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Defense: the Only Salvation from US Imperial Aggression Zack Krasuk


February 7th, 2006

The US Government and its Global Psychological Warfare Operations.

This article is directed at all Venezuelans and people of the world who are now under the threat of invasion by the Washington White House Mafia and to Americans who are waking up to the falsehoods of the most corrupt and criminal government the world has known in the last few decades. For the last weeks the author in Venezuela has encountered a plethora of articles filled with false pacifism and usually with one or more of the basic tenets of a psychological warfare operation. One thing is to protest unjustified agression and the other is to protest the legitimate right of a country to defend itself against greed and imperialism’s aggression. False pacifism has the trademark of spreading a feeling of hopelessness; the message by false pacifists to the people of Venezuela is: “why fight against the US if they invade? After all they have an invincible army and we can’t do much against them, why, it’s best to smoke a dobie, lay in the grass and be happy”; “the government will do it, I don’t have to worry about it”; “but my family will be worried and miss me and what if something happens to me… will they be ok?”. This campaign of mentally disarming Venezuelans has been going on since the beginning of January 2006. In a disturbing manner, these false pacifists’ statements have a markedly similar message than flyers and leaflets that where dropped by US C-130's over Irak during the invasion of March 19th, 2003. This is what in intelligence slang is called a ground softener. It is a prelude to an upcoming violent action against a specific country. Ground softeners are not done because the CIA has too much time on their hands, they are done with a plan and a very real purpose in mind: to inflict maximum morale damage upon a target population. For those of you who are new to the realm of US psychological warfare, I highly recommend a book by an ex-CIA officer (Robert Marcello) titled The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. Talking to an intelligence officer works as well. You would be surprised how much they are willing to share.

Some basic tenets of a CIA psyop through articles, TV/radio broadcasts and pamphlets include:

-Letting the target population feel hopeless and fearful. That is, making them feel that whatever they do is inconsecuential (ex: “don’t fight, what’s the point when the others are so strong. You don’t stand a chance.”). The message is usually written in terms that are simple to understand, without intricate words in order to reach the widest target population possible.

-Including emotional content. Making the target population feel that they may get “hurt” and that their families or significant others may feel very sad as a result. (ex: “don’t intercept US fighter planes, doing so will draw complete and devastating retaliation; why risk it, your loved ones are waiting for you at home.” Emotional content can be extended unto the religious theme as well. (ex: “is this what Christ wants for you?”).

-Tarnishing the image of a person who is in favor of defending the target country and who actively works for the strengthening of the target country’s defense. Ridiculing the person and spreading lies about him/her in order to defame and subtract credibility from the person. Making the reader feel that he should do something against this person. 1

-Making the target know that they will be treated well and with compassion if they leave their defensive positions. This is almost always done when the invader does NOT know where your coordinates are (hint, hint). For those of you who still believe that the US army will treat you well if captured, think again. The article by Greg Szymanski titled Abu Ghraib: A First Hand Account Of US Soldiers Raping And Torturing Prisoners, thoroughly explains how prisoners of the US military are routinely raped, tortured, psychologically traumatized, beaten and even killed without mercy inside their “compassionate” military prisons. If you would rather go through all that hell out of cowardice than fight one time and have the chance to defend Venezuela from foreign aggression, then by all means, go ahead. 2

-Convincing the target that they should invest resources in other things than defense. Through the cover of “socialism” and “anti-militarism” the foreign agent or its lackeys spread the false notion that defense is unnecessary and that “other things” need more attention, such as health care. To this point, the agent will attempt to influence the highest levels of government decision-making. The agent first infiltrates local political cells and once he/she is sure that he/she has been “accepted” and have gained the trust and confidence of the locals, the agent moves upwards in the chain of political influence. Thus going to local communities, mayors, then governors and last but not least congressmen/women. All the while, the agent tries to convince people of influence and the masses in general that military spending is “not worth it” and that “other things are more important”.

-Letting the targets know that there is no real “evidence” to point out that there may be an invasion hence it is best “not to worry about it”. Discrediting all available evidence. 1, 3

Understanding these tenets of the CIA’s modus operandi regarding information/misinformation is not only important but essential in the fight against undercover psychological operations and US-sponsored espionage. When we find a single one of these tenets present in an article, pamphlet or statement, the reader should immediately be suspicious and question the final goal of the article or statement.

