cold War …
The United States oil crisis; working with the anti-Chavez movement
By: Zhar Maldonado
The steps proposed by President Bush to solve Americas current oil crisis are long term and require billions of dollars. Americans need to start taking an active roll in consuming less energy and work harder on saving the environment and its people.
Opposition Mayor suggests eliminating Metropolitan Mayor’s Office
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
“The (current) Metropolitan Municipality is a hybrid between a municipality and a State without definition with no coordination between the 5 municipalities … having to pay 10% of income to maintain the Metro Mayorship is not justified.”
Crystallex International reports net US$8 million loss in Venezuelan operations
By: David Coleman
Canadian cold miner Crystallex International Corporation has just reported financial results for the Q1 2005 with a net loss of US$8 million compared with a net loss of $6.7 million for the same period 2004.
Brit Agroflora lodges nullity plea to recover intervened El Charcote farm
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Agroflora president, Diana Dos Santos says the company has presented ownership documents dating from before 1848 to prove that the 12,950 hectares spread is indeed private property.
MVR-Anzoategui in turmoil over excluded internal election winners
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Another thing that has emerged from MVR in-fighting is that President Hugo Chavez Frias is fuming at MVR shenanigans, which, he angrily states, reflect all the vices of Fourth Republic parties, especially Accion Democratica (AD).
Venezuelan Air Force (FAV) Major murdered in the Dominican Republic
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Dominican Republic forensic experts put the time of death as Saturday May 7 but it was only on Tuesday May 10 that the Embassy was informed that the body was in the State Forensic Pathology Institute.
Plumbing the depths of the mass media sewer with a nutter from London
By: Hahnemann Coll
Instead of taking every single opportunity to try to damage Venezuela’s international image (here we have to be clear that it is not Chavez who‚s getting harmed) the opposition must try to offer something to the electorate.
Summit in Brasilia was very positive for future alliances
By: Armando Núñez
The United States must extradite Luis Posada Carriles
By: Armando Núñez
As a result of journalistic concerns, the Venezuelan President has affirmed that the United States must hand over terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuelan authorities and grant Venezuela‚s extradition request.
Luis Posada Carriles: The CIA connection; the declassified record
By: Reporters
The documents posted today include CIA records confirming that Posada was an agent in the 1960s and early 1970s, and remained an informant in regular contact with CIA officials at least until June 1976.
Brazil, Argentina and Vewnezuela announce the birth of PetroSur
By: Nestor Sanchez
The governments of Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are aware that the adequate administration of their energy resources will allow for the creation of more equal societies.
The Washington Times: US campaign against Venezuela fails
By: Armando Núñez
The government of US President George W. Bush has failed to condemn Venezuela before the Organization of American States (OAS), the Washington Times has reported today.
Arthur Shaw: Probably, the NSC has never heard of the “Monkey”
By: Arthur Shaw
In an article published May 9 by The Miami herald,Alfonso Chardy and Oscar Corral sound hopelessly perplexed about whether Luis Posada Carriles played a part in 1976 in bringing down the Cuban airliner.
Hecla Mining to acquire rights to Guariche gold project from Triumph
By: Reporters
Triumph Gold Corp.’s board has given the green light for its management proceed with a revised deal with Hecla Mining Co., which will acquire Triumph’s rights to mineral concessions in the Guariche gold project in Venezuela.
Hands Off Venezuela (HOV) at the Winnipeg Social Forum in Canada
By: Cort Greene
John Peterson, from the US HOV campaign, briefly introduced the film “Venezuela Bolivariana” … an overview of events in Venezuela from the 1989 “Caracazo” uprising to the aftermath of the 2002 coup against democratically-elected President Hugo Chav
How hypocritical that Bush now asks Russia to apologize for the Soviet union
By: Kenneth T. Tellis
The USA where justice takes second place to a corrupt regime under George W. Bush et. al. — the recent trial of Pte. Lynndie England in a military court is something that can only happen in totalitarian state.
America Vera-Zavala: Venezuela … the country of parallels
By: Reporters
A theatre rehearsal is the activity on the Saturday afternoon when I visit the building. People of all ages are represented on that main floor built to be a fancy reception and not a centre for community activities.
Venezuela has it all: a great location, intelligent people, willing to work
By: James Feltus
First, an equatorial location is better than one in a higher latitude because the surface of the earth (and its atmosphere) moves faster there, thus making it more efficient to launch there.

