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Syria | Lebanon Newslinks 23 July 2006
Tuesday, July 25, 2006 12:45 PM
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Date: 23 July 2006

Syria ‘would resist Lebanon invasion’
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
… “What will we do? Stand by with our arms folded? Absolutely not. Without
any doubt Syria will intervene in the conflict.”. Mr Bilal …,20867,19885398-1702,00.html

NY Times: US Sees Syria as Key in Hizbullah War
Arutz Sheva – Israel
( American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will ask Arab
countries to try to convince Syria to distant itself from Iran, according
to The New …

BOMBS CRASH THE PARTY: Tourists’ exodus deprives Lebanon
Detroit Free Press – United States
… A small country with no natural resources, Lebanon relies on tourism
for about 12% of its national income. … “There is a mass exodus from
Lebanon,” Sarkis said.

Israel strikes Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon
Hindustan Times – India
… were wounded in the air strike, which targeted Sidon for the first
time since Israel launched its massive military offensive against Lebanon
and Hezbollah …,00050004.htm

Israel and Lebanon under fire – UK
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israel unleashed more air strikes on Lebanon and Hizbollah
fired rockets at Haifa on Sunday as a senior UN official demanded a halt
to the …

Thousands flee southern Lebanon as Israeli forces mass at border – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
JERUSALEM — A stream of cars navigated heavily bombed roads Saturday to
escape southern Lebanon as Israel repeated a warning to villagers there
to clear out …

UK and Israel in talks on Lebanon
BBC News – UK
Foreign Office minister Kim Howells is set to meet Israeli officials a
day after criticising the country’s military tactics in Lebanon. …

Lebanon: IDF hits 2 rocket launchers in Tyre
Ynetnews – Israel
Israel Air Force air strikes Sunday afternoon took out two rocket launchers
in Tyre, in southern Lebanon, and two vehicles used by Hizbullah operatives.,7340,L-3280083,00.html

ANALYSIS-Reluctant Bush may need Syria to end Lebanon war
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… US President George W. Bush may have to set aside his hostility to
Syria if he wants its help in ending the war between Israel and Hizbollah
in Lebanon. …

Dangerous moves and Lebanon’s fate
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
Beyond the drama and the carnage of the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah,
one fact is clear: Lebanon has become the focal point of conflicts that
extend …

Over 200 Filipino evacuees arriving home from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
The first batch of 229 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and three infants
evacuated from war-torn Lebanon got home safely in Manila and were welcomed
by …

Bush blames Iran and Syria for the Lebanon conflict
Dominican Today – Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic
WASHINGTON.- George W. Bush fustigated Syria for sponsoring the Hezbollah
military service and Iran for its “nuclear ambitions”. …

Syria wants talks with US over Lebanon crisis – UK
DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Syria is willing to engage in dialogue with the United
States to solve the confrontation between Hizbollah and Israel, Deputy
Foreign …

US trying to split Syria from Iran
International Herald Tribune – France
WASHINGTON As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice traveled to Israel on
Sunday, Bush administration officials said they recognized that Syria
was central to …

Israel and Hezbollah trade fire as Syria issues warning
China Daily – China
As a host of top European diplomats descended on the region, Syria fueled
fears the fighting could spread, issuing a stark warning that it would
intervene if …

Syria will join conflict if Israeli troops approach
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
MADRID (Reuters) – Syria will enter the Israeli-Hizbollah conflict if Israeli
ground troops enter Lebanon and approach Syria, Syrian Information Minister

Syria ready for dialogue with US to solve Middle East crisis – Bray,Ireland
Syria has said today it is ready for dialogue with the United States to
solve the confrontation between Hizbollah and Israel. The …

Syria Official: ‘We Are Ready to Help Solve Crisis’
Arutz Sheva – Israel
( Faisal Mekdad, Deputy Foreign Minister for Syria, said Sunday
his country is prepared to talk with the United States to try to bring
an end to …

Israel and Lebanon under fire
Mail & Guardian Online – Johannesburg,South Africa
Israel unleashed more air strikes on Lebanon and Hezbollah fired rockets
at Haifa on Sunday as a senior United Nations official demanded a halt
to the violence …

Qatar trying mediate end to Lebanon war: sources
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… “The Qataris are mediating between Israel and Hezbollah to end the
current crisis in Lebanon,” one senior political source told Reuters.

