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17/10/06 What would YOU do if you were in charge of a country like Venezuela? Oscar Heck
10/10/06 The only way for Venezuela is spelled ‘Participative Democracy’ Franco Munini
13/9/06 Venezuela’s promising future By Renaud Lambert
4/9/06 Colombian surrenders in alleged plotting to kill Venezuela’s Chavez
20/6/06 United States attack would involve immediate destruction of Venezuela’s naval and air forces
16/6/06 Understanding the minds of the neocons: Oil wars,  attacks on the Venezuelan revolution and the corruption of US democracy
20/6/06 Why I will do whatever it takes to help protect Venezuela from the USA... 20/6/06
13/6/06 Venezuela: Holding the Line against Drug Trafficking
Washington’s annual certification debacle: Bush Administration blasts Chávez, positive research results be damned
4/6/06 Venezuela: More than ever before today, Karl Marx is becoming relevant!
2/6/06 Ordinary Merida students at ULA can’t really handle UZIs with such precision…
1/6/06 The stakes are very high for the President and the people of Venezuela…
30/5/06 Riots break out in southwestern Merida: Chavez’ Revolution in immediate and serious danger … challenging times for Latin America: for Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru…
23/5/06 Like never before, Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution is in immediate danger! Bylined to: Franz J.T. Lee
16/5/06 Chavez does not take crap from the USA.  You want to play hardball, go ahead!
16/5/06 Treating Venezuela as if it were the enemy does not make any sense at all
9/5/06 Washington May Soon Try to Pin the Venezuelan Uranium Tail on the Iranian Nuclear Donkey
8/5/06 Increasing revenues and transparency: A win-win proposition for Venezuelans
7/5/06 Luis Posada Carriles … how dare the United States government protect this man!
2/5/06 ‘Cocaine One’ DC-9 airliner switched crews somewhere after leaving Caracas?
26/4/06 CIA links to ‘Venezuelan’ plane seized in Mexico with 5.5 tonnes of cocaine
26/4/06 Venezuela NewsLinks 17 - 23 April 2006
24/4/06 Can you imagine $3-a-gallon gas price in the United States of Wonderland?
21/4/06 CIA and/or similar covert operators are in full action in Venezuela as we speak

Venezuela NewsLinks 10 - 16 April 2006

16/4/06 100% certainty that US is heading towards fourth attempt to oust Hugo Chavez
16/4/06 Intelligence agencies: Top executives cooperating with Zulia separatists in plans for a US-led invasion of Venezuela’s sovereign territory
6/4/06 Zulia secessionists’ espionage support from within the US Caracas embassy…
5/4/06 The comfort of being often (or always) wrong but never in doubt!
5/4/06 Brainwashed Dutch armed forces totally at the disposal of USA warmongers
2/4/06 Venezuela NewsLinks 27 March - 02 April 2006
31/3/06 Central issue is the role of propaganda creating a context if the necessity arises
30/3/06 The war drums are getting louder and sounding a clear message Stephen Lendman
29/3/06 Venezuelans have better reason today to prepare for a US invasion…
28/3/06 Goebbels was an amateur in the perspective of today’s US foreign policy
28/3/06 US Navy prepares aircraft carrier strike group for “major training exercise”
28/3/06 John Pilger's Letter to Jon Snow of Channel 4 News on Venezuela
23/3/06 Why both Iran and Venezuela must expect preemptive military strikes from USA?
17/3/06 Human Rights In Venezuela … Who is getting the story wrong?
3/3/06 Harry Minetree: Open letter to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias
25/2/06 Venezuela NewsLinks 13-24 February 2006
13/2/06 Venezuela NewsLinks 4-13 February 2006
7/2/06 Defense: the Only Salvation from US Imperial Aggression Zack Krasuk
6/2/06 United States Department of Defense … or Empire of Defense? Sohbet Karbuz
6/2/06 Senior US government officials closely tied to failed 2002 Venezuelan coup
3/2/06 Analysis of the Christian right and the AFA’s Letter on Venezuela Zack Krasuk
5/2/06 Venezuela NewsLinks 1-5 February 2006
1/2/06 USA removal of Chavez would cause civil war; push price of oil to US$200!
1/2/06 Venezuela NewsLinks 23 - 31 January 2006
31/1/06 PetroCaribe: Chávez’s Venturesome Solution to the Caribbean Oil Crisis and Trinidad’s Patrick Manning and Barbados’ Owen Arthur’s Ungracious Riposte
30/1/06 Chavez Calls For ‘Socialism Or Death’
23/1/06 Wise move for Bush to get used to President Chavez … now, rather than later!