VENEZUELA to Buy $150 Million of Argentine Bonds (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
May 11 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela will buy $150 million of Argentine domestic
bonds, tapping into oil windfall revenue to lend to a country that’s been
in …

VENEZUELA tax office says foreign oil cos owe 2 bln usd in back …
Forbes – USA
CARACAS (AFX) – The international oil companies operating in Venezuela
must pay back taxes for the amount of 2 bln usd, said Joaquin Cedillo,
the manager of …

VENEZUELA to request Cuban exile extradition in a few hours – Worth,IL,USA
ABN reports: Venezuela will officially request the extradition of the Cuban
exile terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, who is believed to be in the US,
said …

RUSSIAN Aluminium Producer Mulls Projects in India, Guinea and …
MOSNEWS – Russia
… by RIA Novosti. He noted that RusAl is also considering participation
in bauxite projects in Guinea and Venezuela. “We are at …

VENEZUELA pumps money into programs for the poor
Casa Grande Valley Newspapers – Casa Grande,AZ,USA
Venezuela’s booming oil wealth is bankrolling its most ambitious effort
in decades to help the poor, an integral part of President Hugo Chavez’s
“social …


US Alone against Venezuela
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
… “But Mr. Lula da Silva, who says Brazil-Venezuela relations have never been closer, appears to have rebuffed such entreaties during visits to the country by …
A Mexico-Venezuela gun connection?
American Thinker – Berkeley,AZ,USA
The Mexican newspaper says that the mayor’s office’s funds went through Havana, Cuba, to Caracas, Venezuela, with the purchase of AK-47s facilitated by the …

Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil co-operate in energy
Viet Nam News Agency – Hanoi,Vietnam
… in Brazil on May 10, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez affirmed that the project for energy co-operation between Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela called Petrosur …
Chávez gaining support across region
Miami Herald – FL,USA
… Latin America, much like his hero Simón Bolívar, the 19th century independence hero who tried but failed to forge a country stretching from Peru to Venezuela …
cuba, venezuela: A strategic alliance
Monday Morning – Beirut,Lebanon
… Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez (in red shirt) walking through Old Havana with historian Eusebio Leal after opening the Havana office of Venezuela’s oil giant …

