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Brainwashed Dutch armed forces totally at the disposal of USA warmongers Venezuela


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Foreign Press Foundation (FPF) chairman Henk Ruyssenaars writes: Based on my life long experience as a foreign correspondent and researcher in The Netherlands, I can absolutely assure that the very second the Dutch army, navy and air force get their orders from Washington, they will take part in a new invasion of Venezuela or any other country in the world, like they have done for decades ... and like they do now in Iraq, Afghanistan etc ... without saying a word about the illegality or radiation risks.

On his weekly radio program !Alo Presidente!, Sunday, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias was totally correct when called Dutch Minister of War Henk Kamp "a Washington stooge."

Chavez is like other observers totally right.

Kamp -- who like the other war criminals should have been jailed a long time ago -- is one of the creepy creatures 'fronting' for the 'managers' of The Netherlands ... and totally committed to the present US genocides.

Like the rest of the Dutch Quislings, openly and with all means fully supporting the illegal US invasions, the fake 'war on terror' which they foment themselves, torture, rendering and further crimes against humanity.

  • No official protests are heard in Holland by any of the so called 'moral leaders' against the US massacres ... they rather have their own belied people killed.  And there's no doubt that the Dutch stooges will also support an attack on Venezuela when ordered to do so.
  • No official protests are heard in Holland ... the megaphones keep silent and none of the so called 'moral leaders' against the US massacres has officially spoken in protest. They rather have their own belied people wounded and killed on the PNAC's battlefields.

That's why this former lousy salesman Henk Kamp is referred to by intelligent observers as Henk 'Mein Kampf' ... after Hitler's book concerning the Nazi's war for a 'Thousand Years' lasting empire, the 'Reich.'

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that the brainwashed Dutch armed forces are totally at the despicable disposal of the US warmongers, which also run NATO via another 'National Shame' for The Netherlands: the brain- and spine- less failed politician Jaap de Hoop Scheffer; the 'US straw man' who fronts for NATO ... a slave if you've ever seen one.

At present de Hoop Scheffer and Henk 'Mein Kampf' are among the worst cowards alive, together with the slavish Dutch PM -- the Bush 'crusading Christian' Crime Minister Balkenende, currently visiting his 'brother in war crimes' CM Howard in Australia for some days to further destroy Afghanistan and human being's lives.

And there is no doubt that Belgian and Dutch marines and other troops were at least partly involved in the coup d'etat that took place in Venezuela on April 12, 13 and 14, 2002. And their slogan to do so?: "We are guarding Uncle Sam's backdoor while he is out home-jacking his annoying neighbor."

The horrendous thing is that the main part of the 16 million inhabitants of the Shell's Holland (#6 on the global list of malignant weapon merchants) ... those people nearly all abhor war and the inhuman PNAC criminality, but for the past 2 decades have been dumbed down via the media of which all major channels are in the hands of the foreign warmongers.

Of the formerly existing Dutch journalists -- misguided by their 'association' NVJ in PNAC hands -- 95% have let down the people, sold out and bowed to the 'leaders.'

Most have become megaphones and propaganda stenographers ... and for years those Judases have been producing propaganda for warmongers like Kamp. All journalists who have been critical of the sinister system and inhuman development have been silenced. Last November 15, investigating journalist Louis Seveke was liquidated in Holland, 300 meters from where this article is now is written. In his last article, he wrote that the Dutch 'authorities' should be 'more open about their own terrorism'. Two weeks later he was killed by a professional who has not been caught.

The Dutch are not informed about the illegal and criminal war role their armed forces played and still plays with the US war makers ... they don't even know how much of their tax billions are misused via NATO for the 'Project for a New American Century' (PNAC) ... which involves the theft of all natural resources, like Venezuelan oil as well.

And most Dutch don't know either that -- contrary to all law and human decency -- secret US warmonger's nuclear weapons have been stored in Holland for decades, making everyone a target in an armed conflict.

How the PNAC group's NATO has prepared -- and they are at it again -- the next invasion of Venezuela, was published in last year, May 27, 2004, in an article by Vannessa Carolina del Valle Marcano, who quoted General Melvin Lopez Hidalgo, secretary of the Venezuelan National Defense & Security Council: "War Game" by NATO involved assassination of Chavez.

Last March 9, Washington's and NATO stooge Kamp -- in the fake Dutch 'House of Parliament' -- parroting the PNAC's 'Pentagonese' -- called President Chavez 'an unbearable populist' -- and declared that the people on the 'Dutch' Antilles (the Dutch colonialized islands 30 miles of the coast of Venezuela) "Do not need to be afraid of Chavez or an invasion by his armed forces, even if he keeps looking in their direction as if he wants the islands."

Faking another 'threat' as a possible reason to 'avert the danger' ... exactly as his masters in Washington and London want him to say.

Kamp, in his overwhelming cowardice -- combined with his monstrous stupidity -- is indeed dangerous and should be jailed as soon as is possible for his crimes against humanity as well as the group of really bad geniuses behind all this ... and especially the 'propaganda spreaders' in the PNAC media, without whom all massacres and invasions not would have been possible.

In a BBC 'Newsnight' program, Monday, President Chavez advocated keeping the price of oil at US$50 a barrel and refers to Venezuela: "Seven years ago Venezuela was a US oil colony."

  • As far as the present PNAC group in charge of the Netherlands and it's armed forces is concerned, Venezuela should return to that status which was more profitable to them.

The Dutch are experienced: in the middle of 1973 at a reception in the Netherlands embassy in Santiago de Chile, a representative of the Dutch shipping company KNSM (later renamed Nedlloyd Hollandia) told me ''KNSM and many others of the Dutch multinationals backed the countrywide strike against President Salvador Allende who was "suicided" by the CIA later on in September ... the KNSM ships were 'on strike' in Valparaiso harbor backing the US coup plans just like those doing the dirty work for the greedy PNAC gringos in The Netherlands will do again in Venezuela.

Whether the price is one, or one million lives ... that doesn't matter to the creatures dreaming of the 'PNAC Empire' where Latin America is a big blank to them.

They'll never understand human beings ... only profit and, absolutely, they must be stopped.

Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

http://forpressfound.blogspot com/

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