15/1/06 Next coup d’etat to be launched in Caracas … they’re going in for a kill!
13/1/06 Intelligence sources warn Venezuela’s Chavez: Beware the Ides of January!
8/12/05 Venezuelan security forces reveal phone-tap details in foiled conspiracy to assassinate President Hugo Chavez Frias
9/12/05 Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez Mike Whitney
5/12/05 Venezuela’s true patriots … unlike the cowards who stayed home and griped! 5/12/05
5/12/05 Weekly Roundup of News Links 28 Nov-5 Dec 2005
  Weekly Roundup of News Links 21-27 November 2005
1/12/05 Venezuela’s Disloyal Opposition Serves the Bush Administration’s Narrow Ideological Interests, but Hardly Those of its Own Nation
29/11/05 Spanish Arms Sale to Chávez: Venezuelan F-16s Bad; Chilean F-16s Good
29/11/05 So speaks the wounded raging bull: Oscar Heck is back…
21/11/05 Rear-view mirrors are not required as standard equipment on Air Force One
20/11/05 The FBI and CIA can not be allowed to stand above the law in the Anderson trial
18/11/05 Chavez isn’t stupid, Mr. Brownfield … he hopes that you don’t sleep at night
13/11/05 Scared Maria Corina Machado … “If you can’t do the time, baby, don’t do the crime…”
11/11/05 The Rise of America’s New Enemy by John Pilger
8/11/05 Why are they not in front of their cameras calling Bush a butcher?
6/11/05 Otto Reich is a psychopath — does that make him a “special person?”
6/11/05 Bush blunders … US media covers up on Free Trade, Argentina, Brazil Pastor Valle-Garay
3/11/05 How can Bush address poverty and job creation at the Americas Summit?
3/11/05 Venezuela: How to arm ourselves physically and mentally to become invincible
2/11/05 US Pentagon contingency planning for military conflict with Venezuela
22/10/05 Coup d’etat arrest warrant issued against former Venezuelan Chief Justice Cecilia Sosa Gomez
17/10/05 Venezuela’s “Demonstration Effect”: Defying Globalization’s Logic Steve Ellner
19/9/05 Hugo Chavez: “If the Imperialist Government of the White House Dares to Invade Venezuela, the War of 100 Years Will be Unleashed in South America”
19/9/05 Evangelicals in Venezuela: Robertson Only the Latest Controversy In a Long and Bizarre History
17/9/05 ABC Nightline: Venezuelan President on rocky relations with Washington
17/9/05 Hurricane Hugo at the U.N. by Mike Whitney
16/9/05 Speech by President Chavez at UN General Assembly
29/8/05 Can’t spell the word ‘SHAME’ anymore? It’s called ‘Skammen’ in Swedish!
24/8/05 Bush Administration’s Limp Disavowal of Robinson’s Incalculably Outrageous Words on Venezuela and Chávez is an Insult, not a Constructive Course of Action
23/8/05 U.S. Policy Toward Venezuela: Playing With Oil, Playing With Trade, Playing With Fire
14/8/05 Álo Presidente Hugo Chávez: Latin America’s Rising Superstar
9/8/05 Chavez Frias not losing much sleep over the USA’s intent to “punish” Venezuela
8/7/05 But what is the alternative? Price dollars in oil, not oil in dollars! by Chris Cook
29/6/05 Media war by privately-owned TV channels continues unabated in Venezuela
29/6/05 We can strive for love – and hope and dream that others will follow! Oscar Heck
27/6/05 USA’s role in bringing “freedom” and “liberty” – what utter arrogance! Oscar Heck
24/6/05 Venezuela’s opposition knows it’ll take generations to reduce corruption they themselves created! 
21/6/05 The Not So Odd Couple: Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro
17/6/05 The proof is in the documents: The CIA was involved in the April 12 coup d’etat against President Hugo Chavez Frias

Will the CIA let Posada spill the beans on all their dirty tricks in Latin America?

15/6/05 No one criticized former Venezuelan presidents for being friends with Fidel Castro by Oscar Heck
13/6/05 Attempts to theorize about Chavez’ “illegitimate” presidency are simply ludicrous
12/6/05 What are they afraid of? Hate-Venezuela media threatens us again! Big, Big, Yawn!