Why you as an American should start worrying: the target isn’t just Venezuela.

Sadly, Venezuelans are not the only target of the CIA’s and the Military Intelligence’s (MI) psychological operations. The American people are as well. On February 21st of 2000 the Dutch newspaper Trouw and on February 17th of 2000 France’s Intelligence Newsletter revealed that several officers from the US Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg worked in the news division at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters during 1999 starting in the final days of the Kosovo War. During the 1980's the Army’s 4th PSYOPS group staffed the National Security Council’s Office of Public Diplomacy (OPD), which was in essence a propaganda agency aimed at swinging public support in favor of the Reagan Administration’s Central American policies. Said Central American policies by the Reagan Administration caused the direct death of hundreds of thousands of people if not millions. For example, in Guatemala Reagan helped the “born again Christian” General Ríos Montt into power through a bloody military coup. During this dictator’s first 2 months of rule, over 2600 unarmed Guatemalan Indians were massacred without mercy by Montt’s army, aided by extensive lists of possible political opponents compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency prior to Montt’s rise to power. It is also known that the Agency set up torture camps where people who were dissatisfied with Montt’s rule where routinely beaten, raped and executed. The CIA helped Montt’s army capture political dissidents and gave the dictator complete US monetary support through the US Senate itself. Nonetheless, thanks to the CIA’s effective media manipulation and disinformation campaign the American people were kept in the dark as to what was truly happening in Guatemala. The same story except with different dictators was played out in El Salvador, Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua. Indeed, Central America has been the CIA’s backyard for the last 60 years and the vast majority of Americans never even knew the tip of the iceberg of what exactly the US government did in that part of the world, let alone that the US government was responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanity in modern history; all thanks to the carefully crafted CIA and MI psyop media campaigns that simply fed people lies in the form of “news” through the major media outlets in the US. 4, 5, 6, 7

So what will you do next time you hear a story on CNN regarding the US government or its foreign policy? Ignore it and understand that chances are your courteous local MI officers worked hard to produce the story you just saw on TV. CNN as a news source is simply unreliable and the fact that US military intelligence officers work in this TV station makes it suspect. The same applies to FOX News and other major mainstream media television outlets in the US.

On July 2003, the US government’s leading players gathered at the National Defense Institute in Washington DC to discuss, plan and put forth into action a new worldwide media psychological operation aimed at increasing world support for the Bush administration and its foreign policies. Amongst those present in the meeting were State Department and Pentagon specialists in psyops. Today the Bush administration is spending millions of dollars that are being directly funneled into media outlets throughout the world, which in turn write copious amounts of pro-Bush “news” stories. Millions are being pumped into CIA psyop operations. The money is also sent to anything that may improve the US’s image, anything from funds to the building of pro-US Islamic schools, thus breaching the constitutional line between church and state, to simple propaganda campaigns aimed at discrediting the governments of Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and any other government in the world that does not abide by the Bush administration’s demands. This new campaign is called the “The Push for Hearts and Minds” and is intended to make people across the world look at the US government favorably. On November 30th, 2005 it was revealed to the world that the Bush government has spent millions of dollars in making the Iraqi press run pro-US stories and stories in favor of the military occupation of Iraq. It is no surprise that news stories in official Iraqi newspapers and TV outlets have called Iraqi insurgents “terrorists” and Bush a “liberator”. Of course, under the pressure of large amounts of dollars, almost anyone will write positive stories even of Hitler. Interestingly, the global corporate media continues to label Iraqi insurgents as “terrorists” while the exact same fighters during the occupation of France during WWII who fought against the German invaders were labelled “freedom fighters”. During the Vietnam war, the people of Vietnam who fought against the US invaders were also called “terrorists” and “extremists”. The use of derogatory names to label anyone considered an enemy is all part of the CIA’s psyops to influence public opinion in favor of their aggressions and discredit anyone who is defending his or her country against invasions, sabotage and espionage done by the US government. 8, 9, 10

The Rise of the US Police State.

