Venezuela sees oil prices staying high
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — OPEC member Venezuela sees crude oil prices staying high, Venezuela's oil minister said on Wednesday. “We
Oscar Heck: Venezuela's Chavez must be doing something right …
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Well, surprisingly, Canada's external debt is $510 billion! Because Venezuela's external debt is in the vicinity of only $20+ billion …

More Tax on Venezuela Oil Projects – Punjab,India
Venezuela's energy minister said on Monday that the country's decision to end a tax holiday on the four heavy-crude upgrading projects in the country's vast
Trinidad seeks to become a major gas supplier
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
A growing number of Spanish-speaking immigrants from Venezuela and Colombia have moved here to fill service jobs in restaurants and other work shunned by
Columbus Unhorsed in Venezuela
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
While representatives of Venezuela's indigenous groups urged a mayor to bulldoze a statue of Christopher Columbus in one Caracas plaza on Tuesday, radical
Venezuela disapproves Salvadoran candidacy for OAS top job
Xinhua – Beijing,China
12 (Xinhuanet) — Venezuela would not support former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores as candidate for secretary general of the Organization of American

ChevronTexaco hails Plataforma Deltana Block 2 gas results off
Oil & Gas Journal – Houston,TX,United States
12 — ChevronTexaco Latin America Upstream Monday said its offshore Plataforma Deltana Loran 2X exploration well on Block 2 off Venezuela has encountered a
Chavez Supporters Pull Down Statue of Columbus
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez celebrated Columbus Day on Tuesday by toppling a statue in Caracas of the
UN Ambassador says Venezuela active in UN Convention against
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
In a press statement, Venezuela's UN delegation states that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has ratified the UN Convention on Transnational Organized
Oscar Heck: Corruption is being addressed continuously because of
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Letter #1 is a good example of the hundreds of letters I have received from anti-Chavez people from Venezuela and abroad. I usually

UN Ambassador says Venezuela active in UN Convention against Corruption
By: David Coleman
Venezuela is in full accordance with international agreements on terrorism and the financing of acts of terrorism which are also considered to be part of domestic Venezuelan legislation.
Mexican Foreign Minister Derbez Bautista is to begin an official 2-day visit
By: Roy S. Carson
The governments of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the United States of Mexico have entered a new phase in diplomatic relationships which reach fruition withthis week's official program of bi-lateral events.
Energy & Mines Minister explains decision to end heavy-crude tax break
By: Reporters
In an interview with New York Times correspondent Brian Ellsworth, Ramirez says the move to regulate the payment schedule of royalties and taxes will not drive companies away.
Japanese Marubeni aims to self-finance 60-70% of 6th aluminum reduction line
By: David Coleman
Marubeni also says it should participate in many of the new aluminum and iron projects to be undertaken by the Venezuelan Guayana Corporation (CVG), as well as the development of hydroelectric power plants on the Rio Caroni.
Russia plans US$1 billion Venezuelan in aluminum and oil investments
By: Reporters
Foreign Minister Jesus Arnoldo Perez is denying allegations from neighboring Colombia that Venezuela is inciting an arms race … he says Venezuela is simply exercising its sovereign right to strengthen its border security against foreign intrusion.
MinCI Minister Izarra accolades excellent work being carried out at Fogade
By: Reporters
“Public organizations should multiply this kind of training plan for those who lack the know-how, so that they become more included and less excluded … giving power to the people, which is the fundamental idea of the Bolivarian process.”
Oscar Heck: Corruption is being addressed continuously because of Chavez
By: Oscar Heck
I usually receive such letters after writing about the differences between the wealthy Venezuelan mid-to-upper classes and the rest of the population (the 80%) … or when I write anything that can be construed as being “anti-USA.‰
FONTUR invests 17 billion bolivares to refurbish rural road links in Guarico
By: Reporters
Bonillo emphasizes that the work will comprise asphalt placement, gravel, edging and the construction of drainage ditches and gutters to allow farmers to deliver their produce to national markets at any season.
