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19/01/05 returns from a brief hiatus with renewed vigor for The Truth editor & publisher Roy S. Carson writes:  I must admit that it was truly hilarious to witness the irresponsible feeding frenzy from spooked sectors of the hate-Venezuela internet while this website went offline this last week.

Their much-too-hasty attempts at grave-dancing was perhaps the best illustration of just what they’re capable of … a complete lack of moral responsibility driven by psychotic passions to spread putrid lies.

What has happened simply serves to show the sickness of their minds and to illustrate exactly why the Venezuelan government is justified in its quest to install at least a modicum of social responsibility and decency.

Patently,’s existence is such an anathema to theirs and their paymasters’ devious devices to spread disinformation about what is truly happening in Venezuela that they feel obliged to attack the messenger in the vain hope that they can suppress the truth.

It is rather ridiculous that they fixate so solidly on myself as the object of their frenzy when, in actual fact, is … and had been for quite some time … so very much more than simply Roy S. Carson … a somewhat ailing veteran of more than 40 years in international journalism.

If the hate-Venezuela websites’ fascination with my person is so great, then so be it … at least it allows the rest of the crew to get on with the business of getting the news, photographs and features about Venezuela out to our international readership.

But is certainly bears witness to the fact that poses a clear and present danger to those anti-democratic forces who collectively seek to damage not just VHeadline but the better interests of each and every Venezuelan who has pride in this beautiful country and the positive future to which they have every right to enjoy without the interference and/or sabotage greedy exploiters elsewhere.

Venezuela suffered enough already under the heel of Spanish Colonial rule; The Liberator Simon Bolivar led his people through the long process towards their emancipation and freedom … not just for Venezuela but essentially for the whole South American continent. But even then, Bolivar’s ambitions were thwarted by the greed and folly of local warlords who thought that the removal of the Spanish meant they could more easily slide into the vacated jackboots.

Such is the 21st century emancipation of the Venezuelan people that they, once again, are waging war, fighting for the self-evident right to autonomy, rejecting another jackboot from the North which feels that it (Washington D.C.) has the right to subject South Americans to a new slavery to feed their own insatiable lust for power.

As with any war or civil conflict, the stage is set with Quislings here and Quislings there. It is such a pity that these traitors have descended so far into the depths of their own ignominy that they must finally be brought to book to face their crimes; but there is no other way.

The question is whether they should be left to rot in their own self-made cesspools or if they should be expunged by the full force of applicable law. It’s a dilemma since, to take action against their complete lack of morals and integrity will allow them to seek to glorify themselves as martyrs to some cause in which their sick minds believe.

For my own part, however, it is more agreeable to let them continue their tirades knowing that anyone with sound mind and sensibility will see these charlatans for what they really are!

They can question what they will but they lack the essential ingredients of integrity that will last the course and like all the other Quislings that have preceded them, they will eventually find their own oblivion since, for them, it is already too late to intercede with whatever God in which they believe.

Having inhabited the international scene for more than four decades, it is not the first time I have had to deal with personal attacks … but they will not rob me of my integrity.

I wish here to thank all those who have sent me encouraging emails and contributions and make this pledge to defend the truth about what is happening in Venezuela against the waves of disinformation that seek to engulf the truly great things that are indeed happening in Venezuela at this time.

We will continue to support the self-determination of the Venezuelan people and to support democracy and the principles of good governance.

We will continue to support whichever President that the people of Venezuela legitimately elect to hold that office, and

We will continue to keep a watchful eye on all levels of government with (hopefully) constructive criticism which we … or our legion of Op-Ed writers can contribute.

Venezuela has a long and hard battle ahead of it against, sometimes, seemingly, overwhelming odds and with powerful economic blocks poised to slice their pounds of flesh from the body politic.

Such cannibalism should be rejected out of hand by any decent, healthy mind … and we count our readers around the world with the intellectual capacity to discern the wheat from the chaff and to base their opinions thereafter.

It is 2005 … we have another year freshly ahead of us … let us not falter in the battle for the truth!

Roy S. Carson


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