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The last word has not been said yet in this saga of fear, power and love

Knoxville School for International Training academic director Jesus A. Rivas writes: A long time ago in a galaxy far and far away, a dark politician had climbed up through dirty maneuvers to high powers. He took advantage of situations to take control of the senate and rose up as the emperor.

Once in power, he lead the giant armies of the Federation to prey on the worlds he wanted to conquer in name of his personal interest and greed … he counted on the complicity of a whole network of lies and deceit that broadcast fear and terror around the universe … the galaxy was about to change under the reign of the Emperor.

A council of Jedi knights from all the galaxy had the mission to hold the peace in the galaxy, using their skills and wisdom. But their strength had been dwindling lately, as some of them seem to have turned to the Dark Side.

Collin Vader, a skillful Jedi knight of former glory, had been seduced by Dark Side of the Force and sided with the Emperor.

With the help of the Collin Vader, the emperor dealt a lethal blow to the counsel producing great unbalance on the Force. Hans Shirack vehemently opposes the plans of the emperor but he does not have the strength to oppose the Dark Lord and the rest of the counsel fears retaliation from the Emperor.

The Empire launches a deadly attack on two little worlds that opposed him to control them and enslave their people to further the Empire’s cause.

The nine ring wraiths, or Nazgul (or was it seven sisters?) are bent on subduing the two small worlds that fight for their freedom against the forces of evil. The counsel of Jedi Knights runs in fear, unable to oppose the power of the Emperor.

With the Counsel of Jedi knights dismembered and suppressed, the Emperor has full control of the Federation’s army. There is no body who would oppose his designs, It seems the end of justice and freedom in the galaxy.

But wait!

Down at the southern end of Middle Earth some fuzzy little people with funny outfits are committed to sovereignty and freedom. They saw the Empire attack those two worlds of their own kind .. all masked in a web of lies and deceit and they know they are next on the Emperor’s list.

Resistance is the only hope.

But how can some small colonies oppose the Empire, if the Jedi Knights are impotent against it.

These fuzzy little people with funny outfits are uniting under the leadership of Hugo Skywalker to defend their freedom and sovereignty. Hugo Skywalker is uniting all the little fuzzy people with funny outfits, following the teachings from his Master Yoda Bolivar. It is a diverse assortment of the most varied people of all kind and colors there is but they are united with each other … they show friendship, solidarity and uninterested partnership with one another, the things that the Emperor despises the most!

The Emperor both, hates and fears feelings of love, solidarity and companionship for he knows that they are the only thread to his Empire. His bullying policies of war and terror rely on people siding with him or running selflessly. for their convenience. The core of his strength relies on fear and hate … it would succumb against a united universe.

The emperor is not about to allow this bad example that could unite the galaxy for freedom and sovereignty, and stars a heavy campaign of deceit and aggression against the fuzzy little people with funny outfits.

Tensions are rising on all levels…

Princess Leia Golinger sneaks into the archives of the Empire and uncover some of the dirty maneuvers of the emperor that can force the federation to open its eyes and depose him. However, Negroponte The Hut pursued and seized her preventing her from taking down the Empire from within.

The little people of Middle Earth do not have the military power to resist a charge of the Empire, but they have something on their behalf: They control the Force.

With the control of the Force they could halt all the movements of the Empire!

BUT, do they control all of the Force?

No, the Dark Side of the Force is with the Emperor, and he has the unspeakable, galactic power to detonate it in a brutal blast capable of erasing a whole planet at long range: The Death Star. No planet in the Galaxy would condom such atrocity but what can they do? The Emperor broadcast fear and terror to his convenience, he can do anything!

The emperor launches his decree of fear and horror intimidating everybody: “Those who are not with us are against us.”

This is a World-Wide War … Hugo Skywalker joins hands with all the other fuzzy little people with funny outfits and answers with his battle cry: “Amor con amor se paga” (Love only with love can be paid). The power of the Dark Lord is tremendous and he bullies, charges and executes anybody that does not run away or join his orcs of terror and destruction.

Will the good side of the Force of solidarity and love of the funny, fuzzy little people with funny outfits be enough to withstand the charge?

Having learned much from Master Obi-Wan Castro, Hugo Skywalker is not fully-trained yet … but the Force is exceptionally strong on him.

What will happen in a final stand off between the Emperor and Hugo Skywalker?
Will the Emperor have his way and defeat any hopes of love, justice and freedom?
Will the Good side of the Force be strong enough to defeat terror and fear?

Will Collin Vader suddenly have a seizure of consciousness when he sees his own kind at the verge of destruction and turn finally against the emperor, returning to his former path of justice and freedom?

Or will it be the Ents that coming out of their millenary sleep will show their real strength and revolt against the Dark Lord siting Isengard and unleashing a torrent of justice and truth to extinguish the inner fear that consumes the world under the Emperor’s reign?

The last word has not been said yet in this saga of fear, power and love. Let’s see what will happen next


Jesus A Rivas

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