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Can’t spell the word ‘SHAME’ anymore? It’s called ‘Skammen’ in Swedish!


Monday, August 29, 2005

Former Swedish Foreign Press Association (FPA) chairman Henk Ruyssenaars writes: Eva Golinger, a US human rights attorney and writer/researcher, was invited to participate in a democracy seminar taking place in the Swedish House of Parliament … but (as the press release below shows) ‘’she has been removed from the program at the last minute.’’

Apparently the seminar’s Swedish organizers prefer the murderous CIA front organization NED … aiming at killing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez … to a human rights lawyer.

At the same time, the CIA cover organization ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ (NED) is being allowed to participate. This malignant organization is one of those revealed by Golinger as a participant in the coup d’etat attempt in April 2002 to overthrow the elected President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.
When for instance using the Google search machine on Internet, you’ll get (this morning) one-hundred-and-six-thousand ‘hits’ when looking for the NED as CIA cover organization.

If there are any real journalists left in Sweden, they’ll certainly have to find out what pressure the US Embassy has used on the Swedes involved, to replace Golinger … the fighter for democracy … with those whom she has proved (by their own documents) to be the killers of democracy … and not only in Latin America.

In Sweden it has to be found out who the miserable spooks and politicians are who are responsible for this shameful maneuver … and the answer points, of course as always, in the direction of the American secret services, which have been poisoning Sweden for decades too.
Last week the hypocritical American christian Mullah Pat Robertson openly asked for the assassination of Chavez.

Sweden absolutely has gone a long way since I stopped working there, but if this shameful act really is supported by people in Sweden and they don’t react anymore to a rape of democracy like this, then it’s been a road down the neocon drain. (In Swedish: Fy Fan!)


Can’t spell the word ‘SHAME’ anymore? It’s called ‘Skammen’ in Swedish!

Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

Henk Ruyssenaars has worked for international media as a fully independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years (also during Gulf War I) in the Arab World and the Middle East.



Eva Golinger, a US human rights attorney, is visiting Stockholm today, at the invitation of Left International Forum. Her current book “The Chavez Code” reveals in detail, and with a long list of previously secret documents, U.S. involvement in the unsuccessful coup in Venezuela in April, 2002.

Today, Monday, Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m., Ms. Golinger will speak at ABF, Sveavägen 41, in the center of Stockholm, on the topic “The Chavez Code: On U.S. Intervention in Venezuela.”

She was also scheduled to participate in the seminar “World meeting of Democracy Foundations,” which begins Monday in the parliament, but she has been removed from the program at the last minute.

At the same time, National Endowment for Democracy is being allowed to participate. this organization is one of those revealed by Golinger as a participant in the attempt to overthrow the elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

The media are invited to meet Ms. Golinger, either at the ABF lecture or individually. She arrived in Stockholm yesterday, Aug. 28 and leaves tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon.

To book interviews, contact Anita Persson, Left International Forum, at 0702-74 67 11.

Please call promptly. Ms. Golinger is in Sweden for only a short time.

You are most welcome to attend the ABF seminar or arrange a personal interview.

Left International Forum –


Eva Golinger, an US attorney, reveals in her book “The Chavez Code” how the Bush administration finances and participates in the campaign to overthrow Venezuela’s elected president. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) plays an important roll in this campaign as the U.S. government financed organ for “promoting democracy” in the world.

In “The Chavez Code” Golinger presents documents and discloses many aspects of the U.S.’s partly secret, partly open campaign in Venezuela to overthrow the president.

She takes as her starting point the methods the U.S. used to overthrow the constitutional government of Salvador Allende in Chile and get rid of the Sandinista administration in Nicaragua, as well as the roll the CIA and NED played in these countries. She goes on to describe how the NED and USAID further developed these same methods, in order to pump in additional resources to the already well-endowed opposition against Chavez in Venezuela, all in the name of “promoting democracy.”

The book also reveals the involvement of the CIA and leading representatives of the U.S. administration in the collusion with the large commercial media companies that entirely dominate the Venezuelan market. One chapter deals in particular with the U.S. invention “Sumate”, an organization created to call for and influence a referendum on Chavez’ mandate, only to dismiss the results when they did not go in their favor.

The connection with terrorist groups in Miami is also discussed. It is not only a question of money, but of coups, assassination attempts, sabotage and other acts of terror.

In 2003 Golinger began investigating U.S. involvement in the 2002 coup against the elected president of Venezuela, and the more than $20 million the U.S. invested in financing various kinds of anti-Chavez groups.

In October of 2004 she obtained, via the Freedom of Information Act, previously classified documents that show the CIA’s knowledge of coup plans and their complicity in the attempt to remove Chavez. On the basis of these documents, she wrote “The Chavez Code,” published in the spring of 2005. [end item]

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