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7-15 July 2005


VENEZUELA Says Shell Owes $130 in Taxes
Forbes – USA
Venezuela has presented a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell Group a bill
for 281 billion bolivars ($130 million) in back-taxes spanning three years,
company …

VENEZUELA doctors protest against Cuban ‘intruders’
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
CARACAS, Venezuela, July 15 (Reuters) – Several hundred Venezuelan doctors
and hospital workers staged a protest on Friday against the presence of
thousands of …

VENEZUELA opens ports again after hurricane
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
Caracas, Venezuela – Venezuela has lifted restrictions on maritime travel
for small vessels and oil tankers prompted by passing Hurricane Emily,
an official …

VENEZUELA Airline May Buy Pluna Stake
Forbes – USA
… Government officials said the idea behind any deal would be to open
up more South American routes for Venezuela’s recently launched state
airline. …

Venezuela uses oil sales, army buildup to defy US
Chicago Tribune – Chicago,IL,USA
LOS ALTOS MIRANDINOS, Venezuela — As military officials barked orders, more than 300 civilians gathered in the morning hours to practice saluting and …
Venezuela to Promote South American Union of Nations:-
Webindia123 – India
Venezuela will submit a proposal to the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) Summit for strengthening integration in South American Continent, reports Prensa …
Interior Minister says scam was one big money laundering operation
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The Minister describes the revelations as “the tip of the iceberg” and suggests that some interesting names will crop up during the investigation. Maracaibo Mayor Gian Carlo Di Martino is in Caracas attending a special AN committee.
Medical doctors march for higher salaries and political motives
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The FMV president comments that the march is intended for doctors only but since they have received expressions of support from all health service personnel throughout Venezuela, nurses, chemists and nutritionists have been invited to join.
Chavez Frias confesses credits take too long to reach provinces
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
“About two months ago we met here and announced the projects that had been approved … I think it’s been too long … we are making a second assessment and the resources still haven’t been sent out.”
Opposition welcomes return of OAS to Venezuela … thinks it’s in the bag
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Mainstream opposition parties will participate in the elections, despite a call for abstention on the part of hard-line opponents of President Chavez Frias and doubts about participation have been raised by Sumate electoral group.


While Venezuela Struggles, Chavez Fortifies His Base
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Standing before a battery of television cameras, President Hugo Chavez confronted the impulse to break into song and — as often happens …

Venezuela moves against Shell, Chevron in tax probe
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela, July 14 (Reuters) – Venezuela on Thursday ordered international oil major Shell (RD.AS: Quote, Profile, Research)(SHEL.L: Quote, Profile …
Venezuela defines venues for America Cup 2007
Xinhua – Beijing,China
¡¡CARACAS, July 14 (Xinhuanet) — The sport authorities of Venezuela have already defined five of the eight venues for America Cup 2007, slated at this South …
Fidel Castro congratulates Cuban teachers returning from Venezuela
Granma International – La Habana,Cuba
… who arrived in Cuba this Wednesday after successfully completing their part in the literacy campaign and assessing the educational missions in Venezuela. …
Chavez Frias disagrees with Bishops’ take on reality in Venezuela – Worth,IL,USA
… “In the history of Venezuela there has never been a government that has been closer to the principles of Christianity than this one .. …
Venezuela hits Shell with £74m bill
This is Money – UK
… Opec member Venezuela is the world’s fifth-largest crude exporter, and Chavez has repeatedly accused Western companies of cheating it out of some of the wealth …


VENEZUELA moves against Shell, Chevron in tax probe
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela, July 14 (Reuters) – Venezuela on Thursday ordered international
oil major Shell (RD.AS: Quote, Profile, Research)(SHEL.L: Quote, Profile

VENEZUELA Suspends Oil Shipments From Eastern Ports (Update2)
Bloomberg – USA
July 14 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela, the world’s fifth-largest oil exporter,
suspended shipments of oil, petroleum products and other cargoes from
the port of …

HURRICANE Emily targets Grenada, Venezuela
Science Daily (press release) – USA
MIAMI, July 14 (UPI) — Packing sustained winds of 90 mph, Hurricane Emily
bore down on Grenada Thursday and prompted warnings in northern Venezuela.

