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Lebanon/Syria News-Links
1-3 December 2007


Iran Says Ties With Syria Rock Solid
The Associated Press –
State-run television quoted Ahmadinejad as telling Syria’s Deputy Foreign
Minister Faysal Mekdad that “enemies cannot damage real and firm
Tehran-Damascus …

At least 25000 refugees have returned to Iraq: Red Crescent
Africasia – London,UK
The Red Crescent said in its report, obtained on Monday by AFP, that “a
significant number” of refugees began to return from Syria in September and
October, …

Lebanon leaders back army chief
BBC News – UK
Lebanon’s parliamentary majority has backed a compromise candidate for
president, raising hopes of an end to months of tense political deadlock.

Lebanon VA Center director relishes new job – Harrisburg,PA,USA
BY BARBARA MILLER / Of Our Lebanon County Bureau, 12/02/07 10:26 PM EST
Robert W. Callahan Jr., newly appointed director of the Lebanon VA Medical
Center, …

Lebanon: Al-Hariri’s masterstroke
ISA – Tel Aviv,Bosnia and Herzegovina
The first signs of significant movement to bridge the yawning chasm
separating Lebanon’s warring political blocs appeared on Thursday amidst a
developing …

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a president
By Riemer Brouwer(Riemer Brouwer)
After much delay, it finally seems the political powers in Lebanon are coming to an agreement over the new president: army commander Michel Suleiman. Yesterday, the March 14 movement confirmed that they, too, are in favor of amending …

Syria reassures Iran on Mideast: official
TEHRAN (AFP) — A top Syrian official on Sunday reassured Iran that
Syria’s attendance at a US-hosted Middle East peace conference would not
harm relations …

Is the US now ready for talks with Syria?
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA
Over the weekend, Syria’s favored candidate for the unfilled Lebanese
presidency, Gen. Michel Suleiman, all but sealed the title. …

Syria, Iraq reopen border crossing closed for over 3 years
International Herald Tribune – France
AP DAMASCUS, Syria: Syria and Iraq reopened a major border crossing Sunday,
more than three years after Baghdad closed the passageway to stop foreign

Lebanon majority backs army chief for president
Coalition politicians had expressed opposition to any new change to the
constitution after their regional foe Syria, which then dominated the
country, …

Iran, Syria highlight friendly ties
PRESS TV – Tehran,Iran
… the outcomes of the Annapolis conference. Al-Miqdad assured the Iranian
officials of Syria’s intentions to maintain strong ties with the Islamic

Bayanouni : Syria is just an instrument in Iran’s hand
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
Beirut / London – The following is an interview with Ali Bayanouni, the
leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria by Arwa Walid of the Ikhwanweb.

Is Syria an Ally or Adversary of Radical Sunni Movements
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs – Jerusalem,Israel
People accept him in Syria not because of his character or his charisma –
which is nonexistent – but because the average Syrian citizen sees no
alternative. …

Lebanon: Immature Supporters
By Amira Al Hussaini
Are March 14 supporters being immature, asks Beirut Spring, who further adds: “I think the March 14 leadership deserves more support from us at this crucial time. The battle is not over yet and we still have the nitty-gritty of the …

Consensus on Lebanon’s presidency
BBC News – UK
Lebanon’s pro-Western government has approved army chief Gen Michel
Suleiman as a candidate for the presidency. The post has been vacant since
Emile Lahoud …

Olmert tells Israeli daily US will not sell out Lebanon for Syria
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
By Agence France Presse (AFP) Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the
United States will not sell out Lebanon to Syria. In an interview with
Israeli …

Maneuvering for Pieces in the Middle East
For more than two years, Lebanon’s so-called Cedar Revolutionaries — the
country’s anti-Syrian politicians — have helped lead the Bush
Administration’s …,8599,1690032,00.html

Lebanon’s majority names candidate
PRESS TV – Tehran,Iran
Lebanon’s parliamentary majority has formally declared the nomination of
the army commander Gen. Michel Suleiman for the presidency. …

Lebanon army trying to rearm and modernize itself
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
A US Embassy official here said giving Lebanon fighters & offensive weapons
would require a policy review. The US embassy is concerned that these
weapons …

Editorial: Dangerous Vacuum
Arab News – Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
More than a week after Lebanon tumbled into its political vacuum, there are
no signs of the presidential space being filled. Doomsday predictions may
have …

Carmel powers past Lebanon
Noblesville Daily Times – Noblesville,IN,USA
A 29-point first quarter set the tone for the Carmel boys basketball team,
as it scored a lopsided road victory over Lebanon Saturday. …

