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A disgusting barrage of half-truths and lies in Venezuela's disinformation war by Carlos Herrera

VHeadline commentarist Carlos Herrera writes: The internet networking of the opposition is a well-oiled machine. Articles packed with blatant lies and half truths are published in one site and then appear within 24 hours on another ... and another so as to ram home the message on the supposed disaster of Venezuela.

" Fascist, communist, militaristic, authoritarian, corrupt, autocratic, lying, manipulative, Arab-loving, FARC-loving" ... the "terrorist-collaborating nature" of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela ... and any other pejorative adjective they can dream up!

It's spewed out with little regard shown for the dignity of a people that has voted overwhelmingly 9 times since 1998 for President Hugo Chavez Frias and the Venezuelan people’s Bolivarian revolution.

Since the beginning of this year, the tone in these US-financed pieces has been upped in a desperate attempt to discredit and undermine the increased international credibility that the President’s recent Europe, South American and Asian trips engendered, as the media war moves deeper into the internet.

This strategy has not worked in the past ... and will not work in the future ... but since my mind and soul is not poisoned by the filthy dollars received by these traitors to their homeland, I am obliged, once again, to address the litany of unfettered, fanatical black propaganda spewed out by these nefarious individuals.

The best description I can think of is best taken in a quotation from yesterday’s edition of the Venezuelan daily newspaper VEA. In its editorial ... speaking about the coup-mongering attitude of the owners of print & broadcast media in Venezuela, it says the following:

Propietarios enriquecidos, que tragan excremento y luego lo vomitan sobre los usuarios; son ellos, negociantes de la información, los verdaderos responsables (de la guerra mediática).

Rich proprietors, who swallow excrement and then throw it up all over the users; they are the information negotiators, and are the real ones responsible (for the media war).

This just about sums up the ilk of Aleksander Boyd in London, Gustavo Coronel in Washington D.C., Daniel Duquenal in Yaracuy, Miguel Octavio in Caracas and A. M. Mora y Leon in the United States of America.

In the context of an interview given by President Chavez to Aljazeera TV, Coronel uses uses it as a vehicle to fire several broadsides at Chavez, using the well-spun half-truths and lies which are his everyday fodder.

The comments about Chavez’ popularity in the Arab world, addressed by Coronel, are not the real question ... since even this hack is entitled to his own opinion. However, the lies about what is happening in Venezuela ... why the situation has been difficult in the last three years ... are deliberately and consciously omitted in the Goebbelian attack on the humanistic nature of the Bolivarian process.

Omission and exaggeration linked to outright invention are the hallmark of this sort of sewer journalism as practiced by this quasi-senile curmudgeon, Gustavo Coronel.

Let’s look at this paragraph from Coronel’s litany:

During the six years of the Chavez regime, the Venezuelan poor have become poorer. Unemployment has rarely been below 20%. Informal employment includes 60% of the population (street vendors). Poverty engulfs 80% of the population. Venezuela is the only country in Latin America where the social and economic goals of the Millennium set by the United Nations are not being achieved. The number of abandoned children has increased. Crime is at an all-time high.

All the above is just propaganda, pure and simple, and does not mention why the situation from 2001 to 2003 was exacerbated by political strikes, continued sabotage of the oil industry, without mentioning the concerted effort by the opposition to destroy the economy and bankrupt the country ... or the legacy inherited after half a century of policies designed to impoverish the population by previous governments, as it doubled in size in thirty years, while they – i.e. Coronel and his mafia – engaged in an officially-sanctioned binge of corruption and annihilation of any moral values left in their social class.

Poor have become poorer – by what measure? Just a propagandistic blanket statement.

Unemployment – was at 12% in December 2001, and rose due to 20.9% in March 2002 after the economic sabotage engineered by the US backed opposition. It is now 10.9%.

Informal employment – is now 52% not 60%, according to latest statistics and could even now be lower. This phenomenon took off in 1994 after the corrupt bankers stole US$18 billion from their own banks, and destroyed any confidence in investing in Venezuela. This sort of employment problem will take at least 10-15 years to solve, and Coronel knows this.

Poverty is around 70%, not 80% and is being addressed – not by giving cash to people, but by organizing them into cooperatives to be productive, a plan such as Vuelvan Caras, similar to Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930’s, and huge infrastructure investments to attract more Foreign Direct Investment.

The Millennium Goals – in terms of drinking water, literacy, health and education, Venezuela has achieved all these by end 2004, while other Latin American countries will have difficulties to make the deadline earmarked to be achieved by 2015, according to ECLAC – and not a US subversive like Coronel.

Abandoned children – a major social problem, and despite the lack of reliable statistics on this, there has been a significant decrease, especially in central Caracas, as social programs begin to have an effect

Crime at an all time high – blatant lies – the operative set in motion by the Interior and Justice Ministry has lowered crime by almost 53% in three months in the capital.

