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30/12/04 ˇLa politica es una cochinada! Politics is a filthy game! By Carlos Herrera
25/12/04 Venezuela signals clear warning to the US government to back off on
interference; offers Chins almost unlimited access to massive oil and gas reserves
24/12/04 China Backs Iran Against The Great Satan by Joe Vialls
24/12/04 Torture in Cuba … but it’s not the Cubans who torture! By Arthur Shaw


Balance of United States ’ power or Venezuela’s rule of law…
21/12/04 Well, who is funding you then? Chavez? by Carlos Herrera
16/12/04 Chavez and Cuba Sign Anti-US Trade Agreement
15/12/04 Fidel and Chávez promote Bolivarian alternative for the Americas
02/12/04 US Army document reveals US meddling i n Venezuelan affairs
25/11/04 USA covert action … Danilo Anderson and Condoleezza Rice by Toni Solo
24/11/04 Report: U.S. knew of 2002 plot to oust Chavez
23/11/04 Spain says former government backed Venezuela coup By Daniel Flynn
23/11/04 Opposition lawyer shot dead in downtown Caracas shoot-out with police officers
21/11/04 US Central Intelligence Agency: Documentary proof of CIA involvement
in the April 2002 coup d'etat against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias
by Eva Golinger
19/11/04 US government implicated in the assassination of Danilo Anderson? by Oscar Heck
18/11/04 Venezuela: Theory or Ideology, Revolutionaries or Ideologues? by Franz J. T. Lee
19/11/04 Venezuelan State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson assassinated
in cold blood in two-bomb explosion in Los Chaguaramos/Santa Monica
18/11/04 Venezuelan embassy staffers around the world risk
losing their jobs in Foreign Ministry purge of saboteurs
by Jesus Arnoldo Perez
15/11/04 Venezuela: Setting the new revolutionary parameters by Richard Smith
13/11/04 US$ Health Warning! Will devaluation help energy transition? by Andrew McKillop
13/11/04 NED on the offensive in Venezuela by Eva Golinger
11/11/04 Open letter to National Endowment for Democracy (NED) president Carl Gershman
11/11/04 Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell: Sleeping with the enemy! by Charles Hardy
09/11/04 How can political power thru democracy be considered authoritarianism? by Elio Cequea
06/11/04 Venezuela: Revolution in the Revolution or is it just cultural?
05/11/04 What? What is going on here? I am really ticked off now … again! By Oscar Heck
01/11/04 Yes! The October 31, 2004 Venezuelan elections for Governors confirm reality!
01/11/04 Chavismo wins 22 of the 20 Governorships in dispute
31/10/04 Venezuelan State/Regional Elections ... 5:00 p.m. abstention is still the question
29/10/04 Venezuelan Regional Elections: To abstain, or not to abstain, that is the question!
16/10/04 Economic forecasting and results – Venezuelan style! by Richard Smith
14/10/04 Who dunnit? The FARC? The AUC? The Etc? by Charles Hardy
14/10/04 Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and the World Energy Crisis by Franz J. T. Lee
13/10/04 Gaviria’s Final Report on the August 15 recall referendum; an opposition coup? by Glen Forbes
25/09/04 Media War Against the People By Eva Golinger
09/10/04 Human rights? Yeah, sure … human rights, my big foot! by Oscar Heck
09/10/04 Energy transition and final energy crisis by Andrew McKillop
04/10/04 International Forecaster: Venezuela, Iran and Indonesia will follow
once Russia moves to the Euro … it would destroy the US$ as a reserve currency
27/09/04 Those who don’t study and comprehend history will be forced to relive it…
25/09/04 USA's FCC raids KFAR 90.9FM half-hour after 'Axis of Good' premiere…
25/09/04 Media War Against the People A Case Study of Media Concentration and Power in Venezuela By Eva Golinger
24/09/04 Andrew McKillop: Oil prices … fiscal folly begins at Fifty-Five
20/09/04 Karl B. Koth: Rapprochement or truce with the USA is impossible!
09/09/04 United States government tries to cover up covert financing
to the Venezuelan opposition and Sumate to the tune of US$10 million
02/09/04 Venezuela's President Chavez Frias and the referendum: myths and realities by James Petras
26/08/04 World's deciders will have to react to oil prices moving in the $50-60 barrel range by Andrew McKillop
26/08/04 A “panagringo” commentary on an issue with a Venezuelan connection
26/08/04 Why Venezuelans support the Bolivarian Revolution wholeheartedly
25/08/04 Opposition ranting, raving, sabotaging, bombing and threatening does not work
21/08/04 Beyond Populism: Venezuela and the International Left  by Jonah Gindin
15/08/04 Clandestine sources email allegedly preliminary results to the international media
15/08/04 The Carter Center’s Jennifer McCoy: Can the Carter
Center Observe Venezuela’s Referendum Impartially?