Aridi: Lebanon opposition failed in its 1 year protest
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
The Hezbollah-led opposition built a tent city in Downtown Beirut which
transformed the plushiest section of Lebanon into a shanty town and forced
over 200 …

Re: Lebanon & “The Tank”
I was going to wait until a decent hour on Monday morning to bring readers’ attention to “The Tank” Lebanon issue again but since everybody is working for the weekend, I’ll weigh in tonight. Just so I am clear: Some sloppy reporting …

Lebanon Needs Love
By Jonathan Schwarz
McClatchy correspondent Hannah Allam has written a personal ad for Lebanon: Failed state seeks new date. Country of good-looking, beach-going people who killed one another for 15 years ISO strong, presidential type. …


Saudi Arabia sided with Syria against the US
By Ted Belman
Inviting Syria to the meeting had been intended by Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy to buy Damascus off from installing another puppet in Beirut. The conference was a washout for its main goal. If as a result, the Lebanese presidential …

Ahmadinejad: Enemies can’t harm strong ties with Syria
International Herald Tribune – France
The meeting between Ahmadinejad and Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal
Mekdad came less than a week after Mekdad traveled to the United States to

EU must help find Mideast peace: Syria
EUbusiness (press release) – Richmond,England,UK
Muallem underlined “Syria’s enthusiasm to find a just and comprehensive
peace in line with UN resolutions” after a meeting with a delegation from
the …

Syria and EU to Expand Cooperation
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
Al -Daradari briefed the delegation on the developments of the finance,
economic, and banking sectors in Syria and their role in enhancing aspects
of …

Syria and World Food Program Discuss Cooperation
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
For his part, Minister of Education spoke about the difficulties that the
Ministry faces seeking to offer all needs to the Iraqi students in Syria

Admission of Iranian involvement in Iraq and Lebanon
Former Revolutionary Guards head Mohsen Rezai, speaks on Iranian TV in Persian, with Arabic subtitles.

Syria: Lebanese Blindsided at Annapolis
By Amira Al Hussaini
“According to good sources, the Lebanese government was blindsided at Annapolis with the candidacy of Michel Suleiman as President,” reports Joshua Landis in Syria Comment.

Glimmer of hope for Lebanon protesters
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
The presidency, traditionally ear-marked for a member of the Maronite
Christian community under Lebanon’s sectarian political system, has been
vacant for …

Syria and Iran: Did this make Annapolis worthwhile?
By News Service(News Service)
Syria will dispatch its deputy foreign minister to Iran on Sunday, in an attempt to explain its participation in last week’s US-sponsored Middle East peace conference, the Iranian news network Khabar reported. …

Suleiman good for Lebanon?
By Yaeli
From the reports we’ve gotten here, it looks like all of the disputing political factions in Lebanon may have agreed on a compromise candidate: General Michel Suleiman, head of the Lebanese Army. Aoun has thrown his support behind …

Syrians Discover Ancient Jar in Ruins
The Associated Press –
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syrian archeologists have discovered an ancient
glass jar containing an infant’s ashes at one of the Mideast’s most famous

Syria’s quest to regain Golan takes new shape
Times of Malta – Valletta,Malta
After decades of neglect, Syria is pouring money into services in frontline
Golan territory to draw back residents – and help raise the profile of an
issue …

Syria to send envoy to Tehran to explain attendance at Annapolis
Earthtimes – London,UK
Tehran – Damascus was to send an envoy to Tehran Sunday to justify Syria’s
attendance at this week’s Middle East peace conference in Annapolis, …

Syria and UN Food Program enhance cooperation
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
The situation of the displaced Iraqis in Syria and the social and the
educational and health services that Syria is offering to them and the
necessity of …

Lebanon’s Unease
New York Times – United States
Fouad Siniora, Lebanon’s prime minister, lives in his office. So do many
Parliament members. It is not the press of business that keeps them there.