Democracy of the Washington-London variety is Cinderella reduced to prostitution
By: Supriyo Chatterjee
People of many nationalities see in Venezuela the frontline of the battle for two democracies … the one decaying model that will not threaten elite interests which Washington and its local allies like Sumate want.
Franz J. T. Lee: The big lie of Human Trafficking in Venezuela
By: Franz J. T. Lee
The USA is itself exploiting billions of physical and mental labor forces en masse … by prostituting them, buying their very bodies and souls cheaply, northern corporate imperialism still has the arrogant audacity.
October 12th – Venezuela solidarity day of action in London
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
October 12th – Venezuela solidarity day of action in London kicks off the ESF This year's European Social Forum in London starts early, with a host of
President Chavez of Venezuela wins International Gaddafi Award for
Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation – Libya
2004-10-12/ President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela expressed his gratitude for the role of the Leader of the Revolution regarding issues of humanity, freedom and
Venezuela, El Libertario – 9 years, 40 editions
Infoshop News – USA
Dear compas: The Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela is happy to announce the upcoming (early November) release of issue # 40 of our
UNPF: Venezuela has the third lowest infant mortality rate in
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
VTV reports: United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) representative Moni Pizani says that the latest report by the organization shows Venezuela as the country

Venezuela and Indonesia agree to fight terrorism, encourage world peace
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
The Republic of Indonesia agrees with Venezuela on the fight against terrorism and on the encouragement of world peace; the close ties between both countries are not only cultural ones, but also in other important areas.
CNE announces intensive information campaign; admits time problems
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
“We must admit that we have a problem with the amount of time spent at the voting machines due to difficulties posed by the voting process,” Rodriguez said at a press conference, where he was accompanied by deputy director Tibisay Lucena.
UNPF: Venezuela has the third lowest infant mortality rate in South America
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) representative Moni Pizani says that the latest report by the organization shows Venezuela as the country with the third lowest infant mortality rate in South America.
ChevronTexaco says successful gas discovery in Venezuela's Deltana Platform
By: Reporters
“We are optimistic with the results,” said Ali Moshiri, president of ChevronTexaco Latin America Upstream. “We have now completed testing of two major reservoirs in Block 2 and we plan to drill two more wells by the end of the year.”
Ambassador Alfredo Toro Hardy: Venezuela … the end of the tunnel in sight
By: Alfredo Toro Hardy
Evidencing the highest economic growth in the region for the year being 13,3%, a group of structural reasons seem to announce a sustained period of high oil prices and important investments in the energetic sector.
CNE director: Problems at 5% of voting centers chosen for the practice run
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
In 1,125 centers, “failure drills” took place, addressing problems such as failure or deficiency in telecommunications, not receiving machines or ballots and malfunctioning machines … each problem had a planned contingency action.
CNE will release results of Sunday's electoral practice run later today
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
National Elections Council (CNE) director Jorge Rodriguez says information and results related to the electoral practice run that took place yesterday, Sunday, October 10 at several voting centers nationwide will be released today.
Fitch Ratings upgrades CITGO senior unsecured debt rating to BB from BB-
By: Reporters
CITGO is owned by PDV America, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the state-owned oil company of Venezuela … the Rating Outlook for the debt of CITGO is Stable.
Venezuela jacks up oil royalties
Big News – Australia
Venezuela announced a dramatic increase in royalties for foreign oil companies operating in the petroleum-rich country, El Nacional reported Monday.
Ambassador Alfredo Toro Hardy: Venezuela … the end of the tunnel
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alfredo Toro Hardy writes: Everything seems to indicate that Venezuela is at the end of the tunnel and about to
Venezuela announces oil tax increase
RTE Interactive – Ireland
Venezuela has announced a 16-point increase in the royalties payable by foreign oil companies operating in one of its richest oil fields.
