Ompisholo & Madala
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  • EX-J
This week’s RAP ACTIVITY really held it down well on the microphone with some hard rap.

Opening the session were MIC-ORDZ, brother and sister building extensively with a glint of strength in their lines.

IMMORTAL SPIRITS were second to abound limping, gasping out details and torching alleys that concealed scenes of black consciousness. KG& AMMAGEDON stooped all regulation time poking nooks and crannies, pulling from the darkness with an assortment of battling cries. EX-J sealed the session with all praise to God.

It became apparent that a disease that has never been seen before, could not be cured with everyday herbs. In this case, the disease was the microphone. The RAP ACTIVITY, MC of the month this week was invisible like two midnights put together.

By Madala.

This week’s RAP ACTIVITY was blessed by the best acts of the month. On the quest for the coveted Mc of the month title, KG & AMMAGEDON, MIC-ORDZ, IMMORTAL SPIRITS and EX-J richly blessed us and allowed the affection to take control.

KG& AMMAGEDON made their intentions known when opened up with simple but thought provoking lyrics. MIC-ORDZ were ill like last time but I think that Oxydol was not at her best. IMMORTAL SPIRITS were always my favourite and I feel that they did kick butt out there. EX-J, a worthy winner, was on a serious trip, revealing the gospel truth.

By Khoi.

MC Winner of the Month – EX-J


Ignorant acters get caught up in a spasm like biltong/ o.d.d is so deep writing scripts abyssis/ we so o.d.d mc’s wanna get even with us/if time is money than the time I wrote this verse I was making millions coz by now you paying attention.


  • How does it feel winning mc of the month?
    I’m very happy to know that I am a winner and that people appreciate what I have to say. It’s a great feeling, I just want to do it again and again.

  • How was the rap activity according to you?
    Rappers were all at their best and it shows that there is a talent out there. The thing is, everyone was good. I figure if we are all doing hip-hop, when you are not getting votes we shouldn’t feel dejected. Everyone is a winner.

  • Hopefully we are not hearing the last from you. What are you doing next?
    I’m focusing on our dream together with my crew O.D.D. We plan to open a minit studio where we can do our things and be ODD.

The Runners-Up

Immortal spirits 
We use mics as an alter to sacrifice knowledge.

Kg & Ammagedon 
To those who are deformed in simpler terms/ you are a waste of sperms/

DELINQUENT SKILLZ- delinquent skillz leavin mc’s with less baze/ they gaze/around like a wack ass punchline less fraze/OXYDOL- penetrate in your blood vessel brain abomination cozing you elusions/ leaving you mentally disturbed/ like ganja maruana.
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