AT the Eve of Continental Social Revolution in Venezuela
CMAQ – Québec,Canada
Next Friday, July 16, 2004, the so-called “Opposition” in Venezuela, the
“Coordinadora Democrática”, that had no consensus in who should be its
BOLIVIA, Venezuela earn bittersweet tie
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Bolivia and Venezuela played to an exciting but ultimately dissatisfying 1-1 tie on Monday in Trujillo, Peru, a result that automatically advanced Peru…
VENEZUELA Opposition Plan Promises Return of Free Market and… – Venezuela
… The Hydrocarbons Law will be reformed in order to allow greater opening of Venezuela 's economy to foreign investment in the oil and gas sectors.…


Headlines for Monday, July 12, 2004 (Caracas time)
Council on Hemispheric Affairs: Otto Reich .. a career in disservice
Chavez has done an excellent job; will survive referendum recall by 57-60%
Chris Herz: Comment by US officials or media will be found wanting
Global ex-pat leader Santana wants Amnesty International as observer
Chief Justice Rincon: Nothing to prevent Chavez from running in elections
Eva Golinger: FOIA documents prove that the US funded opposition plan
President Chavez Frias chides media for news blackout on Mercosur summit
Lt. Col. (ret.) Francisco Arias Cardenas says FAN has still to define itself
Opposition crime expert says 29 people die violently each day in Venezuela
Simon Bolivar's passionate love letters to be published for the first time

US 'imperialist' in Andean trade talks -Venezuela
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
… The left-wing leader said Venezuela had no plans to join Andean nations'
efforts to secure a free trade agreement with Washington by early 2005
and would focus…
VENEZUELA'S Chavez Says US Endowment Funds Opposition , National…
Bloomberg – USA
… citing the endowment's website. The opposition leadership has ``sold Venezuela to the devil,'' Chavez said. Chavez has repeatedly…
PRICE of democracy in developing countries – Africa
… In Venezuela, for instance, democratic elections propelled Hugo Chavez to the presidency but in the process widened the country's social and economic fissures.…
LATIN America Briefs
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… Romeo Lucas, who armed thousands of paramilitaries to fight rebels during a bloody armed conflict, is in a ''vegetative state'' in Venezuela, his doctor, Pedro…
V Crisis – Venezuela
Among Chavez many activities and uttered words while at the Mercosur summit, one took the front lines in Venezuela: he declared that even if he were to be…
VENEZUELA'S Ramirez shaping Caribbean energy policy – Venezuela
… Venezuela has been developing an integration policy within the region to consolidate a common energy group company called PetroAmerica.…
VENEZUELA, Caribbean forging common energy policy
Trinidad & Tobago Express – Trinidad and Tobago
… under PetroAmerica. Last week, Venezuela and Argentina signed an agreement setting the base for the PetroSur initiative. Under the…
MOVED by Homeland's Political Strife, Venezuelans Sign Up to Vote
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
… All were rushing to fill out their voter registration forms at the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on East 51st Street in Manhattan…

VENEZUELA and C'bean countries discuss new oil agreements
Jamaica Observer – Jamaica
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuela and 13 Caribbean countries discussed the creation of a new company that would offer oil at cheaper prices for the region…


