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Friday, August 26, 2005 11:39


COUNTY looks at ‘blended’ voting
Daily Review Online – CA,USA
Alameda County — the first large West Coast county to gamble on Diebold
Election Systems Inc. and its electronic voting machines …


VOTING machines raising concerns
Clarksdale Press Register – Clarksdale,MS,USA
… “I’m sure (he) will make sure all the kinks are worked out and he’ll
be the first to scream bloody murder against Diebold,” Newson said regarding
possible …


DIEBOLD Elections Div. Jolted by Security Concerns (press release) – New Zealand
Washington, DC – Diebold’s Elections Division is in serious trouble. In
this week’ s delayed second quarter earnings report Diebold …


NEW voting machines will fade as issue
Jackson Clarion Ledger – Jackson,MS,USA
… The issue is voting machines, specifically whether boards of supervisors
should accept the Diebold-brand touch-screen machines the state has agreed
to provide …


DIEBOLD hires top Dem for PR blitz
Oakland Tribune – Oakland,CA,USA
With a phone call and a retainer, Diebold CEO Walden O’Dell has launched
former Democratic National Committee chairman Joe Andrew on a 50-state
ambassadorship …

QUESTIONS remain over new voting machines
Picayune Item – Picayune,MS,USA
POPLARVILLE – Despite approval by county supervisors last Wednesday afternoon
to accept the new touch-screen Diebold voting machines, Circuit Clerk
Vickie …

LOBBYING effort not seen here
Marietta Times – Marietta,OH,USA
… week. One Democratic board member though said she was suspicious the
way two Republican members changed their vote to Diebold Inc. …

QUESTIONS raised on voting machine paper backups
Provo Daily Herald – Provo,UT,USA
Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen has expressed concerns over recounts
using the Diebold Election Systems machines’ paper receipts. …

EDITORIAL 08/20: DeSoto takes a stand (subscription) – Memphis,TN,USA
… Finally, there are questions about the security and reliability of
equipment manufactured by Diebold, the state’s vendor of choice. …


BUNGLED Ballots, Yet Again?
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
… the primary outright. Is it a statistical anomaly, much ado about nothing,
Diebold machines gone wild or conspiracy? A number of …

NEWS UPDATE: Lee supervisors reject voting machines
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – Tupelo,MS,USA
… of State Eric Clark. By rejecting the three Diebold machines, Lee County
will seek machines on its own. Board President Charles …


DID Diebold lobbyist try to tempt elections board chair with $$?
The Athens News – Athens,OH,USA
The chair of the Athens County Democratic Party and a lobbyist who once
worked indirectly for Diebold Election Systems are giving two very different
versions …

SUPERVISORS choose to accept touch-screen voting machines
Greenwood Commonwealth – Greenwood,MS,USA
Leflore County will opt for Secretary of State Eric Clark’s offer on Diebold
Election Systems touch-screen voting machines. The …

WILL voting machines make special election suspect?
Hollister Free Lance – Hollister,CA,USA
… Walden O’Dell, the major Cleveland-area Republican fund-raiser who
also chairs America’s biggest electronic voting machine maker, Diebold
Election Systems …


LOBBYIST Working For Diebold Also Works For Against Mayor’s Office …
Brad Blog – USA
… The Tetris Group also has other clients, one of whom just happens to
be Diebold Election Systems, a manufacturer of touch-screen voting machines,
on which The …

ELECTIONS Officials Complain Of Pressure From Company
WCPO – Cincinnati,OH,USA
Democrats and Republicans who sit on the local boards say representatives
of Diebold Incorporated have offered donations to the parties. …

LOBBYIST challenged on voting machines
Salt Lake Tribune – United States
… Turns out, Tetris doubles as a lobbyist for Diebold Election Systems,
whose touch-screen voting machines the firm helped prod the state to buy.


