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Lebanon/Syria News-Links
28-29 November 2007


New Films from South Lebanon
By worker
Emigration is a widely discussed topic not only in Siddiqine, but all over Lebanon. Siddiqine was hit hard during the war in 2006 and more than half of the village was destroyed, which lead to further social and economic pressures …
Anarchist news dot org – News…

Consensus is building up around Suleiman
By Riemer Brouwer(Riemer Brouwer)
Also, Suleiman was eager to extend the power of the army throughout the south of Lebanon and has made life so much harder on Hezbollah. All in all, Suleiman has restored the image and effectiveness of the army at the expense of …

Possible end to Lebanon’s Presidential deadlock – Lyon,France
There are new hopes that the political power vacuum in Lebanon could be
filled. The country’s army chief has emerged as a potential consensus
candidate for …

Destroying Lebanon for a great sinecure
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
At the end of our conversation I asked the general why he had not organized
his supporters in Lebanon, since the Aounist movement at the time was a …

World Briefing | Middle East Lebanon: Backing for Army Chief for …
New York Times – United States
By THANASSIS CAMBANIS The main faction in Parliament agreed to amend the
Constitution to allow the head of the military, Gen. Michel Suleiman, to
assume the …

Syria newly upbeat on chance to reopen Golan issue
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
By Khaled Yacoub Oweis WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Middle East peace
conference has boosted Syria’s campaign to regain the occupied Golan
Heights, …

Hariri inquiry finds killers still able to strike
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Investigators’ early findings linked Syrian and Lebanese security officials
to the blast, though Syria has denied involvement. The public uproar after
his …

Mystery still surrounds Israel’s attack by the Euphrates
Financial Times Deutschland – Germany
Rarely does President George W. Bush bite his lip when discussing “axis of
evil ‘’ states such as Syria and North Korea. But for more than two months
Mr …

Lebanon Army Commander Sleiman May Be Country’s Next President
Lebanese lawmakers could be on the cusp of finally agreeing on Army Commander Michel Sleiman as Lebanon’s new president, ending a volatile political stalemate and fears of civil strife. ``It is true,’’

The problem with Syria
His brilliant and provocative new book, The Truth about Syria, not only challenges the illusions of those naturally inclined to prefer lovely daydream over harsh reality; it also challenges the illusions of those in the West who, …

“Axis of Evil”: Syria, North Korea, and Iran
North Korea and Syria exchanged information on “how to load chemical weapons onto missiles” when they met in Syria earlier this month, according to the Japanese newspaper Sankei as reported by the Associated Press . …

Lebanon could do worse – much worse – than a Suleiman presidency
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
By The Daily Star There were sighs of relief on Wednesday after news that a
deal might be at hand to end the presidential impasse in Lebanon by
installing …


Back From Syria, Iraqis Question Safety
CBS News – New York,NY,USA
Baghdad taxi driver Bilal Muhammad (in red) joked with fellow drivers at
Liqaa Square, the main stop for buses returning from Syria. …

Lebanon Lawmakers Back Army Chief
The Associated Press –
The opposition, led by Syria and Iran’s ally Hezbollah, has not announced
its stance on Suleiman, though he is respected among its leadership. …

Jordan asked Nixon to attack Syria, declassified papers show
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Jordan’s King Hussein sent a secret message to
President Richard Nixon in 1970 pleading with him to attack Syria,
according to …

Jordan asked Nixon for help against Syria
Earthtimes – London,UK
“Syria had invaded Jordan and the Jordanian king, facing what he felt was a
military rout, said please help us in any way possible.”

Notes on Annapolis
Slate – USA
Many bloggers were skeptical of the summit’s efficacy, particularly given
Syria’s involvement and Saudi Arabia’s apparent lack of interest in the …

Criticism In Iran Over Syria’s Participation In Annapolis Conference
A knowledgeable Iranian source has said that Iran’s regime heads are perturbed by Syria’s participation in the Annapolis conference, even though it is not on a senior level. The source said that the Iranian leadership had tried to . …

First a deal on Lebanon before a war on Iran
By LadyBird
According Syria truth website quoting French sources, the US and Syria made a deal on Lebanon, both agreed that the Army leader commander General Michel Suleiman is the next Lebanese president, who is known with his good relation with …

residential vote in Lebanon to be delayed again: sources
ABC Online – Australia
Lebanon’s divided parliament is unlikely to hold a session this week to
vote on a new president because rival leaders are still deadlocked over a
compromise …

