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Otto Reich is a psychopath — does that make him a “special person?”


Sunday, November 06, 2005 commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Besides being a psychopath, who or what is Otto Reich? He is a Cuban-American who worked under Ronald Regan, George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice — and is a consultant to companies doing business in Latin America. Some consider him to be “one of the architects of Latin American policy.” 

Why do I call Reich a psychopath?

Because only a psychopath (or an idiot, which I doubt he is) believes his lies will be believed by others even though there is verifiable proof to the contrary.

I was watching CNN on Friday night (November 4, 2005) and I was appalled by the comments Otto Reich made. He stated that the anti-US demonstrations in Argentina during the Summit of the Americas (which took place in Mar del Plata, Argentina) were the results of rent-a-crowd tactics paid by the likes of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro — and that Chavez is spending lots of money on this type of activity (throughout Latin America) — even though there is absolutely no evidence to confirm this. (Note that Reich did not say that he believed this to be the case, but rather, he stated it as fact.) 

He also said that he had visited Argentina earlier (this year) and that Argentinean television was rife with anti-US “propaganda” — implying, with his typical arrogant smirk, that such “propaganda” is composed of lies rather than truths. He seems to forget that the US is considered to be one of the major players in the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001-2002. 

Otto Reich also stated that there had been no coup against Chavez in April 2002. He said there was a “power vacuum” (whatever that means!) and that the reason Chavez was out of office for two days — and the reason he was replaced as president by Pedro Carmona (then president of the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce ˆ Fedecamaras) was because Chavez had ordered the military to shoot at demonstrators — and because the top military brass refused to carry out such orders. This is what Otto Reich said.  

To state as fact on CNN that there was no coup against Chavez is a complete lie. A team of Irish filmmakers happened to be filming a documentary about Chavez during the coup. They were inside Miraflores (Venezuela’s “White house”) while the coup happened — and they produced a film called, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” in which it is very clear and evident that there was in fact a coup. (Note that Carmona, in his few hours as self-appointed president of Venezuela, unilaterally dissolved the government, the elected National Assembly and the referendum-approved Constitution — evident additional signs of a coup d’etat.) 

Furthermore, some of the dissident military men who were involved in the coup were later in 2002 and 2003 allowed to stage their anti-Chavez sit-in (tents and guns included), undisturbed,  at Plaza Altamira for a period of over three months. If these military people had been right about Chavez having ordered the assassination of innocent people at demonstrations, it would have been found out by now.  

However, to the contrary, intensive investigations eventually revealed that all of the shootings were perpetrated by anti-Chavez radical groups who in cold blood assassinated innocent people in order to put the blame on Chavez — in order to put pressure on Chavez to resign. Most of the people, military and otherwise, who were involved in the coup and in the subsequent economic sabotage of the country in 2002 and 2003 are now in hiding — in places like Miami — and they are very quiet — because they know they were lying through their teeth about the coup and the events that followed — just like Otto Reich continues to do. 

It makes me sick to know that Reich continues to spread lies on CNN — reaching the ears of millions of innocent people (most of whom probably believe Reich — because he considered to be some kind of big shot) — and it makes me sicker to know that Reich is often granted a public voice, as if he is some kind of expert or some kind of “special” individual. 

Otto Reich is a psychopath — does that make him a “special person?” 

Would CNN give air time to a child rapist during a discussion about the Summit< of the Americas? Is a child rapist believable and will he tell the truth or provide a reasonable perspective on the issue? Will he have a good sense of judgement, a balanced mind or descent human values? A good heart or a conscience?  

The obvious answer is no!

Why then would CNN (or any other media outlet) ask (or allow) Otto Reich to speak in front of millions of people? Why would CNN continue to promote and mislead its own citizenry?

On CNN that night, Otto Reich also claimed that the US government was not involved in any activity against Chavez. Again, here is direct proof that Reich is a psychopath.  

Only a psychopath believes his lies will be believed by others even though there is verifiable proof to the contrary. 

There is plenty of easily-verifiable proof which clearly shows that the US government was directly involved in financing those Venezuelans who promoted the use of violence against Chavez, against Chavez’ elected government and against the Venezuelan people (seeking to destabilize Venezuela) in 2002 and 2003. Anyone can access a portion of this information by going to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) website and searching “Venezuela” under its grants section. 

You will find that the NED provided hefty financing to the CTV (Venezuela’s traditional and corrupt union central), to Fedecamaras and to other anti-Chavez groups which were directly involved in the coup and in the subsequent violent economic sabotage of the country.

The citizens of the USA should realize that Otto Reich, like Cheney, like Rice, like Wolfowitz and like Bush is actively adding gasoline to the already-roaring fire. They are contributing, along with other liars and psychopaths to the increasing negative image of “Americans” as a whole: arrogant, ignorant, loudmouths, heartless, no human values, warmongers, exploiters, abusers. 

Now back to Argentina. The Summit of the Americas, according to the news I have heard, achieved nothing of substance (apart from perhaps more anti-US sentiment).

“Free Trade for the Americas” did not advance — and no agreements were signed. Only Canada, Mexico and Chile appeared to fully support the USA’s push for “free trade.”

Almost no talk of solving the problems of poverty or job creation took place.

Kirchner, Argentina’s president, shook hands with Bush for a photo shoot but retracted his hand as quickly as possible.

It is being reported that up to 75% of Argentineans appreciated and/or supported Chavez’ visit to Argentina. (Chavez has about 70% support in Venezuela.)

It is being reported that about 60% of Argentineans disapproved of Bush’s visit to Argentina.

And — while the Summit of the Americas was held secretly behind closed doors and exclusive hotels reserved for the world elite — where no average citizen has a voice — where no average citizen will ever know what was truly being discussed — Chavez held his own anti-Summit at a stadium in a poorer part of the city where thousands of people gathered to hear him speak — where thousands of citizens had a voice.

The voice of the people — versus the voice of the Otto Reichs of this world!

Who speaks the truth?

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Oscar Heck has been a commentarist for nearly 3 years and has contributed close to 400 articles. Born in Canada, Oscar has spent most of his life working as an executive recruiter and corporate investigator. He has traveled to 34 countries and lived/worked in 12, including Kuwait during the Gulf War (1991).  Oscar’s love affair with Venezuela began 28 years ago when he first went to work as a missionary in the shantytowns (barrios) of Caracas and in the Barlovento area, east of Caracas. Over the years, Oscar has traveled and worked throughout much of Venezuela, living mostly in the barrios. Oscar’s strong anti-US-government stance stems mostly from his experience in the Gulf War and from his vast exposure to the inside workings of large corporations. His strong pro-Venezuela stance stems from his love for the Venezuelan Pueblo and from his unwavering belief that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s current President, is taking positive steps toward enhancing the lives of the traditionally exploited, abused and excluded 80% majority. Oscar is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

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