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Goebbels was an amateur in the perspective of today’s US foreign policy Venezuela


Tuesday, March 28, 2006 editor & publisher Roy S. Carson writes: I admit that, although I adore Venezuela and all things Venezuelan, one of the things that I do not really understand at this juncture of Venezuela’s revolutionary history is how the administration fails to understand its position relevant to the reality of the outside world in which we all must live and die.

It is one thing to have revolutionary zeal, and it is a clearly excellent objective to do everything that is good for the future of Venezuela and its people.  But there must come a realization of the darker forces set against Venezuela’s progress … not only from the outside (call it USA if you wish!) but from within.

Love them or hate them, the ‘gringos’ have the wealth and the expertise as well as the devious cunning to undermine the noblest of objectives … just the same as any ill-willed entity that sets itself out to do as much damage as possible to efforts that it perceives to be against its own self-interest.

Love them or hate them, the Americans have the wealth and expertise as well as the studied propaganda specialists to turn the truth into lies and lies into truth.  Goebbels was an amateur in the perspective of today’s US foreign policy, but therein lies the rub.

What does Venezuela have to set against the brick wall of highly-paid USA professional propagandists in the ‘war of words’ where … thanks (?) to AP, Reuters and UPI … the story is simply another HMV (His Master’s Voice)?

Yes, indeed, we at have had our own particular differences with the Ministry of Communications & Information.  Well-grounded differences which, unfortunately, ground to a brickwall of indifference when the debacle became personalized and (ridiculous as it appears on the surface!) this e-publication and its writers were scurrilously labeled as ‘escualidos’ by a herd of “let’s-pretend chavistas” who invaded the ministry with about as much journalistic competence as a chipmunk driving a taxi in Manhattan.

But set any number of taxi-driving chipmunks against the plethora of anti-Venezuelan verbage spewing from the US State Department’s clutch of cloned news services, ‘research’ institutes and lobby organizations and its a dead man walking.

  • One simply has to stutter “my God … what the hell are they (in Caracas) trying to achieve!” …if anything!

One has only to view UK Channel 4 News’ convoluted reporting from Venezuela to understand the utter failure of the Venezuelan Ministry of Communications & Information to keep tabs on itself, never mind anything approaching what could have been positive coverage of Venezuela even in such loaded reporting as that proffered by C4's Jonathan Rugman.

It begs the question: What exactly are the hacks at MCI up to?

Given the circumstance that any foreign TV team turning up on any country’s doorstep will immediately arouse the interest of local spooks … one has only to witness how Al Jazeera TV is shadowed 24/7 by CIA/FBI operatives in the United States, MI5 in Britain and dittos elsewhere … how come competent undercover ‘guard dogs’ from any of Venezuela’s multiplicity of ministries were not alert to pull the plug on sensitive misunderstandings before the brown stuff hit the fan…

  • Surely to God, even the most incompetent of government flunkies will understand that threatening a visiting journalist with incarceration will almost 150% secure negative coverage?

Okay, understood that language difficulties and even provocation may have led to ‘misunderstandings’ … even paranoid suspicions of potential espionage (filming a few reservists?) may have been contributory factors … but where were the background minders?  Or were they deployed elsewhere on guided tours of the government’s various missions for visiting social tourists?

Who has the answers?  Certainly I have none … other than to remain aghast at the incompetence of whomsoever should be attributed the blame for the fracas.

Certainly it is to be expected that Willian Lara as new Minister of Communications & Information will use his new broom as a professional journalist to sweep the corridors of MCI clear of the persistent cobwebs that have dogged recent years.  The addition to his staff as Vice Minister (Strategy) of the highly-competent Carmen Teresa Maniglia is also a positive move … but the both of them certainly need to get their skates on to undo the damage already caused to the government’s best intentions by the incompetents that preceded them.

Okay, Okay…

Undoubtedly this critique will further exacerbate the ‘difficulties’ we at have had with MCI but, if there is to be any success in Venezuela’s mission to improve life’s lot for millions of Venezuelans over the darker interests of multi-nationals and the Bush administration, the veil has to be removed and the tale told of the Emperor’s new clothes.

We wish Minister Lara and Carmen Teresa the best will in the world to tackle the collapse of such a vital institution, and we will do everything in our power to assist and promote the facts about the multitude of good things that are happening in Venezuela today .. but that does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to that which is unbelievably negative and bad.

We will not kowtow to corruption and we will not surrender VHeadline’s editorial independence to rogue interests lurking within the Chavez administration (or elsewhere) which seek to destroy for selfish and personal gain.

We do not profess to know the outcome of the current struggle, but recognize that it is a life or death decision that must be made for Venezuela’s communications strategy…

Will President Hugo Chavez Frias grasp the nettle and will Willian Lara and Carmen Teresa Maniglia be able to return Venezuela’s information battleship to its proper course?

Unfortunately, only time will tell … but time is running out and there are no victory laurels for the losers!

Roy S. Carsonņol remains 100% independent of all political factions in Venezuela

— our aim is to report what’s happening without submitting to lawlessness

Our editorial statement reads: Venezuela is a wholly independent e-publication promoting democracy in its fullest expression and the inalienable right of all Venezuelans to self-determination and the pursuit of sovereign independence without interference. We seek to shed light on nefarious practices and the corruption which for decades has strangled this South American nation’s development and progress. Our declared editorial bias is most definitely pro-Constitutional, pro-Democracy and pro-VENEZUELA.

— Roy S. Carson, Editor/Publisher

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