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Syria | Lebanon Newslinks 5 August 2006
Sunday, August 6, 2006 8:09 AM
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Date: 5 August 2006

France and America agree over Lebanon – United Kingdom
The two sides said they have agreed on a draft UN resolution to end the
fighting between Israel and Hizbollah militants in Lebanon. …

Thousands march through London in protest at Lebanon violence
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… Thousands of demonstrators – organisers said 100,000, police said
20,000 – marched through central London Saturday to protest the conflict
in Lebanon and urge …

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WHO Lists Needed Drugs for Lebanon
Voice of America – USA
The World Health Organization is urging donors to be sure the medicines
they send to Lebanon are ones that are needed and are not due to expire
soon. …

Blair expects Lebanon ceasefire within days
SABC News – Auckland Park,South Africa
Tony Blair, the British prime minister, said there could be a ceasefire
in Lebanon within the next couple of days after the US and France agreed
on a draft UN …,2172,132560,00.html

Time running out in Lebanon campaign-Israeli minister
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
JERUSALEM, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Time is running out for Israel’s military
campaign in Lebanon following the completion of a draft UN Security Council
resolution …

Draft of UN Security Council Resolution on Hostilities in Lebanon …
Washington Post – United States
Recalling all its previous resolutions on Lebanon, in particular resolutions
425 (1978), 426 (1978), 520 (1982), 1559 (2004), 1655 (2006) and 1680
(2006), as …

Blair expects Lebanon ceasefire soon – UK
LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Saturday there could
be a ceasefire in Lebanon within the next couple of days after the United
States and …

War News From Lebanon Gives Egyptians a Mirror of Their Own …
New York Times – United States
… run-down teahouses all over this teeming city, men sit quietly smoking
harsh tobacco from water pipes with their eyes glued to television news
from Lebanon. …

Syria buries workers killed in Israeli missile strike in Lebanon
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… Grief and shock engulfed a remote village in north-west Syria Saturday
as its inhabitants buried 23 locals killed by an Israeli missile strike
on Lebanon. …

Heaviest shelling of southern Lebanon yet – Lyon,France
Day 25 of Israel’s bombardment of southern Lebanon has been the heaviest
in the conflict to date. According to Lebanese police, more …

Syria buries 26 killed in Israeli raid on Lebanon
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… while they were picking peaches. Most of the dead were Syrian Kurds
from poor villages in northern Syria. Draped in Syrian flags …

Free Market News Network – Pompano Beach,FL,USA
The European Union has enlisted Syria’s help to end the fighting in Lebanon
as Damascus pledged support to the Lebanese government’s plan for a settlement.

Lebanon road to Syria cut
Detroit Free Press – United States
… Israeli warplanes destroyed four key bridges on Lebanon’s last untouched
highway Friday, severing the country’s final major connection to Syria
and deepening …

US official attacks Iran, Syria on Lebanon crisis
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
US Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns sharply attacked Iran and Syria
on Friday for stirring the latest crisis in Lebanon, US media reported.

Soldier, officer killed in Lebanon overnight
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Two IDF soldiers were killed overnight Friday and eight were wounded during
operations in Lebanon, it was released on Saturday morning. …

Israelis raid near Tyre in Lebanon
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… southern city of Tyre, where seven people were killed on Saturday as
world powers inched towards a deal to end Israel’s 25-day-old war with
Hizbollah in Lebanon …

Israeli soldier killed in Lebanon: Army
Hindustan Times – India
One Israeli soldier was killed just inside Lebanon overnight when Hezbollah
mortars hit his vehicle, the army said on Saturday. …,00050004.htm

The rise of Lebanon’s Napoleon
Globe and Mail – Canada
… general. Not so. For 15 years, he planned his return, and 11 days after
Syria’s troops withdrew from Lebanon last year Gen. Aoun …

Israeli warplanes step up raids on Lebanon
Dispatch Online – South Africa
While the UN Security Council struggled to set terms for a ceasefire, Israel
said it had lost two more soldiers in combat in south Lebanon and two
civilians to …

Final Lebanon evacuees arrive home – Australia
ONE of the last groups of Australians to escape Lebanon on government-chartered
ferries has arrived in Sydney. The Department of …,23599,20029713-1702,00.html

Israelis kill 28 farm workers in airstrike near Lebanon-Syria …
Jamaica Observer – Kingston,Jamaica
… AP) – Four Israeli missiles yesterday slammed into a refrigerated warehouse
where farm workers were loading vegetables near the Lebanon-Syria border
yesterday …

Connection to Syria cut
Calgary Sun – Canada
… warplanes yesterday destroyed four key bridges on Lebanon’s last untouched
highway, severing the country’s final major connection to Syria and deepening
its …

