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Luis Posada Carriles … how dare the United States government protect this man!


Published: Sunday, May 07, 2006
Bylined to: Mary MacElveen commentarist Mary MacElveen writes:  On Friday (May 5, 2006) I wrote a piece for this e-publication Disparity proves the United States is not serious about combating terrorism.

In that article, I stated “In my search for the passenger list of Cubana flight 455, of which Luis Posada Carriles masterminded the explosion, I could not find the complete list anywhere on the Internet … as if these people’s lives did not matter.”

Much to my surprise in my email box a reader was kind enough to write to me: “Thank you for writing such a good article for on the United States’ a la carte war on terrorism. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find the list of passengers of CU 455 on the net … the Google search engine probably hasn’t picked it up … the list of passengers is found on  Un abrazo, Jose”

While I could not find the complete list, Jose did. Thank you, Jose.

I find it uplifting to say the least when there are kindred spirits out there screaming for justice as well.  I find it uplifting when someone cares enough to record their names as victims of terrorism.  The people listed cry out from heavens above for the man responsible to be brought to justice in Venezuela … his name is Luis Posada Carriles … and how dare the United States government protect this man!

  • A judge is worried that he will be tortured. I find that hypocritical, to say the least, considering the fact that we have tortured alleged terrorists in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo (also known as GITMO).

What I do find astonishing is that no party leader within the Sumate organization is demanding that the Bush government send this monster, Carriles, back to Venezuela to face punishment.  We have all seen pictures of Maria Corina Machado, the chief of Sumate meeting with Bush and shaking hands with him: Where is her voice in this matter?

  • If she is pro-Venezuela, then she should at least be speaking out for her country’s judicial system.

As many have heard the pleas coming from Flight 93, I want all of you to put yourself in the shoes of those who heard the Mayday call from the Captain on Cubana Flight 455 when he radioed: “We have an explosion aboard, we are descending immediately! … We have fire on board! We are requesting immediate landing! We have a total emergency!”… just before all on board perished.

With that said, below is the passenger list of Flight 455.  Read each of their names as if they are asking you to bring them justice. Then I want all of my readers to take action.  On Monday, start calling the Governor of Florida Jeb Bush (brother of George W. Bush) and call on him to speak with his brother to send Carriles back to Venezuela.  His office phone number is (850) 488-7146.  I also ask that you contact Senator Mel Martinez of Florida (whose heritage is Cuban) asking him to call out for justice for his people … his Miami phone number is (305) 444-8332.

But, we must not stop there: I am imploring all of you to contact the Miami Herald by calling the Executive Editor, Tom Fiedler at (305) 376-3477 … I have only singled out one newspaper, in the hope that they will get inundated with phone calls so that they can then write about this cause for justice.
The passenger list of Cubana Flight 455
The list of the 73 victims of the terrorist attack
(El listado de las 73 personas que fueron asesinadas)
Cuban citizens