As is his wont, Coronel harks back to Bolivar ... did he stand up and protest when the coupsters removed Bolivar’s portrait from the Salon Ayacucho in Miraflores Palace when they read Carmona’s decree on April 12, 2002? No!

This reference to Bolivar is just another side of Coronel ... hypocrisy ... since his real icons are the US dollar and George W. Bush, and his war mongering annihilation policies. You speak to any supporter of Chavez and they know who Bolivar is, and who Chavez is. The main similarity between the two is that Chavez is carrying out Bolivar's dream of uniting South America – an anathema for Coronel.

Coronel espouses the idea that Chavez wants a worldwide rebellion against the US. This is exceptional exaggeration on his part.

The only thing Chavez wants is for the USA to stop interfering in the sovereign affairs of independent nations and respect their right to self-determination.

Nothing more, nothing less.

In fact, the US will implode sooner or later since it is a nation built on spiraling debt, fiscal deficits and unsustainable military power.

What will happen to the US and world financial system, when the Chinese and Japanese stop buying US Treasury Bonds, thus rolling over US national debt, due to the continued dollar weakness? Draw your own conclusions.

The last part of Coronel's article is just a hodgepodge of half truths:

Venezuelans are suffering from extreme government neglect, roads and schools are deteriorating, hospitals are a disaster, private property is being invaded, private companies are closing down, freedom of expression is being smothered and people are being put in prison or prevented from leaving the country in an arbitrary manner.

The whole country is being asphalted at present. You can’t complete this task in even five years. Anyone going to Caracas will notice the difference on the highways that criss cross the capital

Schools are being repaired – another nationwide project which will take years to complete, besides the building of many new ones.

Hospitals – the same – no mention of the nationwide health programs underway and new popular clinics opening.

Invasions were always a problem in Venezuela, but idle crop land will be taken so as to guarantee the “food security” of Venezuela, and reduce the import of 70% of the foodstuffs consumed. If, for example, I have 50,000 acres and the law says that I have to grow crops and do not do it, then the land will be given to farmers who want to work it and contribute to the development of the country.

The problem is that if the land is sown, then the mega million US$ business of importing food by Coronel’s entrepreneurial class will not be required any more. This is why land reform has been rejected by these exploiters of the poor.

Private companies are closing down – funny, but FIAT is due to reopen in February and Renault and Volkswagen are negotiating their return to Venezuela. Most of the “private companies” that closed in recent years were “brief case companies.” Importers of basic goods, who just creamed off profits and never created any real employment, or they committed financial suicide during the bosses’ lock out at the end of 2002.

Freedom of expression – the new Law of Responsibility in Radio & Television will democratize the media in Venezuela, and prevent the TV and radio channels being used to call for armed rebellion, political and economic sabotage etc. From December 2, 2002 to February 3, 2003, the private TV channels broadcast (free of charge) more than 17,500 anti-government spots in a vain attempt to oust the Chavez regime.

No one has been imprisoned arbitrarily in Venezuela. This is an outright lie.

Yes, people accused of being involved in the coup d’etat and the oil industry sabotage can not leave the country while they are awaiting trial. All these prohibitions are based on judicial orders, and are not arbitrary in any way. I personally hope they all go to jail for a long time.

In the next days I am certain that there will be other hate-Venezuela articles published by these poisoned minded Venezuelan fascists ... paid for and financed by the US government.

This is an opportune moment for VHeadline and I, myself, to make a call to Minister on Communication & Information, Andres Izarra and the Vice Minister of Communications Strategy, Yuri Pimentel to address this international campaign of opposition attacks on the internet.

These people are well-financed and unconditionally committed to the overthrow of the Chavez government by fair means or foul. Read my recent article: Well, who is funding you then? Chavez? which blows the lid off this group of Venezuelan traitors.

The new idea of the Bolivarian News Agency is excellent ... and even more so with the announcement that funding and equipment will be available to expand the community TV and radio stations.

However, this internal strengthening of the communications strategy ... although vital ... will not reach the English-speaking business world, political leadership and opinion builders who surfing the internet every day.

At any one time there are 600 million people surfing the web ... some 9% of all human beings on this planet .. and these people must to be informed in a strategic, organized way in English ... it is the world’s second language after Chinese ... and many educated Chinese, Russians and all major decision-makers around the world speak English.

To do so will at least help to combat the increasingly ferocious attacks on President Chavez Frias himself, the Bolivarian revolution and the “pueblo venezolano” in particular.

As an editorially independent e-publication in support of democracy, constitutionality and any democratically-elected government the Venezuelan people may choose to lead it, is undeniably part of that bulwark of Venezuelan national defense.

For my own part, I, Carlos Herrera, will continue cooperating in the name of truth, freedom and national sovereignty, and in the name of social justice for all in the Great Homeland, La Patria Grande of El Libertador, Simon Bolivar.

Carlos Herrera

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