Abbas to visit Sudan, Yemen over Gaza, Lebanon crises
Xinhua – China
… President Mahmoud Abbas will visit Sudan and Yemen in an effort to
put an end to the Israeli massive offensives in Gaza and Lebanon, Palestinian
chief …

Israelis raid Lebanon, US official holds talks
Reuters – USA
TYRE, Lebanon (Reuters) – Helicopter-borne Israeli commandos attacked Hizbollah
guerrillas near Lebanon’s southern city of Tyre on Saturday and a top
US …

Thousands in Lebanon crisis protest
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Thousands from across Britain gathered for a huge demonstration calling
for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon. The protest began …,,-5995582,00.html

Arab world unified in supporting Lebanon: AL chief
Xinhua – China
… Arab League (AL) Secretary General Amr Moussa said on Saturday that
the entire Arab world was now moving in one direction in support of Lebanon
against the …

Lebanon evacuation efforts resume
ABS CBN News – Philippines
Some 465 Filipino workers from Beirut arrived in Lebanon-Damascus, Syria
border Saturday after their repatriation was delayed due to the renewed
Israeli …

One Israeli Soldier Killed, Eight Wounded in Lebanon
Voice of America – USA
One Israeli soldier has been killed in ground fighting in Lebanon and eight
Israelis were wounded in a commando raid on the Lebanese city of Tyre.

Kuwaiti PM warns war in Lebanon could breed ‘new terrorists’
Hindu – Chennai,India
5 (AP): The war in Lebanon could breed ``new terrorists’’ and further complicate
the security situation in the Middle East if it is not promptly stopped

Israel severs Lebanon-Syria artery
Tracy Press – Tracy,CA,USA
… ground battles and exchanged fierce air and missile strikes Friday
including bombing raids that severed Lebanon’s last major supply link
with Syria and the …

Pry Syria Away from Iran
Watching America – New York,NY,USA
… The joker in the Middle Eastern pack of cards is Syria – negative,
autocratic, dictatorial Syria, ally of Iran, supporter of Hezbullah, seemingly
the last …

US, France Agree on Proposed UN Resolution Over Lebanon
Bloomberg – USA
… France agreed on a proposed United Nations resolution designed to end
the fighting between Israel and the militant Islamic group Hezbollah in
Lebanon, a person …

US, France OK Deal on Lebanon Fighting
Salon – USA
August 05,2006 | UNITED NATIONS — The United States and France reached
agreement Saturday on a UN Security Council resolution aimed at ending
the fighting …

Thirty-five rockets fired at Israel from south Lebanon
Daily News & Analysis – Mumbai,India
JERUSALEM: Thirty-five rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel by
early afternoon Saturday, with no immediate reports of casualties, police
said. …

British marchers urge end to Lebanon war
Washington Post – United States
LONDON (Reuters) – Thousands marched through London to demand a halt to
the Lebanon war on Saturday as the British government tried to deflect
criticism that …

Last Australian evacuees from Lebanon arrive
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
ONE of the final Federal Government chartered planes full of Australians
from war-torn Lebanon touched down at Sydney Airport yesterday. …

Israel army warns Lebanon’s Sidon to evacuate
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
JERUSALEM – Israel’s military on Saturday warned all residents in Sidon,
south Lebanon’s biggest city, to evacuate ahead of planned air strikes
on …

Israeli Strikes Hit Dozens of Targets in Lebanon
New York Times – United States
5 — Israeli warplanes struck dozens of targets throughout Lebanon into
the early morning hours today, and an Israeli commando raid in Tyre turned
into a …

US anti-war activists off to Lebanon
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
A GROUP of US anti-war activists on Saturday said they will head to Lebanon
to denounce their government’s failure to call for an immediate ceasefire
between …,5744,20034961%255E23109,00.html

Syria’s Christians support Hezbollah
Peninsula On-line – Qatar
… Israel’s offensive against Lebanon has brought Christians in neighbouring
Syria closer to Nasrallah, a Shi’ite Muslim, reviving Arab nationalist
feelings …

28 farmers killed in Israeli air raids on Lebanon-Syria border
Islamic Republic News Agency – Tehran,Iran
Four Israeli missiles slammed into a refrigeration house where farm workers
were loading vegetables near the Lebanon-Syria border on Friday, killing
at least …

Bush discusses Lebanon resolution with UN chief
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
US President George W. Bush discussed efforts to reach a UN Security Council
resolution on Lebanon with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan through telephone
on …

Israeli troops land near Tyre in Lebanon
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… night raid occurred as world powers edged slowly toward a deal aimed
at ending the 25-day-old war between Israeli and the Shi’ite Islamist
guerrillas in Lebanon …

Israel renews raids on Lebanon
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Lebanon suffered more Israeli airstrikes a day after jets killed at least
40 civilians and Hizbollah rockets hit deep inside Israel, as world powers
edged …

