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Bandits, psychopaths, liars and baby-killers… by Oscar Heck commentarist Oscar Heck writes: I think that it is time for some more investigation work. Andres Izarra, Communications/Media Minister, recently stated: “– we are fed up of sending them letters, of meeting them and telling them that they are taking things out of context, lying, manipulating and twisting … enough of lobbying to explain to them what is happening.”

Izarra was referring to the irresponsible (and I add, without-conscience) Venezuelan privately-owned “corporate” media (and its sold out freelancers, mercenaries and writers) – a media machine which is almost entirely anti-Chavez (and I add, anti-Venezuelan as well) – and which continues to manipulate information and events in their ongoing attempt to “destroy” Chavez, Venezuela’s beloved, democratically elected President (with 58% confirmed overall support from El Pueblo and growing by the minute – my estimate is that he now has 70% support).

In the last few days Izarra has named several media outlets and writers who have recently embarked on a new anti-government smear campaign. One of these people is a person called Phil Gunson.

Who is Phil Gunson?

First, this is Izarra’s public response to Phil Gunson: “Mr. Gringo we are going to defeat you again … we work with the truth, we have moral and above all, a leader that unites and inspires us … We say to the US Empire: you shall not pass. Viva Chavez!”

So .. who is this person?

I do not know – but if Izarra is upset with him, there must be a reason – and a good one.

According to (a rabidly anti-Chavez site):

“Phil Gunson is a British journalist and president of the Foreign Press Association in Venezuela. He has covered Latin America for 26 years and has been based in Caracas for the last six. Formerly Latin America correspondent for The Guardian and The Observer, he’s currently writing primarily for The Miami Herald, Newsweek, The St. Petersburg Times, The Independent and VOA News.”

VOA is “Voice of America” a “worldwide” news source and media outlet. Last year I met with a Moroccan telecommunications engineer who confirmed to me that VOA is run by the CIA … he worked for them.

Phil Gunson also writes for the Miami Herald, one of the main promoters of anti-Chavez commentaries, propaganda, lies and distortions, along with the Washington Post and The Devil’s Excrement, Militares Democraticos (sic!), Gente del Petroleo and/or equivalent hate sites.

El Universal, El Nacional and Tal Cual, Venezuela’s three “major” newspapers are also “part of this gang” … and so are Venezuela’s four “major” television stations, Globovision, Venevision, Televen and RCTV.

I am not making any judgments here … nor am I implying anything in particular regarding Gunson. However – there must be something behind Izarra’s concerns – there must be something seriously “out of place” somewhere.

Why is Gunson a threat?

From my three-year experience with the anti-Chavez (anti-Venezuela) movement (which Gunson is apparently supporting), the threat does not lie in that they tell the truth … because they do not tell the truth. Therefore the threat must come from the fact that they do not tell the truth – they distort and manipulate reality with the sole intent of destroying Chavez – so as to open the doors for US control of the Venezuela’s wealth.

And – this is the truth.

And – Izarra knows it.

And – most Venezuelans know it.

Nice guys?

As an additional observation, almost every single anti-Chavez person who has written to me in the last 2∏ years has used either deprecating, derogatory or offensive language … coupled with arrogance, threats, rage or violence in their form of expression. (This is a definite indication as to the human values which these people possess, if any.)

Here are some recent typical (very mild) examples:

“ – Just remember, Iran and North Korea are testing USA, next round will be Chavez time. I am telling you his days are counted –”

“– and maybe I will believe you know what the HECK you are talking about–”

“ – Pull your head out of you’re a.. and take a breath of reality!”

One more thing –

I have received several letters recently in which people express the feeling of being “insulted” by the fact that Chavez and his “gang” are using “undiplomatic” terms to describe criminals like Bush and Rice and company.

I say, call a spade a spade … call it as it is.

Bush and Rice and company are bandits, psychopaths, liars and baby-killers.

What else would you call a human being who is willing to assassinate innocent women and children in order to acquire (through outright theft) more material goods and money (oil, e.g.) – while manipulating and controlling the media to their favor?

What else would you call a person who knowingly lies through his/her teeth in public and spreads these lies through his/her own controlled media sources while not giving an ounce of concern for the truth or for the well-being of those who will be directly affected by their lies (e.g., the young US soldiers who were sent to Iraq)?

What else would you call a person who accuses democratically-elected Chavez of being a “negative” force for the region – this with the pre-calculated intent of starting an escalating smear campaign (against Chavez) in preparation for an eventual criminal invasion of Venezuela (in order to control the Venezuelan oil fields – and kill more women and babies along the way)?

This is the media “war” which Andres Izarra is talking about. The USA-initiated, produced, financed and controlled, (pre-military assault) media assault – all in co-collaboration with heartless, traitorous Venezuelans, mercenary writers, commentarists and other “experts” contributors, some of which are undoubtedly CIA-sponsored and/or trained – and most of which are guided by the heartless decisions made by –

– bandits, psychopaths, liars and baby-killers!

Oscar Heck

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