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The final stroke will come this year when Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias switches to the Petro-Euro

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER editor Bob Chapman writes: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has stressed the importance of a South American union. He said a union is the only answer to stop the USA from “eating us up one by one.” He said higher levels of freedom could only be attained via South American integration. That would be achieved through common projects together.

The integration between Brazil and Venezuela should be seen as an example of what can be achieved.

We believe such a union is important to the Americans because it will short circuit US elitists’ efforts for FTAA, which the elitists need to eventually amalgamate all of North, Central, South America and Mexico in preparation for a final move to world government. Anything Latin America can do to this end helps the American people.

Last week the US government sent a message to South American countries using the recent Colombian ruse of the Granda affair, to pressure Venezuela to cut its alleged ties with the neighboring country’s guerrillas, as reported in the Brazilian press.

The US is pretending to stop a crisis they created. The matter is currently being mediated by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The US government is, of course, supporting Colombia as they prepare Colombia for war against Venezuela. Colombia said eight rebels are hiding in Venezuela.

So what, we have 18 to 20 million illegal aliens in the US and many of them are from Colombia.

The American government has no business meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs. In addition, we might mention the protection that the American government gives to people involved in terrorist acts, who are wanted by Venezuelan authorities.

The Bush administration makes its own laws and anyone who disagrees with them is a terrorist. Thus, regime change has been ordered by George and the neocons.

They could not get Mr. Chavez thrown out of office; they could not assassinate him, so now it is political confrontation as a prelude to war via their proxy Colombia.

Now that Venezuela has signed bilateral oil agreements with Iran, Russia and China, Jorge Boosh is seeing red. George takes these sovereign acts as a declaration of war – of open terrorism, as being sufficient evidence to include Venezuela in the coming holocaust of the “axis of evil.”

The final stroke will come this year when President Chavez switches to the Petro-Euro, or creates a Latin American currency. In as much as the US is preparing Colombia to invade Venezuela, the faster Mr. Chavez acts the better.

A good time to make the switch would be in June when Iran opens their oil exchange, which we understand will trade oil in dollars and euros.

At that point, we believe it would be too late for the US-Colombia to invade either Iran or Venezuela. They could well bring on nuclear war with China and Russia.

Mr. Bush is playing chicken with both countries, and we can assure you China and Russia will call Mr. Bush’s bluff. Then again, there is nothing normal about George Bush and he may just take the game all the way. If he does, half of the American population will end up as crispy critters.

Venezuela may get a little unexpected help.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are shorting the dollar and central banks have been shifting out of dollars and will continue to do so for financial preservation.

Of course, Venezuela should join them if they have not already.

Do not feel bad for America, they reelected George W. Bush, so they are getting the kind of government they deserve. Seventy percent of central banks are moving out of dollars. Venezuela has every reason to denominate oil and gas in euros. The time is right and it will preempt an invasion.

As we explained in the last issue, anyone who holds dollars has to contend with a 9-1/2% inflation rate plus depreciation of the dollar. If that isn’t lose-lose, we do no know what is. There is no question that the Bush cabal is a criminal enterprise; lies to justify invasion for profit; torture, abuse, ritual rape by perverts from the CIA and the Mossad.

The murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and tragic loss and maiming of tens of thousands of young American soldiers, so Bush and his cronies can get richer. Hugo Chavez is right.

The US will knock off those who disagree with George one by one. You must keep in mind we do not come from the left side of the political equation, but from the far, far right. We know disaster when we see it. We know what George and the neocons are doing is threatening the very existence of the American people and many other nations.

Venezuela had best move fast or they will become a foot-note of history.

The recent Granda kidnapping was a transparent excuse to start a war. It does not get any more complicated than that. The crisis is calculated not only to embroil Venezuela and Colombia, but all of South America.

The Colombian government is doing exactly what George and his elitist neocons have done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Invade any country you want on any pretext and justify it over some flimsy lying excuse. Deliberate provocation for war.

Mr. Chavez did not take the bait from the US-Colombia to invade or react recklessly. Mr. Bush just might meet up with Chinese and Russian military elements. That would certainly up the ante. Colombian forces are doing exactly as they are being told by US advisers.

Irrespective of Mr. Chavez’ politics, we agree that the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq was wrong and we oppose the Free Trade of the Americas Pact. These are the same positions Mr. Chavez has taken, and for that stand; Mr. Bush has decided to destroy Venezuela and its democratic government.

For our similar stand, we are marked people by the US government. From Mr. Bush’s point of view it is all about guaranteeing Venezuelan oil exclusively for US use and to make sure FTAA is implemented in the next to final step toward world government.

If Venezuela goes down, we will all go down, one at a time. Colombia is totally under the control of the US government, which finds them totally expendable. In fact, the elitists despise the Colombians.

Venezuelans are willing to fight to keep their government, but they have to be trained. This means a crash course has to begin soon.

The public, no matter how motivated, cannot defeat a well-trained, well-equipped and well- disciplined army.

The days ahead are going to be very difficult ones, get prepared.

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Bob Chapman

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