SOFTWARE AG acquires APS Venezuela for 4.6 mln usd
Forbes – USA
FRANKFURT (AFX) – Software AG said it acquired APS Venezuela and five of
its partner companies for 4.6 mln usd in order to expand its Latin American
operations …

FIDEL Castro congratulates Cuban teachers returning from Venezuela
Granma International – La Habana,Cuba
… who arrived in Cuba this Wednesday after successfully completing their
part in the literacy campaign and assessing the educational missions in
Venezuela. …
If USA-dominated CAFTA goes into effect, deaths will shoot through the roof…
By: Arthur Shaw
These two “80 percents” — The US and the Central American 80 percents — are not what folks called “symmetrical” … that is, equal, because the US’ 80% contains at least a 100,000 products and the Central American 80% contains only about two dozen
Is the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV) on God’s side or the devil’s?
By: Oscar Heck
If they represent Christ, what are they doing living (or operating from) a place like that? Shouldn’t they be out in the barrios, working with the people, living with them? Or am I losing my head … or am I just darn stupid?
Cooperative Superintendent highlights abuses in cooperatives
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Citing an internal survey, Molina points to a sample showing 90% of malfeasance in 68 cooperatives funded by State bodies … no account books are being kept and nobody is accountable to the assembly of members.
Media Minister rejects Bogota’s charges vs. Telesur continental channel
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
These are signs that Telesur supports terrorism, El Tiempo states, adding that images of Colombia’s Amazonia and contamination on the River Tunjuelito aim to embarrass Colombia.
Minister Izarra says the Colombians are “fantasizing.”
Chavez Frias disagrees with Bishops’ take on reality in Venezuela
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The bishops have criticized what they call a “warmongering” discourse on the part of the government, the primacy of the military over the civilian, an increasingly partisan Judiciary and human rights abuses.
President urges people to denounce irregularities in social programs
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Referring to a recent protest at Miraflores Palace by people from Miranda State shelters for homeless, the President says it is their right to demand attention and shows “our inefficiency to solve problems .. negligent officials must go.”
Message to US president George W. Bush: Don’t mess with Venezuela
By: Mary MacElveen
A few weeks ago, I wrote my representatives a letter concerning President Hugo Chavez‚ true and noble oil-for-food program where, through profits made from CITGO gasoline sales, he has been able to open up 1,000 food centers in Venezuela.
Work in progress on the Autopista del Oriente eastwards from Caracas
By: Reporters
This picture cavalcade shows important work in progress on the new Autopista del Oriente extending through a network of tortuous valleys east of Guarenas which will eventually form a modern interstate highway link all the way from Caracas to Barcelon
Hurricane Emily forecasted to pass through Venezuelan coasts
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Civil Protection Authorities are preparing contingency plans for the possible emergencies that will probably arise from the hurricane‚s path through the Venezuelan northeastern coasts.

