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Next coup d’etat to be launched in Caracas … they’re going in for a kill!


Published: Sunday, January 15, 2006
Bylined to: Alfredo Bremont commentarist Alfredo Bremont writes: If the aim is to weaken your opponent, the United States of America is doing its best to achieve that aim … and it is probably planning a double whammy to include Venezuelan President Chavez Frias in the Iran issue and kill two birds with one (Depleted Uranium?) stone.

In this case is better to act preemptively before is it too late … the US administration will not wait until Venezuela is properly armed to repel an invasion.

Logically, the ideal time should be right after the UN Security Council has condemned Iran for its alleged wrongdoings and the Ecuadorian presidential elections have been successfully manipulated to put a Washington puppet in place … as they have done in Iraq.

The aim is not to invade Iran, but instead to have Israel bomb critical Iranian nuclear installations and then congratulate them for saving the planet.

  • It is also a way to make certain that the European Union (EU) and many other nations will be involve in the dastardly deed.

Just at this precise moment, the next coup d’etat will be launched in Caracas and … this time … they’re going in for a kill.  An armed conflict is not excluded since US forces are already on standby in Ecuador, Paraguay, Colombia, Panama and Aruba.

The excuses are many … and the outcome has been well-planned long ago.

The United States of America and the West still consider themselves as ‘the voice of god’ with a self-asserted right to impose, dictate and execute what they believe is the command of the supreme being.

However, the chips are down and the West is out of luck.

These matters can only be resolve peacefully… 

Now for the first time in history, OPEC has a role to play to organize the existence of its position and power in this globalized society.  Venezuela and the other South American nations also have an opportunity to have their voice heard and respected.

The solution is simple:  OPEC opposes any action against Iran due to the fact that Iran is part of the OPEC and any decision by the UN … or any other body … will bring to a halt oil imports to the West and China.  Venezuela and Mercosur will follow thru with a US embargo on all exports of gas, or any raw materials that South America provide to the west.

Such action will not only stop any aggressive act against Iran but will actually put everyone in their right place … including Brazil … leaving the OPEC with the possibility of actually becoming the force that it is … and the the UN will have to reckon with an entity that is in fact as important to the planet as the US and its Western allies.

OPEC dictates can certainly modify the world scenario and demand that both parties should bend to the will of the organization, in this respect giving it a more realistic position and telling the world just what is here at stake.

Nevertheless, the Saudi kingdom could create disruptions … but it would also put itself at odds with the organization (OPEC) in a move that will put the kingdom in the front line of attack but can also break it.

  • In conclusion all of the problems in the Middle East can be solve instantly when Israel is finally be put back in the box were it belongs.

Venezuela and South America will gain their independence and the Kyoto treaty can finally, realistically, be applied without further United States vacillation.

Alfredo Bremont

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