Lebanese journalist killed in strike in s. Lebanon
Jerusalem Post – Israel
… security officials reported that a photographer working for a Lebanese
magazine was killed Sunday when an IAF strike hit near her taxi in southern
Lebanon. …

Some 500 Brazilians to leave Lebanon by Monday
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Brazil’s government on Saturday said it will help nearly 500 of its citizens
flee escalating violence in Lebanon in the next two days. …

Israeli Army yet to decide on Lebanon invasion
Daily News & Analysis – Mumbai,India
… Israeli military chief Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz has yet to decide
on whether forces need to launch a major ground invasion of Lebanon to
cripple Hezbollah …

US open to NATO-led force in Lebanon: Bolton
Washington Post – United States
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is open to a NATO-led force keeping
the peace on Lebanon’s southern border with Israel, although using US
forces has …

US won’t Send Troops to Lebanon
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
By Anka, Washington. The United States announced it would not be able to
send forces to Lebanon. Currently, plans are being made …

Lebanon evacuees pour into Cyprus
Washington Post – United States
LARNACA, Cyprus (Reuters) – Thousands of people fleeing Israeli bombing
in Lebanon kept pouring into Cyprus on Sunday as the United Nations appealed
for urgent …

Syria ‘working for a ceasefire’
Ireland Online – Dublin,Ireland
Syria, one of Hezbollah’s main backers, said in remarks published today
that it will press for a ceasefire to end the fighting between Israel
and the Islamic …

Syria, Hizballah Decide They Want to Talk
Jawa Report – Arlen,TX,USA
Hizballah sponsor Syria wants to talk: DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Syria is willing
to engage in dialogue with the United States to solve the confrontation
between …

Bush hoping Syria will cut ties with Hizbollah – Bray,Ireland
Reports from Washington suggest President George Bush is hoping to get
key Arab countries to convince Syria to cut its ties with Hizbollah. …

Syria seen as linchpin in Lebanon
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
When President Bush, via an unexpectedly open microphone, suggested that
the key to ending the current Middle East war was to “get Syria to get
Hezbollah to …

IDF: Syria Continues to Arm Hezbollah; Worries About Wider …
Arutz Sheva – Israel
Amos Yadlin said at a cabinet meeting today that Syria was continuing to
ship armaments to the Hezbollah, including 220 millimeter rockets. …

US pushes Syria for peace
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
THE US will ease its boycott of Syria if the country abandons its alliance
with Iran and Hezbollah and helps force a ceasefire in southern Lebanon,
under a …,20867,19888072-601,00.html

Syria holds the key
Globes – Rishon Le-Zion,Israel
If Israel wants to uproot Hizbullah, the price will be returning the Golan
Heights to Syria. After 12 days of indecisive combat, and …

US: We won’t hold direct talks with Syria
Ynetnews – Israel
United States rejects Syrian offer for talks: In response to remarks to
Reuters by Syrian Deputy Faisal al-Meqdad that Syria is ready to hold
talks with the …,7340,L-3280255,00.html

292 Pinoy workers from Lebanon arrive home
Sun.Star – Philippines
MANILA — Amid the downpour brought on by typhoon “Glenda” Sunday, 229
Filipinos who escaped from the brewing crisis in southern Lebanon finally
arrived in the …

Israel’s Olmert says Lebanon crisis will last a long time
Life Style Extra – UK
JERUSALEM (AFX) – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a cabinet meeting
the current Lebanon crisis would last a long time. ‘The …

UN observer seriously wounded by Hizbullah gunfire in Lebanon
Jerusalem Post – Israel
A United Nations observer was seriously wounded Sunday in the crossfire
during fighting between Hizbullah and Israeli troops in south Lebanon,
and flown to an …

2 key Americans see 1982 in Lebanon ‘06
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
In Beirut and Tel Aviv, the two American ambassadors watched the war unfold:
Israel’s pilots hammering Lebanon, its tanks smashing across the line,
its leaders …

Peretz: Israel supports deployment of multi-national force in …
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Sunday that Israel would agree to the
deployment of a multi-national force in Lebanon, and suggested that NATO
troops be …

