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Lebanon/Syria News-Links
29-30 December 2007


Brammertz From Lebanon To Former Yugoslavia
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
Serge Brammertz, who led the UN investigation into the Hariri assassination in Lebanon, on Tuesday takes up his post as chief prosecutor of the UN war…

Specter, Patrick Kennedy visit Syria
DAMASCUS, Syria—There is “a real opportunity” for Syria and Israel to resume peace talks with help from the United States, Sen. Arlen Specter said Saturday after arriving for a two-day visit. Specter said he hoped Syria’s participation …

Jordan, Syria to sign 12 agreements of cooperation
Xinhua – China
30 (Xinhua) — Jordan and Syria are expected to sign 12 agreements of cooperation, mainly in the economic and security spheres, English-language daily the …

Arab League to Tackle Lebanon’s Presidential Crisis
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
A row broke out between the Arab League and the opposition over a joint Arab effort to facilitate the election of a president for Lebanon as Russia…

Lebanon’s Officers Under Terror Attack
International Analyst Network – NY,NY,USA
1) General Francois Hajj was born in the Christian town of Rmeish in southern Lebanon. His home village had a history of resistance against Terror forces …

UNIFIL steps up supervision to deter Hezbollah re-armament
Ha’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent In the past few weeks UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) forces in South Lebanon have heightened…

Syria sees no peace before Israel quits Golan Heights
By India eNews
Syrian Prime Minister Muhammed Naji al-Otari has warned that peace would not materialise in the Middle East unless Israel withdraws from the Golan Heights and other Arab territories it occupied in the 1967 six-day war.

Israeli goal for 2008 – to isolate Syria from radical axis
Jerusalem Post – Israel
By HERB KEINON Formulating a strategy for separating Syria from the“radical axis” is one of the Foreign Ministry’s highest priorities for 2008, …

Lebanon president vote postponed again
Radio New Zealand – Wellington,New Zealand
Lebanon’s presidential election has been postponed to 12 January. The vote was due to have been held on Saturday. It is the 11th delay to an election that …

Why is Syria blocking Lebanon presidential election?
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
The international community headed by the United States and France are determined to stand up for Lebanon and confront the regime of President Bashar …

Ayatollah Jannati congratulates Christians
Tehran Times – Iran
Ayatollah Jannati blamed the United States for tension in Lebanon, saying that Washington has stitched the Zionist regime of Israel among Arab countries …

UNIFIL steps up supervision activity to deter Hezbollah re-armament
Ha’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
By Barak Ravid In the past few weeks UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) forces in South Lebanon have heightened supervision of bridges and …

Syria tells US senator it values dialogue
Muallem stressed the “importance of dialogue between Syria and the United States on the basis of mutual respect,” the state SANA news agency said.…

Tehran prayer leader tells US to leave Lebanon alone
By via Daily Star, Lebanon(SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay))
… US administration for sowing discord among the Lebanese, saying that the ongoing political crisis in the country was created by Washington, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported on Friday. “The history of Lebanon shows that the country.


Syria releases activist after five-month detention
International Herald Tribune – France
AP DAMASCUS, Syria: Syrian authorities released a political activist after a five-month detention, a Syrian human rights organization said Saturday.…

Razzuk Al-Ghawi: his insights on US foreign policy. The guy is the …
By As’ad(As’ad)
He was talking about the visit to Syria but Sen. Arlen Specter, and added—kid you not—that Specter is a critic of US Middle East policy implying that he is sympathetic to the Arabs. What this guy does not know is that Specter, …

US senator sees “real opportunity” for resuming Syria-Israel peace …
International Herald Tribune – France
AP DAMASCUS, Syria: There is “a real opportunity” for Syria and Israel to resume peace talks with help from the United States, an influential US lawmaker …

Israel wants to draw Syria closer
Earthtimes – London,UK
29 The Israeli Foreign Ministry hopes to develop a political relationship with Syria in 2008, Haaretz reports. A ministry document says the goal is to …

CHALLENGES 2007-2008: Lebanon Confronts Its Seven Deadly Plagues
Inter Press Service (subscription) – Rome,Italy
By Mona Alami BEIRUT, Dec 29 (IPS) – This year, Lebanon has witnessed a series of unfortunate events. With demonstrations, street confrontations,…

Prime ministers of Jordan, Syria hold cooperation talks

Prime ministers of Jordan, Syria hold cooperation talks
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… developments in the area in the wake of the November 27 Annapolis conference, particularly the prospects of resuming peace talks between Israel and Syria.

Lebanon is the loser, no matter who wins
By tearsforlebanon
appears to be unlikely now will soon occur: Lebanon will have a new president. What is tragic is that one of the two major camps will behave as the victor when in reality no matter which of the two sides wins Lebanon has already lost. …

Lebanon presidential vote delayed for 11th time
BEIRUT – A parliamentary session to elect Lebanon’s president has been postponed for the 11th time, with feuding factions deadlocked over a constitutional amendment and the shape of a future government.

Sarkozy after Meeting Mubarak: France Mission in Lebanon Completed
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said after meeting his Egyptian counterpart in Cairo that France’s mission in Lebanon has been complete.…

Syria denies asking Egypt to deliver Syrian letter to Israel
Indian Muslims – San Diego,CA,USA
By KUNA Damascus : Syria denied officially on Thursday that it had delivered a letter to Egypt to give to Israel, affirming that such information is false. …

Lebanon President Vote Postponed to January 12
BEIRUT—Lebanon’s presidential election was postponed to Jan. 12 from Saturday, the parliament speaker said on Friday, prolonging a power vacuum that threatens to further destabilise the c…

Moussa Fears ‘Complicated’ Lebanon Situation Could have Impact on …
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
Arab League chief Amr Moussa was quoted as saying that Lebanon has reached a dead-end situation. Arab diplomatic sources in Cairo quoted Moussa as saying …

Lebanon in Search of a Government
By Signs of the Times(Signs of the Times)
After 10 failed attempts to elect one, Lebanon still remains without a president since the term of Emile Lahoud expired on Nov. 23. The next parliamentary session has been scheduled for Dec. 29 in the hope of finally filling the …

World Briefing | Middle East Lebanon: Election Delayed Again
New York Times – United States
By AP The Parliament speaker moved a parliamentary session to elect a president to Jan. 12 from Saturday. It was the 11th postponement since the first …

Lebanon is the loser, no matter who wins
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
By Ghassan Karam What appears to be unlikely now will soon occur: Lebanon will have a new president. What is tragic is that one of the two major camps will …

Economists blame politicians for Lebanon’s sluggish economy
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
In 2007, Lebanon, which saw impressive growth in 2004 and 2005, failed to take advantage of the oil boom in the region as Gulf investors sought suitable …

Study underlines opposing views on gender roles in Lebanon
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
The study was based on a random sample of 1300 students enrolled in Lebanon’s 11 official universities and has revealed interesting findings.…


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