  • Ernesto Machín Guzmán, 40, flight engineer
  • Ignacio Martínez Gandía, 25, sabre trainer for the national fencing team
  • Miriam Remedios de la Peña, 24, stewardess, international flights
  • Enrique Figueredo del Valle, 19, national fencing team competitor
  • José Pestana González, 41, Cubana de Aviación department head
  • Tomás Joaquín González Quintana, 41, supervisor with the Cubana de Aviación network’s General Control division
  • Guillermo Valencia Guinot, 53, international flight attendant
  • José A. Fernández Garzón, 19, junior fencing team competitor
  • Valentín Ladrón de Guevara, 39, member of Cubana de Aviación’s technical staff
  • Ramón Infante García, 27, national fencing team competitor
  • Julia Rosa Torres Álvarez, 46, wife of the manager of Cubana de Aviación’s Barbados office
  • Carlos M. Leyva González, 19, junior fencing team competitor
  • María Elena Rodríguez del Rey Bocalandro, 28, stewardess, international fights
  • Lázaro Serrano Mérida, 32, international flight attendant
  • Luis A. Morales Viego, 45, fencing Technical Committee member
  • Ramón J. Fernandiz Lefebre, 39, senior flight attendant with Cubana de Aviación
  • Martí Suárez Sánchez, 30, international air-traffic supervisor
  • Demetrio Alfonso González, 44, National Commissioner for Shooting
  • Cándido Muñoz Hernández, 20, national fencing team competitor
  • Julio Herrera Aldama, 25, national fencing team competitor
  • José A. Arencibia Arredondo, 23, national fencing team competitor
  • Orlando López Fuentes, 34, national épée team trainer
  • Jesús Méndez Silva, 30, national foil team competitor
  • Domingo Chacón Coello, 21, field agent with the Home Affairs Ministry
  • Jesús Rojo Quintana, 33, Cubana de Aviación official
  • Santiago E. Hayes Pérez, 30, national foil team trainer
  • Ermilio Castillo Castillo, 33, Cubana de Aviación route inspector
  • Inés Luaces Sánchez, 21, national foil team competitor
  • Lázaro Otero Madruga, 34, Cubana de Aviación route inspector
  • Jesús Gil Pérez, national fencing team armourer
  • Nelson Fernández Machado, 22, national fencing team competitor
  • Juan Duany González, 18, national sabre team competitor
  • Wilfredo Pérez Pérez, 36, pilot. National Worker-Hero.
  • Angel Tomás Rodríguez, 36, Technical Training Manager, Cubana de Aviación.
  • Miguel Espinosa Cabrera, 47, DC-8 co-pilot.
  • Magaly Grave de Peralta Ferrer, 33, stewardess, international flights.
  • Moraima González Prieto, 21, stewardess, international flights.
  • Marlene González Arias, 23, stewardess, international flights.
  • Carlos Cremata Trujillo, 41, Cubana de Aviación flight dispatcher.
  • Armando Ramos Pagán, 38, Cubana de Aviación pilot.
  • Argelio Reyes Aguilar, Manager of the Caribbean shrimping fleet.
  • Leonardo Mackenzie Grant, 22, national foil team competitor.
  • Carlos T. Coquero Perdomo, 43, air-safety inspector.
  • Roberto G. Palacios Torres, 27, Cubana de Aviación navigator.
  • Armando E. Armengol Alonso, 58, Cubana de Aviación pilot.
  • Virgen M. Felizola García, 17, national foil team competitor.
  • Manuel Permuy Hernández, 40, Party Leader, INDER.
  • Ricardo Cabrera Fuentes, 23, national sabre team competitor.
  • Sonia Coto Rodríguez, 33, Caribbean shrimping fleet worker.
  • Alberto Mario Abréu Gil, 38, Supply Manager of the Caribbean shrimping fleet.
  • Alberto Drake Crespo, 18, national sabre team competitor.
  • Silvia Marta Pereira Jorge, 28, stewardess, international flights.
  • Nancy Uranga Romagosa, 22, national fencing team competitor.
  • Jorge de la Nuez Suárez, Party Secretary, Caribbean shrimping fleet
  • Eusebio Sánchez Domínguez, 25, international flight attendant.
  • Manuel A. Rodríguez Font, Cubana de Aviación official in Barbados.
  • Milagros Peláez González, 21, national fencing team competitor.
    Korean citizens murdered
  • Kim To Yun, 42, Director of the Foreign Cultural Relations Committee.
  • Juang Ne Ik, 50, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Cultural Relations Committee.
  • Pak Je Chin, 40, Specialist on the Foreign Cultural Relations Committee.
  • Ki Bong, 30, Official of the Foreign Cultural Relations Committee.
  • Jan Sang Kyu, 41, cameraman.
    Guyanese citizens murdered
  • Eric Norton, 18, student.
  • Ann Nelson, 18, student.
  • Seshnarine Kumar, 18, student.
  • Jacqueline Willians, 19, student.
  • Rawle Thomas, 18, student.
  • Raymond Persaud, 19, student.
  • Margaret Bradshaw, 22, wife of Guyanese diplomat in Havana.
  • Gordon Sobha.
  • Harry Paul
  • Violet Thomas
  • Rita Thomas
     (The girl Harry Paul, Mrs. Violet Thomas and Mrs. Rita Thomas were members of the same family)
    Mary MacElveen


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