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Syria | Lebanon Newslinks 18 July 2006
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 6:11 AM
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Date: 18 July 2006

Mehlis: Nasrallah acted with Syria’s approval
Ynetnews – Israel
German Judge Detlev Mehlis, head of UN investigating team into Hariri assassination,
convinced Syria knew beforehand of Hizbullah plot against Israel. …,7340,L-3278068,00.html

Bush Says Syria Wants Back in Lebanon
ABC News – USA
… WASHINGTON Jul 18, 2006 (AP)— President Bush said Tuesday he suspects
Syria is trying to reassert influence in Lebanon more than a year after
Damascus ended …

IAF foils rocket transports from Syria
Ynetnews – Israel
IAF manages to bomb trucks transporting missiles from Syria. IDF Maj.-Gen.
Eisenkot: These rockets belong to Syrian army. Although …,7340,L-3278029,00.html

Syria not a target – Israel
News24 – South Africa
Jerusalem – Israel’s army said on Tuesday Hezbollah was smuggling weapons
from Syria, but added it did not regard Syria as a target for attack.,,2-10-2075_1969889,00.html

Bush says Syria trying to return to Lebanon
Melbourne Herald Sun – Australia
US President George W Bush today accused Syria of trying to “get back”
into Lebanon by supporting Hezbollah and accused Damascas and Iran of
inspiring “terror …,21985,19839937-5005961,00.html

Blair blames Iran, Syria for violence
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Iran and Syria bear responsibility for spiraling Middle East violence because
they support Hizbullah in its fight against Israel, British Prime Minister
Tony …

Russia has connections to douse latest flareup Ties to Syria, Iran …
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
It sells weapons to Syria and is helping Iran build a nuclear reactor.
It rolled out the red carpet for the Palestinian militant …

Will Israeli Conflict Spread to Iran, Syria?
Christian Broadcasting Network – Virginia Beach,VA,USA
… “Israel and the international community face a common threat from an
axis of terror and hate: Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, and Iran,” Israeli Foreign
Minister …

Mass evacuations from Lebanon as Israel bombs road to Syria
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
Beirut/Nicosia – As Israel continued to pound targets in Lebanon for a
seventh day, including the main road to Syria – a key escape route for
thousands trying …

German Prosecutor: Syria Using Hezbollah to Gain Control of …
The Conservative Voice – Kernersville,NC,USA
by Jim Kouri – BERLIN — Detlev Mehlis, former UN investigator, told the
German newsmagazine Deutsche Welle that Iran and Syria are definitely
playing a role …

Saddam ‘warns Syria against alliance with Iran’
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… Syria, which belonged to a rival wing of the Arab Baathist Party then
ruling in Baghdad, supported Persian Iran against Arab Iraq in the 1980-88
war. …

Nigeria: Govt to Evacuate 5,000 Nigerians From Lebanon – Washington,USA
The federal government has announced that it will be evacuating 5, 000
Nigerians resident in Lebanon after Israeli air raids killed at least
25 civilians and …

UN pulling non-essential staff from Lebanon
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
GENEVA, July 18 (Reuters) – The United Nations and its agencies are pulling
non-essential staff and family members from Lebanon, but workers involved
in relief …

Israel vows no respite to offensive in Lebanon
International Herald Tribune – France
… suburbs. Another attack targeted the town of Qana in southern Lebanon,
destroying a four-story building, Lebanese television reported. …

IAF again drops leaflets on Lebanon
Jerusalem Post – Israel
IDF officials said Tuesday that IAF aircraft were dropping leaflets on
southern Lebanon warning residents to flee the area ahead of an impending
attack. …

Canadian family pays ultimate price in Lebanon
SABC News – Auckland Park,South Africa
… Akhras’s cousins had arrived from Canada for the summer hoping to find
their roots when an Israeli jet destroyed their house in southern Lebanon,
killing all …,2172,131470,00.html

Annan Says Lebanon, Darfur Need More UN Troops
Voice of America – USA
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan says a possible UN stabilization force
for Lebanon should be larger and have a different mandate than current
troops in the …

Hundreds evacuated from Lebanon
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
BEIRUT — Hundreds of Americans and Europeans escaped Lebanon by helicopter,
plane and ship on Tuesday while others waited in frustration for a passenger
ship …

Annan calls for beefed-up UN force in Lebanon
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan calls for more international involvement
in Lebanon at a news conference in Brussels on Tuesday. …

Dozens of Americans Flown Out of Lebanon
Forbes – USA
Dozens of Americans were flown out of Lebanon by helicopter on Tuesday
while hundreds waited in frustration for a passenger ship to take them
to Cyprus. …