By Justin Delacour and Diana Barahona
15/08/04 Venezuela’s Democracy is an example for the world to follow by Katherine Lahey
15/08/04 Venezuela's Referendum and the Nation's Poor By Medea Benjamin
14/08/04 Venezuela: Florentino, The Devil And The Opposition By Justin Podur
13/08/04 Venezuela Floridated by Greg Palast
12/08/04 Venezuela: mass rally says ‘no’ to pro-imperialist recall BY ARGIRIS MALAPANIS
15/08/04 What exactly is at stake in Venezuela‚s presidential recall referendum today?
10/08/04 Decisive Chavez win could telegraph stability to international decision-makers
08/08/04 CIA executives gathered in Santiago de Chile revealed in
contingency plot to overthrow Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias
05/08/04 El Universal caught with its pants down ˆ again! Publishes bogus
poll saying President Hugo Chavez Frias will lose the referendum
02/08/04 What does the future look like for Venezuela? by Oscar Heck
01/08/04 How hate media incited the coup d’etat against Venezuela's President
01/08/04 Venezuela Solidarity Britain launches a new web site URL
01/08/04 US destabilization in Latin American geopolitics has makings of real problems
27/07/04 Carlos Andres Perez rejects the past and considers himself the future
26/07/04 US citizens' mis-information, arrogance sorely portrays us around the globe by Lourdes Vela
26/07/04 Venezuela is not AmeriKas bitch anymore … get used to it! by Joseph Pena
24/07/04 Why doesn't President Hugo Chavez Frias just leave? by Gustavo Pereira
21/07/04 The Christian Right ’s Crusade and US Foreign Policy by Karl B. Koth
11/07/04 Richard Smith: Geopolitical chess … looking inwards and eastwards
11/07/04 Opposition‚s plans for a Venezuela without Chavez:
eliminate public industry, referenda and civil protest
11/07/04's Elio Cequea: Answer to the testimony
of Jose Miguel Vivanco of the Human rights Watch
10/07/04 blasts a hole in black-propaganda efforts raping the
personal privacy and professional reputations of more than a hundred government officials
01/07/04 The Bush family ‚s murky dealings in Venezuela by Edgar Gonzalez Ruiz
30/06/04 Government must be of the people, for the people and by the people
30/06/04 Put a brake on that crazy George W. Bush!
28/06/04 Why should the United States care who is the President of Venezuela?
28/06/04 Venezuela: the Gang's All Here. A Replay of Chile and Nicaragua?
23/06/04 Otto Reich: Mastermind of the April 2002 coup d'etat against President Hugo Chavez
23/06/04 SPECIAL REPORT: First estimates and projections of potential
electoral results of the August 15, 2004, referendum against President Hugo Chavez Frias
22/06/04 THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER: Venezuelan opposition sure
to lose recall referendum; doing everything possible to discredit the Chavez Frias administration
18/06/04 Has Human Rights Watch Joined Venezuela’s Opposition?
18/06/04 Human Rights Watch! Wow! What a powerful statement!
14/06/04 Venezuela is today a land of opportunity versus a land of opportunists…
10/06/04 Piedad Cordoba: Plan Colombia Has Been a Total Failure
09/06/04 Elio Cequea: Venezuela’s democratic system has won again
04/06/04 A Referendum in Venezuela? Maybe By Charlie Hardy
05/06/04 Tarek William Saab: US Peter DeShazo’s remarks are inappropriate
04/06/04 Already with 15,738 more than the required, the National Elections Council
(CNE) reveals that a recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez Frias will go ahead
30/05/04 EARLY WARNING: Venezuela's radical opposition will ignore CNE decisions on recall referendum
21/05/04 Move Over Iraq -  Venezuela Next on the Elitists' “Hit” List? by Charleston Voice
19/05/04 Complicitous US Ambassador could not quite bring himself to speak the truth
15/05/04 Oliver L. Campbell: An unconventional opinion
17/04/04 EXCLUSIVE: USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?
10/05/04 Why Bush, Cheney and the Neo-cons Are Aiming at Cuba and Venezuela Next …
11/05/04 MVR proposes paramilitary exchange for rebel Venezuelan fugitives in USA
10/05/04 US government spokesman disparages capture of Colombian
paramilitaries in Venezuela … gets his information by watching news (?) broadcasts
10/05/04 President Hugo Chavez Frias: Today's capture of Colombian
paramilitaries is a blow against opposition terrorism
09/05/04 Second coup attempt: Urban Security Command of the
Venezuelan National Guard was to be attacked Wednesday, May 12
05/05/04 Miami Herald: All that's lacking is that Osama bin Laden is hidden here
04/05/04 Al-Jazeera asks: What is the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) up to?
03/05/04 Calling the bluff of cheap oil…
30/04/04 UPI analysis: Would Chavez's demise affect Cuba? By Eliza Barclay
22/04/04 Venezuela does not need a battle royal to decide what is right and what is wrong
18/04/04 USA lies and disinformation to support war for plunder is, sadly, nothing new
17/04/04 USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?
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