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Syria | Lebanon Newslinks 23 August 2006
Thursday, August 24, 2006 9:50 AM
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23 August 2006

UN likely to cut request for Lebanon emergency aid
Reuters – USA
BEIRUT, Aug 23 (Reuters) – UN agencies will probably reduce their $150
million appeal for emergency aid to Lebanon now that almost all the 900,000
people …

Reports: Israeli soldier killed in Lebanon
Houston Chronicle – United States
BEIRUT, Lebanon — An Israeli soldier was killed and three others wounded
in southern Lebanon on Wednesday when their tank drove over a land mine,
Arab media …

Germany calls for EU unity on Lebanon peace force
Reuters – USA
ROME, Aug 23 (Reuters) – Germany wants a show of unity from the European
Union over a UN force for Lebanon to help secure “lasting peace”, German
Defence …

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – Italy
… Minister of the Environment and the President of the Green Party Alfonso
Pecoraro Scanio, who judges “the doubts on the peace mission in Lebanon
expressed by …

IDF soldier killed in Lebanon
Ynetnews – Israel
Several troops hurt after IDF forces walk into minefield in southern Lebanon;
company commander seriously wounded in incident. Troops …,7340,L-3294794,00.html

UN renew attempt to raise troops for Lebanon
Irish Examiner – Cork,Ireland
European Union nations will today make a renewed attempt to raise troops
for a UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, but many remain wary of committing
soldiers …

Lebanon wants US to help lift Israel blockade
Reuters – USA
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon urged the United States on Wednesday to make
Israel remove a sea and air blockade it imposed at the start of its 34-day
war with …

Italy presses EU for Lebanon troops
TVNZ – New Zealand
Italy will press fellow EU states on Wednesday to back up its pledge of
troops by sending their soldiers to join a UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

Peretz retracts: Conditions not ripe for talks with Syria
Israel Today – Jerusalem,Israel
… Amir Peretz said yesterday in a meeting with UN envoy Terje Larsen
that at the moment, the conditions are not yet ripe to renew talks with
Syria, but he does …

Syria committed ‘massacres’ in Lebanon
Middle East Times – Cairo,Egypt
CAIRO — Egypt state media Wednesday accused Syria of committing “massacres”
in Lebanon, lashing out at Damascus in response to President Bashar Al
Assad’s …

Syria Backs Turkish Troops in Lebanon
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
Syria, along with Israel and Palestine, expressed its support to Turkey’s
likely contribution to a peace force proposed to be deployed to southern
Lebanon. …

Syria bars UN patrols on Lebanon border
International Herald Tribune – France
The deployment of international troops along the Lebanon-Syria border would
be unacceptable, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria was quoted as saying
Wednesday. …

Basketbal: Lebanon upsets France at world championships
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
SENDAI, Japan (AP): Joseph Vogel’s free throw with 23 seconds left Wednesday
lifted Lebanon to a stunning 74-73 win over France at the basketball world

Putin Says Russia Considering Sending Troops to Lebanon
MOSNEWS – Russia
Russia is considering sending troops to the United Nations peacekeeping
force in southern Lebanon to enforce the Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire,
President …

Violence tests Israel-Lebanon ceasefire
China Daily – China
BEIRUT, Lebanon – The shaky cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah was
tested Wednesday as the Israeli army fired artillery into a disputed border
region in …

EU facing test over Lebanon force
BBC News – UK
… is struggling to find the necessary unity of purpose as the UN looks
to it to provide the backbone of the new international force to police
southern Lebanon. …

Israel says soldier killed by mine in Lebanon
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
JERUSALEM, Aug 23 (Reuters) – An Israeli soldier was killed and three others
wounded when they trod on landmines in southern Lebanon, the army said
on Wednesday …

LEBANON: Interview with David Shearer, UN Humanitarian Coordinator
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
However, the local and international aid community operating in Lebanon
continues to face major challenges, according to the United Nations. …

Syria: Israel should admit defeat
United Press International – USA
23 (UPI) — Syria has called on Israel to acknowledge defeat against Hezbollah
and seek a just peace settlement with Arabs based on trading land for
peace. …

Syria deems international force on its border a ‘hostile act’
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
SYRIA has rejected Israeli demands for the deployment of international
troops on the Syrian-Lebanese border in a further setback to UN efforts
to end Israel’s …

Iran And Syria Exploit Lebanese
Voice of America – USA
Hezbollah’s main sponsors, the governments of Iran and Syria, celebrated
the tragic conflict, which Hezbollah started by killing and kidnapping
Israeli …

Italy urges EU to join Lebanon UN force
Washington Post – United States
… Italy pressed fellow European Union states on Wednesday to support
its pledge of troops by sending soldiers to join a UN peacekeeping force
in Lebanon. …

Syria threatens to close Lebanon border
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
HELSINKI, Finland — Syria has threatened to close its border with Lebanon
if UN peacekeepers are deployed along the frontier, Finland’s foreign
minister said …

Syria threatens to close border with Lebanon
Reuters – USA
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syria said on Wednesday it would close its border with
Lebanon if the United Nations stationed troops along it as part of a mission
to …