On Scene: Cut Off and Under Siege in South Lebanon
A humanitarian disaster appears to be unfolding among the hills and valleys
of south Lebanon, where for five days Israel has hammered home a devastating,8599,1215542,00.html

Israel says Hizbollah smuggling weapons from Syria
Reuters – USA
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s army said on Tuesday the Lebanese guerrilla
group Hizbollah was smuggling weapons from Syria but added it did not
regard Syria …

SYRIA: More assistance given to besieged Lebanese
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… Attar noted that the centres had received some 2,400 Lebanese nationals
on Tuesday, most of whom were bussed into Syria with assistance from the
government. …

Israeli General Says Lebanon Offensive Will Last Weeks
New York Times – United States
JERUSALEM, July 18 — A top Israeli general said today that Israel’s
offensive in Lebanon would last another few weeks, and he said that the
use of large …

The dangerous road into Lebanon
BBC News – UK
There are reckoned to be just three overland routes in and out of Lebanon
– and you are advised not to take any of them unless you have a very good
reason to. …

No Apparent Solution to Israel’s Crisis With Lebanon
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
JERUSALEM — With a fierce new wave of rockets falling across northern
Israel and Israeli warplanes again hammering targets in Lebanon, Israeli
commanders said …,0,3105730.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Annan expects Europeans in Lebanon force – Lyon,France
… reluctance, Kofi Annan says he expects European nations to contribute
troops to a proposed beefed-up stabilisation force to end fighting in
southern Lebanon. …

Controlled panic at Lebanon border
TVNZ – New Zealand
A New Zealand woman who made a successful dash across the border from Lebanon
to Syria says there was an atmosphere of controlled panic. …

Hundreds of Americans Evacuate Lebanon
Forbes – USA
At least 320 Americans left Lebanon by sea and air Tuesday, but hundreds
more waited in frustration for a cruise ship hired by the US to take them
to Cyprus. …

Vow to quicken Lebanon evacuation
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Downing Street has promised a “step change” in the pace of evacuation of
British nationals from Lebanon as the first Royal Navy warship docked
in Beirut. …,,-5959029,00.html

Lebanon hit back 20 years
The Standard – Hong Kong
Israel’s attacks on Lebanon have done more than wreak a terrible human
toll. … Israel’s attacks on Lebanon have done more than wreak a terrible
human toll. …

150 Pinoy workers in Lebanon set to go back to RP
Sun.Star – Philippines
ABOUT 150 Filipino workers in Lebanon would be sent home soon because of
the armed conflict there, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
(Owwa) said …

Israeli offensive on Lebanon – Lyon,France
The now week-long Israeli offensive against Lebanon is showing no sign
of abating despite a flurry of diplomatic activity. More …

75,000 Foreigners Reach Safety in Syria
Sofia News Agency – Bulgaria
More than 100,000 people, three-quarters of them foreigners, had crossed
into Syria from Lebanon over the past five days, Syrian authorities said.

Former UN Investigator Says Hezbollah Has Syria’s Approval
Deutsche Welle – Germany
… the scenes. Detlev Mehlis, former UN inspector, told Deutsche Welle
that Iran and Syria are definitely playing a role. Detlev Mehlis …,2144,2098896,00.html

Crisis May Put Syria Back in Political Mix
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… DAMASCUS, Syria — After years spent edging Syrian troops out of Lebanon
in a bid to win independence for the beleaguered nation, Western leaders
face the …

French evacuees arrive in Cyprus from Lebanon
Reuters – USA
LARNACA, Cyprus, July 18 (Reuters) – France evacuated some 900 people from
Lebanon to Cyprus on Tuesday in an operation cut short because of security
concerns …

Westerners flee Lebanon any way they can
An Italian naval officer carries a young girl off a vessel that arrived
late Monday in Cyprus from Lebanon. BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN …

Jordan continues to evacuate citizens from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Jordan has continued evacuating its citizens from Lebanon in the wake of
the military escalation between Israel and Hizbollah, local newspaper
Jordan Times …

MacKay defends Lebanon rescue plans
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
OTTAWA—Canada has been working on an evacuation plan for Canadians in
Lebanon for “close to a week,” Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay told
the Toronto …

Lebanon: the world looks on
Mail & Guardian Online – Johannesburg,South Africa
Western leaders remained paralysed on Monday as Lebanon suffered one of
its bloodiest days since Israel began its bombardment a week ago. …
& area=/breaking_news/breaking_news__international_news/

Lebanon army touted as solution to crisis
Houston Chronicle – United States
… Writer. BEIRUT, Lebanon — Lebanon’s national army is largely a spectator
in the bloody confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah. …

Belgians evacuated to Cyprus from Lebanon
Expatica – Netherlands
BRUSSELS — The ferry that France chartered to transport French nationals
from Lebanon arrived at Larnaca on Cyprus on Tuesday carrying 44 Belgians.