Appeals Court upholds 5-year prison sentence against rebel GN General
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
A second charge of abandoning his command to oppose Venezuela’s legitimate government has also been scratched out and only the remaining charge of entering a security zone has been upheld.
Visiting OAS delegation hesitant to bring in election observer team
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The OAS team is interested in getting to know National Elections Council (CNE) regulations regarding the participation of international observers and to understand the political context of the elections.
Bob Abreu returns to the harsh reality of baseball at All-Stars Game
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Abreu grounded out to second in the third inning and drew a two-out walk on a full-count pitch in the fifth. The NL team came back in the 8th innings, when Venezuelan substitute, Miguel Cabrera hit an ribbie off Joe Nathan to make it 7-3.
Venezuelan bishops criticize the militarization of the civil sector
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
In its final declaration, the CEV argues that the imposition of a sables discourse and growing militarization of the civil sector is “generating and feeding a special atmosphere and attitude of fear and insecurity.”
Cuba, Iran and Russia lobbying ILO to drop recall retaliation case
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
The Venezuelan government, Ramirez states, has violated the rights of an important group of former Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) employees as well as Metro de Caracas and Deposits Guarantee Fund (Fogade) employees.
Venezuelan economy is the fourth biggest in Latin-America
By: Leandro F. Chique C.
The report corresponds to 2004 and highlights the fact that Mexico is in first place throughout the region with a GDP close to $676 billion, Brazil is second $605 billion and Argentina in third with $151 billion.
Prensa Latina: Venezuela to increase fight against inefficient large estates
By: Reporters
Albarran said the fight against land owners’ interests belonged to all Venezuelans to democratize land possession, and was jointly launched by civic-military leaders, the armed forces, security bodies and the population.

VENEZUELA’S Chavez hits back at Catholic critics
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused
Roman Catholic bishops on Wednesday of opposing his left-wing rule and
being “out of …

VENEZUELA Cracking Down on Currency Trading
Forbes – USA
Venezuela’s Congress approved a law that seeks to stamp out the black-market
dollar trade through fines and prison sentences, taking a key step toward

TROPICAL Storm Emily closes in on Windward Islands, threatens …
Forbes – USA
… accumulations of three to six inches (7.6 to 15 centimetres) across
the Windward Islands and portions of the northern coastal area of Venezuela,
with possible …

VENEZUELA’S finance minister sees GDP growing 5 pct in 2005, 2006
Forbes – USA
CARACAS (AFX) – Economy minister Nelson Merentes said Venezuela’s GDP will
grow 5 pct this year and next, thanks to high oil prices. …

SUPPORT for Venezuela’s Extradition Petition of Terrorist Carriles
Cuban News Agency – Cuba
Havana, July 13 (AIN) Canadian Coalition “Venezuela We are with You”, grouping
more than 40 political and socio-cultural organizations, issued a statement
July …

OIL 14/7/05

OIL prices drop below $60 per barrel
BusinessWeek – USA
14 12:17 AM ET Oil prices dipped Thursday as traders took profits in Asia,
continuing an overnight slide after the Department of Energy said distillate
stocks …

FROM China, Some Relief on Oil Demand
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
PARIS, July 13 – A sudden and mysterious drop in China’s oil consumption
helped to push down the International Energy Agency’s estimate on Wednesday
of global …

US critics see security threat in China oil bid
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON, July 13 (Reuters) – China’s bid to buy US oil producer Unocal
was part of a calculated challenge to America’s global power and could
damage US …

OIL Falls a Second Day After Surge in US Distillate Supplies
Bloomberg – USA
July 14 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil fell a second day in New York after a
US government report showed stockpiles of distillates, which include heating
oil and …

OIL-PRICE rises may hold recovery hostage: experts
The Japan Times – Japan
By MAYUMI NEGISHI. Rising oil prices have yet to faze Japan. But with oil
experts projecting further hikes to as much as $80 a barrel …
Some of Cuba’s doctors work in Venezuela
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
LOS POTOCOS, Venezuela – Amid the rows of shacks inhabited by poor farmers and unemployed laborers, doctors in white coats now make house calls, dodging …


VENEZUELA Proposes Debt Market for Emerging Countries (Update2)
Bloomberg – USA
July 12 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela proposed the creation of a debt market
for emerging market countries, saying it may purchase bonds from Argentina,
Bolivia …

VENEZUELA to Promote Common Tariff in CAN Summit
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
… integration in the sector. CAN leaders are slated to meet in Lima,
Peru, on July 16, when Venezuela will assume the bloc presidency.

RUSSIA to increase cooperation with Venezuela – MP
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
– A senior Russian parliamentarian told a Venezuelan supreme court judge
Tuesday that Russia wanted to increase bilateral cooperation with Venezuela.