IDF soldier killed in Lebanon
Ynetnews – Israel
IAF strikes over 70 targets in Lebanon overnight. … Since the outbreak
of the fighting in Lebanon 44 Israeli soldiers have been killed. …,7340,L-3286504,00.html

Israel Severs Major Lebanon Supply Link
ABC News – USA
Israeli Arabs look at the car where a man was killed by a rocket fired
by Hezbollah guerrillas from Lebanon in the Israeli Arab village of Majdel
Krum in …

Israel strikes 70 targets in Lebanon
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
ISRAELI aircraft hit more than 70 targets in Lebanon overnight as the offensive
entered its 25th day, an Israeli military spokesman said today. …

Israel-Lebanon conflict rages on
Xinhua – China
Israel launched a new air raid on a two-storey house in the frontline Taibeh
village in southern Lebanon late Friday, leaving seven Lebanese civilians
dead and …

Israel renews raids on Lebanon, UN deal elusive
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
BEIRUT – Lebanon suffered more Israeli airstrikes on Saturday, a day after
jets killed at least 40 civilians and Hezbollah rockets hit deep inside
Israel, as …

Portugal agrees to send plane of humanitarian aid to Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
The Portuguese government has agreed to send a Hercules C-130 plane loaded
with humanitarian aid to Lebanon, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement
on Friday …

Chirac, Blair urge for agreement on UN resolution over Lebanon
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
French President Jacques Chirac called on Friday for an all-out effort
toward a UN-backed cease-fire in the conflict in Lebanon and a political
agreement. …

Haya visits Lebanese refugees in Syria
Gulf News – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… and World Food Programme (WFP) Goodwill Ambassador, yesterday joined
James Morris, WFP Executive Director, on a one-day visit of Lebanese refugees
in Syria. …

Syria-The Shadow behind the Reality
Cape Cod Today – Cape Cod,MA,USA
Modern Syria began when French control (1920-46) ended. … o In 1973 Syria
attempted (and failed) to remove Israel from Golan Heights. …

Italy, Syria call for immediate Lebanon ceasefire
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
DAMASCUS – The foreign ministers of Italy and Syria, Massimo D’Alema
and Walid al-Muallem, on Friday agreed to call for an immediate ceasefire
in Israel’s …

NA unanimously approves motion against Israel’s attack on … – Pakistan
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) Deputy Parliamentary leader Liaquat Baloch
presented the resolution that strongly condemned Israel’s aggression
against Lebanon …

India readies plan to pull out soldiers from Lebanon
Times of India – India
… against each other, India has kept contingency plans ready to pull
out its 673 soldiers deployed in the 1,990-strong UN Interim Force in
Lebanon (Unifil) if …

Blair delays holiday over Lebanon – Australia
… The UN Security Council is struggling to set terms for a ceasefire
between Israel and the Shiite Hezbollah militia in Lebanon to end more
than three weeks of …,23599,20026243-1702,00.html

Blair postpones holiday to work on Lebanon ceasefire
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… Prime Minister Tony Blair delayed his annual summer holiday on Friday
to continue efforts to agree a UN Security Council resolution on a Lebanon
ceasefire, his …

Bush administration disappointed after backing change in Lebanon
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
WASHINGTON – When Syrian troops left Lebanon in April 2005, ending a 29-year
occupation, the Bush administration was quick to call their departure
and the …

Greece seeks Lebanon role
Kathimerini – Athens,Greece
Diplomatic efforts to push for an end to hostilities between Israel and
Lebanon are set to intensify and it looks increasingly likely that Greece
will be one …

Israel maintains Lebanon assault
BBC News – UK
Israeli planes have been in action again over Lebanon with raids on the
capital, Beirut, and other targets. Explosions were heard …

UNSC’s meeting on Lebanon put off
Pakistan Dawn – Karachi,Pakistan
UNITED NATIONS, Aug 4: Despite appeals by the international community to
the UN Security Council to stop the war in Lebanon, France and the United
States were …

Israeli bombs kill 40 civilians in Lebanon
Reuters – USA
BEIRUT, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Israeli bombs killed at least 40 civilians in
south Lebanon and Hizbollah launched its longest-range rocket attack of
the war as …

‘We hardly notice the blasts now’ – a journey through Lebanon’s …
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… Alma al-Sha’ab lies deep in the Israeli occupied territory of southern
Lebanon which Israel left in 2000, handing Hizbullah its biggest victory.,,1837831,00.html

Two Israeli soldiers killed in south Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Two Israeli soldiers were killed during clashes against Hezbollah guerillas
in southern Lebanon on Friday, the Israeli army said. …

Israeli strike kills civilians near Syria border – Canada
Israel’s pounding of Lebanon continued Friday, with an air strike on a
village near Lebanon’s border with Syria that killed at least 28 civilians
and injured …



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