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The FBI and CIA can not be allowed to stand above the law in the Anderson trial Venezuela

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Sunday, November 20, 2005 guest commentarist Dr. Harold Mandel writes: The Attorney General’s Office in Caracas has recently revealed that a key witness in the Danilo Anderson murder trial, Giovani De Armas, has identified FBI and CIA agents as being involved in preparations to murder Venezuelan State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

It should not be assumed such an accusation is not possible.

Of course the FBI and CIA are behaving as if such accusations against any of their people are absurd. However, in view of the nature of US government attacks on the legally-elected government of President Chavez, nothing should be taken for granted in this case and the FBI and CIA should have to answer before Judge Alejandra Rivas Aliendras, who is presiding over the Danilo Anderson murder trial.

It has been alleged that during a meeting in Panama on September 4 and 6, 2003, an FBI officer called “Pesquera” and a CIA agent called “Morrinson” attended a meeting with two of the plots alleged organizers … Patricia Poleo and Salvad Romani … as well as two of those who stand directly accused of the killing … Rolando and Otoniel Guevera.

At the meeting the plot that resulted in Danilo Anderson’s death went further with suggestions to “take out Chavez and the government” which lead to the April 2002 coup which briefly overthrew President Hugo Chavez and the government of Venezuela.

No … it is not ridiculous to imply FBI and CIA agents may have in fact been involved in such a plot. I have personally witnessed how FBI and CIA agents act arrogantly as if they are above the law. This matter must therefore be investigated.

Furthermore, to imply in some way that a plot by the United States to overthrow Chavez and the government of Venezuela has been justified is shocking … President Chavez was elected to govern his country in a democratic process by the people of his country and he has the legal right to do so.

The FBI and CIA can not be allowed to stand above the law in the Danilo Anderson murder trial.

If we allow this to happen we will be allowing tyranny to take the place of democracy.

Dr Harold Mandel

  Dr. Harold Mandel is the director of the H Mandel Enterprises Foundation and the International Association for Victims of Psychiatrists and Psychologists. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa from Dickinson College, a New York State licensed physician, businessman and journalist. Dr. Mandel has taken anti-psychiatry and anti-psychology positions due to his findings that psychiatry and psychology have become abusive disciplines in this era. He is a strong supporter of alternative medicine. You may email Dr Harold Mandel at:

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