E-VOTING vendors hit with new rule
Oakland Tribune – Oakland,CA,USA
… San Joaquin, Kern and San Diego counties already have purchased Diebold’s
TSX system, spending $40 million on 13,000 machines that have been warehoused
since …

CLARK hustling to ease concerns over voting machines
Picayune Item – Picayune,MS,USA
… 19 to notify the secretary of state’s office of whether they will be
part of state’s purchase of about 5,000 voting machines from Diebold Election
Systems. …


DIEBOLD’S test woes elicit probe of system
Montclarion – Montclair,CA,USA
Alameda County supervisors said they will revisit an agreement with Diebold
Election Systems for a $6 million upgrade of its touch-screen voting system

CALIFORNIA tightens rules for e-voting vendors
San Francisco Chronicle – United States
… The rule change follows McPherson’s rejection last week of an application
by North Canton, Ohio-based Diebold’s e-voting machine. …

VOTING machine maker drops Blackwell suit
Toledo Blade – Toledo,OH,USA
… change courts once it began seeking depositions to delve into decisions
by Mr. Blackwell and those around him pertaining to Texas-based competitor,
Diebold Inc …


DIEBOLD worse than reported
The Argus – Fremont,CA,USA
Diebold’s latest electronic-voting machine, desired by dozens of counties
nationwide, fared worse in the nation’s first mass testing than previously
disclosed …


WATCHDOG Group Challenges Election Results – San Diego,CA,USA
… This was all done to check the reliability of the Diebold tabulating
machine. … Other Diebold products continue to come under fire. …

LEE officials ask for delay on machines
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – Tupelo,MS,USA
TUPELO – Lee County supervisors want until October to decide whether to
get Diebold touch-screen voting machines under Secretary of State Eric
Clark’s no-cost …


UTAH stands by vote machines
Deseret News – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
While California officials have rejected Diebold’s electronic voting machines
as too unreliable, Utah officials say they will stand by their $27 million,1249,600152681,00.html


STATE Rejects Touch-Screen Voting Machines
KXTV – Sacramento,CA,USA
San Joaquin County voters will likely use paper ballots in the November
special election now that the secretary of state has rejected Diebold
AccuVote TSx …

ELECTRONIC vote system slated here is rejected
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
… He notified Ohio-based Diebold Election Systems Inc. … Diebold plans
to fix the problems and reapply for certification, company spokesman David
Bear said. …

NEW state voting machines could be flawed
Wyoming News – WY,USA
The electronic voting machines, made by Diebold, are slated for their first
use in Utah in primary elections next June. Utah election …

WHY War? Targeting Diebold with Electronic Civil Disobedience
A list of counties that use Diebold voting machines is available thanks
to … Diebold has publicly admitted that leaked memos do not meet DMCA
standards …


E-VOTING machines rejected after state tests
San Jose Mercury News – United States
SACRAMENTO – California election officials have rejected an electronic
voting machine by Diebold after tests revealed unacceptable levels of
screen freezes and …

TODAY’S most read story is:
DeSoto Times – Southaven,MS,USA
HERNANDO — At least two other Mississippi counties who opted to not purchase
Diebold voting machines say they are happy with their decision, even though
that …


SUPERVISORS’ lawyer urges voting machine caution
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – Tupelo,MS,USA
… the facts.”. Earlier this month, Clark unveiled the Diebold touch-screen
voting machine used in Utah, Georgia and other states. He …


PROBLEM-FREE day at polls erases memories of past glitches …
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
… The secretary of state later banned San Diego and three other counties
from using touch-screen machines made by Diebold Election Systems. …


$10,000 check not from us, Diebold says
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
Diebold Corp., the Green-based maker of electronic voting machines, is
denying any involvement in a $10,000 check one of its outside consultants
handed to …


OHIO County Election Official Disciplined
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… of Elections, will lose 30 days pay for taking the check – which he
forwarded to the local Republican Party – from a representative of Diebold
Election Systems …,1280,-5153204,00.html

VOTING computers coming, supervisors want more info
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – Tupelo,MS,USA
… The clock is ticking and county supervisors have less than a month
to decide if they are going to go with the Diebold computers or choose
another company for …


MCKINNEY urges inquiry into electronic voting
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – GA,USA
The DeKalb County Democrat criticized the state for investing in a $54
million touch-screen computer format from Diebold Elections Systems and
then forgoing …


PROBE Targets Republican’s Donation To Election Official
Ohio News Network – Columbus,OH,USA
Prosecutors are investigating a donation made to the Franklin County Republican
party by a political consultant who works for voting-machine company Diebold.