The US Police State has already begun and the worst is yet to come. Republican Congressman Ron Paul slammed repeatedly George Walker Bush’s delusional plans to invade Iran, Syria, North Korea and other nations across the world and to institute martial law provisions in the US that would turn the nation into a Fascist State. Ron Paul represents the 14th Congressional district of Texas and also serves on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committe as well as the International Relations committee. Senator Paul recently stated regarding the sad state of affairs of today’s America: “If we don’t change our ways we will go the way of Rome and I see that as rather sad…the worst things happen when you get the so-called Republican Conservatives in charge from Nixon on down, big government flourishes under Republicans…It’s really hard to believe it’s happening right in front of us. Whether it’s the torture or the process of denying habeas corpus to an American citizen.” 11

Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon who is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said in a recent interview regarding the US government’s eavesdropping and email reading of its citizens: “We are deputizing the military to spy on law-abidding Americans in America. This is a huge leap without even a congressional hearing.” So now, not only does the US government have the power to search houses without a warrant, to arrest people without a warrant, to arrest those who “disrupt” political meetings but now it also has the power to eavesdrop your phone calls and read your emails. 12

To boot, now the US government also can torture anyone if they deem that the person tortured may give “productive confessions” or “evidence” regarding terrorism. Never mind that the person may lie to make his or her captors leave him or her alone (this happens more often than not!). Never mind that the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Never mind that the Geneva Conventions, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Convention Against Torture all make it strictly illegal for any government to torture prisoners regardless of the circumstances. Amnesty International USA has stated that torture is now widespread in US-run political prisons across the globe. The Bush administration has remained silent on the topic all the while. As recently as January 2006 new allegations of CIA torture in clandestine prisons in Eastern European countries have emerged. Several Eastern European nations have been in complicity with the US’s illegal torture policies and have allowed for the construction of modern gulags run by the CIA in their countries. This of course is nothing new, since we are all familiar with the dehumanization of prisoners of war in Irak and Afghanistan. 3, 13, 14

What is Happening in Venezuela?

Now the Imperial Power turns its eye on Venezuela. Beginning yet again a campaign of psyops as a prelude to an invasion. The signs of false pacifism and the spreading of lies to discredit Hugo Chávez continue to rise exponentially. The kernel of why Bush has set its aggression against Venezuela lies in several facts: 1) Chávez saying that the invasion of Irak was an illegal act and backing up his claim by showing pictures of children killed by the US occupation forces in Irak; 2) opening up economic relations with Cuba; 3) opening up a judicial process against a right-wing terrorist that has been protected by the US for decades (Posada Carriles, a Cuban who is responsible for blowing up a Venezuelan airplane and killing dozens-Carriles still has not been extradited to Venezuela thus showing the Bush double standard on terrorism); 4) Chávez expressing doubts on economic globalization (translation: globalization truly means outsourcing of jobs and the destruction of the national industry); 5) promoting a South American economic alliance; 6) refusing to give the US data on Venezuela’s citizens (some of arab origin); 7) making OPEC a truly independent body and not allowing the organization to be bullied by the US and hence increasing oil prices to what the market dictates.17

Having been ratified as President by popular vote in 1998 and 2004, Chávez enjoys widespread support by the Venezuelan people due to his social and economic reforms that have benefited everyone (including the rich and poor). For example even though there was a deep recession in 2002 because of a US-sponsored oil strike, Venezuela’s economy grew by 9.3% in the first half of 2005 and by 17.8% in 2004. Poverty rate fell from 54% in 2002 to 38.5% in 2005. Living standards for Venezuelans have also been increased thanks to free healthcare and subsidized food for the poor. Unlike pro-Bush propaganda wants the public to believe, the private sector has grown vastly as well under Chávez’s presidency due to incentives given to entrepeneurs and small businesses. To boot, Venezuela has a huge positive trade surplus (unlike the US), has 30 billion dollars in reserves and the economy keeps growing. Anti-Chávez propaganda wants you to believe that all the good things that are happening in Venezuela are due to the rise in oil prices. This myth is easily debunked: during the 28 years before the present government (1970-1998) income per person declined in Venezuela by 35% even though oil prices increased at a much faster rate. Back during the late 70's and early 80's a barrel of oil was as high as 65 bucks in 2004 Dollars taking into account inflation and the comparison of the purchasing power of the Dollar in ‘04 and during the 80's. Today in February 2006 the barrel of oil stands at 63 Dollars, still less than during the early 80's, yet the difference in how Venezuela’s economy is tremendous. During the early 80's and late 70's even though all this huge revenue was entering Venezuela, the economy was still doing badly, because the corrupt politicians of the time didn’t care about the well being of our people and overspent the money entering the country in increasing their Swiss bank accounts and giving their friends and their friends’ friends a piece of the pie. It had to take for Chávez to get to power in 1998 for Venezuelans to have a minimum standard of living and a government that actually cared for the country’s success. The Gross Domestic Product in Venezuela rose from 79060 million dollars in 2002 to 106000 million dollars in 2004. Inflation fell from 15% in January of 2005 to 9% in January of 2006. On the social sector Chávez has given women equal protection under the law, created nation-wide homeless shelters, given young people the possibility of going to technical schools without them having to pay a penny, got rid of illiteracy in Venezuela through an aggressive reading and literacy program, has increased funding for schools and universities and has given funds to people who want to start their own businesses. Minorities have also seen a substantial increase in their rights under the law. Neoconservative mouthpieces like the Economist or Wall Street Journal, supposedly “economic magazines”, will fight to death these simple facts that are compiled by completely neutral agencies such as the UN and the CEPAL.15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

