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Plots underway to deploy NATO troops in south Lebanon: analyst

Tehran: 23:03 ,  2006/07/22

TEHRAN, July 22 (MNA) – The Mehr News Agency spoke to some analysts on Saturday to learn their views on the reasons behind the Zionist regime’s attacks on Lebanon.

Strategic affairs expert Hossein Alai said that Israel seeks to occupy south Lebanon again to deploy NATO forces there.
“They want to give the authority of the south Lebanon to forces comprised of NATO and Lebanon’s army to keep Hezbollah forces up to twenty kilometers away from northern borders of Israel,” he said.
Israel is now implementing the pre-planned project of eradicating Hezbollah, he added.
Representative of the Al-Jazeera television network in Tehran, Mohammad Hassan al-Bahrani, said that Israel’s goal is to create division between Hezbollah and the Lebanese people and between the Shias and Sunnis.
They are also seeking to prepare the ground to enforce the Security Council resolution 1559 to disarm Hezbollah, he stated.
He criticized the silence of certain Arab countries over the assaults, saying, “Their silence will eventually be to their own detriment.”
International affairs analyst Mehdi Motahharnia said Israel is being used in the hands of the United States to form the New World Order.
In order to change from a superpower into a sole power, the United States needs to get rid of the resistance movements in the region by using violence, he noted. 
“We can see United States using violence to reach this goal in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.
Commenting on the efforts by the European countries to bring an end to the crisis, he said, “In this war the Europeans’ investments in Lebanon are being destroyed, therefore the war is actually a competition between the U.S. and the Europeans to secure their interests in the Middle East region.”



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