Venezuela raises tax on foreign oil companies
Xinhua – Beijing,China
from the Orinoco oil field. Venezuela has abundant reserves of heavy crude in the oil fieldin southeast Venezuela. In the mid 1990s
Venezuela raises oil drilling tax
BBC News – London,England,UK
By Iain Bruce. Venezuela has announced that it is increasing the royalties paid by foreign oil companies from 1% to 16.6%. President
Venezuela Raises Taxes on Orinoco Deals
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela on Sunday slapped higher taxes on foreign oil companies operating in its huge Orinoco heavy crude belt in what
Libya gives human rights prize to Venezuela's Chavez
CNN International – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) — Libya Sunday awarded its annual Moammar Gadhafi human rights prize to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for resisting


Headlines for Sunday, October 10, 2004 (Caracas time)
Chavez Frias says the party's over; Venezuela's legal right to increase royalties
By: David Coleman
MEM officials have been engaged in negotiations with US and European partners to ensure that a series of joint venture projects conform to the Hydrocarbons Law which was enacted three years ago to raise royalties and taxes to equitable levels.
Chavez Frias will ask TSJ to use foreign reserves to help the country's poor
By: David Coleman
Chavez Frias could go through proper channels to appeal their decision to the Supreme Tribunal, he will fight for the benefit of the Venezuelan people … “be assured that I will fight until I can get every last cent to give to the people!”
Venezuelans in practice run for October 31 state, municipal, legislative elections
By: David Coleman
Smartmatic says it will provide the necessary tests required to guarantee optimal voting and tallying in a process where the CNE expects to audit the paper trail in at least 5,000 randomly chosen voting machines.
Beltway bullies can not deny there are too many armed US combatants in Iraq
By: David Coleman
Chavez Frias has consistently chided the US government for its persistent meddling in Venezuela's domestic-political affairs, including a failed 2002 attempt to overthrow his legitimately-elected government and to impose a USA-puppet dictatorship.
President Chavez inaugurates Valcor refinery project in Anzoategui State
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
President Hugo Chavez inaugurated the Valcor Project at the Puerto La Cruz refinery in Anzoategui state few moments before starting his weekly TV show, Hello President, transmitted from that location.
Minister Chacon announces plans for a new penitentiary system
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Chacon has announced a program that will reduce delays in the prison system and other projects that will allow greater focus on recuperating prison infrastructures, as well as mechanisms to facilitate the consolidation of a new penitentiary system.
Venezuela's Indigenous Resistance Day is response to the era of colonization
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
Pocaterra said that the celebration was to promote the social, economic, religious and cultural practices of Venezuelan indigenous ethnic groups, based on reciprocity and solidarity as elements of consolidation of these peoples.
Venezuela and India to produce high-quality generic medication
By: Vanessa Carolina del Valle Marcano
During the International South-South Cooperation and Medication Access Seminar, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and India signed an agreement to produce and commercialize generic medication to improve the life and health of the Venezuelan people
International Forecaster: Oil has to go 30% higher … US$60-72.00 a barrel
By: Bob Chapman
Venezuela has the oil, but needs massive outside investment. We do not know if the elitists will give them the money in as much as they periodically, like clockwork, attempt to dislodge him or murder President Hugo Chavez Frias.
Venezuela-US relations will improve once Washington quits interfering!
By: David Coleman
Neither President Hugo Chavez Frias or any government representative have sought any meeting with out-going US President George W. Bush … “we are not knocking on the White House door.”
President Hugo Chavez Frias: Venezuela soon to become world's first oil power
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Recalling history, Chavez Frias has told the cadets that Venezuelan President General Cipriano Castro (1899-1908) was toppled for ownership of Venezuela's new oil industry and the same could happen today.