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – Italy
(AGI) – Rome, Aug. 23 – “The Italian troops should not be sent to Lebanon
completely unprepared in a powder keg of long-lasting hates. …

Israel urges rapid Lebanon force
BBC News – UK
Israel’s foreign minister has urged rapid action on building an expanded
UN peace force in Lebanon, warning of an “explosive” situation on the
ground. …

Violence Disrupts Lebanon Ceasefire
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
One Israeli soldier was killed and three others wounded Wednesday, when
their tank drove over a land mine in southern Lebanon. In …

LEBANON: 3,000 displaced remain as rebuilding starts
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… Out of the almost one million people forced to flee their homes, it
is estimated that about 3,000 remain in centres for the displaced across
Lebanon. …

INTERVIEW-Lebanon sees investment boom if truce holds
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BEIRUT, Aug 23 (Reuters) – Foreign investment in Lebanon should jump dramatically
in 2006 and 2007 over last year if a truce that halted a devastating war

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – Italy
23 – Massimo Donadi (Idv) has said: “Italy is ready to take the command
(of the UN mission in Lebanon) with a clear mandate and rules of engagement”.

Livni in France: Objective – free, democratic Lebanon
Ynetnews – Israel
Meetings Wednesday and Thursday with French, Italian and Belgian foreign
ministers to advance establishment of multinational force in Lebanon,
secure release …,7340,L-3294959,00.html

Lebanon upsets France at basketball world championships – USA
SENDAI, Japan (AP) -Playing without their coach, Lebanon’s players pulled
off an upset Wednesday, defeating France 74-73 at the basketball world
championships. …

Syria Warns Against Deployment of Troops
ABC News – USA
… BEIRUT, Lebanon Aug 23, 2006 (AP)— Israel’s foreign minister said
Wednesday the situation in Lebanon was “explosive” while Syria’s president
says the …

Syria threatens to close border with Lebanon
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
Beirut – Syria said on Wednesday it would close its border with Lebanon
if the United Nations stationed troops along it as part of its mission
to enforce a UN …

Egypt’s State-Owned Press Attacks Syria
All Headline News – USA
Beirut, Lebanon (AHN) – An Egyptian state-owned newspaper on Wednesday
said Syrian President Bashar Assad committed “massacres” in Lebanon. …

Syria warns against international troops
Penn Live – Harrisburg,PA,USA
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — Syria’s president has said in TV interview that
he would consider the deployment of international troops along the Lebanon-Syria

Annan may visit Syria and Iran on Mideast trip
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
UNITED NATIONS, Aug 23 (Reuters) – UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan plans
to go to Lebanon and Israel shortly and probably visit Syria and Iran
also, the United …

Syria threatens to close border with Lebanon
WHOI – Peoria,IL,USA
HELSINKI, FINLAND (AP) — In a new challenge to the Mideast cease-fire,
Syria reportedly is threatening to close its border with Lebanon if UN
peacekeepers are …

Lebanon’s Month-Old Oil Slick Sinks
Washington Post – United States
BEIRUT, Lebanon — An oil slick caused by Israeli bombing has begun sinking
to the floor of the Mediterranean, blanketing marine life with sludge,
according to …

A month of living dangerously in south Lebanon
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA
… BEIRUT, LEBANON – “I need the biggest car you have left – I’ll need
it for two days, three days at most,” I told the rental agency. …

Blockade of Lebanon to continue
International Herald Tribune – France
JERUSALEM Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday that Israel would lift
its air and sea blockade of Lebanon once an international peacekeeping
force was …

Lebanon wants Dutch naval ships for UN mission
Xinhua – China
22 (Xinhua) — Lebanon has asked the Netherlands to contribute to the UN
peacekeeping mission in the south of the country, by providing vessels
to police its …

Lebanon’s Army Returns to Hezbollah’s Turf
All Things Considered, August 22, 2006 In Lebanon, troops from the country’s
army are taking up positions in towns and villages they haven’t seen in
decades …

Chinese FM, UN chief exchange views on Lebanon, Iran
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
… Li Zhaoxing on Tuesday exchanged views with UN Secretary-General Kofi
Annan on the phone regarding the implementation of a UN resolution on
Lebanon and the …

UN warns of lengthy ‘security vacuum’ in Lebanon
Scotsman – United Kingdom
IT COULD take up to three months to fill the post-war “security vacuum”
in southern Lebanon, the United Nations admitted yesterday. …

Lebanon truce ‘fragile’, warns UN
BBC News – UK
The security situation in Lebanon is likely to remain “fragile” for the
next two or three months, a senior UN envoy has warned. …

Lebanon facing ‘security vacuum’
Guardian Unlimited – UK
A senior UN envoy warned yesterday that it could take up to three months
to deploy an international force in southern Lebanon and that the ceasefire
between …,,1856120,00.html

Italy to press wary EU states for Lebanon troops
Reuters – USA
… Reuters) – Italy will press fellow EU states on Wednesday to back up
its pledge of troops and send their own soldiers to join a UN peacekeeping
force in Lebanon …