In Lebanon mountains, resorts become refugee camps
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
ALEY, Lebanon, July 23 (Reuters) – In the classrooms of the Khaled Jumblatt
school in the hills above Beirut, washing lines hang from the windows
and babies …

Jordan’s king seeks EU help for immediate truce in Lebanon
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… European Union member countries and urged the support of their governments
for efforts aimed at arranging an ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Lebanon, according
to an …

IDF Intelligence: Lebanon crisis good for Syria, Iran
Ynetnews – Israel
IDF Intelligence Chief Major-General Amos Yadlin said Sunday evening in
a press briefing that Syria and Iran see the widening conflict on the
northern border …,7340,L-3280357,00.html

Syria ‘to come clean’ on al-Qaeda cells
Daily Telegraph – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
SYRIA is prepared to tell the US the whereabouts of al-Qaeda cells in Lebanon,
Britain’s Sky News television reported today. Sky …,22049,19889664-5001028,00.html

Can Syria really rein in Hizbullah?
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA
Syria said Sunday that it was willing to engage in dialogue with the US
to help resolve the war between Hizbullah and Israel. By …

Lean on Hezbollah, Syria told
News24 – South Africa
Washington – US administration officials admonished Syria on Sunday to
stop supporting Hezbollah while rebuffing an offer by Damascus for direct
talks on the …,,2-10-2075_1972118,00.html

Syria warns against ground incursion
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Syrian Information Minister Muhsein Bilal warned on Sunday that if Israel
enters Lebanon with ground forces, it could drag Syria into the conflict
as well. …

Syria supports Lebanon ceasefire, offers talks with US
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… talks with the United States aimed at forging a solution to the current
Middle East crisis but will intervene if Israeli ground troops invade
Lebanon near the …

Bolton defends Israel’s actions in Lebanon
CNN International – USA
… means here. Is Israel entitled only to kidnap two Hezbollah operatives
and fire a couple of rockets aimlessly into Lebanon? “The …

Saudis press US for Lebanon ceasefire
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
SAUDI Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal pressed President George W.
Bush today to support calls for a ceasefire in Lebanon, during talks at
the White …,20867,19889692-1702,00.html

Latest Lebanon-Israel Developments
Forbes – USA
_ Israeli warplanes battered areas across south Lebanon. … Syria warned
it will not stand by if the Israelis step up their offensive in Lebanon.

More NZers on way home from Lebanon – Wellington,New Zealand
New Zealand officials are hoping to get 19 more New Zealanders, evacuated
from Lebanon, out of Cyprus on charter flights organised by Australia.,2106,3742354a10,00.html

Israeli filmmakers slam gov’t policy in Lebanon, Gaza
Ynetnews – Israel
… oppression in Palestine. Nothing justifies the bombing of civilians
and the destruction of infrastructures in Lebanon and Gaza. Allow us …,7340,L-3280381,00.html

Canada sending rescue ship to most dangerous region in Lebanon
Globe and Mail – Canada
BEIRUT — Canada is sending a chartered ship to the most dangerous hotspot
in south Lebanon on Monday to rescue Canadians stranded in the heavy bombardment
by …

Lebanon evacuees pour into Cyprus and Turkey – UK
LARNACA, Cyprus (Reuters) – Thousands of people fleeing Israel’s 12 days
of bombing in Lebanon poured into Cyprus and Turkey on Sunday as the United
Nations …

Lebanon offensive ‘to last weeks’
Daily Telegraph – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
THE Israeli offensive on Lebanon to defeat militant Shiite group Hezbollah
will continue for “several weeks”, the commander of Israel’s northern
military …,22049,19889708-1702,00.html

Israeli Forces Push Deeper in Lebanon
New York Times – United States
YIRON, Israel, July 23 — Israeli ground forces pushed deeper into Lebanon
today as Hezbollah answered with more rocket barrages. …
Lebanese villagers flee danger zone
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
… They’ve blown their savings on taxis that charge up to $1,000 to shepherd
them from war-ravaged villages to safer areas close to the capital or
into Syria. …

Bush steps up criticism of Syria, Iran
ABC Online – Australia
US President George W Bush has increased his criticism of Syria and Iran
over their support for Hezbollah. Dr Rice will make it …