Headlines for Sunday, July 11, 2004 (Caracas time)
Opposition‚s plans for a Venezuela without Chavez: eliminate public industry, referenda and civil protest
Violence erupts as opposition demands birthday access to jailed Mayor
Venezuelan opposition increasingly dependent on USA for economic help's Elio Cequea: Answer to the testimony of Jose Miguel Vivanco
Chavez Frias insists that USA is illegally funding sabotage of democratic rule
Richard Smith: Geopolitical chess … looking inwards and eastwards
USA South Florida firm places its future in hands of Venezuelan voters
Venezuela's ambassador to Australia Leon Vivas: Defending our independence
Colombia's Alvaro Uribe Velaz to sign gas pipeline agreement with Venezuela
Venezuelan soccer team slides out of Copa de America with 3-1 loss
United Press International (UPI) Analysis: Millions go online to uncover news
VENEZUELA using untested voting machines
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Despite an electronic voting fiasco in 2000 and the furor over e-voting in the United States, Venezuela is using untested touchscreen…,5478,10112733%255E1702,00.html
EX-DICTATOR in 'vegetative state'
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Romeo Lucas, who armed thousands of paramilitiaries to fight rebels during a bloody armed conflict, was in a “vegetative state” in Venezuela, media reports…
VIOLENCE breaks out in Venezuela
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… said the money given by the endowment was used by the opposition to draft a government plan titled Country Consensus as a blueprint for a post-Chavez Venezuela…
VENEZUELA: Defending our independence
Green Left – Australia
@intro2 = As Venezuela’s elected president faces a recall … That July 5 was a glorious day. For this reason, we consider it the National Day of Venezuela.…,1,6720632.story?coll=la-headlines-nation
HONORING the Dead Becomes a Dying Tradition in Venezuela
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
By Christopher Toothaker, Associated Press Writer. CARACAS, Venezuela — Maintaining ties with the dead is a strong tradition among Venezuelans.…
PERU escape capital
BBC Sport – London,England,UK
… Not even Friday's 3-1 win over Venezuela has proved enough to mend the fences between the team and the local press, which came to a head when Peruvian…
VENEZUELANS accuse consulate of vote-blocking
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… As Venezuela prepares for what could be a closely contested recall referendum on the tenure of President Hugo Chávez, scores of expatriates say they are being…,0,2987430.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines
VENEZUELA to use untested voting system
Baltimore Sun – Baltimore,MD,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – Despite an electronic voting fiasco in 2000 and the furor over e-voting in the United States, Venezuela is using untested touch-screen…

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Stokes Re-Election Row with Foes
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez insisted
on Saturday he would stand for immediate re-election if he lost an August

UNHCR Team Meets with Colombian Refugees in Venezuela
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
UN High Commissioner for Refugees spokesman Ron Redmond says some of the Colombians are seeking refugee status in Venezuela, while others eventually want to…
UNHCR Team Meets with Colombian Refugees in Venezuela
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
UN High Commissioner for Refugees spokesman Ron Redmond says some of the Colombians are seeking refugee status in Venezuela, while others eventually want to…
VENEZUELA: Panel orders protection for Venezuelan journalists
Asia Pacific Media Network – USA
CARACAS: The Inter-American Human Rights Commission told Venezuela it must guarantee the safety of reporters and other media workers attacked by government…
OPPOSITION offers Venezuela return to free market
ABC Online – Australia
“This is a message of unity for Venezuela,” said Diego Bautista Urbaneja, one of the authors of the opposition program presented at a meeting in Caracas.…

UN agency reports new Colombian refugees arriving in Venezuela
UN News Centre
9 July 2004 ˆ The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
has a team in Venezuela's border state of Apure evaluating the humanitarian

VENEZUELAN opposition's new plan of government is “Made in the USA…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Venezuela Solidarity Committee (New York) Eva Golinger-Moncada writes: The Venezuelan opposition has today announced their long-awaited “plan” for a post…
SUPPORT For Chávez Recall Drops In Venezuela
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
… changes. Armas stated that Venezuela’s “political relations with the United States cannot be at odds with our economic relations.”.…

BLOC admits Venezuela
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced plans to buy oil tankers from
Argentina hours after Venezuela was admitted as an 'associate member'
to Mercosur.…,1651,TCP_1020_3023632,00.html
BOCA company gambles future on Venezuela referendum
WPTV – West Palm Beach,FL,USA
By Sandra Hernandez. BOCA RATON — When Venezuela's voters go to the polls Aug. 15, they will decide the future not only of embattled…
TRADE bloc accepts Mexico, Venezuela
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
PUERTO IGUAZU, ARGENTINA – The Mercosur trade bloc agreed to accept Mexico and Venezuela as associate members Thursday, as leaders tried to boost the unity of…

ELEAZAR Diaz Rangel: The History of Polls in Venezuela
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… In Venezuela, opinion surveys began in 1954 with the firm Datos, but
it was during the years of dictatorship, and they were not looking for
political opinions…

VENEZUELA VP tells Kerry watch US vote, not ours
Jamaica Observer – Jamaica
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuela's vice-president urged John Kerry yesterday
to worry more about the fairness of the US presidential vote than the

SIGNING On To Challenge Hugo Chavez
Washington Post – USA
… 2001, during a hurried conversation in the lobby of a hotel in Caracas,
Machado and Plaz fretted about the course that was being shaped for Venezuela
as they…
THE Dark Side of Venezuela ’ s Opposition – Venezuela
In the political conflict that the country is suffering, the issue of democracy arises from an extreme condition: that of democracy’s survival.…
VENEZUELA joins Mercosur, Mexico, provisionally
Channel News Asia – Singapore
PUERTO IGUAZU, Argentina : A Mercosur summit embraced Venezuela as an associate member and accepted Mexico in principle, gaining two oil suppliers and…