Venezuela gets an extra Euros 806 million from each US$1 increase in oil
By: David Coleman
Venezuelan crude has averaged US$32.83 per barrel this year so far .. up $7.07 relative to the same period last year and much in excess of US$21.95 paid in 2002 and the US$20.21 in 2001. In 1998 it was only US$10.57 per barrel in 1998 … its lowes
United States concern over Cuban influence in Venezuela and Colombia
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
As for Venezuela, the spokesperson claims that the presence of Cubans in Venezuela is affecting the country's democratic system. The majority of Cubans in Venezuela belong to the government's successful Barrio Adentro health plan and sports.
US government classified as terrorists … according to their own criteria!
By: Oscar Heck
Marxist guerrillas, as far as I understand refers to the ELN and the FARC, two militarized groups which control a good portion of the Colombian territory … much of which is in the coca and opium growing regions.
CITGO Petroleum cash tender offer for outstanding US$550 million notes
By: Reporters
Holders who tender after the consent date but by November 5, 2004, will be eligible to receive the tender offer consideration, which equals the total consideration less the consent payment.
Mayor Alfredo Pena: only 25% of hospital contingency aid has arrived
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
“Caracas' problems cannot be solved with donations … the problem of hospitals and schools can be solved by paying the city what it is owed.” The Mayor maintains that the central government owes the capital 890 billion bolivares.
Evan Augustine Peterson III: Did Mr. Bush cheat during the first debate?
By: Evan Augustine Peterson III
The original videotape plainly shows that he was wearing some sort of rectangular electronic device on his back between his shoulder-blades. Among others, the retailer Spyware carries techno-gadgets that fit this description.
Florida Sun-Sentinel: Chavez' social reforms impress American Liberals
By: Reporters
With Chavez promising “a new phase of the revolution” after beating out a recall referendum in August, Venezuela will likely continue to be a draw for US activists much as Cuba was in the 1960s and 1970s or Nicaragua and El Salvador in the 1980s.
Oscar Heck: Human rights? Yeah, sure … human rights, my big foot!
By: Oscar Heck
Sumate worked directly for the anti-Chavez movements in Venezuela, was partially funded by the USA and worked in close collaboration with most of the radical anti-Chavez (anti-democracy) sectors in Venezuela.
Andrew McKillop: Energy transition and final energy crisis
By: Andrew Mckillop
Initially, this will concern ever slower net additions of world production capacity in the face of strong demand growth, and will manifest itself as continued oil price rises, and continued gas price rises.
Soccer World Cup: Venezuela goes down with dignity to Brazil 5-2
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
It was looking bad for Venezuela in the second half when Adrinao made it 5-0. The home side can be credited for refusing to lie down and the fighting spirit was rewarded by goals of honor from Ruberth Moran in the 79th and 90th minutes.
Venezuela Hikes Taxes on Foreign Companies
Forbes – USA
percent. Venezuela has abundant reserves of heavy crude in the tar belt which runs along the Orinoco River in southeast Venezuela.
Venezuela Boosts Taxes on Orinoco Deals
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela on Sunday ordered foreign oil firms operating in its huge Orinoco heavy crude belt to pay much higher taxes in what
Chavez Threatens Venezuela's Central Bank
Forbes – USA
President Hugo Chavez threatened Venezuela's Central Bank that if it doesn't allow him to use part of its international reserves to fund his social programs
Venezuela and India governments to produce high-quality generic
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venpres reports: Venezuela and India have signed an agreement to produce and sell generic medication following an International South-South Cooperation &
Venezuela's Indigenous Resistance Day is a response to the era of
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venpres reports: Second vice president in the National Assembly (AN) Noeli Pocaterra has heralded Venezuela's National Indigenous Resistance Day (October 9
Venezuela-US relations will improve once Washington quits
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela's Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel says relations between Venezuela and the United States will only improve when Washington DC decides to quit
Florida Sun-Sentinel: Chavez' social reforms impress American
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
The Florida Sun-Sentinel's Brian Ellsworth writes: When Mamie Chow traveled to Venezuela for a one-week visit this summer, it wasn't to bask in the country's
Venezuela gets an extra Euros 806 million from each US$1 increase
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela's Ministry of Energy & Mines (MEM) says the average price per barrel of Venezuelan crude oil closed last week at $42.17 …
President Hugo Chavez Frias
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
President Hugo Chavez Frias has forecast that Venezuela will become the world's first oil power within years. Addressing cadets
United States concern over Cuban influence in Venezuela and
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
concern regarding Cuban presence in Colombia claiming that Cuba is allegedly training Colombian rebels and Cuban security agents are increasing in Venezuela.