Huge exodus puts strain on Syria as refugees pour in
Independent – London,England,UK
… and 500,000 Lebanese displaced following Israel’s 12-day bombardment
of Lebanon, tens of thousands of people are trying to flee across the
border to Syria. …

International Medical Corps responding in Lebanon and Syria …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
July 22, 2006 – With the number of displaced people in Lebanon topping
500,000, International Medical Corps doctors are part of a growing humanitarian
effort …

Kuwaiti diplomats evacuate from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
The majority of the Kuwaiti diplomatic mission evacuated from Lebanon into
Syria on Saturday, the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported. …

Israel, Hizbollah clash inside Lebanon
Bangkok Post – Thailand
… Guerrillas of the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hizbollah and Israeli
troops were engaged in fierce clashes near a village in southern Lebanon
Saturday evening …

Israel strikes Lebanon religious building
Houston Chronicle – United States
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Israeli warplanes struck Sidon early Sunday, targeting
a religious building run by a Shiite Muslim cleric close to Hezbollah
in their first …

Analysis / A road map for Lebanon studded with mines
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… The American proposal calls for a significant drawdown of Hezbollah
armories in southern Lebanon, prior to a cease-fire offer conditioned
on a Lebanese …

Jordanian king again calls for immediate ceasefire in Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Jordanian King Abdullah II on Saturday again called for an immediate ceasefire
in Lebanon, which he said was the only way to opening the door for diplomatic

IAF strikes religious building in southern Lebanon, 4 wounded
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… people were wounded in the airstrike that targeted Sidon for the first
time since Israel launched its massive military offensive against Lebanon
and Hezbollah …

Israel builds detention center for Lebanon captives
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Israel is building detention center for holding Hizbollah gunmen that will
be captured in the imminent battles in Lebanon, local newspaper Yedioth
Ahronoth …

Australian evacuees from Lebanon arrive in Sydney
ABC Regional Online – Australia
Three planes carrying hundreds of evacuees from Lebanon are due at Sydney
Airport this morning. A second plane carrying around 160 …

Israel blasts its way into Lebanon
Reuters – USA
MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (Reuters) – Israel bombed Hizbollah’s stronghold in
Beirut and a south Lebanon city early on Sunday, hours after seizing a
strategic …

Israeli tanks cross border as Lebanon awaits invasion – United Kingdom
By Harry de Quetteville on the Israel/Lebanon border and Clancy Chassay
in Tyre. The huge engines of Israeli Merkava tanks rumbled …

No plans to send troops to Lebanon
Ninemsn – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Canberra has no plans to send troops into Lebanon to provide security for
Australians trapped in the war zone, Defence Minister Brendan Nelson says.

Nation sliding into the abyss as war escalates – Bray,Ireland
… As the crisis continues, a leading Lebanese politician accused neighbouring
Syria of using a “mafia” of henchmen to inflame the situation. …

Bush: Hezbollah, Syria, Iran Must be Confronted
Voice of America – USA
… Rice will use her upcoming trip to the region to make clear that ending
the violence means confronting Hezbollah and the countries that back it,
Iran and Syria …

With foolish determination
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… If there were no initial intention of putting troops on the ground
and getting entangled in a net laid out by Hezbollah, Syria and Iran,
then why set …

Israel Will Accept a Disarmed Hezbollah
Washington Post – United States
… persuade Arab allies over the next week — Saudi Arabia in talks today
and Egypt and Jordan at an emergency meeting Wednesday in Rome — to get
Syria to stop …

Iran will never enter Israel-Lebanon war: General
IranMania News – Iran
LONDON, July 23 (IranMania) – Iran will never militarily interfere in the
war between Israel and Lebanon, Chairman of the Armed Forces Joint Chiefs
of Staff …

Indonesia offers peacekeepers, aid to Lebanon – Philippines
JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia offered to send hundreds of peacekeepers
to Lebanon to help bolster security in the Middle Eastern nation following
Israeli …

War in Lebanon highlights defensive investments
AME Info – United Arab Emirates
Regional investors are naturally shocked by the speed of the devastation
in Lebanon and the human tragedy while also nursing losses in equities
and Beirut …