VENEZUELA to Register 100,000 Cooperatives in 2005
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, Jul 12 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela plans to register 100,000 cooperatives
in 2005 in a boost to the program pushed by President Hugo Chavez, according

Interlink Global, Corp. Agrees To Terms To Acquire Venezuelan …
Business Wire (press release) – San Francisco,CA,USA
… (”NGTV”), one of the largest privately owned telecom network services companies operating in Venezuela. NGTV, which has an eleven …
So why would anyone vote for a person like Primero Justicia’s Julio Borges?
By: Oscar Heck
I feel compelled to write about Primero Justicia again. Primero Justicia (First Justice) is a Venezuelan political party that has 5 of 165 seats at the National Assembly … 3% of the people’s representation within government.
Oliver L. Campbell: Is investment in the Orinoco Belt still a good deal?
By: Oliver L. Campbell
The Vice Minister of Energy & Petroleum recently announced that the companies operating in the Orinoco Belt will be required to enhance the oil recovery factor, currently about six percent, by injecting gas and/or steam into the subsurface.
Venezuelan Vice President admits that the DEA has been told to lay off
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
“We have taken measures to stop (DEA) agents from violating Venezuelan laws because we want to exercise a sovereign policy in the war on drugs.” It is not just, Rangel comments, that DEA agents arrest citizens, violating their human rights.
Los Roques tourist businesses/agencies caught and fined for tax evasion
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
19 Caracas-based travel agencies connected to travel and accommodation arrangements on the Los Roques Archipelago were visited by IRS/Seniat agents and 16 were shut down … only three had their tax situation up to date.
DEA agents blame politics for obstacles to joint narcotics control cooperation
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Fletcher claims that Corredor made bribe offers to his State Political & Security (DISIP) custodians from the very first day after DEA agents captured him in a sting operation … the escape, DEA agents allege, came as no surprise.
Eighty (80) persons protest housing solutions outside Miraflores Palace
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Leaders allege that the police prevented them from protesting outside the Palace but later relented allowing them to approach one of the entrances. The group brought along children as young as 15-days old to heighten public interest.
Who organized the April 2002 coup d’etat and economic sabotage … Chavez?
By: Carlos Herrera
If any country in the world took a hit of those proportions equaling one year‚s national budget, it would be inevitable that the standard of living would fall and poverty increase.
Baseballer Abreu breaks 3 records to win All-Star Home Run Derby
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Participants were for the first time in the Derby series allowed to represent their country. The new arrangement has been introduced as part of a promotion drive for next March’s World Baseball Classic.
When US troops enter a Latin American country, it is not for solidarity!
By: Carlos M. Pietri
Paraguay must know that it has given a mortal blow to the South Common Market (MERCOSUR) construction process. In addition, it has opened a possibility to obstruct the Asuncion Treaty.
IT consultant Flavio Marquez’ pet puss Pedro (14) — Puss in Booze!
By: Reporters
Age 14 (70 in human years) you’d think Mexican-Canadian Pedro would have had more than his fair share of “nites on the tiles” behind him and ready to purr his way into happy retirement but the evidence is there .. Tequila keeps him healthy and young

AP: Venezuela Candidate Faces Tough Task
Guardian Unlimited – UK
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuela’s only opposition leader to enter a
bid so far for next year’s presidential vote faces a Herculean task: defeating
a wily …,1280,-5134771,00.html

VENEZUELA and Vietnam establish diplomatic ties, discuss trade …
China Post – Taipei,Taiwan
The Vietnamese foreign minister was invited to visit Caracas in September
to sign a cooperation and commercial agreement with Venezuela, the world’s
fifth …

DURING a quiet moment in his hometown of Tovar, Venezuela, away …
Grand Forks Herald – Grand Forks,ND,USA
During a quiet moment in his hometown of Tovar, Venezuela, away from the
crowds after a day of adulation on the streets that included honking,
waving, shouting …