Venezuela plans to ride oil to economic growth
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
CARACAS, VENEZUELA Venezuela aims to ramp up oil production to an average 3.6 million barrels per day in 2005 to generate 5 percent economic growth and build
Venezuela considers presenting candidate for OAS top job
Xinhua – Beijing,China
9 (Xinhuanet) — Venezuela is considering the possibility of presenting a candidate for the post of secretary general of the Organization of American States
Mkts nervous over all around pessimism
Sify – Delhi,India
countries could have dramatic consequences. Iraq, Nigeria and Venezuela are passing through a phase of disruption. And Iran with its

After the Venezuela Referendum
The Blanket – Belfast,Ireland
It amounts to an electoral Dien Bien Phu (1) for the United States and its allies who have worked determinedly to destabilize Venezuela's political life in
US says it is worried about Cuban involvement in Venezuela …
CBC News – Canada
The US State Department is accusing Cuba of training Colombian rebels and says it is troubled by the presence of large numbers of Cuban aid workers in Venezuela …

Venezuela's Oil Company Promotes Latin American Integration – Caracas,Venezuela
Venezuela plays a strategic role in ensuring global oil security and does so through PDVSA and the various enterprises engaged in hydrocarbon-related

Headlines for Friday, October 08, 2004 (Caracas time)
Venezuelan government will ask Washington D.C. to arrest Cuban fugitive
By: David Coleman
Alonso's sister, Hollywood actress Maria Conchita Alonso, was also born in Cuba and became Venezuelans when their parents fled to the South American country after Fidel Castro seized power.
PDVSA's Ali Rodriguez Araque: oil prices will not decline before Q2 2005
By: Reporters
Rodriguez says prices are likely to fall, but structural changes in oil markets could prevent them from declining more … US crude futures which were trading at about US$30/barrel a year ago had $37 in June and had already shot above $50.
Ambassador Granados: Venezuela to strengthen oil cooperation with Panama
By: Reporters
Venezuela is to strengthen its oil cooperation with Panama, according to Venezuelan Ambassador to Panama, Flavio Granados who says cooperation will continue with as gas pipeline and supply facilities within the terms of the San Jose Pact.
Charles Hardy: Otto Reich & Konrad Adenauer: The sky is green
By: Charles Hardy
In 1513, Ponce de Leon went to Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth. He never found it. If he were to go to Florida today in search of the Fountain of Truth among the ex-Cuban and ex-Venezuelan community, I think he would be equally frustrated.
Evan Augustine Peterson III: Widespread voter distrust of USA's E-voting panacea
By: Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D.
The 2004 US Presidential election has raised the specter of so many electoral problems that citizens groan when yet another one looms before them.
Venezuela's Cavenez says 12,595 vehicles sold in September; up 150% on 2003
By: David Coleman
The Chavez Frias government and auto manufacturers had agreed in 1999 to exempt cars such as General Motors (GM) Corsa, and Ford's (F) Fiesta from VAT and the government recently extended the agreement.
PDVSA-CITGO to install US$320 million in pollution controls at six US refineries
By: Reporters
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)-owned CITGO Petroleum Corporation is to install pollution controls for US$320 million at six refineries and pay a US$3.6 million fine to resolve US federal authorities allegations of Clean Air Act violations.