SCOOP Audio: RadioLive media pack (Sunday July 17) (press release) – New Zealand
… Suzan Mazur Explores The Mormon/Mason/ Diebold Nexus – Diebold, the
Ohio computer election systems manufacturer, remains under a cloud regarding
irregularities …


PROBE targets Republican’s donation to election official
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… “Well, you’re certainly not going to make it out to me,” Damschroder
said he told Gallina, who represents Diebold Election Systems. …

VOLUSIA’S ongoing touch-screen debate focuses on deadline
Orlando Sentinel – Orlando,FL,USA
… with three other members against a largely grant-funded contract to
spend $776,935 for 210 touch-screens and related equipment from Diebold
Elections Systems. …


DIEBOLD buys manufacturing plant in India
Crain’s Cleveland Business – Cleveland,OH,USA
Diebold Inc. (NYSE: DBD) has purchased … operating officer Eric Evans.
Diebold officials last month said the company plans to cut about 300 jobs.

DON Culpepper Reports On New Electronic Voting Machines
WLOX – Biloxi,MS,USA
… state’s future elections. “The Diebold Company makes more than 95 percent
of the bank ATM machines in Mississippi,” says Clark. “So I …

EFF Supports Disabled Voters in Fight Against Paperless E-Voting
Kansas City infoZine – Kansas City,MO,USA
The NFB suit seeks to force the County to spend approximately $700,000
of state funds on Diebold voting equipment that the County has repeatedly
rejected as …


SUZAN Mazur: Diebold & The Mormon Mason Handshake (press release) – New Zealand
… forerunners of today’s Republicans. The LDS church has made no fanfare
about Diebold CEO Walden O’Dell being a “Saint”. And O’Dell’s …

AFTER long delay, voting machines may be in county’s near future
The Athens News – Athens,OH,USA
… The Board of Elections voted once to choose the Diebold Elections Systems
touch-screen machines and then was told by the Ohio Secretary of State’s
office that …

MISSISSIPPI to Purchase Touch-Screen Voting Machines
Government Technology – Folsom,CA,USA
The State of Mississippi has contracted with Diebold Election Systems to
purchase electronic voting systems for jurisdictions within the state
that currently …

LEE supervisors uncertain about voting machines
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – Tupelo,MS,USA
… District 1 Supervisor Phil Morgan tried the Diebold machines recently
at a public display in Jackson and descrobed it as “really confusing.”.


THE Big Three Become the Big Two
SecureIDNews – Reston,VA,USA
Bret Tobey has worked with several companies in the ID managment, security,
and campus card industries including Diebold Card Systems. …

OPPONENTS square off in vote fight
Orlando Sentinel – Orlando,FL,USA
… The devices’ manufacturer — Diebold Elections Systems — told the
county a contract must be approved by Friday in order to deliver the touch-screens
by July 29 …


UPDATE: Court denies motion for injunction against Diebold
ATM (press release) – Louisville,KY,USA
NORTH CANTON, Ohio — Diebold Inc. … The court emphasized that allowing
Diebold to enforce its patents and copyrights is in the public’s interest.