VENEZUELA Accuses US of Interfering in Internal Legal Proceedings – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, July 11, 2005—Venezuela’s embassy in Washington, DC,
released a communiqué this weekend, responding to US criticism of a court
case …

VENEZUELA Launches New Culture Mission – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, July 11, 2005—A country cannot have a revolution without
culture affirmed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, yesterday during his
weekly …
Hagel: South American unrest poses threat
Lincoln Journal Star – Lincoln,NE,USA
… Hagel pointed to an ongoing conflict with narco-terrorists and paramilitary forces in Columbia, along with “troubling signs” in Venezuela, where President Hugo …

Venezuela to Increase Fight Against Inefficient Large Estates
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Agriculture and Land (MAT) Minister Antonio Albarran asserted his country will deepen the struggle against …
Good Things Happening in Venezuela
Z Magazine (subscription) – Woods Hole,MA,USA
Even before I arrived in Venezuela for a recent visit, I encountered the great class divide in that country. On my connecting flight …
Bancorp Int’l to Dredge Diamonds in Venezuela – New York,NY,USA
… Rapaport…July 11, 2005) In an attempt to diversify its operations, Bancorp International Group Inc., signed with Torrez Diamantes SA of Venezuela to purchase …

Chavez Frias tells MIJ Minister to get move on with police restructure
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
“Jesse you might end up bald and thin, but you must guarantee the population a serious, transparent and honest police force … Venezuela needs a new police force and we must be careful with our police academies.”
After all, Venezuela has as much or even more oil than Iraq…
By: Arthur Shaw
Most of the US people … and even some of the GOPs … believe now that it was a mistake for the Bush regime to lie the United States into war against Iraq. The Iraqis are too tough. The US “allies,” including the UK, are useless in combat.
Venezuela’s IRS/Seniat: equity dictates everyone pays his fair share of tax
By: Oliver L. Campbell
No one likes paying taxes, but I did so most reluctantly when I lived and worked in Venezuela. Equity dictates that “For the same amount of income, the same amount of tax‰ but this just did not happen and I will explain why.
Bancorp International announces new diamond mining contract in Venezuela
By: David Coleman
“This is a significant step for our company as it concretely demonstrates our intent to diversify our business model and mining operations,” said Thomas Magnus, the CEO of Bancorp International Group, Inc.
A great communist theory … but it has no place in a democratic society
By: Kenneth T. Tellis
Looking at the overall picture, one is left with the impression that what is going on behind the scenes is far worse than we think. Because, that would imply that the ends justify the means.

After all, Venezuela has as much or even more oil than Iraq… – Worth,IL,USA
… And more than a few of the “faith-based” have already begun to condemn Venezuela for bringing in “all them Cuban doctors” when the only thing the shut-ins need …
Venezuela’s IRS/Seniat: equity dictates everyone pays his fair … – Worth,IL,USA
… which has done the contrary. No one likes paying taxes, but I did so most reluctantly when I lived and worked in Venezuela. Equity …

VENEZUELA: Chavez targets police corruption
Green Left Weekly – Chippendale,NSW,Australia
… has also announced plans to reorganise the Directorate of Intelligence
and Preventative Services (DISIP), according to a June 17 Venezuela Analysis
article. …

VENEZUELA’S Chavez Creates New Government Cultural Program
Bloomberg – USA
July 10 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has boosted
spending on food subsidies, education and health, created a new government
program to …

VENEZUELA: Hugo Chávez e il petrolio del populismo
PeaceLink – Italy
Hugo Chávez usa gli enormi ricavi petroliferi del Venezuela per i programmi
sociali in favore dei più poveri. Ma la spesa pubblica …

OIL and regional unity
Trinidad & Tobago Express – Port-of-Spain,Trinidad and Tobago
The leaders at their summit last week decided that Mr Manning should be
the one to lead negotiations on their behalf with Venezuela on any matters
arising out …