Army chief could become Lebanon president: officials
Africasia – London,UK
Lebanon’s political vacuum appears headed toward a resolution with the
country’s army chief emerging as a probable candidate for the presidency,

Ex-envoy bares overpriced tickets for Lebanon evacuation
ABS CBN News – Philippines
Over a year after Filipinos were evacuated from Lebanon during the
Israel-Hezbollah crisis, former ambassador and now Albay Rep. Al Francis
Bichara revealed …

Lebanon: Majority bloc backs Army Commander for president
Al-Bawaba – Amman,Jordan
Lebanon’s Parliamentary Bloc announced Wednesday that it accepts a
constitutional amendment allowing the election of Army Commander Gen. …

Lebanon Lawmakers Back Army Chief
The Associated Press –
It had been widely expected that tension between the United States and
Syria would ease after Syria’s participation at Annapolis. …

(Lebanon) Christians Squeezed by Muslim In-Fighting
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s Christians fear a prolonged political vacuum while the post of president is filled will weaken their position in a sectarian system that reserves the job for them.

Nasrallah on Lebanon’s Presidential Crisis.
By ron collins
BEIRUT: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah cast a broad net on Sunday, vowing that no one could disarm his Hizbullah resistance fighters, recommending early parliamentary elections as a remedy to the standoff over Lebanon’s presidency, …

Lebanon Coming Undone Again
By lawhawk(lawhawk)
The situation in Lebanon has been precarious for quite some time, but fighting has broken out in Tripoli among various factions, and with Syrian stooge Emil Lahoud stepping down over the weekend, the political situation remains quite …

Presidential vote in Lebanon to be delayed again: sources
Lebanon’s divided parliament is unlikely to hold a session this week to vote on a new president because rival leaders are still deadlocked over a compromise candidate, political sources said.

Gunfight raises Lebanon tension
BBC News – UK
Lebanon has been without a president since last week, when Emile Lahoud
left office without any elected successor. The rival pro-Western government
and …

Lebanon president vote to be delayed again
Reuters UK – UK
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s divided parliament is unlikely to hold a
session this week to vote on a new president as rival leaders remained
deadlocked over …

Empty Lebanon presidency worries Christians
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
By Tom Perry BEIRUT, Nov 28 (Reuters) – Lebanon’s Christians fear a
prolonged political vacuum while the post of president is filled will
weaken their …

Bush tells Syria to leave Lebanon alone
US President George Bush on Tuesday used a Middle East peace conference to warn Syria against interfering in Lebanon’s effort to elect a new president.

Filipinos in Lebanon are safe – Lebanese ConGen
Filipinos in Lebanon are safe and not faced with any danger despite the tensed political situation there after President Emile Lahoud stepped down on Nov. 22 without a successor.

Saudis call for Israeli talks with Syria, Lebanon
Reuters – USA
ANNAPOLIS, Md., Nov 27 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia called on Tuesday for a
quick start to Israeli peace talks with Syria and Lebanon following an
announcement …

S&P places Lebanon on ‘creditwatch’
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
BEIRUT: The international rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) placed
Lebanon’s “B-” long-term sovereign foreign and local currency ratings on

Cleric: Lebanese Wives May Fight Back
The Associated Press –
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — A Muslim woman is allowed to fight back in
self-defense if she is hit by her husband, Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric
declared Tuesday in …

Lebanon resorts to traditional authority
Middle East Times – Cairo,Egypt
Stability in Lebanon is seen internationally as a card that, if it falls,
could bring down the house of regional peace that is so sought after. …

The speech Remarks delivered by Culture Minister Tarek Mitri at …
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
By Tarek Mitri We have come to Annapolis to affirm Lebanon’s adherence to
the unanimously approved stance of the Ministerial Committee of the Arab
peace …

3 new films from South Lebanon by “A-films” anarchist film collective
By Miami
The anarchist film collective “a-films” announces three new videos from South Lebanon. In October 2007, a-films did video workshops in Bourj ash-Shamali Refugee Camp and the village of Siddiqine.

Bush tells Syria to steer clear of Lebanese election
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
US President George W. Bush on Tuesday used a Middle East peace conference
to warn Syria’s government against interfering in Lebanon’s effort to elect
a new …


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