Franz J. T. Lee: DIANA versus HAARP
By: Franz J. T. Lee
“US military scientists … are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include the enhancing of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere to produce targeted droughts or floods.”
Official: Venezuela Can't Hike Oil Outpu
Forbes – USA
Venezuela does not currently have the capacity to significantly boost oil output due to the lingering effects of a two-months strike that ended last year, the
Ambassador Granados: Venezuela to strengthen oil cooperation with
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela is to strengthen its oil cooperation with Panama, according to Venezuelan Ambassador to Panama, Flavio Granados who says cooperation will continue
Venezuela's Cavenez says 12,595 vehicles sold in September; up 150
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela's car industry chamber Cavenez, says the nation's automobile industry sold 12,595 vehicles in September … a 150% increase
Venezuela Says Russian Helicopter Delivery Expected `In Days'
Bloomberg – United States
8 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest exporter of oil, said it will take delivery on the first of 40 Russian MI-35 combat helicopters ``in the
Pro-Chavez Lawmakers Push for Venezuela Media Curbs
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuelan pro-government lawmakers began a final drive on Thursday to push through a media content bill that international
A New Chapter in Venezuela? – Caracas,Venezuela
The August 15, 2004 recall election in Venezuela may have introduced a new chapter in Venezuelan political history. After repeated
Venezuela Prepares Social Charter for the Americas – Caracas,Venezuela
Initially proposed in September 2003 at a meeting of the Latin American Parliament in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, the Social Charter was subsequently proposed to

Washington‚s human trafficking charges drag down US-Venezuelan relations
By: Larry Birns and Mark Scott
Although faced with rising international oil prices, Washington has, in an almost consciously destructive mode, once again placed ideology over national interests by single-mindedly aggravating its already strained relationship with Venezuela.
Maracaibo has two municipal councils … neither legislate … people angry
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Each council has its very own deputy president and councilors that discuss laws and ordinances but do not legislate. Not one ordinance has been decreed in a year and people waiting for land permits are getting angry.
AD's Ramos Allup hits out at self-proclaimed opposition candidates
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Metro Mayor Alfredo Pena and AD candidate, Claudio Fermin will meet this evening to discuss the candidacy. Fermin has already announced that he is willing for a public televised debate.
Leading banker says private sector must talk with the Chavez government
By: Patrick J. O'Donoghue
Speaking to members of the Venezuelan Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Caracas about economic perspectives in 2005, Goguikian has made it clear that in his view dialog between the two sides is an absolute and mutual necessity.
Malcolm Donald: It is surely the duty of everyone to search for alternative news
By: Malcolm Donald
In this ever increasing global environment it is essential that the ordinary man or woman in the street does not take what they are told by the corporate state or their educationalists at face value.
PDVSA and Petrobras reinforce ties, Latin American & Caribbean Integration
By: Reporters
“Venezuela plays a strategic role in ensuring global oil security and does so through PDVSA and the various enterprises engaged in hydrocarbon-related activities in our country.‰
UN Ambassador Toro Jimenez: Venezuelan's destiny is self-determination
By: Reporters
Venezuela agrees completely with the UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonies and People presented by the Federative Republic of Brazil in its capacity as Secretary Pro Tempore of the Rio Group.
Feedback/awareness has now grown to encompass readers on four continents.
By: Fred Cederholm
This escape to help to fill the void from the loss of mother, Alice, has become so much more to me. Initially, the world of my commentaries focused on me, my interests, my activities, and the community around me.
Franz J. T. Lee: The transition from Columbus Day to Indian Resistance Day…
By: Franz J. T. Lee
Although the name of this public holiday has officially been changed to the 'Dia de la Resistencia Indigena' by the Bolivarian Government, the mass media continues their mind control, indoctrination and manipulation.
Wrong war … wrong time?
By: Kay Onefeather
War is Might, not Right
Ever keeping Liberty in our Sight
War is Precision, not Indecision
Even when naysayers
Shout Derisions.

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