ACTIVISTS Urge California To Not Use Diebold Voting Machines
Coastal Post – Bolinas,CA,USA
SACRAMENTO-As California rolls toward a train wreck with federal and state
laws, voting activists told state elections officials that Diebold and
its voting …


COMPREHENSIVE Report on Voting Equipment Selection (press release) – New Zealand
In June of 2005 Utah’s Lt. Governor, Gary Herbert, selected Diebold DRE
(digital recording electronic) voting equipment for use in the state of
Utah. …

E-VOTE Guidelines Need Work
Wired News – USA
… that, had they been included in previous versions of voting system
guidelines, would have prevented voting systems made by Diebold Election
Systems from being …,2645,68116,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1


SUMMIT gets new deadline for vote system
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… Blackwell, contending that his May deadlines for selecting and certifying
new systems was arbitrary and eliminated all vendors except Green-based
Diebold Inc. …

CRITICAL Security Issues In Diebold Optical Scan (press release) – New Zealand
EXCERPTS FROM THE REPORT: Incorporated into the foundation of the Diebold
Precinct-Based Optical Scan 1.94w system is the mother of security holes,
and no …


MS: Diebold to provide new voting technology
Political State Report – USA
Secretary of State Eric Clark recently announced that the state was entering
into a $15 million-dollar contract with Diebold Election Systems, Inc.,
for 5,164 …

TOUCH-SCREEN voting hasn’t been ‘sold’ to officials
Jackson Clarion Ledger – Jackson,MS,USA
… unfortunate. Among those not sharing Clark’s enthusiasm for Diebold
Election Systems Inc. include some circuit clerks, US Rep. Bennie …


TOUCH-SCREEN voting machines roll in
Youngstown Vindicator – Youngstown,OH,USA
… He’s referring to the 766 Diebold AccuVote-TSX System with printer
units that the Trumbull County Board of Elections took delivery of last
week. …

VOTING machine plan criticized
Jackson Clarion Ledger – Jackson,MS,USA
… That leaves 76 counties needing to replace outdated equipment. Clark
announced earlier this week that Diebold Election Systems Inc. …

IS Diebold’s PIN Invalid?
Motley Fool – USA
By Stephen D. Simpson, CFA. What the heck is going on at Diebold (NYSE:
DBD) these days? For yet another quarter, this maker of ATMs …

THOMPSON raises concerns about purchase of new voting machines – Biloxi,MS,USA
… earlier this week that he and the director of the state Department
of Information Technology Services signed a contract this week with Diebold
Election Systems …

IS Diebold’s PIN Invalid?
Motley Fool – USA
By Stephen D. Simpson, CFA. What the heck is going on at Diebold (NYSE:
DBD) these days? For yet another quarter, this maker of ATMs …

THOMPSON raises concerns about purchase of new voting machines – Biloxi,MS,USA
… earlier this week that he and the director of the state Department
of Information Technology Services signed a contract this week with Diebold
Election Systems …


DIEBOLD reduces outlook, cuts jobs
Miami Herald - FL,USA
NORTH CANTON, Ohio - Diebold Inc., one of the nation's largest makers of
automatic teller machines, slashed its profit outlook for the second quarter
and the ...


SUPERVISORS vote 3 to 1 to remain with Diebold
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
… confidence. The board voted 3-1 to exchange its 4,000 Diebold electronic
voting machines for newer models from the same manufacturer. …

TODAY’S most read story is:
DeSoto Times – Southaven,MS,USA
Diebold Election Systems, which has provided voting machines for Georgia,
Maryland, Alaska and Utah, was awarded a $15 million contract for 5,164
new machines. …

MISSISSIPPI signs contract for new voting machines – Biloxi,MS,USA
… said Wednesday that he and the director of the state Department of
Information Technology Services signed a contract this week with Diebold
Election Systems Inc …


DIEBOLD revisited
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… But Diebold Elections Systems, Inc., which wants to sell the county
$800,000 worth of touch-screen machines for voters who are disabled, says
that a paper …


DIEBOLD out of California
Enterprise-Record – Chico,CA,USA
… Diebold electronic voting machines pose a real threat to that principle
and should be banned for the following reasons: … All used Diebold electronic
machines. …,1413,135~27922~2941990,00.html