POST-CHAVEZ Venezuela Would Be US Ally -Opposition
Reuters – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela will restore friendly ties with
its main oil client, the United States, and scale back relations with
Cuba if…

HANDS off Venezuela! German activists gather at Cologne University
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
The meeting was organized to provide information on social and political
developments in Venezuela, their impact on the revolutionary movement
and the idea…

VENEZUELA accepted into Mercosur trade bloc – MI,USA
PUERTO IGUAZU, Argentina (AP) — Venezuela joined the growing list of Mercosur
“associate” states Thursday as the South American trade bloc also encouraged


Headlines for Thursday, July 08, 2004 (Caracas time)
Domestic HR groups slam AN use of simple majority to pass TSJ bill
Alfredo Bremont: Wake up, Venezuelans, and breathe the breath of liberty
Oscar Heck: Sounds so much like Venezuela
UNICEF pleased with the Venezuelan government's social programs
French company invests in construction of seven hotels in the next six years
Chavez Frias signs Petrosur and telecom agreements with Argentina
PROVEA and HR groups criticize HRW report and worry about military courts
Letter from opposition leader Jorge Olavarria to billionaire Gustavo Cisneros
CNE vice president Zamora guarantees secret vote in recall referendum
MVR assemblyman Saab: US presidential candidate John Kerry is two-faced
AlertOilwatch Venezuela: Manifesto against the death of Lake Maracaibo
Mass wave of enthusiasm must be used to complete the Venezuelan revolution!
Heriberto Acosta: Statement by Jorge Valero is totally true … Chavez is not alone
Venezuela loses opening Copa de America game to Colombia
Newsday (New York): Venezuelan activist in NY … Chavez foe speaks out!
Chavez Frias seeking to explore possibilities of a balancing act for Venezuela
Hands off Venezuela! German activists gather at Cologne University

Opposition's blueprint for a Venezuela without Chavez Frias on Friday
President says goodbye to Class of 74 as remnants retire active service
Chavez Frias flies to Argentina to push for Venezuelan entry to Mercosur
Venezuelan Guayana Corporation (CVG) contributes 9% to GDP
Venezuela renovates IVIC nuclear reactor research program as standby
CNE Carrasquero gives more details on August 15 recall referendum
MVR blyman Lopez: The opposition Coordinator‚s trips to USA suspicious
Elio Cequea: Funded!
Oliver L. Campbell: PDVSA bond buy-back will permit better liability management

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Gains in Polls Ahead of Referendum Planned for…
Bloomberg – USA
… State-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA said last month it
would spend $1.7 billion on programs such as housing and roads and set
aside as much as $2…

CHáVEZ‚S Supreme Court-packing may affect recall vote…
Human Rights Watch – USA
… President Hugo Chavez faced a coup d'etat in April 2002, the international
community roundly condemned the assault on Venezuela's constitutional

VENEZUELA'S Chavez Receiving Lower Oil Revenues than Previous… – Venezuela
… Despite the increase in oil prices for this year, if the price averages
out at $30 per barrel for 2004, Venezuela would still receive only 60%
of the oil…

OPPOSITION'S blueprint for a Venezuela without Chavez Frias to be…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… faluting, suggesting that the very mention of a “government of national
unity” is a tremendous misinterpretation of grassroots mood in Venezuela
and dismissive…

VENEZUELAN Guayana Corporation ( CVG ) contributes 9 % to GDP
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
The Venezuelan Guayana Corporation (CVG) has taken part recently in an
important forum organized by the Venezuela Embassy in Washington called,
“Investing in…

VENEZUELA to Invite Observers to Referendum Vote
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Venezuela says it will invite international election observers to next
month's referendum on whether to recall President Hugo Chavez.…

VENEZUELA to Invite Carter Center , Observers to Recall , El…
Bloomberg – USA
July 7 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela will invite International observers including
the Carter Center and the Organization of American States to observe the

VENEZUELA invites observers to referendum
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Caracas, Venezuela, Jul. 7 (UPI … country's economy. But his supporters
— largely Venezuela's poor — revere him as a champion of their cause.

