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Syria | Lebanon Newslinks 10 August 2006
Friday, August 11, 2006 6:16 AM
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Date: 10 August

587 more Lebanon evacuees arrive in Manila – Philippines
A TOTAL of 587 Filipino workers who fled war-ravaged Lebanon arrived Thursday
at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Philippine labor chief
said. …

Canada resumes evacuation of citizens from Lebanon
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Canada has booked two ships to carry citizens from Lebanon next week after
halting the evacuation efforts earlier this month. The …

Lebanon battles rage, Israel delays deeper push
Reuters South Africa – Johannesburg,South Africa
MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (Reuters) – Hizbollah guerrillas fought Israeli troops
pushing deeper into southeast Lebanon on Thursday, though an Israeli cabinet
minister …

Israel pushes 7km into Lebanon
News24 – South Africa
… left from the northern town of Metulla and avoided Bourj al Muluk and
Qlaya heading instead for Khiam, a town in the east of south Lebanon,
where Hezbollah …,,2-10-2075_1980536,00.html

Lebanon hospitals cut off, running out of supplies
Reuters – USA
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Hospitals were running out of food, fuel and other supplies
in southern Lebanon on Thursday and aid groups said fighting and a ban
on …
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San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
(08-10) 04:00 PDT Zarit, Israel — Israeli leaders decided on Wednesday
to triple the country’s ground invasion force in Lebanon and extend the
fight against …

OFWs hesitant to leave Lebanon – Philippines
THE escalating fighting in Lebanon and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s
order for mandatory evacuation are apparently not enough to convince Filipinos

Algeria delivers another batch of humanitarian aid to Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Algeria has sent the second batch of humanitarian aid to Lebanon since
the conflict between Israel and Lebanon’s guerilla group Hezbollah broke
out in mid-July …

SE Asian nations ready to send troops to Lebanon
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei are ready to send troops
to Lebanon if called upon to take part in a UN peacekeeping mission, the
military …

Lebanon civilian toll hits 1000
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
MORE than 1000 civilians have been killed in Lebanon since Israel launched
its massive offensive on July 12, an official body said today. …,20867,20087411-1702,00.html

Ahwazi: Syria deports Ahwazis to Iran, including Dutch national
UNPO – The Hague,Netherlands
… Syria has defied calls by the Dutch government, the UNHCR, Amnesty
International and Arab human rights groups, including the Ahwaz Human
Rights Organisation …

Letter From Europe: Blair out of the loop on Lebanon conflict
International Herald Tribune – France
… days of distant warfare and it goes like this: If only Tony Blair had
joined his European partners in calling for an immediate cease-fire in
Lebanon, so much …

Lebanon hospitals cut off, running out of supplies
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BEIRUT, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Hospitals were running out of food, fuel and
other supplies in southern Lebanon on Thursday and aid groups said fighting
and a ban …

Israel to Cut Off a Piece of Lebanon
Kommersant – Moscow,Russia
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave the green light to the army
to punch all the way in southern Lebanon up to the Litani River. …

Israel takes key town in Lebanon
International Herald Tribune – France
… They warned residents of three southern suburbs to evacuate immediately.
Israel also extended its warnings to other areas of Lebanon. …

Get real, get smart on Lebanon
Globe and Mail – Canada
… the lead in trying to negotiate an acceptable United Nations Security
Council resolution, while Israel has decided to expand its ground offensive
in Lebanon. …

Reader Response | 10.08.2006 Should Germany Send Peacekeepers to …
Deutsche Welle – Germany
DW-WORLD.DE readers sounded off on whether Germany should send troops to
Lebanon as part of a possible UN peacekeeping force in the current conflict
between …,2144,2128361,00.html

UN Rips Lack of Aid Access in Lebanon
Washington Post – United States
… top UN humanitarian official criticized Israel and Hezbollah on Thursday
for hindering aid agencies’ access to trapped civilians in southern Lebanon,
saying it …

Vicious fighting in Lebanon despite Israeli assault ‘delay’
Times Online – UK
Israeli tanks and soldiers were caught in vicious, close fighting with
Hezbollah guerrillas across southern Lebanon today, even as the Israeli
Government said …,,251-2306788,00.html

Turkey: The best choice to lead a Lebanon force
International Herald Tribune – France
WASHINGTON With the UN Security Council pondering a resolution to send
an international force to stabilize southern Lebanon and disarm Hezbollah,
it is time to …

Israel Terror War: 1,000 civilians killed in Lebanon
Business Standard – India
More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in Lebanon since Israel launched
its massive offensive on July 12, an official body said today. …

Syria and Iran: no talking to the devil
Radio Netherlands – Netherlands
… The Shi’ite fighters of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon are simply
the assault commandos of Iran and Syria, or so say both Israel and the
US. …

Big group of evacuees lands today from Syria
Manila Standard Today – Philippines
… “This is an option we will take in the event of a major escalation,
meaning Syria will no longer be a possible transit area for us for one
reason or another …

Syria’s Price for Peace
Spiegel Online – Berlin,Germany
Syria may be willing to use its clout with Hezbollah to help end the current
conflict in the Middle East — but at a price. Syria …,1518,431059,00.html