Venezuela Accuses Washington of Interference
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
In statement in Maracay, 68 miles southeast Caracas, Rangel urged international organizations to respect Venezuela Judicial Power, which is autonomous …
Venezuela: Interview with Ruben Linares, National Coordinator of …
Political Affairs Magazine – New York,NY,USA
At the end of June 2005, Ruben Linares was in Britain. Jorge Martin interviewed him for Hands Off Venezuela. Jorge Martin: Can you …
Venezuela-US business round reaches US$600 million – Worth,IL,USA
According to the Ministry of Light Industry & Commerce, the organizer of the business round, 90 exporters and 33 importers from Venezuela participated, along …
VENEZUELA: Caribbean oil alliance formed
Green Left Weekly – Chippendale,NSW,Australia
Venezuela hosted an energy summit with officials from 16 Caribbean countries on June 29 that furthered President Hugo Chavez’s plan to create an alternative …
VENEZUELA: Chavez targets police corruption
Green Left Weekly – Chippendale,NSW,Australia
… has also announced plans to reorganise the Directorate of Intelligence and Preventative Services (DISIP), according to a June 17 Venezuela Analysis article. …

The slick of oil diplomacy and national self-interest
Jamaica Observer – Kingston,Jamaica
… his Caricom colleagues at the start of their summit in St Lucia last Sunday, berating them for ingratitude by signing a petroleum deal with Venezuela which, on …
Permanent allies or permanent interests?
Trinidad & Tobago Express – Port-of-Spain,Trinidad and Tobago
One is struck by the apparent validity of this aphorism as one observes the behaviour of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela in respect of the controversy over …


DO Foreign Governments Have a “Human Right” to Buy Venezuela …
The Narco News Bulletin
… As John Kerry found out the hard way, the corrupting practices that
Bush and Vivanco condone in Venezuela are strictly verboten in the United
States∑ …

VENEZUELA donates $6.2 mn tsunami aid to Sri Lanka:-
Webindia123 – India
Colombo, July 9 : Venezuela has given $6.2 million to Sri Lanka as tsunami
relief aid, Xinhua reports. The visiting Venezuelan Vice …

VENEZUELA Offers Cuba Aid after Hurricane Dennis
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela´s President Hugo Chavez has offered
his country´s support to Cuba in a friendly gesture to help the Island
on its …


VENEZUELA, Italy Firms Reach Steel Deal
Forbes – USA
Venezuela’s state-run Ferrominera del Orinoco and Italy’s Danieli Spa signed
an US $570 million (euro478 million) agreement Friday for construction
of steel …

US Criticizes Venezuela Over Prosecution of Chavez Foes
Voice of America – USA
… promotes democracy world-wide. The NED has spent more than $2 million
in recent years on programs in Venezuela. Sumate was a major …

VENEZUELA: Court Orders Trial of Civil Society Leaders
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… According to the NED, Súmate received US$31,150 which was used for
workshops to educate citizens regarding Venezuela’s constitutional referendum

