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NO2ID NEWSLETTER – Supporter’s Newsletter No.28– 8th September 2005


This week NO2ID have launched a web based viral ad campaign to highlight how much of a swizz the government’s ID card proposals are. The ad, ‘the swizz of the cards’, was produced by eclectech who also produced the singing dog animation ‘The very model of a modern Labour minister’.

Please pass on the following link to as many people as you can (without spamming obviously). Their is an ‘email to a friend’ link on the ad page. Link to Ad: eclectech.co.uk/swizz.php


We are keen to distribute our campaign materials at freshers’ fairs up and down the country as the new academic year starts. To do this we need groups and organisations in the colleges to help us. If you have contact with any such groups that would be willing to help us please let us know. Contact mailto:office@no2id.net.




The ID cards bill is likely to get its final vote in the House of Commons in October(3rd Reading). There are a number of ways you can help:

+ 1. DISTRIBUTE OUR VIRAL AD LINK Send a link to our viral ad (eclectech.co.uk/swizz.php) to all of your friends.

+ 2. SIGN OUR NEW MILLION POUND PLEDGE Please, if you can, make your pledge at www.pledgebank.com/resist or by texting ‘pledge resist’ to 6022 [standard text rate]. Pass on or promote this message/link to as many sympathetic people and groups, mailing lists, bulletin boards and publications as you can *without spamming*.

+ 2. LOBBY/WRITE TO YOUR MP The NO2ID website has a lobbying tool (mps.no2id.net) to help you lobby your MP. Write or lobby/speak to your MP (in constituency surgeries) and encourage them to vote against the bill at 3rd Reading and to sign EDM 263 against identity cards now. Fax Westminster MPs – www.faxyourmp.com/ Early Day Motion(EDM) 263 edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=28464

+ 3. HELP US BY JOINING NO2ID / DONATING Please join NO2ID, if you are not already a paid-up member. (There’s a membership form at www.no2id.net/downloads/membForm.pdf) OR Donate some money towards campaign expenses. NO2ID, Box 412, 78 Marylebone High Street, LONDON W1U 5AP

+ 4. GET INVOLVED WITH LOCAL GROUPS Organise leafleting, a stall or a public meeting to educate the public about the database that lies behind the proposed ID card scheme. See www.no2id.net/localGroups

* We also maintain a list of things you can do on our website at www.no2id.net/getInvolved/other.php





NO2ID have launched a new range of merchandise that can be purchased online from cafepress.com. There are T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and bags all sporting the NO2ID logo and designs by our resident cartoonist, Hack. Note : The items are shipped from the US, so they should be ordered individually, as orders of more than $20 in value (goods, not including postage) will incur Customs & Excise charges.

See www.cafepress.com/no2idshop

For our original logo T-shirts, see www.no2id.net/getInvolved/shop.php


There are new local groups commissioned in Wandsworth, Sunderland, Plymouth and Kensington & Chelsea. Groups up and down the country have been organising street stalls, including Bedford where they recently signed up over 200 people. NO2ID Cambridge co-ordinator, Andrew Watson, told us: “It’s amazing what you can do with 4 people, a paste table and a spare Saturday morning!”


NO2ID Norwich are planning another street stall on Gentleman’s Walk in Norwich on Saturday 10th September from 10 am, all are welcome to help collect supporters signatures and hand out NO2ID badges and stickers. This follows on from the great success they had last Saturday(3rd September) when they collected 111 signatures on the general NO2ID petition, 49 signatures on a letter to Charles Clarke(Home Secretary and Norwich South MP), and 15 signatures on a letter to Ian Gibson(Norwich North MP), for a total of 175 new NO2ID supporters.

NO2ID Norwich’s letter congratulated Mr Gibson for voting against ID cards and encouraged him to continue to do so in the future. Their letter to Charles Clarke on the other hand, warned that if he votes for the ID cards bill “we shall ensure that you are held to account at the next General Election”.

For more details of the Norwich Street Stall or to volunteer contact mailto:norwich@no2id.net


In the run up to Oxfordshire County council’s vote against ID cards, NO2ID Oxford will have a stall in the town centre on Saturday 10th September. They are also planning a public meeting in Oxford on the 13th September. Oxford NO2ID hold fortnightly meetings (next meeting 11th September).

