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Chavez isn’t stupid, Mr. Brownfield … he hopes that you don’t sleep at night



Friday, November 18, 2005 commentarist Oscar Heck writes: For the first time I have heard an “important” USA person talk with some sense of reason about the war in Iraq … his name is John Murtha, a congressman … he spoke on CNN on November 17, 2005 for several minutes. His recommendation?

Get the troops out of Iraq immediately! Now!

He presented compelling facts and figures, many of which I am quite sure many people in the United States were not aware of (and he said so) … yet, facts and figures which many people outside the USA were either well aware of or at least suspected to were so.

For example, he said that oil production in Iraq … contrary to what most people are led to believe .. is below pre-war levels. He brought up the fact that unemployment in Iraq is at about 60% – but stopped short of comparing this figure to pre-war numbers.

When I was working in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the early 1990s, Iraq had the famed reputation (before the embargoes began to take effect) of being the Arab nation with the highest standard of living, education and job creation. I don’t know if what I was told at the time was true, but I suspect it was because it was repeated over and over. Thus, it is quite possible that before the US invasion of Iraq, at least prior to the time the embargoes began to strangle Iraq’s economy, the rate of unemployment may have been as low as 10-20% – a far cry from what US-style “democracy” has wrought upon the people of Iraq today.

With respect to unemployment he also asked the question, something to the effect of “How can unemployment in Iraq be expected to decrease when there is little running water, electricity or infrastructures (implying that all was destroyed by the US forces and its allies)?

He’s right … try to find a job in a factory or in an office when there is little or no electricity, no toilets and no running water.

Murtha also brought up other information … random attacks in Iraq have increased from about 100 per week to as much as over 700 per week and, as he stated, the general public in the USA is not privy to such information. The US population, he stated, doesn’t know the truth … the truth that more than 80% of Iraqis do not want the US troops to be in Iraq and that at least 45% believe that attacks on US soldiers are justified.

Shocking news?

Not really, but coming from the mouth of a well-respected congressman, a Vietnam Vet who sits in the US government and who had apparently voted in support of the war, yes.

He also said that over 2000 US troops have been killed and that over 15,000 have been seriously injured. He also quietly mentioned that according to some reports, over 30,000 innocent civilians have been killed in this war alone (thousands more were killed and maimed in 1990-91 – in some estimates, if I remember correctly, over 150,000).

The expression on his face at the mention of this number seemed to perplex him, and rightly so, and this is probably why he paused, then almost whispered the figure … 30,000.

I am sure, especially after having lived through the Vietnam war, that he thought the figure to be low, very low – and that doesn’t include the injured, which is probably three times that amount – and that doesn’t include the millions left behind without family, without homes, water and electricity – without jobs, schools or hospitals!

Try to imagine–

Only $9 billion of the $18 billion money for reconstruction has been used – and you could feel the anger in his face as he uttered these numbers. How can anyone expect Iraqis to believe in US democracy when we can’t even put the country back on its feet – so that people can go back to work and at least live a semi-respectable and dignified life – a basically decent life!

Murtha also stated that terrorism has increased dramatically since the invasion of Iraq – not only in Iraq but worldwide. He is correct.

But why should anyone believe Murtha?

Because, unlike most US representatives, he went to Iraq himself and investigated the situation personally – and talked not only to “Americans” but to many Iraqis as well. He recently came back from Iraq.

Although Murtha had apparently voted for the war – he has now made a 180-degree turn-around. He has changed his mind – and I hope others will follow.

Along opposite yet parallel lines, the US ambassador in Caracas is playing the innocence game again – as most US diplomats do when feeling that they must be party to stuffing the “American Dream” down the throats of other cultures, peoples and nations – often in preparation for subversive political and economic intervention (”Free Trade”) or in preparation for subversive or overt military action (Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Iraq, and potentially, Venezuela).

(Note that US military intervention is already in full swing throughout most of Central America, the Caribbean and South American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.)

It is a matter of brainwashing the population into believing that the US government (and other US powers and people of the so-called “civilized” world) have good and honorable intentions, so that if any “uncomfortable” situations arise, if any disputes arise, or if any loud words from a man like Chavez are said, the blame can always be put on the other party (since the USA is the “innocent victim”) – which could then, if necessary, lead to the invention of yet another “enemy” or “rogue state” (whatever that means!). “– shot back with a simple retort: enough of the blame game. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, how am I going to sleep with so many conspiracies and plots?’ Ambassador William Brownfield told reporters after reeling off a list of more than 10 recent accusations of US meddling by Venezuelan officials. ‘The truth is that there are a lot of things that have nothing to do with the United States’ –”

I can hear Brownfield shamelessly and heartlessly (even if it is his job!) talking to himself, trying to brainwash himself in preparation for future questions, “It isn’t our fault. We had nothing to do with it, with the coup, with financing the violent anti-Chavez movement through the NED, with trying to destabilize Venezuela, with trying to force privatization and ‘Free Trade.’ No, we had nothing to do with this – we sleep well at night. I sleep well at night.”

No, Brownfield, the US government and its Venezuelan traitors, many of which you probably know personally, are not conspiring against Chavez. Yeah, sure! My big foot! They are innocent and civilized creatures – like the “civilized” US leaders who decided to invade and destroy Iraq and Iraqis based on lies and speculation, the US-government’s “justifiable” modus operandi.