DIEBOLD touch screens don’t meet disability requirements
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
By SUSAN PYNCHON. The Diebold voting machines being proposed for Volusia
County don’t meet the requirements of the Help America Vote Act. …


DIEBOLD – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Diebold Election Systems, a subsidiary of Diebold, surrounded by … Together,

ES&S and Diebold Election Systems are (as of 2004) responsible for tallying


STAND firm
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
The machines in question, made by Diebold Election Systems Inc., do not
currently have the capacity to provide that verification — as required
under the 2002 …


FLAGLER votes for touch-screens
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… be recounted. The County Commission voted 4-1 to buy 43 touch-screen
machines from Diebold Election Systems for $174,000. The county …


CALL rises to ‘dump Diebold’
Oakland Tribune – Oakland,CA,USA
SACRAMENTO — As California rolls toward a train wreck with federal and
state laws, voting activists told state elections officials that Diebold
and its …


ACTIVISTS rip Diebold voting units
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
By Bill Ainsworth. SACRAMENTO — Scores of activists urged a state advisory
panel yesterday to reject a bid by Diebold Elections Systems Inc. …


STATE set to give Diebold the OK
Tri-Valley Herald – Pleasanton,CA,USA
In less than a week, state officials are poised to approve a new Diebold
electronic-voting system that several large counties, including Alameda,
want to use. …

STOCKS in Motion: Diebold – USA
Shares of Diebold (DBD:NYSE – commentary – research) traded lower after
the company announced that it will realign manufacturing operations in
North America …

STATE checks voting-machine firms’ backgrounds
2TheAdvocate – Baton Rouge,LA,USA
… said. In the competition are Accupoll, Advanced Voting Systems, Diebold,
Sequoia Voting Systems and Election Systems and Software. …

DIEBOLD closing Danville plant
WAVY-TV – Portsmouth,VA,USA
… Diebold has been downsizing its operations for some time and workers
had heard rumors that the company would cease production in Danville.


COUNCIL wise to reject Diebold bid, look for options
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… fair hearings, the Volusia County Council voted 4-3 on Monday to reject
a contract for nearly $800,000 to buy the voting machines from Diebold
Election Systems …

DIEBOLD calls for investigation of Leon County voting machines – Tallahassee,FL,USA
… Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho of “gross negligence” for
allowing an outsider to test the county’s voting equipment, Diebold Election
Systems Inc. …

ELECTIONS board member peeved about missed vote
The Athens News – Athens,OH,USA
… on the machines, it was apparent that Republicans Stevens and Richard
Mottl favored the electronic touch-screen voting machines from Diebold
Election Systems …


JUDGE to decide whether to extend deadlines
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… machines. Currently, only a touch-screen machine made by Diebold Election
Systems has met federal and state certification requirements. …

UTAH decides on voting machines
New Utah – American Fork,UT,USA
Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert announced Tuesday he’d chosen direct recording electronic
voting equipment — ATM-like machines — made by Diebold to replace the
state’s …

UTAH voting is set to turn high-tech
Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
… Gary Herbert announced Tuesday that the state has awarded a contract
worth about $27 million to Ohio-based Diebold Election Systems, which
also runs statewide …

PUBLIC ADDRESS 01/06/05 – D’oh! (press release) – New Zealand
… See… Bonus Joules: EECA In A Vacuum. Diebold Vote Scanners – Designed
To Fool? … See… Diebold Optical Scan Voting System Hacked (3 Ways).


