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Statewatch News Online, 27 October 2005 (37/05)

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A collection of sixteen Essays were specially written for the launch of the “European Civil Liberties Network” (ECLN) on 19 October: www.ecln.org

1. The Rules of the Game?
A. Sivanandan, Director of the Institute of Race Relations


2. The War on Terror: lessons from Ireland
Paddy Hillyard, Professor of Sociology, Queens University, Belfast


3. Why Terror and Tolerance are the Greatest Test of Modern Journalism
Aidan White, Secretary-General European Federation of Journalists


4. While Europe sleeps… – under the “war on terrorism” a veneer of democracy is legitimating the creation of a coercive (and surveillance) state
Tony Bunyan, editor of Statewatch News Online, Statewatch Bulletin and joint coordinator of the ECLN


5. Lex Vigilatoria Towards a control system without a state?
Thomas Mathiesen, Professor of the Sociology of Law, Oslo University, Norway


6. There is no balance between security and civil liberties – just less of each
Ben Hayes, a researcher with Statewatch and joint coordinator of the ECLN


7. Checking and balancing polity-building in the European Union
Deirdre Curtin, Professor of European and International Governance, Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht, Netherlands


8. Lampedusa – a test case for the subcontracting of EU border controls
Lorenzo Trucco, President of A.S.G.I. (Associazione Studi Giuridici sullImmigrazione)


9. Speech crime and deportation
Liz Fekete, Deputy Director of the Institute of Race Relations


10. Switzerland votes in favour of accession to Schengen: a defeat for civil liberties
Balthasar Glatti and Heiner Busch. Balthasar Glättli is political secretary of Solidarité sans frontières and co-president of the Green Party in the Canton of Zurich. Heiner Busch works for Solidarité sans frontiers and the Archiv Schnüffelstaat Schweiz, he is member of the editorial board of CILIP in Berlin and the Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie


11. The denial of children’s rights and liberties in the UK and the North of Ireland
Phil Scraton,Professor of Criminology, Queens University, Belfast


12. The state of ASBO Britain – the rise of intolerance
Max Rowlands, a volunteer researcher with Statewatch


13. UKs anti-terrorism mesasures fall short of European standards
Virginia Mantouvalou holds an LLB (University of Athens) and an LLM (LSE). She is currently a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the LSE, and a visiting lecturer at UCL and represents the Hellenic League of Human Rights in the ECLN.


14. Did the Bulgarian Minister of State Administration pay Microsoft Corporation out of his own pocket or was it public money?
Gergana Jouleva and Alexander Kashumov work for the Access to Information Project (AIP), Sofia, Bulgaria


15. What’s wrong with Europe?
Gus Hosein, a Senior Fellow with Privacy International where he directs the Terrorism in the Open Society programme. He is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Information Systems at the London School of Economics and Political Science


16. EU law and family reunion: a human rights critique
Steve Peers, Professor of Law, University of Essex.


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