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Oscar Heck: Why was getting rid of Chavez an important factor for USA? commentarist Oscar Heck writes:  Some very interesting things have been happening these days in beautiful Venezuela – we are on the path of making history here – almost on a daily basis.

A few days ago, I met a British person who asked me if I knew what happened to the BBC News on cable TV in Venezuela. He said that it had “disappeared” off the airwaves.

Last night, I heard someone on VTV (Venezuela’s state-run television station, similar to the BBC) bring up the issue and explain what appears to have happened. It was said that the BBC had announced they would present a lengthy documentary in which it would be claimed that the US government invented “Al Qaeda” and invented all the information which led to the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq – and more.

Apparently … after this alleged announcement … the BBC News (cable) was taken off air in Venezuela and replaced by Voice of America (a CIA-based disinformation, “news” channel).

I am not sure exactly where the BBC was taken off air – but at least here in Venezuela it did happen a few days ago – and it hasn’t come back on since. I have not seen Voice of America here where I am (in the Andes, on cable) – but it may not be necessary since CNN does just as good a disinformation job as Voice of America.

So – is it possible that the USA and its accomplices are censoring the “news?”

I, personally, believe that it is very possible – especially since it is now the second time I have witnessed such action – once now (with the BBC) – and once in 1991 during the Gulf War in Kuwait city when for some strange reason the only cable program we were able to watch for a period of time was CNN.

There is also plenty of overt pro-USA propaganda that bombards the world on a regular basis. For example, here in Venezuela, the four anti-Chavez television stations (which backed the April 2002 coup and which backed the USA-financed sabotage of the country in 2002-2003), continuously advertise and promote “western” or USA-based products, services, trademarks and nomenclature.

Some examples are: Pizza Hut, Baygone (Venezuelan spelling), Actor, Scott, Theraflu, Kickers, World TV, McDonald’s, etc. They often promote imported goods (most probably coming from the USA) rather than promoting Venezuelan-made products – thus contributing to the US-social invasion and brainwashing – something which is extremely harmful to Venezuelan society (witness what is happening in Mexico these days).

Another very interesting issue is one that was brought up on television recently by a writer named Luis Britto Garcia … he believes that the timing which the USA used in its invasion of Iraq had much to do with Venezuela.

The attack on Iraq was started only after the US government realized that the Venezuelan opposition (which was financed by the US government) would not be able to “get rid of Chavez.”

This realization came about in March 2003 – and in April 2003, the USA attacked Iraq.

But why was “getting rid of Chavez” an important factor?

Because if the Venezuelan (USA-financed) anti-Chavez movement had managed to oust Chavez, then the USA would be guaranteed “good oil relations” with Venezuela’s new US-puppet government – most specifically because that new government would have sought to privatize PDVSA (Venezuela’s state-run oil company and main source of government revenue).

If such were the case, then the USA would not necessarily have had to attack Iraq at the time it did – because plenty of oil, close by, would have been assured.

Makes sense to me – perhaps Iraq would have never been attacked? I wonder?

The other very important and relevant issue which Garcia brings up is the state government of Zulia in oil-rich north-western Venezuela. For years, Zulia has sought separation from Venezuela – and such efforts at separation have been backed by the USA, according to Garcia.

Why is this relevant?

He believes that by backing the separation of the state of Zulia from the rest of Venezuela, a new Kuwait-type state would be formed – one which would live almost entirely off oil profits – and one which would primarily be at the service of US interests. Zulia would become to Latin America what Kuwait has become to the Middle East.

I believe his theory.

Garcia also mentioned two US-made movies which portray Venezuelans as lazy bums and thieves and drug dealers (the bad guys) while portraying Colombians as honest and as heroes in the US-led “war on drugs” along the Colombia/Venezuela borders. I did not catch the name of the movies – but I will try to find them.

This, he states, is intentional anti-Venezuelan propaganda – preparing the way to a future US invasion.

When people watch such a movie, they basically say to themselves, “Oh, I didn’t know that – now I know – Venezuelans are drug dealers and anti-Plan Colombia. They also hate us. They are the bad guys and we must deal with them.”

This gets me very angry because the vast majority of Venezuelans are not like that at all.

In general, Venezuelans are peaceful, loving, caring, honest, hard-working individuals. Such propaganda is unjust and inhuman – just like the anti-Arab, anti-Muslim propaganda that preceded the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

My goodness, what is this human race coming to?

(Note that not long after the US-backed sabotage of the Venezuelan economy in 2002-2003, one of the US-produced soap operas also portrayed Venezuelans as drug lords and drug dealers.)

Garcias’ notions are not nonsense – they are probably closer to the truth than anything I have heard as yet – especially closer to the truth than anything one would hear or read in the anti-Chavez, pro-USA media in Venezuela: Globovision, Televen, Venevision, RCTV (and their nationwide affiliates) – and El Nacional, El Universal and Tal Cual.

Thanks to people like Luis Britto Garcia.

Oscar Heck

Addendum: I just went out for a cigarette … in this beautiful Andean village – and I almost cried as I watched a procession of about 50 women and children (and one man dressed as St. Joseph) joyfully singing in the streets in honor of Jesus, in honor of life. Imagine if the USA dropped a bomb on them?
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