THE Venezuela Venture
Christian Science Monitor – USA
That's why the Bush administration has backed off from saying much about
Venezuela's president, who faces a political showdown this Sunday on his
future and…

VENEZUELA to Boost Security Before Recall
Forbes – USA
Venezuela's state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela will increase
military personnel at oil installations to guarantee a stable oil supply
during the Aug…

Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… Despite earnings from vast petroleum reserves, Venezuela‚s ongoing
political turmoil has slowed foreign investment and has had a significant
negative impact…

SUPPLY loss could send oil to $100, Deutsche Bank AG says
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
… in demand led by China and the US and concern supplies could be disrupted
in several oil-producing nations, including Russia, Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi
Arabia and…

OIL Prices Head Towards Record High Points On Supply Fears
Turkish Press – Turkey
… Bellew meanwhile said that traders were keeping a nervous watch also
on Venezuela ahead of a referendum there on Sunday which the opposition
hopes will unseat…

NEW York Times' Juan Forero: Venezuela's opposition loses momentum
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Juan Forero writes: Pompeyo Marquez, with his shaggy mustache, tuft
of white hair and craggy voice, is the new face of Venezuela's opposition
movement, and…

CANTV Honors AFC With 'Best in Class' Award
Yahoo News (press release) – USA
9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — AFC® (Nasdaq: AFCI – News), The Acronym for
Access(SM), today announced that CANTV, Venezuela's largest telecommunications

MASSIVE Rallies Herald Venezuela's Recall Vote
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… The US is Venezuela‚s main oil buyer, but relations have been strained
due to Chavez‚s ties with Cuba and his criticism to US-backed free market

TARIQ Ali: Chavez will win in Venezuela
Green Left – Australia
Claudia Jardim and Jonah Gindin spoke to veteran political activist and
author Tariq Ali, during his recent trip to Caracas, about Venezuela and
Latin American…

TENS of thousands march for Chavez, one week before Venezuela…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… “This demonstration has no precedent in Venezuela,” Vice President
Jose Vicente Rangel told VTV television. “It's something huge.…

SOCIAL programs may be key for Venezuela's Chavez Frias
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… From the beginning, Venezuela's poor, estimated at 50 percent of the
country's 24 million people, has been Chavez' strongest base.…


VENEZUELA expects oil price to stay at US$40 through year-end
The Malaysia Star – Malaysia
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuela expects the price of oil to stay at
US$40 per barrel through the end of the year, supported by the usual rise
in demand…

INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER: What will Bush do after Chavez wins?
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER, editor Bob Chapman writes: Leaders of the
pro-Chavez petroleum workers union SENTRASET have threatened to cut Venezuela‚s

VENEZUELA'S Chavez softens tongue on ties with the United States…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Foreign Minister (MRE) Jesus Arnoldo Perez said Friday that the US
government has become less hostile against Venezuela as it realizes Chavez
is certain to win…

LONDON media student is Osmel's favorite for Miss Venezuela
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Miss Venezuela Organization president, Osmel Sousa is taking no chances
after last year's Miss Universe failure and according to a report in Maracaibo

SOCIAL spending boosts appeal of Venezuela leader
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – (KRT) – One week before a crucial recall vote, Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez has pulled even with the opposition and could hold
on to…

VENEZUELA: A Latin Enigma
Newsweek – New York,NY,USA
… novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez interviewed Hugo Chavez on a flight
from Havana to Caracas, a month after Chavez had won Venezuela's presidential

AS recall vote nears, Venezuela's Chavez blames troubles on Bush
Charlotte Observer (subscription) – Charlotte,NC,USA
… 15 recall referendum that threatens to cut short the “Bolivarian revolution”
he claims to have launched in Venezuela, a country of 24 million people

ARMS Cache Destined for Venezuela Intercepted in Brazil – Caracas,Venezuela
Caracas, August 6, 2004˜An arms cache valued at US$53 million discovered
in Brazil last month has reopened concern that Venezuela‚s presidential


VENEZUELA remains divided a week before presidential recall
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – (KRT) – A week before Venezuela's long awaited presidential
recall referendum, the country's political landscape remains deeply divided

VENEZUELA'S Opposition Loses Momentum
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By JUAN FORERO. ARACAS, Venezuela, Aug. 6 – Pompeyo Márquez, with his
shaggy mustache, tuft of white hair and craggy voice, is the…

