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Madala & Khoi
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SESSION August 30, 2000
  • US from WITS Technickon
  • ABYSS DWELLAS from Tembisa
  • GNOSTIC SONS from Yeoville
This week’s Rap Activity was an open discourse between Us, Abyss Dwellas, Gnostic Sons and Killah Claws & Infiltrayter. This rap acts produced a full-blooded flair of desirable skills and a universal hardcore rap. Some crazy flow was in store, meted out by the exciting duo going by the name of  Us. Abyss Dwellas were another act that invented newer and fresher lines that were fittingly in the ambit of love lyric writing. This was intended to a flame, a loved one who posses the charms that makes men act like young men. The gist of the message, rested largely on someone they love. Gnostic Sons came on to raise it up and indeed they killed sparrows with their hard delivery of lines. Killah Claws & Infiltrayter resorted to punch lines and rose a few notches up to clinch the spot to battle for the coveted title of mc of the month. The whole show was better in the sense that everyone who took part in the Rap Activity, came out prepared and above all gave the listeners something to write home about.


Listen to the Session (Windows Media Format)
This Week's Winners – Killah Claws & Infiltrayter

"the golden clock is counting backwards we’re breathing under the muds"
    A QUICK 121 With the Winners
  • How do you feel about winning?
    We are happy to win but the truth is we were here to have fun and look what happened.

  • Who influences your style of rap?
    Maradona, this is the cat who groomed us.

  • What does South African music week mean to you?
    The idea is good, but people should never be led to think that only Kwaito is a South African music. There are a lot of genres to look into for example hip-hop, maskandi, jazz and many other genres of music.

  • Where is hip-hop going according to the look of things?
    Hip-hop is growing, no matter what the people might think. Hip-hop is going to live.

The Runners-Up

"we serving all these fools like a waiter"

"shorty be my wife, my competition has a bit of cash"

"we willfully exhibit ways, retribution style, as the mighty Herero don’t test us now"
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