THE main source of barbarism in Venezuela’s security organizations … – Worth,IL,USA
… nor can it be assumed with prejudice. To do so, is the equivalent of
allowing Venezuela to descend further as a land where impunity is strengthened,
Venezuela condemns London terrorist attacks … concern for its … – Worth,IL,USA
… A communique from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry says Venezuela offers its condolences to the British government and people and expresses its most decisive …
US citizens should respect their own laws and other government‚s laws too
By: Lourdes Vela
“Substantial assistance‰ refers to active involvement in the solicitation, making, receipt or acceptance of a foreign national contribution or donation with the intent of facilitating the successful completion of the transaction.
The main source of barbarism in Venezuela’s security organizations…
By: Carlos M. Pietri
With this vote against Minister Chacon, the opposition’s political intolerance backslides again into hypocritical and unfounded accusations, since they know of their own greatest responsibility in (mis)behavior within our police organisms.
Sumate’s Machado defiant at hearing … gets help from 2 US lawyers
By: Patrick J. O’Donoghue
Maria Corina refused to answer any questions from state prosecutor, Norma Sandoval, appealing to Bolivarian Constitution Article 49, stipulating the right to defense and legal assistance and the principle of innocent until proven guilty.
Chris Cook: But what is the alternative? Price dollars in oil, not oil in dollars!
By: Chris Cook
But it is becoming clear that the Iraq war — while aimed at reducing US reliance upon Saudi oil — may have unintended consequences in terms of changing the dynamics of the oil market generally and the Organization of OPEC in particular.
Venezuelan university students‚ murders lead to restructuring of police force
By: Sarah Wagner
After announcing that twenty-six military police officers of the CICPC commission are being charged with altering the crime scene, Chacon stated that the case is clear because there are two crimes: murder and altering the crime scene.
Early Day Motions in UK Parliament on Venezuela/extradition of Posada Carriles
By: Jorge Martin
On July 5, Venezuela’s Independence Day, UK Member of Parliament John McDonnell … who is also the honorary president of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign … tabled two Early Day Motions.
London attack: Washington may just be the world’s number one terrorist!
By: Alison Shunstrom
Mr. Chavez does not choose to live the way Washington says to live so therefore if Mr. Chavez is not going to do what Washington says then he shall not rule that country, because Washington has in their heads a evil demented fantasy that they will ru
Applying the US standard: State sponsors of Terrorism
By: Jeremy R. Hammond
Moreover, the standards applied against those the US considers terrorists, terrorist organizations, or state sponsors of terrorism, are instructive, particularly if one is inclined to apply the same standard to the US as it applies elsewhere.
Louisiana refineries hit by power outages in the wake of Tropical Storm Cindy
By: Reporters
News agencies are reporting from Houston (Texas) that operations at five Louisiana oil refineries have been affected by electric power outages in the wake of Tropical Storm Cindy.
Towards developing a new science and philosophy for the Bolivarian Revolution
By: Franz J.T. Lee
With scientific precision, Fidel mentioned and explained revolutionary philosophy and emancipatory theory. It would be highly advisable that we also learn how to create and use our own revolutionary concepts in stringent terms.
Venezuela’s Chavez calls on the United States to “bury FTAA‰ proposal
By: Reporters
“The White House proposal which was done over ten years ago it totally impracticable, unviable, thanks God the FTAA is dead and ready for burial,‰ blasted President Chavez during the celebrations of Venezuela‚s Independence Day.


Venezuela and UNICEF Sign Cooperation Commitment
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Caracas, Jul 7 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) signed a cooperation commitment valid until 2007, according to reports published …

Caricom, Venezuela, Cuba ready to help, says PM
Jamaica Observer – Kingston,Jamaica
… yesterday from Fidel Castro, the president of Cuba, whose country could suffer some damage from the hurricane, and the government of Venezuela also indicated …

HUGO Chávez and Venezuela’s armed forces
Economist – UK
ALTHOUGH he was democratically elected as Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez
is a former army officer and often says he heads a civilian-military regime.
Venezuela poised to seize bank’s reserves
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Venezuela’s central bank is bracing itself for a hostile takeover bid by an unlikely suitor: the government of President Hugo Chávez. …

Farmers Murdered in Attempt to Destabilize Venezuela
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
… Jul 7 (Prensa Latina) Violence against farm leaders, some one hundred killed in the last six years, is part of a plan to destabilize Venezuela, rural leaders …
Left, right: Iran and Venezuela in lockstep
Asia Times Online – Kowloon,Hong Kong
… leaders felicitating Iran’s president-elect, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, one head of state conspicuously set aside protocol norms – President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. …
Some insight into the Petrocaribe agreement$
Barbados Advocate – Barbados
… excluding Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados, at the First Energy Summit of Caribbean heads of state and government in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, last week. …

Most still believe democracy is best
Miami Herald – FL,USA
… Ten countries in Latin America are ranked in the index: Haiti (10), Colombia (14), the Dominican Republic (19), Venezuela (21), Guatemala (31), Paraguay (36 …

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