VENEZUELA: Interview with Black Op Radio, Canada
CMAQ – Québec,Canada
By Jutta Schmitt. It is imperative to recollect what happened over the
last six years in Venezuela, to understand the political show-down on
August 15 next.…

POOR Still Supporting Venezuela's Chavez
Guardian – UK
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – After five years in office, President Hugo Chavez
remains a hero to millions of impoverished Venezuelans who see him as
their only…,1280,-4397304,00.html

FIX Numbers; Reinvent Venezuela
CounterPunch – Petrolia,CA,USA
As the August 15 referendum on whether Hugo Chavez should continue as president
looms in Venezuela, anti-Chavez pollsters have begun reluctantly issuing

ANDEAN Nations Bet on Bio-Trade
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
Peru supplies minerals and fish for restaurants, but also ornamental fish
for home aquariums. Venezuela is a leader in petroleum and aluminium,
but also aloe.…

LOATHED by the rich
Guardian – UK
To the dismay of opposition groups in Venezuela, and to the surprise of
international observers gathering in Caracas, President Hugo Chávez is
about to secure…,3604,1278213,00.html

KERRY victory could help Venezuela-US ties-Chavez
Deepika – India
CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug 7 (Reuters) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said
on Friday he hoped ties between his country and its biggest oil client
the United…

COLOMBIA and Venezuela: A Clash of Two Models – Caracas,Venezuela
Carlos Andres Perez, a former President of Venezuela and leader of the
Venezuelan 'opposition' against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, said
in a recent…

VENEZUELA: OPEC Reaching Maximum Capacity
Forbes – USA
Venezuela's oil minister said Friday that the Organization of Petroleum
Exporting Countries is reaching maximum capacity after increasing production

VENEZUELA'S Stock Index Has Best Week in 7 Months: Latin Stocks
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's benchmark stock index rose and headed
to its biggest weekly gain in seven months, propelled by rising company
profits and the…

US has a more pragmatic view of Chavez … they know he will win the RR
Elections Council (CNE) putting finishing touches to election day norms
Ultimas Noticias editor places his bets on Bolivarian electoral patrols
Venezuelan Electoral Results on record … Resultados Electorales
MinCI Chacon: Information imbalance favors the opposition 90% to 10%
Armed group attacks Comando Maisanta headquarters in Maracaibo
Jeff Gilmore: Will the United States back another coup?
Jackson Diehl: Venezuelan President is on a collision course with Washington
The revolution abides by international treaties and the Constitution (II)

JACKSON Diehl: Venezuelan President is on a collision course with…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… is Chavez, who faces an August 15 recall referendum that threatens
to cut short the “Bolivarian revolution'' he claims to have launched in
Venezuela, a country…

TENSIONS Mount Over Venezuela Recall
Guardian – UK
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Some Venezuelans are fearful about government
allegations that radicals plan to disrupt balloting in the recall referendum

VOTE in Venezuela: Democracy at crossroads
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Either way, the result will be accepted — both within Venezuela and by
the international community — as the true will of the people only if
it's a fair…

INSIDE The Barrio: Venezuelan Health Care Takes Off – Caracas,Venezuela
… for hours in the burning afternoon sun outside Caracas‚ main downtown
theater for an event celebrating the latest accomplishments of Venezuela‚s

LITERACY Programs in Chavez' Venezuela
Pacifica Radio – USA
Some of the fiercest fighting broke out in Iraq today. Dave Enders files
this report from Baghdad. That was Free Speech Radio News…

SUBJECT: Venezuela Referendum
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Only now, are inequality, poverty and illiteracy being tackled. Venezuela
must be left alone to prosper as a proud independent nation.…


VENEZUELA: Paper prints bogus voter poll
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Caracas, Venezuela, Aug. 5 (UPI) — The Venezuelan newspaper El Universal
was duped by opponents of the president into publishing…

VENEZUELA‚S Chavez Announces $500 Million for National Housing… – Caracas,Venezuela
… $500 million for a national housing program yesterday, which he called
only the beginning of a national mission to deal with the housing crisis
in Venezuela.…

VENEZUELA'S Universal Published Bogus Poll by Chavez Opponents
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) — El Universal, Venezuela's largest national newspaper
by circulation, said it mistakenly published a bogus poll provided by
opponents of…

CNE slams false signature collection for referendum in Venezuela
Xinhua – China
… the fingerprints of two individuals appear in 32 identification cards
and signature-collected notebooks with different names in different states
of Venezuela.…