Headlines for Wednesday, May 11, 2005 (Caracas time)
We can always sell oil somewhere else … so are you willing to pay?
By: Carlos M. Pietri
James, I hope that my brief explanation has clarified the picture to you. Now, I do have a question: Since you live in a free Country, can you travel to Cuba when ever you want to? ∑ I guess that the obvious answer will be yes. Isn‚t it?
Arthur Shaw: All of a sudden, crumbs and scraps ain’t good enough for them
By: Arthur Shaw
Actually, the USA attempts to impose not “its” model but the model it chooses for the countries of the South. There seems to be two “models” for development in Latin America and the Caribbean as an alternative to both the Cuban and the US models.
Opposition seeking protection from their pimps in Washington and Miami
By: Supriyo Chatterjee
Every so often, I get unsolicited email from a bi-lingual journal in Caracas that advertises its links to major Anglo-American newspapers such as the New York Times and the Guardian of the UK.
Frustrations building up in Washington; every corner they take, they loose
By: Stephanie Shores
The USA is saying, in other words, that if Venezuela pulls out and does not participate in world trade then other countries may do the same .. and forbid that to happen, as the USA “THINKS” that they run, conquer and own the entire world.
Chavez Frias suggests creation of Arab-SA Front to challenge Empire
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Arab and South American countries have one thing in common, Chavez Frias has told delegates, namely petroleum, which has unleashed imperialist voracity … “current wars have a strong whiff of petroleum.”
Chavez Frias’ “social revolution” is drawing both praise and skepticism
By: Reporters
Oil wealth is bankrolling its most ambitious effort in decades to help the poor, an integral part of Chavez’ “social revolution” that is drawing both praise and skepticism while he strengthens ties with Cuba and increasingly clashes with USA.
Chris Herz: USA war criminals belong behind bars what they have done
By: Chris Herz
Facing an ever-growing insurgency in Iraq there are many signs of strain within the US on this issue. We now have no less than 57% of USA people saying that this war was not worth its cost.
Venezuela IRS says foreign oil companies owe US$2 billion in back taxes
By: Reporters
The Venezuelan government claims that private oil companies, which operate under special contracts signed with state-owned oil firm PDVSA, under-reported their income and posted fictitious losses.
PRAVDA: USA has been using Russia for egocentric purposes for 13 years
By: Reporters
The two countries hardly have anything in common at this point. It is not ruled out that the dialogue might soon take the “cold war” style, unless Russian and American politicians learn to show mutual respect to each other.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Frias concludes bilateral meetings
By: Armando Núñez
Chavez Frias has concluded his bilateral meetings with his Arab, Algerian, Syrian, and Lebanese counterparts indicating that during his meeting with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, they discussed the situation in the Middle East, Africa and
Consensus is the keynote of Arab-South American summit
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Chavez Frias has gone with the consensus in recognizing the new government of Iraq that sent a delegation. However, Chavez Frias insists that he has not accepted the invasion of Iraq by USA and British forces.
MVR leader William Lara to act as MVR caretaker in Zulia State
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Inside the MVR in Zulia, some activists have preferred to re-launch their political careers forming the Movimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario (MBR-200-4F) in protest over MVR’s old party structure of leadership.
Venezuela’s arms purchases are a “closed issue” for Colombia
By: Sarah Wagner
Over the course of the past few months, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez placed an order for 100,000 AK-47 assault rifles to replace the 30-year old Belgian light automatic rifles the Venezuelan military currently uses.
Venezuela closer to strategic alliance with Arab and South American nations
By: Armando Núñez
The Venezuelan Head of State stated “when we talk about defending the sovereignty of nations and non-interference, we are colliding with the guidelines set by Mr. Bush‚s preventive war.‰
Venezuela to request Cuban exile extradition in a few hours
By: Néstor Sánchez
Venezuela will officially request the extradition of the Cuban exile terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, who is believed to be in the US, said Venezuelan Ambassador in the US, Bernardo Alvarez.
Entrepreneurs predict progress in manufacturing activity
By: Armando Núñez
70% of the people said, that according to the purchase orders of their companies, they will have a job for at least three months. (21%) of the remaining 30%, pointed out that production is safe for a period of three to nine months.
Ferrocasa to build 3,000 homes in Bolivar State
By: Armando Núñez
Venezuelan Guayana Corporation CVG subsidiary (Ferrocasa) is expected to build 3,000 low-cost homes in the state of Bolivar by using new technology provided by private companies from around the country.
Bs.8 billion allotted for agricultural development in Vargas State
By: Armando Núñez
Over 8 billion bolivares will be allotted to an agricultural development program in the state of Vargas, by instrumentality of the inter-disciplinary agreement Housing & Agro-Ecological Sustainable Development for the People (Vida).
Minep allotted Bs.57 billion for projects in Merida State
By: Armando Núñez
A total of 7,300 beneficiaries, which is an important axis of the State‚s labor force, is the positive result of the first phase of the Vuelvan Caras Mission in the state of Merida.
Foreign investors show great interest in Venezuelan aluminum
By: Armando Núñez
Foreign investors have expressed their interest in investing in Venezuelan aluminum, Basic Industries and Mining (Mibam) Investment Promotions Vice Minister Valmore Vasquez was quoted as saying.
US oil companies reaffirm their interest to invest in Venezuelan oil industry
By: Armando Núñez
Ramirez said that the 2005-2010 Business Plan anticipates investment in the order of US$ 43 billion, with the intention of reaching an output capacity of 5 million barrels per day by the end of said period.
Venezuela: Projects and cooperation to boost Democracy
By: Reporters
Venezuela began a process of political and structural changes with a new Constitution that guarantees sustainability, national development and fair distribution of wealth, benefiting sectors that historically have been excluded.
Washington Times Op-Ed: Defending free trade
By: Reporters
How do you avoid losing the peace, once you have won the war? The question applies as much to Central America as it does to Iraq. Not very long ago, Central America was a battlefield of competing Cold War ideologies.
Chavez Frias: Petrobras, PDVSA to build refinery in Pernambuco (Brazil)
By: Reporters
“It’s important for us that it will be in Pernambuco because we’ll bring in heavy oil from Orinoco via the Atlantic direct to Pernambuco for refining, and to supply a good part of the northern Brazilian market.”
CIA files throw light on accused terrorist in US
ABC Online – Australia
Declassified US files have revealed an anti-communist Cuban, who has applied for asylum in the United States but is wanted by Venezuela for the bombing of a …
Venezuela’s Arms Purchases are a “Closed Issue” for Colombia – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, May 10, 2005—According to Colombian Foreign Relations Minister Carolina Barco, Venezuela’s arms purchases are a “closed issue,” The …