VENEZUELA grants citizenship to 216000
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela has granted citizenship to 216,000 immigrants
since May under a fast-track nationalization plan, President Hugo Chavez

ART Is the Darling of Anxious Investors in Venezuela
New York Times – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – The economy shrank sharply for two years, the country's
president keeps Venezuelans in a state of constant agitation and businesses


Headlines for Tuesday, July 06, 2004 (Caracas time)
Army C-i-C's integral defence doctrine must receive greater attention,analysis
State-owned PDVSA plans to file 2003 financial results by early September
Financial Times: Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) redesigns debt structure
Opposition civil sector leader slams CD as weak-kneed on CNE violations
Vice President: new Declaration of Independence must be social charter
Venezuelan government launches state-owned telecom service provider
12 hurricanes threaten Venezuela with heavy rains and storms
Primero Justicia (PJ) calls shots in wimpish opposition recall campaign
Venezuelan flag raised at City Hall Boston to commemorate Independence Day
Chris Herz: Permission Granted!
Kitesurf sets Adicora beach alight over Independence Day weekend
Caracas (Libertador) mayor Bernal calls for homeless to end squatting
President Hugo Chavez Frias commemorates 193rd Independence Day

VENEZUELA Boosts First - Half Dollar Sales to $5.3 Billion Amid ...
Bloomberg - USA
July 6 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela said it boosted dollar sales in the first
half of the year to a pace that almost matches the rate at which it was
selling ...

12 hurricanes threaten Venezuela with heavy rains and storms
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
National Civil Protection & Disasters Management director, Army Colonel
Antonio Rivero says Venezuela is in for rough hurricane season.…

FINANCIAL Times: Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) redesigns debt…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
The UK Financial Times (FT) reporter Richard Lapper writes: A move by Venezuela's
state-owned oil company to unwind debt securitizations arranged in the

REFERENDUM and Revolution in Venezuela – Venezuela
He is currently living in Venezuela, and is a close observer and frequent
commentator on that country‚s ŒBolivarian Revolution.‚ On a recent
visit to…

Cisneros has given Carmona instructions on how the elitists want the next step
Pablo Medina returns with tale that Chavez Frias is losing barrio support
President Hugo Chavez Frias has brought opposition to his battleground
July 5, 1811: Venezuela’s Declaration of Independence
Humberto Marquez: Soap Opera propaganda in Venezuela's battle for power
Ambassador: Paramilitaries detained in Venezuela participated in killings
Caracas police evict squatters from Edif. Los Andes in Sabana Grande
Mission Piar: Recognizing the rights and dignity of small miners

CONFRONTATION in Venezuela: the “totalitarian” leader against“…
Pravda – Moscow,Russia
Venezuela”s political crisis heats up as government and opposition launch
campaigns for August 15 referendum on the continuity of President Hugo

GLOBAL Charges Against Cotecna Threatens Destination Inspection – Africa
… Presidency sources believe that the suspension of Cotecna activities
in Venezuela and Togo Republic coupled with the on-going oil-for-food
scandal in the…

LOUISIANA crab industry goes after imports
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… Louisiana crab industry is working on rallying support among Southern
states to get the federal government to slap duties on imports from Venezuela
and other…

HUMBERTO Marquez: Soap Opera propaganda in Venezuela's battle for…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Inter Press Service (IPS) columnist Humberto Marquez writes: The last battle
for power is on in Venezuela, with a new soap opera shedding a positive
light on…

VENEZUELA to start up state telecoms firm
MENAFN – Middle East
(MENAFN) Venezuela's President said that his country plans to start up
a state-owned telecommunications firm that will provide fiber optic telephone
and data…

SOAP Opera Propaganda in Venezuela – Sunnyvale,CA,USA
CARACAS – The last battle for power is on in Venezuela, with a new soap
opera shedding a positive light on President Hugo Chávez and his cause,

TERMS of Denouement for Venezuela Opposition
The Narco News Bulletin
With 41 days and 41 nights left before Venezuela‚s August 15 referendum
on the term of President Hugo Chávez Frias, a hard rain has begun to
fall on…

THE Propaganda Apparatus of Venezuela‚s Media Tycoons: An Echo… – Venezuela
It was written as a response to criticisms by Mr. Francisco Toro to the
article Can You Believe Venezuela's Pollsters? More than…


