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NO2ID NEWSLETTER – Supporter’s Newsletter No.26 – 11th August 2005


If you want to help fight ID cards but feel your circumstances dictate that
you cannot refuse to register should the scheme become law, then our new 1
million pledge is for you. It follows on from the success of our first
pledge, which has raised over 110,000 for a legal defence fund for those
who do refuse to register. Our new pledge is a chance to register your
opposition and contribute further to the fund by pledging 20 should 50,000
other people do likewise and should the ID card bill pass into law.

Sign up at www.pledgebank.com/resist or by texting ‘pledge resist’ to
6022. (The closing date for the new pledge is 31st March 2006)

Please pass on or promote this message/link to as many sympathetic people
and groups, mailing lists, bulletin boards and publications as you can
*without spamming*.

There will be a series of NO2ID pledges, coordinating actions at appropriate
points during the campaign – such as mass renewal of passports (see
Geraint’s at www.pledgebank.com/passport to get the idea). But all of
these may put some people ‘in harm’s way’, forcing the issue into court,
etc. – we do therefore stress the need for people who don’t feel they can
risk such actions to support the refuseniks and pledge to the defence fund
at www.pledgebank.com/resist.



During the summer NO2ID is working to drum up the support needed to defeat
the Identity Cards Bill at 3rd Reading, which is likely to take place in
October. The bill only passed 2nd Reading by 31 votes, so we only need a
further 16 votes against at 3rd Reading. We are planning to target key
constituencies so look out for more information from your local groups.
Please note that MPs will be in their constituencies and doing more
constituency work in the summer.

We call on all supporters to write to or lobby/speak to your MP (in
constituency surgeries) and encourage them to vote against the Bill and to
sign EDM 263 against Identity Cards now.
Fax Westminster MPs – www.faxyourmp.com/
Early Day Motion(EDM) 263

* We also maintain a list of things you can do on our website at

The Home Office are said to be staging a summer roadshow peddling pro-ID
card propaganda around the country. However no dates, locations or details
have been released. It is likely to be trailed in local papers or on local
radio, so if you know where the roadshow is going to be please let us know
so we can arrange an appropriate welcoming committee!
Contact office@no2id.net with any information.

We have new groups in Dundee, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth, Bournemouth and
Nottingham. We encourage NO2ID supporters these areas to get in contact if
you can help (see www.no2id.net/localGroups).

We are looking for people to head up groups in the North East. Anyone
willing and able to do set up a NO2ID group in the North East should contact
NO2ID Local Groups at local.groups@no2id.net.

Posters, brochures, t-shirts and other materials available form the NO2ID
office. Groups can now get banners and collecting boxes too.

NO2ID Horsham coordinator John Brazier has commissioned a small number of
NO2ID sweatshirts out of his own pocket. It is a short run so they are
available on a first come first served basis, with all proceeds going to
campaign funds. Contact the office for details: office@no2id.net

Members running, or thinking of running a local group, should be aware of
the Campaigner’s Handbook, downloadable from the NO2ID website at


NO2ID will be holding fringe meetings at the party conferences this year,
which will take place in September/October.

+ 26 September NO2ID at Labour Party Conference

Monday, 26 September 2005, 7.00pm – 8.30pm at Brighthelm Auditorium, North
Road, Brighton BN1 1YD.
‘MARKED FOR LIFE? How ID cards will change society’ – A panel discussion
chaired by Neil Gerrard MP, featuring speakers from across the Labour
[Full list of speakers TBA]



The NO2ID website has been restyled with a clearer, cleaner look and now
includes photos of some of those that have signed our pledge. Visit it now
at www.no2id.net

Press reports last week revealed that the Immigration Minister Tom McNulty
believes the government has oversold ID cards. McNulty’s comments were made
at a Fabian Society seminar on July 18th. Strangely the Times, the Guardian,
the Independent and the BBC all reported the same two and a half week old
story on the same day.

McNulty said that the government had not focused enough on what the
individual can get out of an ID card, namely “a gold standard in proving
your identity”. What he failed to mention was that such a “gold standard”
would of course be a prime target for criminals and counterfeiters.

McNulty also pointed out that the government still intends to press ahead
with the scheme regardless, despite the fact that his comments were intended
to “introduce some reality and honesty into the debate”.
For more details see tinyurl.co.uk/stb8

Last Friday(August 5th) the London School of Economics rebutted the
government’s rebuttal of the LSE’s Identity Project report.

The LSE response states that it is “disappointing that the Home Office has
chosen to disregard the vast majority of the LSE report. Comprehensive
sections on identity fraud, policing, crime, national security,
counter-terrorism, discrimination, international obligations and the UK IT
environment have been ignored.”

The LSE have promised an update and extended second version of the report in
the autumn.

Read the LSE press release tinyurl.co.uk/rvln
Read the LSE response at
Read the original LSE report at tinyurl.co.uk/f5du

NO2ID member Geraint Bevan has set up a pledge at pledgebank to apply to
renew his UK passport on 15th August 2005 but only if 100 other UK citizens
will too. The UK passport service intend to introduce biometric passports in
October and if the ID card bill becomes law anyone renewing a passport will
have to have an ID card as well. There is a discussion alongside the pledge
about renewing your passport early without having to say your dog ate your
current one.
See www.pledgebank.com/passport


++ “ID” In the News

+ Brown’s cash misgivings add to identity confusion
The Chancellor has told allies of his fears about the mounting bill for the
scheme, currently standing between 6bn and nearly 20bn.

+ Government admits overselling ID cards
The government had admitted that it has oversold its identity card plans,
and now admits the card won’t solve every problem facing the country.
Despite this, it has pledged to push on with the idea

+ Minister admits ID card benefits were exaggerated
Tony McNulty, the minister in charge of the ID card project, admitted that
ministers had been too enthusiastic in suggesting that the cards could be
the answer to a host of problems such as terrorism and multimillion-pound
benefit fraud.

+ UK must not be allowed to dictate policy on ID cards
Fine Gael’s Justice Spokesman has warned that the UK might end up dictating
Ireland’s policy on identity cards.He said Ireland should make its own
independent decision on identity cards after holding a national debate.

+ Faith groups’ fears add to ID card trouble
A report produced by the Faith Community Consultation (FCC) consortium,
which comprises representatives from the country’s Christian, Muslim, Sikh,
Jewish, Hindu, Zoroastrian and Bahai religions, condemns the plan.

+ British Computer Society Concern Over ID cards
The BCS voiced its concerns before the election and is making them known
again now that the scheme is back on the agenda. ‘Our primary concerns focus
on the lack of objectives,’ says external relations director Mike Rodd.

+ UK government defends e-ID plans
Analysis prepared by Brian Gladman, formerly director of communications and
information systems at the UK Ministry of Defence, claims that it would take
14 years or more for the ID card scheme to show a positive net return on
Brian Gladman analysis(pdf) tinyurl.co.uk/r3mp

+ US – First large-scale evaluation of iris recognition under way
The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced
that it is running the Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE), the first
large-scale evaluation of iris recognition.

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