30/5/05 What if Chavez Frias attacked an embassy in downtown Washington D.C.? by Oscar Heck
27/5/05 Bush regime displays its astonishing virtuosity as liar and user of loopholes… by Chris Herz
29/5/05 The last word has not been said yet in this saga of fear, power and love
27/5/05 The Bush administration’s shameful rejection of Venezuela’s extradition request
23/5/05 Venezuela: building a social model that avoids the Marxist errors of the past by Hector Dauphin-Gloire
20/5/05 It’s about time that the people of the USA began to learn about reality
20/5/05 Violence? Deception? Manipulation? Military intervention? War?
20/5/05 What’s next in Venezuela?
17/5/05 Is there another Hugo Chavez in Latin America? An Exclusive Interview with Ecuador’s New President
13/5/05 Historical process will give Chavez’ new Venezuelan socialism concrete form
2/4/05 Venezuela’s Media Minister Andres Izarra replies to the Washington Post
24/3/05 Buying 100,000 AK 47s was not Chavez Frias’ biggest mistake. The mistake was not buying enough!
20/3/05 Continued Sabotage and US State Terrorism
20/3/05 “The Adaptable US Intervention Machine in Venezuela” Eva Gollinger (PDF) 20/3/05
14/3/05 No Sleepy Times Down South By Edward Teague
13/3/05 Prensa Latina: Deciphering the Code of US Lies on Venezuela’s President Chavez Frias
12/3/05 Will Iran, Syria, Libya and Venezuela axe US$ as official currency of OPEC? Fred Cederholm
4/3/05 Carlos Herrera: Endemic price speculation continues prejudicing the poor
4/3/05 Exxon Mobil to welch on royalties to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
3/3/05 Fundamentals in the oil-pricing game by Andrew McKillop
3/3/05 Touching the Revolution!: A Bolivarian Tour of Magnificent, Modern Venezuela!
1/3/05 Venezuela through the eyes of a Chavez adversary is not an accurate assessment
28/02/05 Bandits, psychopaths, liars and baby-killers… by Oscar Heck
25/02/05 United States keeps insisting that we don’t have a true democracy in Venezuela
24/02/05 Military trains students to use rifles; study guerilla tactics in the case of an external threat to Venezuelan national sovereignty
24/02/05 Venezuela’s Media Minister Andres Izarra reconfirms plot to assassinate President Chavez
23/02/05 Let us hope and pray that US corporate greed does not trigger a bloodbath
23/02/05 The final stroke will come this year when Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias switches to the Petro-Euro
21/02/05 Britain’s Venezuela ambassador says prepared to countenance bribery
22/02/05 US media image of “iron fist of Chavez” sits oddly with a country of outspoken people
20/02/05 Suggestions of an assassination should not surprise anybody By Eleazar Diaz Rangel
19/02/05 Touching the Revolution By Les Blough
17/02/05 US Military: Post-Chavez Venezuela 2002 to pour oil on troubled waters
11/02/05 Venezuela should increase Euro, Yen and Yuan sales; reduce US$ exposure
04/02/05 Fox News right at the front line of attack on Venezuelan democracy
02/02/05 Carlos Herrera: Official statistics completely belie Michael Rowan’s intentional fabrication
01/02/05 Thorny issue of national sovereignty affects both Venezuela and Colombia
28/01/05 US President George W. Bush personally connected to terrorist organizations?
27/01/05 Oscar Heck: Why was getting rid of Chavez an important factor for USA?
25/01/05 Raul Bosque: The initial phase of Operation Condoleezza is in full swing
25/01/05 The Granda Kidnapping Explodes The US / Colombia Plot Against Venezuela By JAMES PETRAS
23/01/05 A message to the interventionists and Venezuelan traitors to their homeland
21/01/05 Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias is smarter
than to fall for Colombia old dog ’s trick in Granda brouhaha!
20/01/05 Venezuela and Colombia: the price of boldness by Alfredo Toro Hardy
19/01/05 returns from a brief hiatus with renewed vigor for The Truth
18/01/05 LATIN AMERICA: Cuba and Venezuela strengthen solidarity by Stuart Munckton
14/01/05 Will Washington Tolerate A Chinese-Venezuelan Petro Pact?
05/01/05 A disgusting barrage of half-truths and lies in Venezuela's disinformation war by Carlos Herrera 
04/01/05 On a map it wouldn’t appear that Merida is a 13-hour bus ride from Caracas
02/01/05 Venezuelan asylum seekers soar in five years … to 0.011% of the population!
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