For more information or to volunteer to help with the stall on the 10th September contact oxford@no2id.net or see www.no2id-oxford.org/forum/.

+ 20th SEPTEMBER, HULL PUBLIC MEETING – “Identity and the Surveillance State: Why ID Cards won’t work”

Tuesday, 20th September 2005, 7.30pm in the Windsor Suite of the Quality Royal Hotel, Ferensway, Hull. Speaker: Cllr Keith Taylor, Principal Speaker of the Green Party. For more details, or if you can help out, please e-mail James Russell on mailto:james@cramsay.karoo.co.uk


NO2ID will be holding fringe meetings at the party conferences this year, which will take place in September/October.

Confirmed to date: + 26 September NO2ID at Labour Party Conference Monday, 26 September 2005, 7.00pm – 8.30pm at Brighthelm Auditorium, North Road, Brighton BN1 1YD. We are looking for Brighton based volunteers to help at this event.





Cambridge NO2ID succeeded in getting the campaign against ID cards onto the front page of the Cambridge Evening News at the end of last month (26th August). The group wrote a letter, signed by 30 people, to the paper about the NO2ID pledge. Cambridge NO2ID co-ordinator Andrew Watson said: “If you are a local group organiser you’d be amazed what you can achieve.” He said that its surprisingly easy to get a lot of press coverage by writing the odd press release and pushing it to your local paper and radio station.

Cambridge NO2ID has been running since November of last year. Just three people turned up to their first meeting in a pub. Their second meeting attracted 20 people and so they arranged a public meeting which was attended by 160 people. They have organised a number of street stalls over the past few months at which, according to Andrew: “we’ve found that we can sign up about 60 people an hour against ID cards. There’s a lot of sentiment against ID cards out there at the moment, you just need to tap into it”.

NO2ID Cambridge’s letter: tinyurl.co.uk/qjqn

The front page story: tinyurl.co.uk/kp1b


Last Thursday(1st September) NO2ID held a campaign update and planning meeting in central London. A large group of supporters squeezed into The Yorkshire Gray pub off Great Portland Street to take part. National co-ordinator Phil said that through September the focus will be targeting MPs that we think we may be able to convince to vote against the ID cards bill when it is voted on again in the House of Commons. He told the meeting that “we want to take this to the MPs doorstep, to make them realise that this is something which, if they vote for it, is going to have a massive impact on them and on their party”.


Dave Walker, NO2ID Public Affairs, said that letters in the press from now to mid-October, as MPs return from their summer break, will have a disproportionate effect compared to any other time. Now is “when they are going to take notice of whether or not and how any the climate’s changed since they have been away”. He added that now is the time to build up a strong sense of opposition and reminded the meeting that there are 17 backbench labour MPs with a majority less than 1000.


Charles Clarke addressed the European Parliament this week (7th September) on the topic of ‘Liberty and Freedom’. He spoke about a number of proposals that the UK Presidency wants to highlight. These included “retention of telecommunications data, establishing a second generation of the Schengen Information System and putting in place a new Visa Information System”. He also suggested as part of the move towards “harmonization of biometric data”, the introduction of biometric data into driving licenses across the EU. Speaking at a press conference he said: “I simply put the question whether if we are doing that for passports, for visas, for ID cards, we shouldn’t also be doing it for driving licenses”. Which is rather reminiscent of the government’s “if we’re putting biometrics in passports, we may as well have ID cards” argument.

Transcript of Charles Clarke’s speech: tinyurl.co.uk/gs4k

Watch the speech: tinyurl.co.uk/mtk6

Watch the press conference : tinyurl.co.uk/3hbk


Last Saturday, Chris Lightfoot of NO2ID Cambridge presented a brief paper on the biometric technologies behind ID cards at a conference at St Antony’s College, Oxford. The conference on “Technologies of Identification in Britain and the British Empire”, was organised by historians Jane Caplan and Edward Higgs. Other, weightier, papers discussed the history of identification systems in Britain from the late mediaeval period through to the ID cards of the Second World War and beyond. Chris writes, “There is, it turns out, nothing new under the sun, and many of the problems — like identity fraud, detecting forged documents, and proving entitlement — that we’re struggling with today were familiar to our ancestors. There are some useful lessons here for all parties in today’s debate.”


