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Why I will do whatever it takes to help protect Venezuela from the USA…


Published: Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bylined to: Oscar Heck commentarist Oscar Heck writes: This is an urgent plea to all people of the USA to watch this following video. I have just read an article about how it is only now being “discovered” that US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan were and continue to be ordered to assassinate innocent men, women and children.  Here is an excerpt:

“When we were doing the night raids in the houses, we would pull people out and have them all on their knees and zip-tied. We would ask the man of the house questions. If he didn’t answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head. We would keep going, this was our interrogation. He could be innocent. He could be just an average Joe trying to support his family. If he didn’t give us a satisfactory answer, we’d start killing off his family until he told us something. If he didn’t know anything, I guess he was SOL.”

This is not a joke …

… and it is nothing new to the US invasion of Iraq or to the US attack on Afghanistan.  During the Gulf War (1991), I lived a portion of the time at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, near the half-bombed-out airport.  The hotel was filled with bullet holes.  It was also being used at the time by the US military. There, I sang for US soldiers on three occasions.  They were young, very young … and the ones I sang for were on their way back to the USA after having spent weeks out in the desert killing, amongst others, innocent Bedouin children. This is not an invention. 

This came directly from their own mouths: They told me of what they did (and they were very mentally disturbed, devastated) and how it happened … and this is how they explained it.  During the military advances into Iraq, they were ordered to shoot to kill anyone who carried a weapon.  What they were not told, and probably intentionally so, was that it is Bedouin tradition for men of all ages to carry weapons.  Young boys are taught to carry rifles … not to kill people with but to protect the women from the dangers of the harsh vast desert.  This is a tradition that has been practiced for perhaps thousands of years. So, what was the result of the orders that the young US soldiers received?  Hundreds and perhaps hundreds of thousands (ses video!)  of innocent children and old men were indiscriminately assassinated by young US soldiers.  They told me this.  They had been given the orders to shoot to kill indiscriminately.

Now, finally, one very brave ex US soldier, Jesse Macbeth, is telling the truth about the US military!

  • It will blow your mind and … if you are one who supports the criminal invasion of Iraq, this video will leave you speechless.  This video will, if you are anywhere close to being human, change your life. Jesse is telling the absolute truth!

It is a short video where Jesse Macbeth, a former US soldier tells us the truth of what happened in Iraq … and what is probably still happening in Iraq (and Afghanistan).  I hope you will cry.  You will be shocked! (I am not shocked because I knew this stuff from having been in the Gulf War … but I cry a lot … and still lose it at times because of the scars.)

It is urgent and important to know the truth!

You will feel the pain and the truth in the words and the expressions of the young ex US soldier in the video … just as I did in 1991 when those young US soldiers told me similar stories … and they cried in pain when telling me. Few people ever believed what I told them about the Gulf War … because it was not what they had seen on the news … but now, finally, after this video gets spread around for more people to watch, people will begin to believe!

As Jesse mentions in the video, if he were an Iraqi, he would do the same thing they are doing now against the occupying forces.  You will understand why when you watch the video.

  • Now you know why I am so against the US government and against anyone who supports or sides with the US government!
  • Now you know why I will do whatever it takes to help protect Venezuela (my friends, my family) from the USA. 

I lived through the Gulf War, and as Jesse lived through the US invasion of Iraq, I know (and experienced first hand) the abominable atrocities committed by the US military against innocent women, children and old crippled men.  I will not allow the US to lay one finger on Venezuela … and I will do everything in my power, through writing, to expose the USA for the true monster that it is.

Perhaps now, the good people of the USA will stand up against their own government (with force, if need be!) and demand that all US military be pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately … and from whatever other countries they may be in at the moment. As Jesse so clearly illustrates (and as I personally witnessed), the US military has lost all human values.  It is a giant killing machine run by psychopaths who lie to their own soldiers, using them as assassination machines … not to protect or save others from “evil dictators,” but to intimidate and dominate other nations through force.

“ … I didn’t sign up to kill innocent women and children.”

“ … that is why they hate us.”

Thank you Jesse. 

Thank you Dr. Bob.

Thank you Jack.

Thank you Drew.

Oscar Heck

N.B. In the video Jesse mentions several times something to the effect that if they (the Iraqis) didn’t say anything, then they (the US soldiers, himself included) would shoot them in the head.  It is important to realize here that very few Iraqis speak any English at all!


Oscar Heck has been a commentarist for over 3 years and has contributed close to 500 articles.  Born in Canada, Oscar has spent most of his life working as an executive recruiter and corporate investigator.  He has traveled to 34 countries and lived/worked in 12, including Kuwait during the Gulf War (1991).  Oscar’s love affair with Venezuela began 28 years ago when he first went to work as a missionary in the shantytowns (barrios) of Caracas and in the Barlovento area, east of Caracas. Over the years, Oscar has traveled and worked throughout  much of Venezuela, living mostly in the barrios. Oscar’s strong anti-US-government stance stems mostly from his experience in the Gulf War and from his vast exposure to the inside workings of large corporations. His strong pro-Venezuela stance stems from his love for the Venezuelan Pueblo and from his unwavering belief that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s current President, is taking positive steps toward enhancing the lives of the traditionally exploited, abused and excluded 80% majority. Oscar is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

You may contact Oscar at


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