FAMOUS names speak up for Chavez in Venezuela poll
Guardian – UK
Writers, politicians and film-makers from more than a dozen countries have
offered their support to the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, who faces


EXILED Union Leader Returns to Venezuela
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Leaders of the Venezuelan Workers Confederation say union president Carlos
Ortega has returned to the country more than a year after seeking exile
in Costa Rica…

VENEZUELA‚S PDVSA to Invest in Argentinean Sea? – Caracas,Venezuela
Following the Argentina-Venezuela business round that took place in Margarita
Island, Venezuela on July 23rd, rumors began to spread in Argentina and

EXILED labor boss returns to Venezuela; vows from hiding to oust…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Carlos Ortega, the fugitive leader of the corrupt Confederation of Venezuelan
Trade Unions (CTV ) has been smuggled back into Venezuela and says he
will join…

VENEZUELA on the brink of crisis
Socialist Worker – London,United Kingdom
Hugo Chavez, the flamboyant left wing leader of Venezuela, faces his greatest
test this month. … Some 13 percent of the world’s oil is produced
in Venezuela.…

VENEZUELA'S unemployment to fall below 12% this year
MENAFN – Middle East
(MENAFN) Venezuela's National Institute of Statistics said that the country's
unemployment rate should drop below 12 percent this year from 14.6 percent
a year…

CARMEN Victor: Swords into ploughshares — urban gardens of…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
August 6-September 5, 2004 at the Deleon White Gallery and the Venezuelan
Embassy in Ottawa (Canada), Carmen Victor presents documentary photographs

VENEZUELA’S UN Ambassador: The opposition is preparing to…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… outside the country signed by Democratic Coordinator (CD) representatives
Timoteo Zambrano and Asdrubal Aguiar in the presence of Venezuela‚s

VENEZUELA, Mexico renew agreement on oil supply
Xinhua – China
3 (Xinhuanet) — Mexico and Venezuela renewed Tuesday a 24-year-old agreement
under which Latin America's two top oil producers supply fuels to countries

APPROACHING referendum increases mobilization of parties in…
Granma International – La Habana,Cuba
CARACAS, August 3 (PL) .˜ The mobilization of government and anti-government
parties is intensifying in the run-up to the opposition petition to revoke


TODAY we commemorate the August 3rd 1498, discovery of Venezuela
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… great pearl reservoirs in Cubagua. Their exploitation gave way to the
first Spanish settlement in Venezuela. In mid-August, Columbus…

CENTRAL Bank of Venezuela (BCV) lists inflation in July stands at…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Inflation in Venezuela currently stands at 1.4% … The Central Bank of
Venezuela (BCV) has announced that the Consumer Price Index…
International concern over TSJ ruling on the right to exercise journalism
MINCA can continue banging its head against brick walls but still faces rejection
US Senator Robert C. Byrd does not spare the cowards and lickspittles
Government passes duty drawback resolution, eliminates business assetx tax
On the eve of a continental social revolution taking place in Venezuela
Elio Cequea: Why the vote should be NO. The wrong reasons…
Venezuelan State news agency VENPRES' news round-up — August 3, 2004
Ambassador: OAS observer missions were funded by US State Department
MinCI Minister Chacon accuses opposition media of CNE rules violations
Opposition rally in front of the Unicentro El Marquez ends in utter chaos
BBC World Service: Q&A on Venezuela's recall referendum
PDVSA-owned US CITGO posts US$172 million net income … up $80 million
13,000/29 ratio of Cuban/Venezuelan doctors in Barrio Adentro health plan
Jutta Schmitt: What's wrong with Venezuela's 1999 Bolivarian Constitution?

VENEZUELA Stocks Rise on Oil Prices, Debt Report: Latin Stocks
Bloomberg – USA
Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela's benchmark stock index had its biggest
gain in two months after Citigroup Inc. reiterated its recommendation

INCREASED capacity at fuel refineries boosts Citgo earnings
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… For the first six months of 2004, Citgo, a wholly owned subsidiary
of Petroleos de Venezuela SA, has earned $206.8 million on sales of $14.7

VENEZUELA‚S August 15 Recall Vote Further Polarizes the Nation – Caracas,Venezuela
… His call to resort to force to overthrow and kill Chávez highlights
his disdain for Venezuela‚s democratic process and brings into question
the opposition…

FRANCE'S LIBERATION: We must support Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Liberation's Gael Brustier and Thomas Francard write: In Venezuela on August
15, there will be a referendum critical for the future of this country
and of…

JUTTA Schmitt: What's wrong with Venezuela's 1999 Bolivarian…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
why does the political opposition in Venezuela so desperately want to trash
it? If we reflect about why the Venezuelan 1999 Constitution…

RECALL Effort Losing Steam In Venezuela
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
… takes place. Do you agree or disagree with disavowing the popular mandate
bestowed upon Hugo Chávez as president of Venezuela?