Lebanon hospitals cut off, running out of supplies
Boston Globe – United States
A worker from Medecins Sans Frontieres transfers medical supplies across
the Litani River, north of the port city of Tyre, in southern Lebanon,
August 7, 2006. …

Lebanon hospitals cut off by bombing – Lyon,France
The United Nations has renewed its warning about a worsening humanitarian
crisis in southern Lebanon. Continued fighting and an …

LEBANON: LEBANON: Hear Our Voices – Displaced twice take shelter …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BEIRUT, 10 August (IRIN) – Following continued Israeli bombardment of southern
Beirut, Abu Youssef and his family of nine left a relative’s house in
the …

Lebanon: Birth Pangs or Death Throes?
PEJ News – Victoria,BC,Canada
It has smashed Lebanon’s national infrastructure, flattened whole villages
and a large part of Beirut, killed more than 1,000 Lebanese, wounded another
3,000 …

Lebanon: Soldier killed by anti-tank missile
Ynetnews – Israel
… an IDF soldier was killed and another was seriously wounded Thursday
morning when a missile struck an IDF Merkava-3 tank in the el-Khiam area
in south Lebanon. …,7340,L-3289490,00.html

Many Pinoys wanted to stay in Lebanon: official
Sun.Star – Philippines
A LOT of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWS) in Lebanon preferred to be in
the war-torn country despite the mandatory evacuation ordered by President
Gloria …

US and French narrow gap on Lebanon ceasefire
Reuters – USA
UNITED NATIONS, Aug 10 (Reuters) – The United States and France narrowed
differences on Thursday over a UN resolution to end bloodshed in Lebanon,
but it was …

Diplomats heighten talks on ending Lebanon fighting
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
New York – UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on Thursday telephoned foreign
ministers of Israel, Lebanon and the United States in what appeared to
be stepped up …

MIDDLE EAST: With Lebanon in spotlight, rights abuses persist in …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
DUBAI, 10 August (IRIN) – While Israel’s punishing assaults on Lebanon
continue to dominate regional news, human rights abuses continue to be
reported …

Lebanon relief effort hampered by fears
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
… warehouse, boxes of diapers, water-purification tablets, lentils, rice,
powdered milk and cooking oil are stacked almost to the ceiling, destined
for Lebanon. …

Israel thrusts into Lebanon, meets Hezbollah fire
Daily Telegraph – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
By Taher Abu Hamdan in Rashaya, Lebanon. ISRAELI tanks thrust into southern
Lebanon, massing around several villages amid fighting …,22049,20090433-5006003,00.html

Syria, Turkey revive strategic partnership – London,UK
Syria and Turkey discussed ways to revive the strategic partnership between
the two friendly countries, according to Syria’s official news agency

UN estimates number of Lebanese refugees in Syria at 180,000
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
Damascus – Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees Judy Cheng Hopkins
estimated on Thursday that the number of Lebanese refugees in Syria was
some 180,000 and …

10 Indonesian volunteers to leave for Lebanon, Palestine
Jakarta Post – Jakarta,Indonesia
JAKARTA (Antara): Ten Indonesian volunteers will leave for Lebanon and
Palestine next Monday to deliver humanitarian from Indonesians to the
victims of war. …

Israel OK’s deeper push in Lebanon
Boston Globe – United States
JERUSALEM — Israel’s security Cabinet yesterday approved a major expansion
of the war against Hezbollah as combat raged across southern Lebanon,
killing 15 …

Heavy Fighting in Southern Lebanon as Diplomats Talk
Voice of America – USA
Despite Israel’s decision to delay expansion of its military drive into
Lebanon, battles between Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah guerrillas are
continuing today …

Israeli military advances further into south Lebanon – Bray,Ireland
The Israeli military has advanced further into southern Lebanon today,
seizing the Christian town of Marjayoun and a number of nearby hamlets.

‘Lebanon to become graveyard of Israelis’
Pakistan Dawn – Karachi,Pakistan
BEIRUT, Aug 9: A defiant Hezbollah chief vowed on Wednesday to turn south
Lebanon into a ‘graveyard’ for invading Israeli troops, hours after
the Jewish …

‘The future of Lebanon leaving’ as exodus grows
National Post – Canada
Sonia Verma reports from Beirut on how violence has caused thousands of
young, university-educated professionals to leave Lebanon, possibly for
good. …

Israelis seize towns in south Lebanon – UK
MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (Reuters) – Israeli troops seized the Christian towns
of Marjayoun and Qlaiah in south Lebanon on Thursday, witnesses said,
even though …

Plan to ship OFWs home from Lebanon dropped – Philippines
A PROPOSAL by the Philippine Coast Guard to use two of its ships to ferry
Filipinos out of Lebanon has been rejected by a task force in charge with
evacuation …

Peretz sends extra troops into Lebanon amid increased pressure to … – Bray,Ireland
ISRAEL vowed yesterday to expand the ground war in Lebanon to try to deliver
a knockout blow to Hizbollah, amid warnings that the conflict could last
30 days …