The Empire Knows No Mercy.

None of the positive things Chávez has done matter to the Bush Administration. Let alone the fact that Hugo Chávez repeatedly has stated in his speeches that Venezuela will continue on a democratic path and that the political process that he has begun is not of Marxist character. His new form of Socialism combines the best aspects of both systems and blends them together. The results so far have been very successful. Still Bush sees in the President of Venezuela a mortal enemy for no reason other than the fact that Chávez sells Venezuela’s oil at the stipulated market price and not at preferential prices to the US.
A renewed US-government sponsored psyop campaign is now flourishing in Venezuela. Anywhere from US-embassy backed TV news stations such as Globovisión and RCTV to downright fascist newspapers such as El Nacional. The psychological operation has become elaborate and innovative, reaching inside the groups that are with the Venezuelan government itself. Recently for example I read a letter on by an individual with the name of Jesús Romero where he wrote: “The purchase of advanced weapons by Venezuela is a very expensive proposition with no real intended purpose other than continue to feed paranoid needs.” Let me remind Mr. Romero that the only reason why Venezuela has been purchasing weapons has been to defend itself from US backed terrorist organizations such as the AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia) and from direct threats done by the US administration. Furthermore, this individual writes: “Instead, why not focus this very negative energy on more positive issues like employment, economic, and social development?” Apparently Mr. Romero has forgotten the infinite amounts of money that have been pumped into social development in Venezuela and “mysteriously” has also forgotten that the country in the whole world that spends almost as much as the rest of the countries combined is the United States of America. Indeed, in 2004 the US spent 466 billion dollars on its military whereas Venezuela spent a meager 934 million, that is, the US spent 499 times more money on its military than Venezuela. In fact, Venezuela lags behind at number 57 in the world military spending list by countries.21
Obviously people like Romero don’t understand the very real horrors that the Venezuelan people have had to endure for the last few years as a result of the US-embassy’s sponsored terrorism against our democratic government. I will directly quote a different article by the author regarding the subject of US interference in Venezuela:

Since Clinton left office, George Bush’s goal towards Venezuela has been to get rid of Chávez. US intervention in this country has been not only blunt but also obscene: the CIA has not even tried hard to conceal its presence. It has given support to paramilitary right wing death squads and fascist terrorists in the border with Colombia (in direct contradiction with the “War on Terror”), it has used the National Endowment for Democracy as a tool to funnel illegal funding into creating discontent in Venezuela and sabotaging production; last but not least the US government has been involved in repeated attempts to assassinate President Chávez. One of those attempts involved an anti-tank weapon in the city of Caracas and another attempt involved a shoulder fired anti-air weapon intended to blow up the President while his airplane was in flight.

On April 11th, 2002 the US government applauded the coup attempt against Chávez by a Fascist sector of the Venezuelan military whose goal was to simply kill the President and institute a conservative businessman (Pedro Carmona) as de facto dictator. The coup failed after 3 days because of the patriotic counter-attack done by a loyal sector of the army who didn’t want to see Venezuela turned into a neo con banana dictatorship. The New York Times reported that US assistant secretary for the Western hemisphere, Otto Reich, was in contact with Carmona just hours after Carmona took over on April 12th. Pentagon officials later admitted that Rogelio Pardo-Maurer, the US Defense Department official responsible for Latin America, had discussed possibilities for a coup attempt with high ranking members of Venezuela’s military and the Venezuelan elite in Washington DC just weeks before the coup occurred. The IRI (the International Republican Institute) also gave financial assistance and bribes to high-ranking military officers to help overthrow Chávez.