Headlines for Sunday, July 04, 2004 (Caracas time)
Sour grapes opposition will not join official Independence Day celebrations
King of Salsa, Oscar de Leon stomps off-stage at London's Latin Splash
Impossible for the opposition to convince Venezuelans they are telling the truth
Richard Smith: Chavez forced private investors to close down their businesses?
Pathetic demonstration of the opposition's intellectual somersaults and acrobatics
Oliver L. Campbell: Again, problems producing PDVSA consolidated accounts
Governor Enrique Mendoza: Greenberg‚s man for the Venezuelan Presidency
Regulatory CONATEL fines cell phone companies for illegal billing practices
Colombian Attorney General investigating paramilitaries detained in Venezuela
IRS/Seniat economist reports Venezuela‚s GNP grew 20% in first half 2004
National Guard (GN) troops kill kidnapping suspects in ransom pay-off sting
Diego Portal: Shameless purging! And who are they going to substitute?
Oliver L. Campbell: Santa Teresa in the light of day and stone cold sober…
CNE discards Carter Center’s simultaneous paper ballot count proposal
The Very Reverend Roger Dawson: Socking the message to them

INDEPENDENCE Day , 5 de Julio : Venezuela could have been British…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
What if Venezuela could have become a British colony, the Ambassador asks.
In fact, it's down in the history books that General… media war hots up

BBC News – London,England,UK
As Venezuela gears up for the August referendum on whether President Hugo
Chavez should continue in office, the media war between government and
opposition has…

VENEZUELA : ‘We have eliminated illiteracy’
Green Left – Australia
… system. In particular, he argued, the Central University of Venezuela
(UCV) has entrenched elitist, and often corrupt, practices.…

VENEZUELA, in Turmoil, Can't Keep From Laughing – Venezuela
… his friendship with Fidel Castro, his baseball analogies and his folksy
banter about everything from the weather to Simón Bolívar, Venezuela's
founding father…

CHáVEZ Would Survive Referendum In Venezuela
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
(CPOD) Jul. 4, 2004 ˆ Venezuelan adults would vote to retain president
Hugo Chávez in the upcoming national referendum, according…

VENEZUELA gears up for referendum
BBC News – London,England,UK
Venezuela's government and opposition have launched campaigns for August's
referendum on whether President Hugo Chavez should continue in office.

VENEZUELA President Has 57% Support Ahead of Recall, New Poll… – Venezuela
… When asked which political party they reject the most, 30% of those
surveyed picked the MVR party, 26% choose AD, 8% COPEI, 6% Proyecto Venezuela,
and 4…


Azer Tag – Azerbaijan
On behalf of myself and the people of Azerbaijan, I extend our cordial
congratulations to You and the people of Venezuela on the occasion of
the National…

VENEZUELA'S Economy Turns Corner, Says Calif. Consulting Firm
Emediawire (press release) – USA
Venezuela‚s economic rebound will be sustained, according to a California-based
independent investment research firm. Surging…

PERSEVERANCE paying off in Venezuela
AME Info – United Arab Emirates
… home and the Bush administration in the US, President Hugo Chavez has
reversed years of Washington-influenced economic policies in Venezuela,
spurring strong…

REFERENDUM On Chávez Splits Views In Venezuela
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
(CPOD) Jul. 3, 2004 ˆ Venezuelan voters are divided over the political
future of Hugo Chávez, according to a poll by Mercanalisis.…

MARIANNA Párraga: PDVSA: A ship adrift – Venezuela
… Hydrocarbons. Just as a ship without a rudder, the state-run oil firm
Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) has gone adrift for a certain time.…

VENEZUELA May Build New Coal , Oil Port in West , Bypassing Lake…
Bloomberg – USA
July 2 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil supplier,
is studying construction of a multiple-use port on the Gulf of Venezuela,

VENEZUELA: the Gang's All Here Replay of Chile and Nicaragua?
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
… It happened in 1973 in Chile; we saw it again in Nicaragua in the 1980s;
and here‚s the same show on summer rerun in Venezuela, pending the August
15 recall…