The US government, as Chavez openly and continuously states, is to blame for most of the major problems that Venezuelans have lived through since Chavez was elected in 1998. Brownfield must think that we are all stupid idiots or something. If Chavez does not continue to blame the US government for major problems which occur in Venezuela or in relations between Venezuela and other nations, then the media will forget that the US government, the NED, USAID, the CIA, Southern Command, Plan Colombia and other US subversive organizations and/or “programs” are in fact somehow continuously involved in trying to destabilize Venezuela or any other country which simply does not cherish, desire, yearn for or want “democracy” a-la-USA – or its associated rotten values, precepts, laws, social structure, police and military repression, lucrative prison business, discrimination, segregation and inhumane and numbered treatment of all or most of our fellow human beings. Did I mention arrogance and superiority complex? Greed? Gluttony, excess – and short-term memory and total dis-concern for future generations?

Chavez isn’t stupid, Mr. Brownfield … he hopes that people like you don’t sleep at night – however he knows full well that they do.

Chavez knows … and we know … that Brownfield wouldn’t be holding the job of ambassador to the USA if he couldn’t sleep well after knowing what he knows – unless of course, he were a real dummy – which I doubt.

I am quite sure that Brownfield is a smart and autonomous person who knows precisely what he is doing. If such is the case, then Brownfield does sleep well at night regardless of the subversion in which he is involved – and he won’t fool anyone by playing the poor innocent victim.

Brownfield has plenty of friends in the violent anti-Chavez, anti-democratic, anti-Venezuela movement. For example, Maria Corina Machado, a “distinguished” member of the Venezuelan elite who is being prosecuted on criminal charges was recently presented with an award at the US embassy itself. Isn’t this where Brownfield works?

We aren’t as stupid as you may think or pretend to believe, Brownfield – and neither are Chavez’ followers! Chavez and Chavez’ followers will not fall into the trap of believing the words of US diplomats or government officials. Those days are over.

The proof is in the pudding – and the pudding has turned sour – and is now growing mold and maggots.

Regardless of what Brownfield states, Chavistas will increasingly disbelieve him (or other US “envoys”). Chavistas will not allow Venezuela to fall like Iraq fell because the USA was able to con the world into believing that the USA was the victim! No, the USA is not the victim, nor was it ever the case, nor will it ever be, at least not in the near future. Through the voices and actions of the leaders which the US population elected as representatives, the USA is perceived as the liar and the aggressor. The USA is not the victim in any way shape or form. If the citizens of the USA want to change this perception, they will have to do something about it very quickly – before it is too late.

Listen to Murtha!

And this is exactly what Murtha was referring to! The US government has conned the world long enough and we can all see through the veil of deceit. The pressure of the volcano is rumbling steadily toward the surface – and Brownfield, along with other US “envoys” will not and cannot stop the rise of the lava.

As I write I also find out that a Venezuelan court decided to allow Maria Corina Machado and the rest of the directors of Sumate to travel outside the country. She and others are being investigated and tried for sedition, treason and for their involvement in the April 2002 coup against Chavez. Like most violent anti-Chavez movements, Sumate received financing for anti-democratic activities directly from the US government through the NED. Her next court appearance is scheduled for December 6, 2005 – but will she be there? I wonder. She could ask for political asylum in the US, and I am sure she would get it (she met Bush at the White House a few months ago!). Since she is so closely connected with Bush, I am certain that the US immigration service will happily believe her when she says that she is facing political persecution in Venezuela (which is far from the truth, but, hey, who cares, right?).

I sincerely hope that Machado does take this opportunity to travel abroad – to leave Venezuela and to seek refugee status in the USA – and never return. She will eventually be granted US citizenship, something I am quite sure she would enjoy – and something that would be very acceptable for most Venezuelans.

Venezuela does not need liars and traitors like Machado.

Venezuela does not need people like Machado who provoke or get involved in violence or coups against democratically-elected governments or who side with criminal and anti-human governments such as the government of the “grand” USA.

She can join her fellow deviant US co-collaborators in continuing to try to rule the world through force, coercion, arrogance and greed (and God bless us!).

I am sure that Bush and company will offer her a job in the US government’s Department of Destruction or at least in the United States of America’s Ministry of Deceit.

She is not the victim!

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Oscar Heck has been a commentarist for nearly 3 years and has contributed close to 400 articles. Born in Canada, Oscar has spent most of his life working as an executive recruiter and corporate investigator. He has traveled to 34 countries and lived/worked in 12, including Kuwait during the Gulf War (1991).  Oscar’s love affair with Venezuela began 28 years ago when he first went to work as a missionary in the shantytowns (barrios) of Caracas and in the Barlovento area, east of Caracas. Over the years, Oscar has traveled and worked throughout much of Venezuela, living mostly in the barrios. Oscar’s strong anti-US-government stance stems mostly from his experience in the Gulf War and from his vast exposure to the inside workings of large corporations. His strong pro-Venezuela stance stems from his love for the Venezuelan Pueblo and from his unwavering belief that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s current President, is taking positive steps toward enhancing the lives of the traditionally exploited, abused and excluded 80% majority. Oscar is fluent in English, Spanish and French.
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