India should mobilise opinion to end Lebanon crisis
Times of India – India
NEW DELHI: As the Israel-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon escalates, threatening
to plunge the Middle East region into a crisis, India is watching the
situation …

$7.3m aid needed for Lebanon
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
ABU DHABI — The ongoing Israel-Lebanon stand-off has forced 70,000 Lebanese
out of their homes and international organisations estimate the urgent
aid needed …

Foreigners stream out of Lebanon
Mainichi Daily News – Japan
BEIRUT, Lebanon — A steady stream of foreign nationals boarded ships and
planes Saturday to take them away from the violence of Lebanon. …

5 Nepalese return home from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
A total of five out of the seven Nepalese rescued from Lebanon returned
Nepal on Saturday evening, local media reported Sunday. …

Israel takes Lebanon town after clashes
Pakistan Dawn – Karachi,Pakistan
MARJAYOUN (Lebanon), July 22: Israel claimed ousting Hezbollah guerillas
from a stronghold just inside Lebanon on Saturday after several days of
fierce fighting …

Hundreds return to Australia after escaping Lebanon
ABC Online – Australia
Around 500 evacuees from Lebanon have arrived safely in Sydney this morning
after three planes carrying Australians touched down at Sydney Airport
at 8am AEST. …

US rushing arms to Israel amid Lebanon bombings: official
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… States is expediting a shipment of precision bombs to Israel from an
arms deal struck last year amid the Jewish state’s ongoing assault on
Lebanon, a US …

Bush: Hezbollah, Syria, Iran Must be Confronted
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
… it,” said Mr. Bush. That means Syria and Iran, which, the president
says, have helped arm Hezbollah. “Their actions threaten the …

Larger conflict looms
Calgary Sun – Canada
… the present crisis. It could lead to activation of long-held US-Israeli
plans to go after Syria and Iran. Hezbollah’s Sheik Hassan …

US trying to sabotage alliance between Syria, Iran?
Ynetnews – Israel
American government sources say US attempts to loosen ties between Syria,
Iran, Hizbullah, New York Times reports. White House to …,7340,L-3279899,00.html

Next, war on Syria? – London,UK
… Bush was quick to accuse Syria of trying to get back into Lebanon,
demanding Damascus to use its influence on the Lebanese resistance movement,
Hezbollah, to …

US hopes to sever Syria’s tie to Iran
Indianapolis Star – United States
WASHINGTON — As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice travels to Israel
today, Bush administration officials say they recognize Syria is central
to any plans to …

The newest testament
London Free Press – Canada
… the Mideast crisis. The border incident seems to have activated long-held
US-Israeli plans to go after Syria and Iran. Sheik Hassan …

Diplomatic flurry in Israel over Lebanon war
Washington Post – United States
… joined intensifying diplomacy in Israel on Sunday aimed at ending fighting
between Israeli forces and Hizbollah that has wrecked swathes of Lebanon
and left …

Israeli Soldiers Push Deeper Into Lebanon, Seize Village
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… AVIVIM, Israel — To a steady clap of artillery fire, columns of Israeli
tanks and troops roared deeper into southern Lebanon on Saturday, battling
Hezbollah …

With the Spotlight on Lebanon, Gaza Feels Left in Dark
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… But if a new guy comes, maybe you’ll have some mercy for him. Lebanon
is the new beggar,” said Gaoud, 35, a tile-layer. … But Lebanon is new.
It’s a novelty.”. …

Roundup: Israeli raids on Lebanon continue, humanitarian crisis …
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
As Israel’s assaults on Lebanon entered its 12th day on Sunday, civilian
and military casualties on both sides are mounting and the risk of a major

Proportionality in the war in Lebanon
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… came, facing a foe which is recognized by the international community
as terrorist and illegitamately in control of the southern part of Lebanon,
being the …

Air-India to fly Indians home from Lebanon
Hindustan Times – India
Flag carrier Air-India is gearing up to fly Indians stranded in strife-torn
Lebanon back home, a move reminiscent of its operation to evacuate citizens
from …,00080004.htm

Fear, chaos precede US evacuations in Lebanon
Houston Chronicle – United States
BEIRUT, LEBANON – Under an overcast sky, more than 400 bedraggled and frightened
Americans crowded aboard US Navy landing craft 1643 to leave Lebanon and
its …



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