For some “strange” reason terrorist paramilitary groups that regularly kill Venezuelan citizens are armed with US weapons, anything from M16's to M203 grenade launchers. It is estimated that in 2005 the AUC paramilitary right wing death squad killed over 1000 labor union leaders, politically active farmers, government sympathizers and anyone who speaks out against the AUC or the US government in Venezuela. AUC terrorists cross the border in order to kidnap and execute any potential threat to their agenda. This Washington-backed Colombian paramilitary organization has used children as human shields, used civilians and animals as bait to see if certain areas had land mines and is responsible for whipping off the face of the earth entire villages. The Venezuelan National Guard and the Venezuelan Army have been at war with this terrorist group for many years but the AUC has gained notorious strength since right-wing President Alvaro Uribe was sworn into power in Colombia. State Department officials, US embassy personnel and US representatives have repeatedly met with this terrorist organization in direct contradiction to Bush’s “War on Terror”. Indeed, Bush has repetedly said “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” yet on the 12th of June of 2003 El Tiempo newspaper of Colombia reported a cordial meeting between several US officials from the political section of the US Embassy in Bogotá and the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC). The meeting took place the 3rd of May of 2003. During the meeting, one of the most bloodthirsty human beings in the western hemisphere, Salvatore Mancuso, the leader of the AUC met with Alex Lee, Carlos García and Stewart Tuttle, all US officials. Ironically the US government has labelled the AUC a “terrorist organization” but meets with them on a regular basis. It is the author’s wild guess that US State Deparment officials and the leadership of the AUC meet to discuss new techniques in paper origami, home decorations and how to love one’s neighbor. The reader should understand that just like the US supported Al Qaedah during the 80's against Afghanistan’s Socialist government so is the US government supporting the AUC today against Venezuela. Nothing has changed. Tomorrow’s Al Qaedah may very well be the AUC, courtesy of the Bush Junior administration. Confused? Intrigued? Don’t be, remember that Ronald Reagan called Al Qaedah Mujahideen “brave freedom fighters” and “an example to follow by all”.

Quoting from In Defense of the Revolution:
“Attempts to kill Chávez continue to this day. In September of 2003 Chávez did not attend the United Nations to give a speech because the Venezuelan police had intercepted phone calls in which a plot to kill Chávez in US soil was the topic of conversation. The DISIP and other Venezuelan police forces considered the threat real and a report was written on it, accusing the CIA of having hired for large sums of money, assassins in organized crime to do the dirty deed. Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Angel Morales was recently detained for his complicity with the AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia) and other right wing Colombian paramilitaries in a plan to assassinate Chávez.

The plan was developed in a house at the Caracas Country Club (an exclusive place in Caracas were the rich and the right wing elite of Venezuela meet) the 23rd of April of 2004 to discuss with a CIA operative and members of the AUC possible plans to assassinate the president. Little did Morales know that an agent of the Venezuelan police was also present in the meeting as an undercover agent and was able to tape entire conversations that Morales had with his partners-in-crime. Now Morales awaits his well-deserved trial. Another terrorist that is being sought by Venezuelan courts is Enrique Mendoza, who was an ex-governor in Venezuela; he stands accused in the face of evidence and eyewitness accounts of a complex plan to assassinate Chávez and was personally responsible for carrying out orders given by Dictator Carmona during the coup of April 11th, 2002; evidence also links Mendoza to a wide array of corruption charges.

It is to be noted also, that Mendoza met with Republican Congressmen in Washington prior to the coup. As an aside, in 2004 during the US ousting of Haitian President Bertrand Aristide, Venezuelan intelligence obtained hours of phone conversations of CIA operatives discussing the dissolution of the Aristide government. So state-sponsored terrorism has been done by the Bush regime not only in Venezuela but also in Haiti as well. Since the coup of 2002, over 400 members of the right-wing Metropolitan Police of Venezuela have been tried and convicted for their ties to internal criminal activities, including kidnappings, drug trafficking and extortions in order to obtain funding for terrorist and sabotage activities against Chávez.