Israeli general says ground invasion of Lebanon a possibility – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
… to curtail Hezbollah’s ability to fire rockets into Israel, the army’s
deputy chief of staff said Tuesday, adding that a ground invasion into
Lebanon had not …

PM’s pledge on Lebanon evacuation
BBC News – UK
Thousands of Britons will be evacuated from Lebanon “as swiftly and as
properly as possible”, Prime Minister Tony Blair has said. …

US Rescue Bogs Down in Lebanon
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
BEIRUT — Thousands of Americans whose vacations and business trips to
Lebanon have degenerated with sickening speed into stints in a battle
zone remained …

Syria feels the pressure as conflict rages
Globe and Mail – Canada
Syria has thus far remained on the sidelines as Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah
militia have traded heavier and heavier blows on its front porch. …

Syria’s Tourism Industry Thrives on Lebanon’s Loss
The Media Line – New York,NY,USA
… are also fleeing the country. In both cases many people are choosing
Syria as the natural destination. It has a similar climate …

Bush blames Syria, Iran for violence
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
… PETERSBURG, Russia – President Bush yesterday publicly called Syria
and Iran the “root causes” of growing violence in the Middle East,
punctuating his …

Gulf investors keep faith with Lebanon for now
Reuters Italia – UK
DUBAI/LONDON (Reuters) – Gulf Arab investors watched TV images of Israeli
aircraft pound Lebanon with growing apprehension on Monday, but most could
still see …

Israel pounds Lebanon, Hizbollah rockets hit Haifa
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israeli warplanes battered Lebanon on Tuesday, killing
26 people, and more Hizbollah rockets hit the Israeli city of Haifa, with
no sign …

Government defends speed of Lebanon evacuation and points finger …
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Tony Blair said this morning that Britain was acting “as quickly as we
possibly can” to get its citizens out of Lebanon as the foreign secretary,
Margaret …,,1823358,00.html

PM defends Lebanon evacuation plans
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Prime Minister Tony Blair has been forced to defend the operation to evacuate
Britons from Lebanon after criticism that other European nations have
been …,,-5958444,00.html

Aussies to set sail from Lebanon – Australia
HUNDREDS of Australians are set to sail to safety from Lebanon tomorrow,
joining a flotilla of vessels carrying thousands of foreigners trying
to escape …,10117,19833931-29277,00.html

US sends ferry, thousands flee Lebanon by road and sea
Washington Post – United States
BEIRUT (Reuters) – The United States sent a ferry to Lebanon on Tuesday
to begin its first major evacuation of Americans as thousands of foreigners
packed bags …

Israeli forces kill 16 in Lebanon bombings
Houston Chronicle – United States
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Israel struck a Lebanese army base outside Beirut and
flattened a house near the border, killing at least 16 people in a new
wave of …

People by the Thousands Evacuate Lebanon
Guardian Unlimited – UK
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) – Europeans and Lebanese with foreign passports fled
Lebanon by the thousands Tuesday as a cruise ship departed Cyprus for
Beirut to begin …,,-5958378,00.html

Americans Start To Flee Lebanon
CBS News – USA
… commercial vessel, the Orient Queen, with capacity to carry 750 passengers,
will be under US charter and available to ferry evacuees from Lebanon
to Cyprus. …

Evacuation of 20,000 Canadians from Lebanon to begin mid-week
National Post – Canada
The Al-Akhrass family has received different reports but are believed to
have lost between eight and 11 family members as they visited Lebanon
as a result of …

Israeli forces bomb Lebanon, killing 16 – Canada
A new round of strikes killed at least 16 people in Lebanon on Tuesday,
as diplomats stepped up efforts to end the conflict and foreigners fled
the region. …

More than 100,000 people escape Lebanon through Syria
Radio New Zealand – Wellington,New Zealand
Syrian authorities said on Monday that more than 100,000 people have crossed
into Syria from Lebanon over the past five days to escape Israeli attacks.

UAE evacuates hundreds through Syria
Gulf News – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, a senior official at the UAE Embassy, told Gulf
News 10 buses each carrying around 40-45 people had left for Syria. …

More than 100,000 people escape Lebanon through Syria – Wellington,New Zealand
DAMASCUS: More than 100,000 people have crossed into Syria from Lebanon
over the past five days to escape Israeli attacks, Syrian authorities
said on Monday. …,2106,3735729a12,00.html

Syria sends humanitarian aid to Lebanon – Lyon,France
… Syria’s airports, ports and border crossings have become the only way
out after Israel blockaded Lebanon from the sea and bombed much of its
transport …