VENEZUELA to Bill Oil Firms for Back Taxes
Forbes – USA
Venezuela will charge oil firms four years of back taxes on some operations
as the government clamps down on the oil industry, a tax official said
Tuesday. …

CENTRAL bank to give Venezuela up to $1.4B
BusinessWeek – USA
10 5:21 PM ET Venezuela’s Central Bank will hand the government as much
as US$1.395 billion (euro1.09 billion) in foreign exchange profits this
year, a banking …

VENEZUELA’S president uses booming oil wealth for social purposes
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
SABANETA, Venezuela — Workers are cutting sugarcane on fields that once
lay fallow, stitching together T-shirts at state-financed cooperatives
and building …

ARGENTINA, Brazil and Venezuela Buttress Alliance
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Buenos Aires, May 10 (Prensa Latina) Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela ratified
their strategic partnership to strengthen political, economic and cultural

Carlos Herrera: Oh, I forgot, it had to do with Cuba, the Axis of Evil!
By: Carlos Herrera
Outrage expressed by opposition op-ed commentators on events such as the opening of a PDVSA office in Havana, the alleged firing of some 3000 oil workers in Zulia and the specter of socialism hovering over Venezuela is perfectly understandable.
Arthur Shaw: Don’t forget to watch the OAS tomorrow, May 11
By: Arthur Shaw
Will the 17 to 17 tie of April 11, during the initial round of voting, for and against the US handpicked candidate, the Mexican Luis Derbez, for the secretary-general job reappear?
Chavez Frias plays down rivalries among South America’s Big Three
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
On the oil front the three countries will help develop an oil and natural gas project in Argentina, build a refinery in Pernambuco and transport oil from Venezuelan fields in the Orinoco River to Brazil via the Atlantic Ocean.
Tascon suspended as internal rumbles inside MVR continue
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
National Assembly (AN) president, Nicolas Maduro denies that the temporary suspension has anything to do with the use of Tascon’s list to deny employment to job applicants that had signed the recall referendum.
IRS/Seniat: 6/22 oil companies owe 63 billion bolivares … more to come
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Vielma Mora states that IRS/Seniat has been investigating possible tax evasion since February 15 and maintains that the figures he has released date from 2004-2005 and that officials will cover the 2001-2005 period.
Cubans to sign $8 million light industry agreement with Venezuela
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Perhaps the most significant agreement last week in Cuba was to officially launch President Chavez Frias’ continental alternative to the USA’s Free Trade for the Americas Agreement (FTAA), namely, The Bolivarian Alterative Trade Agreement (ALBA).
Chavez’ programs have awakened a sense of pride and dignity in Venezuela
By: Tomas Gorman
I came to Venezuela intrigued by the reports I had been reading of the “Revolutionary Process” that the left in Ireland and Britain had been debating about.
Venezuela hits rock bottom again — CNN table on gas prices!
By: Reporters
CNN has just released this comparative table for gasoline prices around the world expressed in US$ per gallon. We’ve expanded on it a little to show the liter price in US$ and •uros.
Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela agree to set up Petrosur
By: Armando Núñez
The Venezuelan Head of State said today that he is scheduled to meet with the Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Algeria and the heads of the Syrian and Palestinian delegations.
Banfoandes to grant mortgage loans as of June
By: Armando Núñez
Los Andes Regional Development Bank (Banfoandes) president Milagros Rodreguez reported that the bank is scheduled to grant mortgage loans for housing projects as of June 1.
IRS/Seniat surpassed tax collection goal during first semester 2005
By: Armando Núñez
Seniat superintendent Josw Gregorio Vielma Mora made the announcement in the state of Barinas during a ceremony. He said tax collection rose to 3.7 billion bolivares, reaching its goal of 2.2 billion bolivares and a collection rate of 168.9%.
Venezuela‚s economy grew more than 5% between January and March
By: Armando Núñez
Merentes said inflation rate in Venezuela will stand below 15% this year and oil production within the framework of this year‚s budget: 3.4 million barrels per day.
Datanalisis survey says President Chavez has an approval rating of 70%
By: Armando Núñez
According to the report, these figures have been increasing in favor of the President since July, 2003, when his approval rating had plummeted to its lowest level reaching 30.8 % and a rejection rate of 67%.
President Hugo Chavez travels to Brazil to attend the Arab League Summit
By: Armando Núñez
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is scheduled to arrive to Brasilia, Brazil, today to attend the South American and Arab League Summit, will begin his agenda with a meeting with the Foreign Ministers and a plenary between the Heads of States.
Integral development is based on Endogenous Development Projects
By: Armando Núñez
As part of the revolutionary strategy led by the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela in an effort to pursue integral development in the country, by way of encouraging production.
Franz J. T. Lee: Mr. Clark … Man does not live by oil alone!
By: Franz J.T. Lee
The function of ideology and its corresponding practice is precisely to distort ideas, acts and events, and to convert them precisely into their opposite, to serve the class interests of rulers or cliques.
Venezuela central bank director criticises Chavez’s plan to use …
Forbes – USA
CARACAS (AFX) – Domingo Maza Zabala, a director of Venezuela’s central bank, criticised President Hugo Chavez’s plan to use part of the bank’s international …

Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela Buttress Alliance
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Buenos Aires, May 10 (Prensa Latina) Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela ratified their strategic partnership to strengthen political, economic and cultural …
Venezuela to Bill Oil Firms for Back Taxes
Forbes – USA
Venezuela will charge oil firms four years of back taxes on some operations as the government clamps down on the oil industry, a tax official said Tuesday. …
Internat’l Investment Grows in Venezuela
Forbes – USA
International investment grew in Venezuela during the first quarter, reaching US$546 million (euro425 million) – a 220 percent growth compared to the first …
Venezuelan Refinery Said to Be Operational
Forbes – USA
El Palito refinery in Venezuela is restarting and is expected to become fully operational by Thursday, after being down for over a week, a union representative …
Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela agree to set up … – Worth,IL,USA
Following his trilateral meeting with his Argentine and Brazilian counterparts, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias said …
Venezuela’s economy grew more than 5% between January and March – Worth,IL,USA
Venezuelan Finance Minister Nelson Merentes has assured that Venezuela’s economy grew above 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during the first trimester …
May day in Venezuela – London,UK
Hundreds of thousands of supporters of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s left wing president, marched through Caracas, the capital, on May Day in support of plans to …

Foreign Investment on the Rise in Venezuela
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, May 10 (Prsensa Latina) Despite attempts by the opposition to present a blight picture of the Venezuelan economy, foreign investments increased by 220 …
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
… It will be great for doing school work,” noted Irene, 11, a sixth-grade student lining up in Simón Bolívar Square – named after Venezuela’s national hero …
Chávez: US Military Presence in Colombia a Concern for Venezuela – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, May 9, 2005—During a televised speech on Friday, May 6th Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez accused Washington of “having an interest …’Venezuela+favo

Venezuela favors oil price band: Official – New Delhi,India
… Venezuela, the world’s fifth oil exporter, is a founding member of OPEC and supplies 17 per cent of the United States’ imports. (AP).

Pope Benedict XVI Names New Cuban Bishop
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
… But in 1966, he entered a seminary in Venezuela to study for the priesthood. Ordained in 1972, De Cespedes developed his ministry …

GENERAL Motors to Invest $20M in Venezuela
Forbes – USA
General Motors will invest US$20 million (euro15.6 million) this year in
Venezuela to enhance its assembly operation, said a top GM executive.

VENEZUELA’S Chavez says most foreign oil cos evade taxes
Forbes – USA
… On Saturday, Venezuela’s national assembly announced it would investigate
the tax arrangements set out in the operating contracts signed between
foreign oil …

TERRORIST suspect seeks asylum in the US
… the most famous and cruel terrorist of the Western Hemisphere,” and
he has repeatedly demanded Posada’s extradition to Venezuela, where authorities
want …

VENEZUELA to Limit Foreign Currency Reserves
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela´s President Hugo Chavez urged
national deputies to hastily pass a law to put a limit on the country´s
foreign …

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