Shock, Horror! Alexandra Beech reveals: government-funded!
Seniat closes Colgate Palmolive, Madosa and La Lucha for 48 hours
Rondon targets Army C-i-C and President Chavez Frias as influence peddlars
Opposition will hold primaries to select a single presidential candidate
Enigma Lina Ron will NOT reveal list of Bolivarian comrades on the take
Edgar Gonzalez Ruiz: The Bush family‚s murky dealings in Venezuela
Opposition lawyers prepare for golden age when Hugo Chavez Frias falls
Procurator General wants TSJ magistrate post … doubts about her impartiality
Of course the Chavez-government Missions are discriminatory and exclusive!
US polling company: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez would win, 49% to 44%
Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel says: I don't respond to mercenaries
MVR deputies tell HRW director Vivanco to butt out of Venezuela's business
Elio Cequea: An Open Letter to Human Rights Watch Jose Miguel Vivanco
Venezuelans should monitor voting rights of the citizens of the United States…
According to the Miami Herald: Venezuela's voting machines pose legal peril
When Chavez inherited the government … rotten apples, thieves and angels
FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION: thanks again, for explaining reality in Venezuela
When the Last Smile Fades Away
There is NO Honor

NEW Polls Show Venezuela's Chavez Winning Recall Referendum – Venezuela
… According to a June 23 poll conducted by Washington DC based polling
company Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc., 49% of Venezuela's registered
voters would…

US polling company: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez would win, 49% to 44…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Radio Nacional de Venezuela reports: Reuters news agency reports that President
Hugo Chavez Frias would win the Presidential recall referendum to be held

ACCORDING to the Miami Herald: Venezuela's voting machines pose…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Brand continues his anti-Venezuelan disinformation campaign in today's
edition hacking on a US$64 million contract to provide Venezuela with

FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION: thanks again, for explaining reality in…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
I've seen all the signs too in Venezuela, which I saw when living and working
as a correspondent in Chile – from 1972 until Pinochet declared me 'Persona

2002 Dictator for a Day Pedro Carmona Estanga and shadowy coup d'etat financier
Gustavo Cisneros meet in CAP hideaway, the Dominican Republic
National Assembly (AN) Energy Commission paralyzes Mining Law reform
Investigation finds Fuerte Mara killer fire was started inside the prison cell
Opposition think-tank dismisses social programs as discriminatory and waste
Saul Landau: Buzz words and Venezuela
Luis Tascon to accuse Roger Rondon before the Attorney General
BCV report: Caracas Consumer Price Index up 1.9% in June, inflation 1.4%
Puerto Cabello: export lists coal, aluminum bars and sanitary appliances
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) asks SEC for another 2003 filings extension
CNE president Francisco Carrasquero nominated for TSJ magistrate
MINCI Chacon: Regulation prohibiting nationwide broadcasts is a half truth

CONGO hopes ICC brings justice
News24 – South Africa
… committed since its establishment in July 2002, shortly after a peace
deal in South Africa paved the way for the end of most fighting in Congo's
1998-2002 war…,6119,2-11-1447_1551736,00.html

US Picture of Venezuela's Chavez twisted
Axis of Logic – USA
While I was watching a huge rally in support of Venezuela's current government,
President Hugo Chavez passed through the crowd on the back of a truck.

BUZZ Words and Venezuela – Venezuela
President Hugo Chavez Frias' enemies refer to him as a “terrorist” and
a “communist.” Indeed, Venezuela's current conflict could become a test
for the meaning…

COLGATE – Palmolive Shut Down for Two Days by Venezuela for Tax…
Bloomberg – USA
July 1 (Bloomberg) — Colgate-Palmolive Co., the world's largest toothpaste
maker, was closed for two days by Venezuela's tax agency for alleged noncompliance

VENEZUELA condemns US's interference in internal affairs
Viet Nam News Agency – Hanoi,Vietnam
Havana, July 1 (VNA) – Venezuela's National Assembly approved a document
condemning the US's interference in the its internal affairs.…

VENEZUELA, Bulgaria Boost Cooperation
Novinite – Bulgaria
Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Solomon Passy and Venezuelan Ambassador Boanerges
Salazar Munoz will sign an agreement on information cooperation.…

VENEZUELA, in Turmoil, Can't Keep From Laughing
New York Times – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela – Rolando Salazar may not like his government, but he
does not get angry about it. Instead, every few days he…

PETROLEOS de Venezuela (PDVSA) surprise decision to reduce long-…
Axis of Logic – USA
… He spent the WWII years in England, returning to Venezuela in 1953
to work with Shell de Venezuela (CSV), later as Finance Coordinator at
Petroleos de…

US Congressmen say that Venezuela IS a reliable supplier of oil
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
… Venezuelan energy experts, US Congressmen from the oil producing states
of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma expressed confidence that Venezuela
will continue to…

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