Turkish FM says Syria will welcome Turkey’s participation in UN …
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said on Tuesday that Syria
would welcome Turkey’s participation in a UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon
if Ankara …

Syria will not stand for international troops deployed on the …
DEBKA file – Jerusalem,Israel
… air blockades over Lebanon as soon as international troops were in
place to police the borders and stop the smuggling of arms to Hizballah
from Syria and Iran. …

Syria, Iran Must Stop Arming Hezbollah, US Says
Washington File – Washington,DC,USA
United Nations — Deeply concerned about the fragile peace in Lebanon,
the United States has called on Syria and Iran to cut Hezbollah’s weapons
supply. …


Israeli Flights Over Lebanon Violate Terms of Truce, UN Says
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… BEIRUT — Ongoing flights by Israeli warplanes over Lebanon drew rebukes
Tuesday from international and local officials who said the sorties violated
this …

Israelis angry about handling of Lebanon war
Taipei Times – Taiwan
… The Israeli army, which is waiting for the UN force to arrive before
fully withdrawing from southern Lebanon, said its soldiers shot two Hezbollah
guerrillas …

US calls for rapid Lebanon deployment
Taipei Times – Taiwan
The US called for the quick deployment of an expanded UN peacekeeping force
in southern Lebanon and said a new UN resolution may be needed later to
focus on …

Expert: Lebanon needs $1B in south
CNN International – USA
(CNN) — Lebanon’s government needs a cash infusion of at least $1 billion
to rebuild its shattered south if it is to meet Hezbollah’s challenge
for authority …

Whose war crimes in Lebanon?
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Now that a fragile cease-fire is in place in Lebanon, Israeli and Lebanese
civilians are returning to their homes and some of the fog of war is lifting.

UN works to clear Lebanon mines
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI) — A UN team in Lebanon has destroyed 445 pieces
of unexploded military ordnance in the southern part of the country. …

UN in urgent call to fill Lebanon’s ‘dangerous security vacuum’ – Bray,Ireland
THE senior United Nations envoy to the Middle East pointed yesterday to
a dangerous “security vacuum” in southern Lebanon that could last for
two to three …

Israel destroyed Lebanon’s infrastructure: Amnesty
Hindu – Chennai,India
… AP): Amnesty International today accused Israel of war crimes, saying
it broke international law by deliberately destroying Lebanon’s civilian
infrastructure …

Syria Dismisses Direct Talks With Israel
New York Sun – New York,NY,USA
UNITED NATIONS — Israel does not currently have the “upper hand,” Syria’s
ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, said yesterday, dismissing

Syria rejects calls for international force on its border with …
Al-Bawaba – Amman,Jordan
… “Hizbullah’s victory was enough to teach Israel a lesson, that the
isolation of Syria has failed and that anyone who tries to isolate Syria
isolates himself …

UN force will police Lebanon arms embargo: France
Reuters – USA
PARIS (Reuters) – One of the main tasks facing a UN force in Lebanon will
be to ensure that no arms are smuggled across the borders to Hizbollah,
French …

Lebanon force can defend itself
News24 – South Africa
Paris – UN peacekeepers in Lebanon will likely have the right to open fire
to defend themselves and to protect civilians, but will be barred from
actively …,,2-10-2075_1986884,00.html

EU talks on Lebanon due tomorrow – Ireland
EU foreign ministers are to hold an emergency meeting in Brussels on Friday
to discuss concerns over the fragile state of the ceasefire in southern
Lebanon. …

EU ministers to meet Annan at emergency talks on Lebanon – Brussels,Belgium
EU foreign ministers will hold emergency talks on Lebanon on Friday (25
August) with UN secretary general Kofi Annan also attending the meeting
just before he …

Navy force to Lebanon endorsed
Kathimerini – Athens,Greece
Greece will contribute naval forces to the United Nations-backed peacekeeping
effort in Lebanon but will not send ground forces to the war-torn country,
the …

Lebanon peacekeeping force hard to create
Houston Chronicle – United States
WASHINGTON — There is a reason the creation of a UN peacekeeping force
for Lebanon has been difficult: In the more than 60 UN peacekeeping missions
over the …

Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanon Blast
Forbes – USA
An Israeli soldier was killed and three others wounded in southern Lebanon
on Wednesday when their tank drove over a land mine, Lebanese officials
said. …

Time to engage Syria
Ynetnews – Israel
Israel has little to lose from initiating a dialogue with Syria. The timing
may seem odd, yet it is precisely at this juncture that …,7340,L-3294268,00.html

Max Boot: Israel Should Hit Syria First
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… anything more than a temporary halt in the fight between Israel and
the Quartet of Evil seeking to dominate the Middle East — Iran, Syria,
Hamas and Hezbollah …

FM Gul’s visit to Syria
Hürriyet – Turkey
Turkish FM & Deputy PM Abdullah Gul urged Syrian administration to fully
implement UN resolution no:1701 and support transformation process in
Lebanon, sources …

Olmert No To Syria Talks Now
Totally Jewish – London,UK
Prime minister Ehud Olmert this week dismissed the notion that peace talks
with Syria over handing back the Golan Heights could be possible in the
near future. …



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