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Violence? Deception? Manipulation? Military intervention? War? commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Even though Chavez has an estimated 70-71% support from the Venezuelan people – and even though Chavez has been re-elected several times by the Venezuelan people – and even though Chavez won the referendum against him in August 2004 with a 59% clear majority – rumors abound, about and against Chavez. 

Some “reports” and some people say that Chavez is involved in “terrorism” –

… or that he supports “terrorism.” Some people say that Chavez is in the process of transforming Venezuela into another Cuba – conveniently neglecting that socialism does not necessarily mean communism – and conveniently neglecting the fact that countries like England, Canada and Sweden are socialist countries – and conveniently excluding the fact that the USA does “good business” with these countries (even though the US government has back-stabbed Canada on “free-trade” issues) – and with communist countries such as China and near-dictatorships such as Uzbekistan, where the USA also has a military base. 

Even though (for the first time in Venezuelan history) the Chavez government is operating social programs that allow the poorer, traditionally excluded and neglected majority (the 80%) to have reasonable access to food, education and health-care – some news sources in Venezuela and abroad continue to slander the Chavez government, accusing it of mismanaging of government funds. 

It strikes me as almost-ridiculous for people to attack the Venezuelan government –

… especially when it is done with no foundation, proof or verifiable examples. Even on Lonely Planet’s website, one of the world’s best (and most interesting) travelers’ interactive websites, some un-informed people make statements which only contribute to disinformation – keeping innocent potential tourists and visitors away from our beautiful Venezuela.

The following is one example – and I feel obligated to present it and to write about it – because the statement is detrimental to Venezuela, and in consequence, detrimental to Venezolanos y Venezolanas. I take it to heart when I read such material.   It hurts and I feel that I must do something about it. Intended to provide readers with verifiable proof, the information below is public information that anyone can access on the Lonely Planet website at by entering into the Thorntree Forum, South America.

Posted by: jaloisio, 17 May 2005, 2:50pm:

“We will not have peace in some Andean countries as long as Chavez uses Venezuelan oil money to finance other countries’ revolucionaries against elected governments while Venezuelan people become even poorer than before he took power.”

According to this person’s “profile”, he/she is Brazilian – and that hurts even more – a Latin American speaking against the only president in Latin American history who has had (and still has) genuine concern for the poorer majority – and who is doing something about it.  It hurts when the US State Department speaks against Chavez and against Venezuelans, it hurts when “gringos” talk against Chavez and against Venezuela (without knowing what they are talking about) – but it hurts even more when Venezuelans and other Latin Americans speak against Venezuela – making Venezuela look like some kind of dangerous, communist, hollywoodian banana republic – making Chavez look like some kind of “evil threat” to “democracy.”

When will these people get it through their heads?  Chavez was elected fair and square and represents the will of the Venezuelan majority – straight and simple. 

More anti-Venezuela propaganda!

I verified the website referred to in Elio Cequea’s latest (and excellent) article on, “You ask what to do about Venezuela … I would say, first get the facts straight!” The website in question is that of the Washington-based Center for Security Policy (CSP), which claims to be a “a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to the time-tested philosophy of promoting international peace through American strength.”  

“Peace through American strength?” – gulp – that doesn’t sound right, does it?

As far as I can see, the CSP is one of the many pro-US-foreign-policy, pro-war, pro-take-over-the-world organizations which are stealing USA people’s tax dollars in order to perpetuate the justification for US military action abroad (which bring in additional military contracts to USA manufacturers) – and to continue providing high-paying jobs for the US military/intelligence/intellectual elite. 

The website even “dares” to have a quote Donald Rumsfeld:

“Through the years, the Center for Security Policy has helped ensure a vigorous national security debate and, in so doing, has strengthened our national security, with energy, persistence and patriotism.” 

Why do I say “dares?”

Because Donald Rumsfeld is a signee at the Project for the New American Cebtury (PNAC), a Washington-based (non-partisan, non-bla-bla-bla) organization whose goal is to promote US world dominance – military, economic and social. In other words, the PNAC has in view for the world to be subservient to the USA, something evidently reflected at the CSP website. Amongst the many statements at the PNAC website: 

“PNAC is .. an educational organization supporting American global military, diplomatic, and moral leadership.”

Furthermore, to give’s USA readers an additional idea of how their tax dollars are being spent, the CSP has a direct link to the National Security Advisory Council – formerly know as the CSP Board of Advisors, one of whose co-chairmen is James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence. 

The CSP writes against Chavez – while the CSP’s National Security Advisory Council (another US tax-payers money pit) has an ex-CIA director on board – while the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) finances the violent anti-Chavez Venezuelan opposition – while the US State Department chastises Chavez, implying that Chavez is “too close” to the “evil communist,” Fidel Castro.

Precisely as Chavez mentioned during last Sunday’s “Alo Presidente” (Chavez’ weekly TV program), the forces that want Chavez out of power have begun new tactics aimed at fulfilling the same old strategy …

Get rid of Chavez!

According to Chavez, and quite realistically so, one of the new tactics includes: Media attacks that originate from information (disinformation) disseminated by “institutions” (such as the CSP, for example) and “experts” and “intellectuals.”

I have a list of the other tactics which Chavez referred to but I will not speak about them here – for obvious reasons. I am sure that the CIA has heartless Latino traitors working for them (more US tax dollars down the drain) – listening to every detail of every Alo Presidente – I don’t need nor want to assist these criminals by summarizing the information here on 

Anyhow – I continue to do my part in assisting Venezuela by analyzing and dissecting anti-Venezuela propaganda which continues to be criminally spread by the US government and by USA-loving, anti-Chavez, wealthy Venezuelans – some of which (apparently) work for the types of USA-based “institutions” which Chavez is talking about. I know of at least one rabid Venezuelan who works for one such “institution” in the USA. In some of his his violence-filled articles, this supposedly “educated” and “civilized” individual openly called for the use of violence and for US military intervention in order to get rid of democratically-elected Hugo Chavez.

Educated? … Civilized? My foot!

For’s USA readers – remember, some of your tax dollars are being used to pay the high salaries and luxurious travel expenses of people who create and work within “non-partisan” think-tanks, policy advisory boards, pro-”democracy” organizations, etc., etc., etc. Most of these “institutions” are Washington-based and serve only to promote US foreign policy (the PNAC included) and to justify the financing (with more US tax dollars) of often-violent, pro-USA-style “democracy” movements abroad (Venezuela and Haiti, for example).

Is this where you want your tax dollars to go to? Violence? Deception? Manipulation? Military intervention? War?

Speak out and speak up!

Oscar Heck

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