DIEBOLD Optical Scan Voting System Hacked (3 Ways (press release) – New Zealand
Diebold’s opti-scan (paper ballot) voting system uses a curious memory
card design, offering penetration by a lone programmer such that standard
canvassing …


COUNTIES in lawsuit now at 32
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… Kenneth Blackwell’s office have been in negotiations since the company
filed the lawsuit May 2. It asserts that the process by which Diebold
Election Systems …


COUNTIES Added To Voter Machine Lawsuit
Ohio News Network – Columbus,OH,USA
… Forty-two counties so far have chosen Diebold Election System’s electronic
touch screen systems, equipped with a state-required paper record so voters
can …


TOUCH-SCREEN vote foes plan rally
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… courthouse at 3:30 pm to protest Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall’s
purchase of 210 touch screen voting machines made by Texas-based Diebold
Election Systems …


WILL the election be hacked?
Salon – USA
… voting machines. What she found alarmed her. The machines were state-of-the-art
products from an Ohio company called Diebold. But the …


COUNTIES join lawsuit seeking delay of voting machine …
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… certified. Only one vendor, Diebold Election Systems of North Canton,
has been certified to offer touch screens with a paper record. …


STATE board approves Diebold
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
COLUMBUS, Ohio – A state board on Tuesday approved Diebold Election Systems’
touch-screen voting machines for use in Ohio. The state …


DIEBOLD machine held up by state regulators
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Less than a week before a certification deadline imposed
by the secretary of state, Diebold’s new touch-screen voting machine still
has not …


GET voting machines that work best for Utah
New Utah – American Fork,UT,USA
… But, a number of lobbyists have been pushing the state to use electronic,
touch screen voting machines made by ATM giant Diebold. …


COMMENTARY:INSTANT Runoff Voting Held Up by Diebold By LAURENCE …
Berkeley Daily Planet – Berkeley,CA,USA
Is the Diebold Corporation, famous for hackable, paperless voting machines,
trying to strangle election reform in Berkeley? Or are …


MAKER of voting machines sues state
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… Kenneth Blackwell from enforcing a directive that allows county boards
of elections to buy touch-screen electronic machines made by Diebold Election
Systems or …


SYSTEM ain’t broke – why must we fix it? – Willoughby,OH,USA
… compliance with state law. He has, for whatever reason, approved the
use of Diebold voting machines statewide. What this means is …


VOTER verification critical for touch-screen machines
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… hacked. In Maryland, officials commissioned a computer-security expert
to rig a fake election using the state’s Diebold machines. …


VOTER verification critical for touch-screen machines
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… hacked. In Maryland, officials commissioned a computer-security expert
to rig a fake election using the state’s Diebold machines. …


INSTANT-RUNOFF voting urged for Alameda County
Tri-Valley Herald – Pleasanton,CA,USA
… But on Tuesday they saved the sharpest ridicule for the countys voting
vendor, Diebold Election Systems Inc. In 2002, Diebold promised …


DIEBOLD’S touch-screen system OK’d
Akron Beacon Journal – Akron,OH,USA
… The catalyst was a deal with Diebold Inc. … Mark Radke, director
of marketing for Diebold Election Systems, declined to comment on potential
revenue. …


OHIO’S Not-so-Odd Numbers
Red State – USA
… into it from 2000— this happened in several places throughout Ohio
where precincts had been combined with the expectation that new Diebold
machines would be …


VOLUSIA will get paperless voting – Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
… went against the wishes of scores of paperless-voting foes and authorized
Election Supervisor Ann McFall to negotiate a contract with Diebold Election
Systems …

PAPER Makes a Comeback as Electronic Elections Spur Opposition
Bloomberg – USA
Even Ohio, home to Diebold Inc., the world’s leading maker of paperless
machines, plans to spend $106 million in federal funds exclusively on
optical-scan …


VOLUSIA will get paperless voting – Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
… went against the wishes of scores of paperless-voting foes and authorized
Election Supervisor Ann McFall to negotiate a contract with Diebold Election
Systems …

PAPER Makes a Comeback as Electronic Elections Spur Opposition
Bloomberg – USA
Even Ohio, home to Diebold Inc., the world’s leading maker of paperless
machines, plans to spend $106 million in federal funds exclusively on
optical-scan …


BLACKBOX Voting Investigation Update
Guerrilla News Network – USA
How do I say I don’t trust Diebold, or whoever their funding is coming
from in 200 words or more? … Why doesn’t Diebold identify this man for
the public? …

Republic – Vancouver,Canada
… Two companies with extensive ties to the Republican party, Diebold
and ES+S, together electronically counted 80% of the November 2004 votes.