Hezbollah Syria’s stooge?
Alarab online – London,UK
… Syria’s relationship with Hezbollah is complex: like most of the Arab
people, Syria supported Hezbollah’s efforts to get Israel to abandon its
illegal …

Syria and China celebrate 50th years of diplomatic relations
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
… Zhou Xiuhua, Moallem added the visit of President Bashar al-Assad to
China in 2004 constituted a firm base of bilateral cooperation between
Syria and China in …

Information Minister expresses Surprise over Chirac’s statements …
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
DAMASCUS , (SANA)- Syria’s Information Minister Mohsen Bilal has expressed
surprise over what French President Jaques Chirac said that Syria denied
statements …

RI’s humanitarian team to leave for Syria
Antara – Antara,Indonesia
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – A team consisting of 10 volunteers will leave for
Syria on Monday (Aug. 14) to deliver humanitarian aid …

Israel to expand ground offensive into Lebanon; 15 Israeli … – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel approved a massive new ground offensive into southern
Lebanon in a gambit aimed at bringing Hezbollah to its knees before the

UN measure on Lebanon delayed
Scotsman – United Kingdom
… on Wednesday that a UN resolution would be approved this week, despite
a clash between the United States and France over Israeli troop withdrawal
from Lebanon. …

White House calls for halt to ‘escalation’ of Lebanon conflict
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
Washington – The White House on Wednesday called for a halt to the ‘escalation’
of violence between Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah, on a day when
Israel’s …

Airstrikes kill 19 in Lebanon
The Herald – Everett,WA,USA
TYRE, Lebanon – Israel shut down south Lebanon with a threat to blast any
moving vehicles Tuesday as ground fighting intensified, airstrikes killed
at least 19 …

Israel moves deeper into Lebanon
ABC Online – Australia
TONY JONES: To the Middle East now, and diplomatic efforts to halt the
four-week-old war in Lebanon are still bogged down tonight. …

At a Makeshift River Crossing in South Lebanon, Guerrillas Come …
New York Times – United States
Red Cross workers helped wounded Hezbollah fighters on a makeshift bridge
at the Litani River in Lebanon on Wednesday. QASMIYE, Lebanon, Aug. …

Thousands of Israeli fighters poised to pour into Lebanon
National Post – Canada
… Israeli soldier looks on as a Blackhawk helicopter approaches to take
wounded Israeli soldiers to safety after evacuating them from southern
Lebanon August 9 …

Israel set to invade Lebanon despite lessons of 1982 war
Independent – London,England,UK
Israel has approved a major escalation of war by voting to send thousands
of fresh troops deeper into Lebanon in an expanded offensive echoing its
invasion …

Israeli troops push deeper in south Lebanon
Reuters – USA
MARJAYOUN, Lebanon, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Israeli troops battled Hizbollah
deep into south Lebanon on Thursday, witnesses said, after Hizbollah’s
leader vowed to …

More Israeli tanks, troops enter south Lebanon – Canada
More Israeli tanks and troops have moved into southern Lebanon, but it
isn’t part of a wider offensive just authorized by Israel’s Security Cabinet,
says an …

Syria’s warm welcome to Lebanese
BBC News – UK
… pool. The Syria population is so generous. … This outpouring of support
comes despite the troubled history between Syria and Lebanon. Only …

Israeli troops enter Lebanon: Hezb says 11 enemy soldiers killed …
Pakistan Dawn – Karachi,Pakistan
BEIRUT, Aug 9: A column of Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles crossed
into southern Lebanon on Wednesday evening from the Israeli town of Metulla,
invading …

Israel holds off on Lebanon offensive for talks
Reuters – USA
… time for US-led diplomatic efforts to resolve its dispute with Hizbollah
before carrying out its decision to expand a ground offensive in Lebanon,
a cabinet … 2006-08-

Lebanon war risk premiums soar
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
DUBAI — War risk premiums for goods destined for Lebanon have soared
from 0.05 per cent before the Israeli attacks on the country to between
5-7 per cent …

Israel widens Lebanon offensive as UN truce talks drag on
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
JERUSALEM – Israel’s security cabinet decided to widen the ground war
in Lebanon to strike at Hezbollah’s arsenal of rockets, amid warnings
the conflict …

Israeli Ground Forces on the Move in Southern Lebanon
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
Witnesses say Israeli tanks and armored vehicles have pushed at least seven
kilometers into Lebanon. Israeli troops were reported …

Israeli troops push deeper into south Lebanon
SABC News – Auckland Park,South Africa
Israeli troops battled Hizbollah deep into south Lebanon today, witnesses
said, after Hizbollah’s leader vowed to turn the area into a graveyard
for the …,2172,132742,00.html

Israeli troops push deeper in south Lebanon
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
MARJAYOUN, Lebanon (Reuters) – Israeli troops battled Hizbollah deep into
south Lebanon on Thursday, witnesses said, after Hizbollah’s leader vowed
to turn the …

15 Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon clashes
Xinhua – China
JERUSALEM, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) — Israeli army confirmed that 15 Israeli soldiers
were killed in clashes with Hezbollah in south Lebanon on Wednesday. …



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