Iran, Syria sign MOU on accelerating joint projects – Tehran,Iran
TEHRAN, July 18 (MNA) — Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding
on Monday on accelerating development of 19 projects, in particular the
delayed …

Belgium, France join hands to evacuate nationals from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Belgium and France are cooperating to evacuate their citizens from Lebanon
which has been under heavy attack by Israel in the past few days. …

Govt defends Lebanon crisis response
ABC Online – Australia
The Federal Government is continuing to defend Australia’s response to
the crisis in Lebanon, saying no country has done a better job in what
it calls a “war …

Westerners Flee Lebanon As Fight Continues
ABC News – USA
… personnel help evacuees alight from the Italian warship Durante de
la Penne after it arrived at port in Larnaca, Cyprus, from Beirut, Lebanon,
Monday, July 17 …

Cyprus prepares for influx of foreigners fleeing Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Cypriot authorities held a special meeting on Monday in a bid to prepare
for a major influx of foreigners fleeing Lebanon which is under intense
Israeli …

Syria, Jordan send relief to Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Syrian Ministry of Health provided Lebanon with six tons of medical and
nutritional materials, the official SANA news agency reported. …

Sweden evacuates citizens from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Some 300 Swedes returned home from Lebanon early Monday after being evacuated
by Swedish authorities and thousands more are expected to follow, the
Foreign …

Netherlands starts evacuation of nationals from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
More than 300 Dutch citizens have arrived in Syria in buses from Lebanon
on Monday morning, Radio Netherlands reported. The buses …

Chinese citizens evacuated from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Staff members of the Chinese Embassy to Lebanon hang the Chinese national
flag onto a bus which is to carry people leave the country, in Beirut,
capital of …

US Prepares Huge Lebanon Evacuation
Washington Post – United States
… to safety at a British air base in Cyprus yesterday as officials moved
closer to a massive evacuation of thousands of US citizens from besieged
Lebanon. …

Israeli PM vows to continue assault in Lebanon until kidnapped …
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed on Monday to press ahead a massive
assault in Lebanon until two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Lebanon’s Hizbollah
were …

French PM arrives in Lebanon amid Israel-Lebanon crisis
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin arrived in Lebanon on Monday
as Israel pressed ahead a massive assault in the country, local media
reported. …

Olmert Blames Iran, Syria for Fighting as Europe Backs UN Force
Bloomberg – USA
July 17 (Bloomberg) — Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert blamed the conflict
in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip on Iran and Syria and vowed to keep up the
fight as …

Australians in Lebanon taken to Syria by bus
ABC Online – Australia
… Government plans to get more Australians out of Lebanon by bus, after
a successful mission yesterday which saw 86 stranded Australians taken
by road to Syria. …

Chinese embassy staff in Lebanon head for home from Syria
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
A group of 25 Chinese embassy staff and engineers, evacuated from Lebanon,
started their journey for home early Tuesday from the international airport
in …

“Syria today has the most formidable chemical and biological …
Questions and Observations – USA
“Syria today has the most formidable chemical and biological weapons capabilities
of any Arab state.”. My old friend Billy Beck turned …

Canadian presence in Lebanon reveals deep ties
Globe and Mail – Canada
… Their large presence in Lebanon is a testimony to the enduring ties
Lebanese Canadians have kept with their country of origin. Alain …

Internationals Flee Lebanon to Escape Fighting
… the death toll continues to mount along the Israeli-Lebanese border,
several foreign governments are undertaking a mass evacuation of their
citizens in Lebanon …

Brazil evacuates nationals from Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
A Brazilian plane was to depart from Turkey on Monday with about 100 Brazilian
nationals evacuated from Lebanon. The plane was to …

Israel won’t rule out Lebanon ground assault
ABC Online – Australia
Israel’s army has refused to rule out a massive ground invasion of Lebanon
as part of an offensive to force Hezbollah guerrillas to free two Israeli
soldiers …

Morocco sends urgent relief to Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Morocco will provide Lebanon with urgent medical relief to show its support
for Lebanon and Lebanese people, said Morocco King Mohammed VI on Monday
in a phone …

Nigeria evacuates citizens from Lebanon
African News Dimension – Johannesburg,South Africa
By ANDnetwork .com. Nigeria has begun the evacuation of its citizens from
Lebanon following the escalation of fighting between Israeli soldiers
and Hezbollah. …

Aussies’ desperate dash from Lebanon
Daily Telegraph – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Less than seven hours later the family were last night at the Lebanon-Syrian
border, having navigated one of the most dangerous stretches of road in
the world …,22049,19827246-5001021,00.html

21 Americans evacuated from Lebanon; others told to stay put for …
USA Today – USA
… to evacuate thousands. A pair of Marine helicopters evacuated 21 Americans
from Lebanon to Cyprus on Sunday. The evacuees included …



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