On November 18, 2004, Venezuelan State prosecutor Danilo Anderson who was investigating more than 200 people (many of them CIA agents) implicated in crimes against the state and the Venezuelan people was murdered with a car bomb. Evidence states that the terrorists planned their crime from Miami. Amongst the assassins was José Guevara, ex-police officer, an explosives expert, and a good old friend of Enrique Mendoza. Evidence now links Héctor Pesquera, the head of the FBI office in Miami, Florida as the intellectual author of the crime. After Anderson’s murder, José Guevara fled to the US and received full government protection and obtained a “political asylum” visa from his partner in crime, Pesquera, the head of the FBI office in Miami. Likewise, the other murderer involved was Johan Peña, who was the criminal responsible for obtaining and placing the C4 plastic explosives from Colombian right wing paramilitaries, under Anderson’s car. He then proceeded to detonate the vehicle with a remote controlled device. As is the case with Guevara, Peña also received political asylum in the US through the FBI’s Miami office. Note that, Pesquera, is no longer head of the FBI in Miami and was “retired” by the Bush regime when mounting evidence pointed at him for the murder of Anderson.”

In 2005 María Corina Machado, spokesperson for the fascist organization Súmate, headed by Alejandro Plaz, visited George Walker Bush in Washington DC. In the meeting she asked Bush to intervene in Venezuela and to continue giving her organization funding for the overthrow of Chávez. Bush happilly accepted her proposal. It is to be noted that Súmate is essentially a covert terrorist organization with links to the murder of Danilo Anderson and other political activists; Súmate uses the cover of political organization to hide many of their real actions.

On December 2005, Álvaro Uribe, Colombia’s right wing President and good friend of George Bush denounced a meeting in Santa Marta, Colombia where a US military officer met with members of the Venezuelan military who had been involved in the Fascist coup against Chávez in 2002. Members of the Colombian military where also present in the meeting. Interestingly, the meeting took place right after the failed attempt on Chávez’s life in early December that was to be carried out by an officer in the Venezuelan army using an anti-armor weapon. In December of 2005 Bush stated: “I will not tolerate another 6 years of Chávez”, referring to the upcoming 2006 election in Venezuela. Indeed, new evidence has surfaced stating that the US embassy in Caracas is working on a full swing campaign to discredit Venezuela’s 2006 Presidential elections and to continue its terrorism against this South American nation. On February 4th of 2006 it was revealed unto the Venezuelan people that 4 Venezuelan naval officers had been giving military secrets to the US military attaché in the US embassy in Caracas. This military attaché’s name is John Correa and he was asked to leave the country due to espionage. Concrete evidence exists on this case in the form of intercepted emails and entire logs of phone calls. The 4 Venezuelan traitors gave away naval codes, defensive positions, missile capabilities and numerous other state secrets of Venezuela. In any other country of the world the US spy would have been appropriately court martialled and possibly executed. It is general military procedure to court martial spies in most countries in the world today, including the US. Chávez however, was nice enough to let John Correa go unscathed. The US regime on the other hand responded with its traditional bad taste: a diplomatic attaché from Venezuela in Washington DC called Jenny Figueredo was expelled for simple political revenge. Jenny does not even have a traffick ticket in the US and has a spotless record. The continued US sponsored terrorism against Venezuela is lengthy enough to write an encyclopedia on and is well beyond the scope of this article. By mentioning a few of these deeds however, it is hoped that the reader will gain an idea of the extent of US involvement in the dirty war against Venezuela. Now, let us ask ourselves these question: why would the US military be interested in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Venezuelan military? Why is the US funding Súmate and other Fascist organizations? Why does the US fund the terrorist organization AUC and has stepped up its military “donations” to them? Why does Bush say he will not tolerate Chávez another 6 years? Clearly, Venezuela today is in grave danger. A US invasion, a massive AUC uprising, the assassination of Chávez, all these are possibilities that the US regime is working on. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35

If You Want Peace Prepare Yourself For War.

So when someone like Jesús Romero comes along saying that there is no need for Venezuela to prepare itself militarily whether against a major US-backed AUC campaign or a US invasion, one can only question what this individual’s goal is. There are hundreds of Romeros out there now in the Venezuelan media. They try to make Venezuelans feel as though they have no chance against the CIA, the terrorists or the US government. Like stated in the very first part of this article, these are all tactics employed by CIA psychological operations in order to clear the way for an upcoming action, usually one of military nature.

