VENEZUELA HEADLINES Thurs, April 1-2 2004


WHERE the money goes
National Catholic Reporter - USA
... Latin America, now an analyst at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington,
says the key question about the endowment&Mac226;s involvement in Venezuela
is whether ...

BOLIVARIAN Celebrations in Venezuela
V Crisis – Venezuela
… intelligentsia. The troop of Œguests‚ descended in Venezuela to
bestow credibility upon Hugo Chavez, the new found Latin American hero.

DEUTSCHE Bank investment advisors confirm interest in Venezuela's…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
On a visit to state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Deutsche Bank's
chief economic executive for Latin America, Gustavo Canonero, has told
reporters "we…

COFAVIC president denies politicizing human rights issues in…
Venezuela Electronic News – Venezuela
Opposition-backing Venezuelan human rights organization COFAVIC president
Liliana Ortega denies politicizing human rights issues in Venezuela and
claims that…

VENEZUELA'S ties to Cuba raise concern
Chicago Tribune (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA
CARACAS, Venezuela -- In a cinder-block home tucked on a hillside, Dr.
Radames Sierra treated a stream of patients suffering from respiratory
diseases ...,1,872606.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed

VENEZUELA demands "more forceful" answer from US
Xinhua – China
CARACAS, April 1 (Xinhua) — Venezuela hopes the United States will give
a "more forceful" answer to Venezuela's allegation that Washington was

VENEZUELA consumer prices rise 2.1 pct in March
Forbes – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela, April 1 (Reuters) – Venezuelan consumer prices rose
2.1 percent in March compared with 0.8 percent in March 2003 as state-imposed


VENEZUELA denounced foreign intervention at OAS
El Universal - Venezuela
Jorge Valero, Venezuelan ambassador to the Organization of American States
(OAS), urged to end "foreign intervention in Venezuela" and denounced
that the US ...

KIM Scipes: AFL-CIO in Venezuela: Deja vu all over again
Venezuela Electronic News - Venezuela
... Kim Scipes writes: Massive mobilizations, strikes, street conflict,
hysterical mass media, social and economic disruption: Chile in 1972-73,
Venezuela in 2002 ...

DEBATE on the Legitimacy of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Part III
V Crisis - Venezuela
... Similar to what is currently occurring with the Central Bank of Venezuela,
the government’s goal was to exclude any negotiation or compromise and
to achieve ...

THE future of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is doomed
V Crisis - Venezuela
... I did not want to write about this before for, dreading reprisals prior
to their departure from Venezuela, Merhi asked to keep everything under
wraps until ...

VENEZUELA fizz but Brazil are flat
CNN International - World
ASUNCION, Paraguay (Reuters) -- Venezuela delivered another upset when
they hammered Uruguay 3-0 away in a World Cup qualifier while Brazil were
held to a dour ...

WOMAN deported from US to Venezuela
CNN International - World
CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- A Muslim woman fighting to remain in the United
States was deported to her native Venezuela without her three American-born
children. ...

EIGHT disconnected thoughts about Venezuela
V Crisis - Venezuela
... Venezuela has a whole cohort of children of campesinos and children
of factory workers who had the chance to go to university and improve
their lives. ...

VENEZUELA interested in new models of Russian Mig-29 fighters
ITAR-TASS - Moscow,Russia
... exhibition. According to the official, Venezuela made an application
for a purchase of a MiG-29 jet at the MAX-2001 air show. Following ...

VENEZUELA Denounced at OAS US Intervention Aimed at Ousting ... - Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela. Apr 1 ( The Government of Venezuela
denounced before the Organization of the American ...

VENEZUELA stuns Uruguay 3-0
CNN International – World
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Venezuela pulled off the biggest upset Wednesday,
while Paraguay did just enough to hold five-time World Cup champion Brazil
to a…

VENEZUELA shocks Uruguay 3-0 in World Cup qualifying
ASUNCION (Reuters) — World champions Brazil were held to a goalless draw
by Paraguay in an uncompromising, foul-ridden World Cup qualifier on Wednesday.

VENEZUELA Sweeps Aside 10-Man Uruguay in Montevideo
Reuters – United States
MONTEVIDEO (Reuters) – Venezuela pulled off yet another upset in the World
Cup qualifiers Wednesday with a comprehensive 3-0 away win over Uruguay
— a…

VENEZUELA cup upset
The Australian – Australia
VENEZUELA scored one of the biggest upsets in their history today in this
South American World Cup qualifier. Gabriel Urdaneta, Hector…,5744,9154565%255E23215,00.html

VENEZUELA to ship fuel to Argentina to ease crisis
Forbes – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – OPEC member Venezuela plans to supply fuel
to Argentina to help ease an energy shortage in the South American nation,
state oil…

A beaten wife named Venezuela
V Crisis – Venezuela
… This is very similar to what Venezuela is going through now. … But
Venezuela has now decided to get a divorce before her husband kills her.

VENEZUELA'S CANTV braces for scrap with Telefonica
Forbes – USA
CARACAS, Venezuela, March 31 (Reuters) – Venezuela's CANTV (nyse: VNT–
news – people), the nation's leading telecommunications company, is gearing
up for…

CHAVEZ rejects US interference in Venezuela, Haiti
Xinhua – China
… reiterated Wednesday that his government rejects the United States'
interference in the internal affairs of other nations, specifically in
Haiti and Venezuela.…

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