Hezbollah Hints at Support for Suleiman
The Associated Press –
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — A senior Hezbollah official said Saturday that the
militant group holds army commander Michel Suleiman in high regard, …

Improved defense saves Lebanon
The Patriot-News – – Harrisburg,PA,USA
BY JOHN TUSCANO LEBANON – While the talent and quickness is evident on this
young Lebanon squad, it’s the Cedars’ commitment to defense that will
ultimately …

Israel’s latest “land grab” from Syria
By Elder of Ziyon
Maariv (Hebrew only) reports that Baron Rothschild purchased thousands of acres of Syrian land in the 1920s that may today legally belong to the Jewish National Fund. Rothschild’s real estate company, named Pika or Pekka, …

Lebanon, Another Victim Of Annapolis
By Freedom Fighter(Freedom Fighter)
Apparently the Saudis and the Syrians used Annapolis to conduct a little meeting of their own on the subject behind the back of the US and came up with the latest `compromise’ candidate for Lebanon’s presidency..General Michel Suleiman …

Where Living in Fear Starts at the Top
New York Times – United States
Asef Shawket, the head of Syrian military intelligence and brother-in-law
of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad. Four top Lebanese security
officers have …

Hezbollah Hints At Support For Suleiman
Guardian Unlimited – UK
The United States, which backs the government of Prime Minister Fuad
Saniora, has in the past pressed to end Syria’s influence in Lebanon. …,,-7119768,00.html


US suspects Pakistan nukes ended in Syria
The United States is concerned that centrifuges sold to North Korea by Pakistan in the 1990s may have been passed on to Syria or another country, current and former US officials said yesterday.

Lebanon opposition sit-in enters second year
BEIRUT (AFP) — Hundreds of supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah-led
opposition rallied in Beirut on Saturday to mark the anniversary of their
open-ended sit-in …

Patriarch slams Lebanon opposition for vote boycott
BEIRUT (Reuters) – The influential head of the Maronite Christian church urged Lebanon’s opposition on Friday to end its boycott of the presidential election and said the repeatedly delayed vote must.

Syria describes Annapolis conference as defeat for Palestinians
International Herald Tribune – France
AP DAMASCUS, Syria: A Syrian state-run newspaper on Saturday described this
week’s US-sponsored Mideast peace conference as a “defeat” for the
Palestinians …

A Year On, ‘Tent City’ Paralyzes Beirut
The Associated Press –
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — The tents in downtown Beirut stand almost empty,
their roofs newly reinforced with plastic covers for winter after the old
ones fell …

Olmert: Bush will Not Sell Out Lebanon to Syria
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the United States will not sell out
Lebanon to Syria. In an interview with the Yediot Aharonot, …

US sees ‘mixed picture’ from Syria on Mideast cooperation
WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States said Friday it sees a “mixed
picture” from Syria about whether it seeks to cooperate with US aims in the
Middle East …

Interview. “Bayanouni: Syria instrument in Iran’s hands’
Reporter Associati – Italy
Interesting interview (*) with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leader,
suggesting Syria would abandon Iran alliance if the regime fell. …

MK Yatom calls for peace talks with Syria without preconditions
Jerusalem Post – Israel
COM STAFF Labor MK Dani Yatom called on Saturday to renew talks with Syria
without setting any preconditions, Israel Radio reported. …

Iran, target number one for the US-led realignment
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
The pieces of the Middle East puzzle are starting to move, creating room
for openings involving not just the Palestinians but Syria, Lebanon and
perhaps …

Cowboying In Lebanon
CBS News – New York,NY,USA
By Kevin Drum (Political Animal) COWBOYING IN LEBANON….It looks like
Middle East reporting problems are everywhere. Today NRO, responding to
some …

Sayyed demands release, says UN report ‘denies’ he played role in …
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
Syria has denied involvement but the public outcry forced it to withdraw
its troops from Lebanon. Lebanon’s four former security chiefs – generals
Raymond …

Lebanon’s politicians deserve the scolding they got from Sfeir
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
By The Daily Star All Lebanese citizens have been forced to shoulder a
heavy burden as a result of the political class’ failures, but none has
been asked to …

EU Official: “The US wanted Syria so much in Annapolis, that it …
For some, notably Defense Minister Barak, Syria figures to be a much better bet as a security partner. But on a bi-lateral basis, a number of Israelis have concluded that with this raid going a long way to restore Israeli “deterrence” …

Losing ground to Syria in the bazaar
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
The latest milestone on Syria’s road back from its marginalization in
recent years was its invitation to, and presence at, the Annapolis meeting.

The Price of Annapolis
The Weekly Standard – USA
They feared Washington was going to cut a deal with Syria over Lebanon, so
they made their own bargain to protect themselves since it is now obvious

New Zealand Foreign Minister confirms importance of Syria’s role
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
Wellington, New Zealand, (SANA) _ Foreign Minister of New Zealand Winston
Peters has stressed his country’ support to Syria’s right to restore the
occupied …


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