CUBA economy hinges on Chávez vote
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Cuba's Fidel Castro has forged a tight alliance with Venezuela's Hugo Chávez,
who faces a recall vote. If Chávez falls, Castro has reason to worry.

DON'T finance dictatorships
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… Plenty of poorly governed nations, including Nigeria, Angola, Ecuador
and Venezuela, would probably have been better off had they never discovered
oil or other…


CHAVEZ Says Opposition Still Plans Violent Destabilization of… – Caracas,Venezuela
… The President said that his government is preparing to repel any destabilization
plan and that he will not tolerate any attempts to destabilize Venezuela.

CHAVEZ Frias: Venezuela will not be a US colony … zero-tolerance…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Chavez Frias insists that the “US Empire” is behind the opposition
and has stated that Venezuela will never become a US colony.…

CRUDE Oil Rises to a Record in NY on Higher US Terror Alert
Bloomberg – USA
… in the past year on concern about possible attacks on oil pipelines
in the Middle East and potential disruption to exports from Russia, Nigeria
and Venezuela.…

MONITORING the Washington Post: Democracy in Venezuela
Narco News – Mexico
… to the upcoming recall referendum vote on President Hugo Chávez, a
July 30th editorial by the Washington Post titled “Monitoring Venezuela‰
alleges the…

“ARE the Polls Credible in Venezuela? Vote NO”
Narco News – Mexico
Currently in Venezuela a variety of information is being released by national
and international polling groups in an attempt to predict the results
of the…

Venezuelans in mock run-thru two weeks ahead of decisive recall referendum
Rebel officers' defense attorney conveniently forgets his clients' Rebellion HQ
Suspect GN bomber admits contact with opposition terrorists in Venezuela
DISIP reveals inept plan to bomb President Chavez Frias from an F-16 jet
Alfredo Bremont: When the CD acknowledges their failure in the referendum
The revolution abides by international treaties and the Constitution (I)
Civil Disobedience in Venezuela if Chavez Frias commits electoral fraud
Jose Del Grosso: Community radio informs and entertains the people
Corpozulia to deliver Bs.3.8 billion of credits to boost the local economy
VAT lowered 1%; opposition wanted 10% slash … credits to soup kitchens

SUSPECT GN bomber admits contact with opposition terrorists in…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Miami Herald reporter Alfonso Chardy writes: Former Venezuelan National
Guard (GN) Lt. Jose Antonio Colina … charged with bombing…

HOW hate media incited the coup d'etat against Venezuela's…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela’s ‘hate media’ controls 95% of the airwaves and has a near-monopoly
over newsprint, and it played a major part in the failed attempt to…

VENEZUELA Orders Arrest of 59 Military Officers
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
A Venezuelan court has ordered the arrest of 59 military officers who protested
against President Hugo Chavez nearly two years ago.…

A Bitter War of Words
Newsweek – New York,NY,USA
… 9 issue – President Hugo Chavez calls Venezuela's four main television
stations “the four horsemen of the Apocalypse,” and photos of various
media bosses adorn…

CIVIL Disobedience will occur in Venezuela if Chavez Frias commits…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Amaury García, another CD director, foresees a “violent scenario”
in Venezuela after August 15, and he assured that the Bloc is taking measures
in view of…

VENEZUELA army officers arrested
BBC News – London,England,UK
… loses the vote. Correspondents say Venezuela has been bitterly polarised
by more than five years of Mr Chavez. His supporters praise…

VENEZUELA: ¡No to the Return of the Zombies!
CMAQ – Québec,Canada
Chronos is merciless and has imposed another countdown on daily life in
Venezuela, as the day of the famous presidential recall referendum is

VENEZUELAN judge orders arrest of 59 officers for plotting against… – Canada
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – A Venezuelan judge ordered the arrest of 59 former
military officers who declared themselves in rebellion against President

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