++ “ID” In the News


+ Big brother’s here now’ Home Secretary Charles Clarke tried to breathe new life into his bid to introduce national identity cards and declared: “Big Brother society is already here and my job is to control it.” tinyurl.co.uk/9xvp

+ UK’s first biometric passports to be issued overseas Starting in January 2006, British passports issued outside the UK will include facial recognition and individual demographic data – such as name, age and birthplace – stored in a microchip. Technology firm 3M will equip 104 British Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions around the world with new passport issuance systems that can capture and identify biometric information. europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/4555/194

+ Alarm over ID card checks Electronic cards designed to store information about students’ attendance are increasingly being used by pubs and shops to check the holder’s age when buying alcohol or cigarettes. But private contractor Capita, which co-ordinates the card, has also been selling special card-readers to local authorities for use in bars and shops. The readers cost around 18. www.tes.co.uk/2124363

+ UK ID card will have to meet biometric standards New international standards for biometrics that will apply to the government’s controversial ID cards project have been published by standards body BSI. But the Home Office is already sounding out potential ID card suppliers, issuing a prior information notice earlier this month in a bid to test market capacity before a full procurement exercise. www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2005/08/30/211542/UKIDcardwillhavetomeetbiometricstandards.htm

+ Scam fear over iris scans THE use of iris scans on ID cards could be scuppered by fraudsters using an optician’s chemical that makes the iris disappear, an expert has claimed. Ross Anderson, professor of Security Engineering at the University of Cambridge, revealed that criminals in Dubai used the chemical atropine to make their irises disappear and avoid detection by authorities. www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005390717,00.html

+ ID cards ‘dangerous and costly mistake’ NATIONAL identity cards would waste 5 billion in tax-payers’ money without improving security, according to a group of Cambridge campaigners. The group of 30 activists have written to the News warning the money spent introducing ID cards in Britain could instead put 10,000 more police on the streets. www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/region_wide/2005/08/26/ba09df4a-7305-4fef -ba4d-aba85d88501a.lpf

+ PICTURE PERFECT: PASSPORT PHOTOS MUST MEET INTERNATIONAL ANTI-FRAUD STANDARDS The UK Passport Service (UKPS) is reminding its customers to make sure that photos supplied with their passport applications meet the international requirements announced last summer. Passport photos need to meet more stringent, internationally agreed standards to enable facial recognition technology to work properly. www.homeoffice.gov.uk/n_story.asp?item_id=1358

+ Fraudsters show how to beat chip and pin Chip-and-pin technology, the latest weapon against credit card crime, will not reduce fraud and could make it easier, a criminologist argues today. Reliance on a personal identity number, rather than human vigilance, could create new opportunities for the unscrupulous. money.guardian.co.uk/scamsandfraud/story/0,13802,1562682,00.html

+ Hi-tech no panacea for ID theft woes Attempts to thwart identity theft and fraud through technology advances are likely to prove counterproductive. The introduction of Chip and PIN on credit cards and UK government plans to introduce identity card schemes will only encourage crooks to become more imaginative. www.theregister.co.uk/2005/09/05/hi-tech_id_theft_cure_fallacy/

+ Criminals to ‘adapt to ID cards’ The UK government’s proposed ID scheme will do little to stop identity theft and may actually exacerbate fraudulent behaviour in its early years. That is the view of researcher Dr Emily Finch who interviews career criminals about their activities. She has detailed how they adapt their strategies to get around new anti-crime technologies such as chip and pin. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4213848.stm

+ UK Government offshores digitisation of civil records Over 250 million certificates will be digitised in India to keep costs down. In spite of the government’s security assurances, the UK Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has voiced strong opposition to the offshoring of civil records’ digitisation. europa.eu.int/idabc/en/document/4561/194

Please send me any items of interest you encounter – Editor mailto:newsletter@no2id.net


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