What can the Venezuelan people do? Ask Chávez to step up its military spending and to begin training the entire population for an upcoming war. To train all Venezuelans in Civil Defense measures, anything from extinguishing a fire to re-building a bridge to building defensive positions. Ask Chávez to purchase tons of SS-Sunburn and carrier-killer Onyx missiles from Russia. To begin the training of the entire Venezuelan reserves and military personnel in the assembly of improvised explosive devices and to be able to activate said explosives in a plethora of different ways, whether mechanically, via cell phones, through radio signals, through infrared sensors, etc. Ask Chávez to purchase Chinese Red Arrow tank-killer missiles capable of completely destroying a US M1A2 Abrams tank with a single strike. To ask the Venezuelan government to purchase tons of armor piercing bullets, especially those high in carbon content steel in an alloy with tungsten. To purchase tons of high caliber (.50) sniper rifles such as the French Hecate II or the Russian KSVK capable of piercing a Bradley Armored Vehicle like a hot knife cuts through butter. To purchase S-300 air defense systems capable of downing F-15's and F-117 Stealth Fighters (note: the S-300 is more advanced, accurate and deadly than the US PAC-2 Patriot system). The S-300 air defense system can also intercept incoming Tomahawk cruise missiles. Venezuela should purchase the Chinese J-10 fighter plane or the Russian Su-27, which are the equivalent of a US F-15E Strike Eagle. Those who think that just RPG’s and a bunch of AK’s are good enough, think again. Venezuela has already a high tech army, full of US materiel, including F-16's. Venezuela should not throw overboard all the possibilities it has of confronting the US military in the conventional area. Ignoring this and saying that only through guerrilla warfare can the US military be confronted effectively is a simplistic way of thinking, done usually by civilians with no understanding whatsoever of military tactics and modern military conflicts. Iraq was a completely different case. Iraq’s army was defeated by Iran during the late 80's and defeated once again in 1991 in the Gulf War. Their best equipment and men where lost during those wars. To boot, they had to endure an economic embargo that lasted over a decade. Most of their equipment had been obsolete for at least 30 years and when the 2003 US invasion came, the Iraqi air force didn’t even have fuel for their few obsolete airplanes to take off! Afghanistan was even in worse shape. The Taliban didn’t even have a real army; their fighting force consisted of a rag-tag band of dudes with AK-47's and US stinger missiles that were in such bad shape that they did not fire! Venezuela’s case is completely different. We have a small but extremely capable military with most of our special forces and marines having been trained by US army green berets. We know all the tricks that the US can pull off in a conflict and we know their way of thinking inside out. If the Irak invasion has been a hard reality to swallow for the neo cons, they should rest assured that Venezuela will be a lesson learned with 5 times more pain for the invaders. The only way to counter the threat of Bush’s insane invasion threats is to prepare for any possible scenario. We are a peace loving people and the Venezuelan army has never invaded a single country but we are ready to defend our land to the last consequences. Traitors, CIA lackeys and profiteers who get a monthly salary from the US embassy in Caracas will continue to call for false pacifism and to try to convince the government to give in to Bush’s outrageous demands. In the meantime patriots and true Venezuelans will continue to prepare for all eventualities. The world has re-learned a difficult lesson: if you want peace, prepare for war. This Roman saying is as true today as it was 2000 years ago. If Bush Junior does the mistake of invading the land of Simón Bolívar, the liberator of South America, our people will fight for decades in the cities and jungles. US satelites can pick up any picture of someone in open terrain but they cannot reveal what is under a roof or what is under the canopy of trees. The sons and daughters of America will be constantly ambushed in our jungles and defeated over and over again until the current Mafia in the White House is removed from power.

What can the American people do? The fate of the world rests with you. You don’t have to lose your job. You don’t have to become a second Cindy Sheehan, a tree hugger or a hippie. But you can dedicate 30 minutes a day to writting letters to your congressmen and senators, organizing, protesting, making rallies, giving speeches at your local college, or anything within your power to contribute to Bush’s impeachment. None of the aforementioned mess ocurred when Clinton was in power. None. All this agression, all this evil and terrorism against Venezuela began with one man: George Walker Bush. His removal from office is absolutely vital for Americans to preserve their way of living. This criminal has slowly but surely eroded civil liberties in the US and has committed crimes against humanity against countries world wide. Like Chávez said, “the fate of the world will be decided by the American people”. It is up to you to kick Dubyah out of the White House and reclaim the dignity that America once had.


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