ELECTION Committee to Decide on New Voting Machines
KSL-TV – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
… starting tomorrow. One of those vendors demonstrated its equipment,
today. Diebold , says … their touch- screen method, is the most advanced.

DIEBOLD to tally local votes
The Athens News – Athens,OH,USA
Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has chosen Canton-based Diebold,
Inc., to provide Athens County its optical-scan voting system after the
Athens …


FOCUS – Ohio’s Blackwell Ridicules Election Fraud “Conspiracy”


REPORT: Some Md. vote machines problematic
San Jose Mercury News – USA
… Few problems were reported with the state’s machines on Election Day.
Montgomery used 2,597 units made by Ohio-based Diebold Inc. …

TERESA Heinz Kerry – Hacking the “Mother Machine”?
Common Dreams – USA
… machine expert (and founder of Lynn Landes
in an article for the Online Journal, Bob Urosevich, president of Diebold
Election Systems …

VOTING machine purchase presents dilemma
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona,FL,USA
… certification would take. Another system has been certified, though
— a touchscreen system made by Diebold Election Systems. But that …

BOARD of Elections still waiting for decision on new voting …
The Athens News – Athens,OH,USA
… said every county in Ohio has to switch to the optical-scan machines,
and that each county can pick either machines offered by Diebold Election
Systems or …


EMERGING Scandal on MD Voting Machine Performance (press release) – New Zealand
… Elections convinced the media that Election Day went smoothly, when
in fact there were serious statewide, systemic problems with the Diebold
electronic voting …


VOTING maching firm files protest
KATC – Lafayette,LA,USA
Diebold Election System Incorporated filed a formal challenge this week
over the decision to disqualify it from submitting bids or proposals for
the five …


SCOOP: Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud
… More. Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud. … The Diebold
Memos’ Smoking Gun Volusia County Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud.


Chaos in Ohio: Blackwell Says GOP Chair Is in Diebold’s “Hip …
Nashua Advocate – USA
… Bennett is prepared to enter the state’s largest county into a contract with controversial voting equipment manufacturer Diebold for 6,000 voting machines (yes …


Prototype printer fails to satisfy e-voting activists
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
The prototype that Diebold Inc. is now touting is exactly what some critics of the ATM-like machines have been demanding for several years. …

Diebold recount procedures figure in election contest
San Diego Daily Transcript – San Diego,CA,USA
By CATHERINE MACRAE HOCKMUTH. Attorneys on both sides of the mayoral election trial on Tuesday argued over the significance of an …,12767,1403546,00.html
Political machinations
Guardian – UK
… Electronic voting machines made by the Diebold company use the Gems (Global Election Management Systems) software, which was used to count over a third of the …

Election activist claims victory
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
… of poppycock,” as she puts it: The attorney general of California recently took up a whistle-blower claim filed by Harris against Diebold Election Systems and …

Ohio shift hurts Diebold
Akron Beacon Journal (subscription) – Akron,OH,USA
By Erika D. Smith. Ohio’s decision to ditch touch-screen voting machines will take Diebold Inc. back to the drawing board on its earnings forecast.
Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines
Kansas City infoZine – Kansas City,MO,USA
proposition referendum will come under court examination in a case that highlights major problems with conducting a recount using Diebold electronic voting
Board wants out of vote machine contract
The Athens News – Athens,OH,USA
In January 2004, the Athens County Board of Elections voted 3-1 to purchase electronic voting machines from Diebold Election Systems, and at one time local

Ohio’s non-recount ends amidst evidence of fraud, theft and
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
These later totals came from counts done by hand, as opposed to counts done by computer tabulators, many of which came from Diebold.

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