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Madala & Khoi
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SESSION August 16, 2000
  • Tri-Adger from Orange Farm
  • Zygod & X.Scroll from Thokoza
  • Immortal Poets & Blindfold from Reiger Park
  • Biotorment And Sulfuric from Thokoza
No matter which side of the fence they jumped off, this week’s rap acts were bound to excite the envy of the less fortunate ones. Like a baby cutting its first teeth, Rap Activity was so sweet you could drink from the cup of immortal waters of serious rap lines and powerful flows. Psychonic was the first to pack his rounds, shooting straight from the heart and giving out new infection of a flawless flow. The man knew his mission like the back of his hand. 

Thoughts are mixed and adjectives often used to describe Immortal Poets are still enigmatic. These boys have found a road among us to reach, a road never travelled before, the road of expressing themselves in the simple infectious way. They have a talent like you can’t believe. Zygod & X.scroll were also instrumental but his partner was playing games on the microphone, cooking porridge with mud. This week’s winner Biotorment & Sulferic were equally great, they too held their own and compressed a few lines into sharp blows.

Listen to the Session (Windows Media Format)
This Week's Winners – BIOTORMENT & SULFERIC


" Even if you die I’ll battle your tombstone ‘cause n****s like you they get killed by their own voicetones"
    A QUICK 121 With the Winners
  • How U Feeling About The Show Tonight:
    Great, we are happy. You know the show was tight we got a tough time to defeat mc’s ‘cause these mc’s are coming hard but we had confident from the beginning.
  • What Should We Expect At The End Of The Month:
    A bomb, some mental torture s**t that’s blazing ‘cause the Matta is Dark they got to understand that.
  • Any Massage To The Fans That Voted For U:
    Much love to them for showing love to us.
  • What To Expect From U Guys:
    We are doing a compilation with Dark Mutta, which will be coming out next month. Our click is going to do a single some time in December.  

The Runners-Up

"I came through now you know who’s the Show stopper"

"So can we get logic, no we are logic"

"Coloured locations on the map you see"
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